Humanism And America

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Humanism And America

Author : Andrew Fitzmaurice
ISBN : 1139436759
Genre : Political Science
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Humanism and America provides a major study of the impact of the Renaissance and Renaissance humanism upon the English colonization of America. The analysis is conducted through an interdisciplinary examination of a broad spectrum of writings on colonization, ranging from the works of Thomas More to those of the Virginia Company. Andrew Fitzmaurice shows that English expansion was profoundly neo-classical in inspiration, and he excavates the distinctively humanist tradition that informed some central issues of colonization: the motivations of wealth and profit, honour and glory; the nature of and possibilities for liberty; and the problems of just title, including the dispossession of native Americans. Dr Fitzmaurice presents a colonial tradition which, counter to received wisdom, is often hostile to profit, nervous of dispossession and desirous of liberty. Only in the final chapters does he chart the rise of an aggressive, acquisitive and possessive colonial ideology.
Category: Political Science

Humanism And America

Author : Norman Foerster
ISBN : UOM:39015002792722
Genre : Humanism
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Humanism And America

Author : Andrew Fitzmaurice
ISBN : 0521822254
Genre : Political Science
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Andrew Fitzmaurice reveals that English expansion was profoundly neo-classical in its inspiration, and that humanist traditions were extremely influential in the early development of the American colonies. Until now, accounts of early American colonization, and of European colonization in general, have placed great emphasis upon the links between colonization and the aggressive agendas of modern times claimed by historians and literary scholars.
Category: Political Science

Democratic Humanism And American Literature

Author : Harold Kaplan
ISBN : 9781351522816
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Democratic Humanism and American Literature illustrates the interplay between democratic assumptions and literary performance in the America's classic nineteenth-century writers--Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Melville, Cooper, Poe, Whitman, Twain, and James. Harold Kaplan suggests that these major figures' works are linked by the myths of genesis of a new political culture. Challenged by the democratic ideal, and committed to it, they wrote prophetic books in the American liberal tradition and endowed its ethical intelligence. The task of stating a new and undefined freedom was always implicit and often in the foreground of the writing of these nineteenth-century giants. As the author describes the situation, "the free man had to decide in what sense he was bound by nature or could master it; in what sense he was committed to his society and could reconcile his freedom with it." These classic writers devoted their work to examining this dialectic of values; Kaplan sees their complex and polarized democratic consciousness as seminal in the imaginative tradition they generated. What is unique in that tradition of values is the rivalry of criticism with affirmations of faith. "The highly original ethical trait involved here is based on the capacity of a political society to use its negations against itself and survive." The author suggests that in our own time moral judgments are more likely to be the province of activist politics than literature. His new introduction relates the theme of the book to cultural and political developments in the American experience of modernity and adds a discussion of Wallace Stevens and William Carlos Williams to the figures treated in the original edition. Since tendencies to develop ideological and idiosyncratic responses to extrinsic events have grown stronger over time, it is more important than ever for scholars and students alike to recover a "moral imagination"--the force that gave rise to the great literary works of the nineteenth century. To describe that force is Harold Kaplan's goal in Democratic Humanism and American Literature.
Category: Literary Criticism

Black American Literature And Humanism

Author : R. Baxter Miller
ISBN : 9780813158662
Genre : Literary Criticism
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For Black writers, what is tradition? What does it mean to them that Western humanism has excluded Black culture? Seven noted Black writers and critics take up these and other questions in this collection of original essays, attempting to redefine humanism from a Black perspective, to free it from ethnocentrism, and to enlarge its cultural base. Contributors: Richard K. Barksdale, Alice Childress, Chester J. Fontenot, Michael S. Harper, Trudier Harris, George E. Kent, R. Baxter Miller
Category: Literary Criticism

