Human Rights And Common Good

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Human Rights Virtue And The Common Good

Author : Ernest L. Fortin
ISBN : 084768279X
Genre : Science
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Volume Three of Ernest Fortin: Collected Essays discusses the current state of Christianity--especially twentieth-century Catholic Christianity--and the problems with which it has had to wrestle in the midst of rapid scientific progress, profound social change, and growing moral anarchy. In this volume, Fortin discusses such topics as Christianity and the liberal democratic ethos; Christianity, science, and the arts; Ancients and Moderns; papal social thought; virtue and liberalism; pagan and Christian virtue; and the American Catholic church and politics.
Category: Science

Human Rights And Common Good

Author : John Finnis
ISBN : 9780191021534
Genre : Law
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This central volume in the Collected Essays brings together John Finnis's wide-ranging contribution to central issues in political philosophy. The volume begins by examining the general theory of political community and social justice. It includes the powerful and well-known Maccabaean Lecture on Bills of Rights — a searching critique of Ronald Dworkin's moral-political arguments and conclusions, of the European Court of Human Rights' approach to fundamental rights, and of judicial review as a constitutional institution. It is followed by an equally searching analysis of Kant's thought on the intersection of law, right, and ethics. Other papers in the book's opening section include an early assessment of Rawls's A Theory of Justice, a radical re-interpretation of Aquinas on limited government and the significance of the private/public distinction, and a challenging paper on virtue and the constitution. The volume then focuses on central problems in modern political communities, including the achievement of justice in work and distribution; the practice of punishment; war and justice; the public control of euthanasia and abortion; and the nature of marriage and the common good. There are careful and vigorous critiques of Nietzsche on morality, Hart on punishment, Dworkin on the enforcement of morality and on euthanasia, Rawls on justice and law, Thomson on the woman's right to choose, Habermas on abortion, Nussbaum and Koppelman on same-sex relations, and Dummett and Weithman on open borders. The volume's previously unpublished papers include a foundational consideration of labour unions, a fresh statement of a new grounding for the morality of sex, a surprising reading of C.S. Lewis's Abolition of Man on contraception, and an introduction reviewing some of the remarkable changes in private and public morality over the past half-century.
Category: Law

Human Rights And The Common Good

Author : Katrine Evans
ISBN : 0864733623
Genre : Human rights
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A range of contributors discuss biblical and theological interpretations of human rights issues and consider the "radical critique provided by liberation theology".
Category: Human rights

Global Ethics And Global Common Goods

Author : Patrick Riordan
ISBN : 9781472580863
Genre : Philosophy
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Patrick Riordan takes a different approach to the questions of global ethics by following the direction of questioning initially pioneered by Aristotle; for him the most basic question of ethics is 'what is the good life'? So in the context of contemporary global ethics the Aristotelian questioner wonders about the good life on a global scale. Global Ethics and Global Common Goods fills the gap in existing literature caused by the neglect of the topic of the good in global ethics. Beginning by outlining answers to questions such as 'what is good?' and 'is there a highest good?' Riordan demonstrates the value of a common good perspective in matters of universal human rights and their institutions and practices, the study of international relations and the construction of global institutions, and debates about global justice between cosmopolitanism, nationalism and economic globalization. Philosophical questions provoked by these debates are identified and pursued, such as the question of a common human nature which seems presupposed by the language of universal rights. For experienced students of political philosophy and international relations this is a crucial text in the literature exploring the possibilities for politics on a world scale, while the perspective of the common good adds a new and distinctive dimension to current debates on global security and the challenges of managing conflict.
Category: Philosophy

Philosophical Theory And The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

Author : William Sweet
ISBN : 9780776605586
Genre : Philosophy
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The last 100 years can be described as pivotal in our appreciation of human rights. From the Déclaration des droits internationaux de l'homme of 1929 to the more recent discussion of the establishment of an International Court of Justice, the notions of 'rights' and 'international human rights' have extended beyond rarefied philosophical discourse to become part of our basic vocabulary. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of 1948 is a key document that is central to contemporary dialogues about human rights. The UDHR and its subsequent protocols and conventions enumerate a lengthy list of rights that many recognize as fundamental in ensuring human dignity. Philosophical Theory and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights examines the relations and interrelations among theoretical and practical analyses of human rights. Edited by William Sweet, this extensive volume draws on the work of philosophers, political theorists, and those involved in the implementation of human rights. Although diverse in subject and approach, the essays collectively argue that the language of rights and the corresponding legal and political instruments have an important place in contemporary social and political philosophy.
Category: Philosophy

Religion And The Common Good

Author : Brian Stiltner
ISBN : 9781461641919
Genre : Religion
File Size : 51.53 MB
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The term “common good” has often been ill-defined or undefined in political, philosophical, and theological discourses. Brian Stiltner seeks to repair this deficit in his study Religion and the Common Good. He explores the meaning of the common good and the prospects for pursuing it in a liberal society. Focusing on the conceptions of common good in liberalism and communitarianism—the former stressing individual rights and social tolerance, the latter stressing a community's shared history and social practices—Stiltner argues that the two theories are not as irreconcilable as they seem, that they can be combined into a “communal liberalism.”
Category: Religion

Economics For The Common Good

Author : Mark A Lutz
ISBN : 9781134764099
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 85.56 MB
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This textbook presents an introduction to the central issues of social economics. Building on a venerable social economics tradition, the book recommends a more rational economic order and proposes new principles of economic policy. The issues covered include: * the inadequacy of individualistic economics in guiding the policy maker * a critique of economic rationality * rethinking of the modern business corporation * a critical look at markets as panacea * the harmful effects of international competition * environmental problems. The book introduces social economic concepts and challenges the reader to look beyond the confines of mainstream economic thinking to find a solution to these critical issues.
Category: Business & Economics

Christianity And Human Rights

Author : Frederick M. Shepherd
ISBN : 0739140094
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 69.65 MB
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In Christianity and Human Rights: Christians and the Struggle for Global Justice, Frederick M. Shepherd has collected essays by scholars and activists who, in a wide variety of ways, confront the issue of Christianity's role in the burgeoning movement for human rights. The volume's contributors provide diverse perspectives on the theology behind the idea of human rights, the debate over the its meaning, and the evolution of the struggle for human rights. A wide variety of disciplinary perspectives are represented, from economics, political science and law to history, philosophy and theology. The essays also represent a broad political spectrum, including specific accounts from activists participating in the struggle for human rights. Separate chapters focus on cases from Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Christianity and Human Rights begins and ends with attempts to synthesize current theory and practice, acknowledging both Christianity's great success and its failures in defending basic human rights around the globe.
Category: Political Science

International Law For Common Goods

Author : Federico Lenzerini
ISBN : 9781782254713
Genre : Law
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International law has long been dominated by the State. But it has become apparent that this bias is unrealistic and untenable in the contemporary world as the rise of the notion of common goods challenges this dominance. These common goods – typically values (like human rights, rule of law, etc) or common domains (the environment, cultural heritage, space, etc) – speak to an emergent international community beyond the society of States and the attendant rights and obligations of non-State actors. This book details how three key areas of international law – human rights, culture and the environment – are pushing the boundaries in this field. Each category is of current and ongoing significance in legal and public discourse, as illustrated by the Syrian conflict (human rights and international humanitarian law), the destruction of mausoleums and manuscripts in Mali (cultural heritage), and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (the environment). Each exemplifies the need to move beyond a State-focused idea of international law. This timely volume explores how the idea of common goods, in which rights and obligations extend to individuals, groups and the international community, offers one such avenue and reflects on its transformative impact on international law.
Category: Law

Aquinas Feminism And The Common Good

Author : Susanne M. DeCrane
ISBN : 1589012410
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.89 MB
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To dismiss the work of philosophers and theologians of the past because of their limited perceptions of the whole of humankind is tantamount to tossing the tot out with the tub water. Such is the case when feminist scholars of religion and ethics confront Thomas Aquinas, whose views of women can only be described as misogynistic. Rather than dispense with him, Susanne DeCrane seeks to engage Aquinas and reflect his otherwise compelling thought through the prism of feminist theology, hermeneutics, and ethics. Focusing on one of Aquinas's great intellectual contributions, the fundamental notion of "the common good"—in short, the human will toward peace and justice—DeCrane demonstrates the currency of that notion through a contemporary social issue: women's health care in the United States and, specifically, black women and breast cancer. In her skillful re-engagement with Aquinas, DeCrane shows that certain aspects of religious traditions heretofore understood as oppressive to women and minority groups can actually be parsed, "retrieved," and used to rectify social ills. Aquinas, Feminism, and the Common Good is a bold and intellectually rigorous feminist retrieval of an important text by a Catholic scholar seeking to remain in the tradition, while demanding that the tradition live up to its emphasis on human equity and justice.
Category: Religion