Vague Apocalyptica

Author : Louis D. Lo Praeste
ISBN : 0998976806
Genre :
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For over two decades, Louis D. Lo Praeste has traveled throughout Asia, Europe, and North America as a corporate strategist. Along the way, he spent time with philosophers, sages, and ordinary people in small villages, communes, mosques, churches, and temples. He has broken bread with teachers and artists in India and traded cigarettes and jokes with hotel waiters and cab drivers from Kuala Lumpur to New York City. In nearly every corner of the world, people revealed something peculiar to him. He sensed an undercurrent of brewing chaos'a subtle, yet universal tension. Louis used the words, ?vague apocalyptica,? to describe this growing sentiment in a series of essays written between 2012-2017.In Vague Apocalyptica, Louis examines how humans interact with each other and the economic realities of an increasingly globalised world. Using existential and mythological sources, Louis dissects Wall Street, Washington, and Silicon Valley corporate culture, and dives deeply on matters of self-responsibility, personal agency, and integrity as they relate to democratic participation. Vague Apocalyptica reduces our shared anxiety to its traditional root in free society'to the power of the individual. Louis asks what the individual can do to remedy the disconnect between the haves and the have-nots. How can the individual overcome apathy and racism, confront destructive corporate agendas, and resist unchecked oligarchy? Can we break free from mindless devotion to technological fads and social media echo chambers? When will we begin to wake up together and change our world?Deeply provocative and imminently hopeful, Vague Apocalyptica asks readers to consider what they are willing to do as individuals to quell the tide of violence and ignorance in our world.

Black Literature And Humanism In Latin America

Author : Richard L. Jackson
ISBN : 9780820333120
Genre : Literary Criticism
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In Black Literature and Humanism in Latin America, Richard L. Jackson explores literary Americanism through writings of black Hispanic authors such as Carlos Guillermo Wilson, Quince Duncan, and Nelson Estupiñán Bass that in many ways provide a microcosm for the larger literature. Jackson traces the roots of Afro-Hispanic literature from the early twentieth-century Afrocriollo movement--the Harlem Renaissance of Latin America--to the fiction and criticism of black Latin Americans today. Black humanism arose from Afro-Hispanics' self-discovery of their own humanity and the realization that over the years they had become not only defenders of threatened cultures but also symbolic guardians of humanity. This humanist tradition had enabled writers such as Manuel Zapata Olivella to write of a Latin America "from below" the slave-ship deck and "from inside" the mind of Africa. Though many writers have adopted black literary models in their quest for a "poetry of sources, of fundamental human values," Jackson demonstrates that literature about blacks by blacks themselves is clearly separate from, yet instrumental to, these other works. Relating the vision of Latin American blacks not only to other Latin American writers but also to North American literary critics such as Eugene Goodheart and John Gardner, Jackson stresses the universal power of resisting oppression and injustice through the language of humanism.
Category: Literary Criticism

Secular Humanism

Author : Morris Bowers
ISBN : 1424175267
Genre : Poetry
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The real Axis of Evil isa] * The Religion of Humanism * American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) * National Education Association (NEA) Itas time to get back to some old-fashioned values like commitment and sacrifice and responsibility and purity and love and the straight life. Not only will our children benefit from our self-discipline and perseverance, but we adults will live in a less neurotic world, too! In the case Torcaso v. Watkins (in 1961) the U.S. Supreme Court stated, aAmong religions in this country which do not teach what would generally be considered a belief in the existence of God are Buddhism, Taoism, Ethical Culture, Secular Humanism and others.a
Category: Poetry

The Evolution Controversy In America

Author : George Webb
ISBN : 9780813148489
Genre : Science
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For well over a century, the United States has witnessed a prolonged debate over organic evolution and teaching of the theory in the nation's public schools. The controversy that began with the publication of Darwin's Origin of the Species had by the 1920s expanded to include theologians, politicians, and educators. The Scopes trial of 1925 provided the growing antievolution movement with significant publicity and led to a decline in the teaching of evolution in public schools. George E. Webb details how efforts to improve science education in the wake of Sputnik resurrected antievolution sentiment and led to the emergence of "creation science" as the most recent expression of that sentiment. Creationists continue to demand "balanced treatment" of theories of creation and evolution in public schools, even though their efforts have been declared unconstitutional in a series of federal court cases. Their battles have been much more successful at the grassroots level, garnering support from local politicians and educators. Webb attributes the success of creationists primarily to the lack of scientific literacy among the American public. Although a number of published studies have dealt with specific aspects of the debate, The Evolution Controversy in America represents the first complete historical survey of the topic. In it Webb provides an analysis of one of the most intriguing debates in the history of American thought.
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A Companion To Latin American Philosophy

Author : Susana Nuccetelli
ISBN : 9781118610565
Genre : Philosophy
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This comprehensive collection of original essays written by an international group of scholars addresses the central themes in Latin American philosophy. Represents the most comprehensive survey of historical and contemporary Latin American philosophy available today Comprises a specially commissioned collection of essays, many of them written by Latin American authors Examines the history of Latin American philosophy and its current issues, traces the development of the discipline, and offers biographical sketches of key Latin American thinkers Showcases the diversity of approaches, issues, and styles that characterize the field
Category: Philosophy

Independent Intellectuals In The United States 1910 1945

Author : Steven Biel
ISBN : 9780814723449
Genre : History
File Size : 74.87 MB
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A new intellectual community came together in the United States in the 1910s and 1920s, a community outside the universities, the professions and, in general, the established centers of intellectual life. A generation of young intellectuals was increasingly challenging both the genteel tradition and the growing division of intellectual labor. Adversarial and anti-professional, they exhibited a hostility to boundaries and specialization that compelled them toward an ambitious and self-conscious generalism and made them a force in the American political, literary, and artistic landscape. This book is a cultural history of this community of free-lance critics and an exploration of their collective effort to construct a viable public intellectual life in America. Steven Biel illustrates the diversity of the body of writings produced by these critics, whose subjects ranged from literature and fine arts to politics, economics, history, urban planning, and national character. Conceding that significant differences and conflicts did exist in the works of individual thinkers, Biel nonetheless maintains that a broader picture of this vibrant culture has been obscured by attempts to classify intellectuals according to political or ideological persuasions. His book brings to life the ways in which this community sought out alternative ways of making a living, devised strategies for reaching and engaging the public, debated the involvement of women in the intellectual community and incorporated Marxism into its evolving search for a decisive intellectual presence in American life. Examined in this lively study are the role and contributions of such figures as Randolph Bourne, Max Eastman, Crystal Eastman, Walter Lippmann, Margaret Sanger, Van Wyck Brooks, Floyd Dell, Edmund Wilson, Mable Dodge, Paul Rosenfeld, H. L. Mencken, Lewis Mumford, Malcolm Cowley, Matthew Josephson, John Reed, Waldo Frank, Gilbert Seldes, and Harold Stearns.
Category: History

Martin Heidegger In Europe And America

Author : E.G. Ballard
ISBN : 9789401019811
Genre : Philosophy
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When Heidegger's influence was at its zenith in Gennany from the early fifties to the early sixties, most serious students of philosophy in that country were deeply steeped in his thought. His students or students of his students filled many if not most of the major chairs in philosophy. A cloud of reputedly Black Forest mysticism veiled the perspective of many of his critics and admirers at home and abroad. Droves of people flocked to hear lectures by him that most could not understand, even on careful reading, much less on one hearing. He loomed so large that Being and Time frequently could not be seen as a highly imaginative, initial approach to a strictly limited set of questions, but was viewed either as an all-embracing fmt order catastrophy incorporating at once the most feared consequences of Boehme, Kierkegaard, RiIke, and Nietzsche, or as THE ANSWER. But most of that has past. Heidegger's dominance of Gennan philosophy has ceased. One can now brush aside the larger-than-life images of Heidegger, the fears that his language was creating a cult phenomenon, the convictions that only those can understand him who give their lives to his thought. His language is at times unusually difficult, at times simple and beautiful. Some of his insights are obscure and not helpful, others are exciting and clarifying. One no longer expects Heidegger to interpret literature like a literary critic or an academic philologist.
Category: Philosophy

Sallies Of The Mind

Author : Francis Fergusson
ISBN : 156000312X
Genre : History
File Size : 53.46 MB
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Federalism and Political Culture is a collection of Wildavsky's essays on federalism over the latter part of his career. It is the second in a series, of his posthumous collected writings. Federalism is not a conventional collection on comparative federal systems, but deals with what federalism means, how it should work, and how it has been abused by those in power who protested their commitment to federal principles and practices but acted otherwise. Wildavsky's analyses concentrate mainly on American federalism after the Great Society of the 1960s which brought major changes to the American federal system. The essays trace the progress of his thought as he first argues that true federalism is noncentralization, then to federalism as competition, and then combines both in reasserting that real federalism is possible only in a confederation.
Category: History

Toni Morrison S Black Liberal Humanism And Other Excerpts

Author : William A. Jefferson
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 33.67 MB
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Jefferson questions whether Morrison is as politically progressive as has been widely assumed and probes why politically-minded literary critics have not noted the reactionary elements in her work. He sees scholars as following Morrison's own theory of her work--that is, that it must be analyzed according to African American "structures" and linguistic forms to uncover Afro-American "values." This approach, he argues, simply rehabilitates the tenets of pre-1970s liberal humanism: that Morrison's text is a transparent window into these apparently timeless and universal black values. Contains the introduction and first essay of the book Toni Morrison and the Limits of a Politics of Recognition. Also includes excerpts from the remainder of the book. FREE!
Category: Literary Criticism

The Monarchical Republic Of Early Modern England

Author : Professor John F McDiarmid
ISBN : 9781409480068
Genre : History
File Size : 57.85 MB
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With its challenging, paradoxical thesis that Elizabethan England was a 'republic which happened also to be a monarchy', Patrick Collinson's 1987 essay 'The Monarchical Republic of Queen Elizabeth I' instigated a proliferation of research and lively debate about quasi-republican aspects of Tudor and Stuart England. In this volume, a distinguished international group of scholars examines the idea of the 'monarchical republic' from the 1530s to the 1640s, and tests the concept from a variety of points of view. New suggestions are advanced about the pattern of development of quasi-republican tendencies and of opposition to them, and about their relation to the politics of earlier and later periods. A number of essays focus on the political activity of leading figures at court; several analyse political life in towns or rural areas; others discuss education, rhetoric, linguistic thought and reading practices, poetic and dramatic texts, the relations of politics to religious conflict, gendered conceptions of the monarchy, and 'monarchical republicanism' in the new American colonies. Differing positions in the scholarly debate about early modern English republicanism are represented, and fresh archival research advances the study of quasi-republican elements in early modern English politics.
Category: History

The African American Religious Experience In America

Author : Anthony B. Pinn
ISBN : 0313325855
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.89 MB
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Describes various forms of African American Christian and non-Christian religious experience, discussing the origins of a particular tradition, the nature of African American participation, and the general beliefs held by most adherents.
Category: Religion

Best Human Resource Management Practices In Latin America

Author : Anabella Davila
ISBN : 9781135239770
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 21.15 MB
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Latin America today presents a dynamic but challenging business landscape. Although foreign investment in the region has risen, Asia’s increasing role in the global economy is a challenge to Latin America’s competitiveness. At the same time, Translatina firms – Latin American trans-national companies – continue to grow in capital and influence. This original collection explores the tensions between the strategic HRM policies demanded by global competition and local approaches rooted in Latin American cultural values. The book uses a selection of real-life case studies, plus quantitative data, to understand the unique challenges of human resource management in Latin America, exploring: the relationship between political, economic and social forces and HR practices lessons from successful HRM practices in the region the role of HRM practices for business strategy in Latin America national development and HRM practices diverse specific social and cultural contexts. Written by regional-based academics with intimate knowledge of the cultural and business landscapes, this is an important reading for students of human resource management, and business and management
Category: Business & Economics