Can A Health Care Market Be Moral

Author : Mary J. McDonough
ISBN : 1589012879
Genre : Medical
File Size : 78.67 MB
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Since the 1970s health care costs in the United States have doubled, insurance premiums have far outpaced inflation, and the numbers of the uninsured and underinsured are increasing at an alarming rate. At the same time the public expects better health care and access to the latest treatment technologies. Governments, desperate to contain ballooning costs, often see a market-based approach to health care as the solution; critics of market systems argue that government regulation is necessary to secure accessible care for all. The Catholic Church generally questions the market's ability to satisfy the many human needs intrinsic to any care delivery system yet, although the Church views health care as a basic human right, it has yet to offer strategies for how such a right can be guaranteed. Mary J. McDonough, a former Legal Aid lawyer for medical cases, understands the advantages and disadvantages of market-based care and offers insight and solutions in Can a Health Care Market Be Moral? Drawing on Catholic social teachings from St. Augustine to Pope John Paul II, McDonough reviews health system successes and failures from around the world and assesses market approaches to health care as proposed by leading economists such as Milton Friedman, Regina Herzlinger, Mark Pauly, and Alain Enthoven. Balancing aspects of these proposals with Daniel Callahan's value-dimension approach, McDonough offers a Catholic vision of health care in the United States that allows for some market mechanisms while promoting justice and concern for the least advantaged.
Category: Medical

Solidarity Subsidiarity And Common Good

Author : Edmund Aku
ISBN : 9781465305329
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 75.2 MB
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This book is a sequel of our first book titled Re-Defining Community published ten years ago by Peter Lang. A good part of this current book is devoted to defining and elaboration on the key concepts, solidarity, subsidiarity and the common good principles. These concepts are essential to the sense of community. The point is that any community is complex and diverse. The only way to ensure harmony in such a setting is to operate in solidarity, a term which entails mutual support and collaboration. The only way this is possible is by respecting everyone involved in the life of the community, and that people are sincere about their strengths and weaknesses.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Children Consumerism And The Common Good

Author : Mary M. Doyle Roche
ISBN : 9780739141922
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 85.73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Children, Consumerism, and the Common Good explores the impact of consumer culture on the lives of children in the United States and globally, focusing on two phenomena: advertising to children and child labor. Christian communities have a critical role to play in securing the well-being of children and challenging the cultural trends that undermine that well-being. Themes in the tradition of Catholic social teaching can move us beyond the tensions between children's rights activists and those who propose a return to 'family values' and can inform practices of resistance, participation, and transformation. Roche argues that children are full, interdependent members of the communities of which they are a part. They have a claim on the fruits of our common life and are called to participate in that life according to their age and ability. The principle of the common good forms the benchmark for analyzing children's participation in the market and the ways in which market logic shapes other institutions of civil society, particularly educational institutions. The Cristo Rey Network of schools is highlighted as an example of institutional transformation which shapes children's participation in education and the economic life of their families and communities in a spirit of solidarity.
Category: Social Science

Human Rights In Chinese Thought

Author : Stephen Angle
ISBN : 0521007526
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 29.98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is about the history of Chinese ideas of human rights.
Category: Philosophy

Health Care And The Common Good

Author : José I. Lavastida
ISBN : 0761815252
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Studies the situation related to access to health care in the US. Approaches the problem first by analyzing its history, then synthesizing different philosophical and practical solutions that have been attempted in order to reform health care, and finally presents and analyzes ways to solve problems of access to health using an ethical approach nourished according to the guidance offered by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Lacks a subject index.
Category: Religion

Love That Produces Hope

Author : María Pilar Aquino
ISBN : 0814652174
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53.22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Father Ignacio Ellacura, S.J., president of the University of Central America, leading Latin American philosopher, and liberation theologian, was assassinated with five Jesuit companions and two women on November 16, 1989. Love That Produces Hope brings together leading authorities on key aspects of Ellacura?s thought. The book introduces readers to the groundbreaking life and thought of Ignacio Ellacura. His biography and writings embody late twentieth-century transformations and tensions that reshaped the life of the Catholic Church among the ?crucified peoples? of Central America. Love That Produces Hope evaluates the significance of Ellacura?s work, particularly his impact on theology, philosophy, and education. Ellacura found hope in his faith that God?s grace sustains the tenacious struggle of millions of men, women, and children to nurture those they love in the face of poverty and an uncertain future.?This is a rich collection of essays . . . Each author brings his or her valuable insights to the discussion of Ignacio Ellacura?s philosophical and theological work.? Signs of the Times in the Americas?This significant work serves as an initial introduction for the English-speaking world to liberation theology?s early martyr. Comprehensive, balanced and challenging. The editors, Lasalle-Klein and Burke complete the title by appending an exhaustive bibliography of Ellacura?s publications. This title is recommended for theological collections.? Catholic Library World?As the inaugural holder of the Ignadcio Ellacura Chair in Catholic Social Thought, I am thrilled to read Love That Produces Hope. At long last, the Jesuit martyr of El Salvador's philosophical and theological thought is now available to English-speaking readers. Robert Lassalle-Klein and Kevin Burke are to be congratulated for having assembled the best interpreters to help us understand Ellacura's life, work, and thought. Their essays on the sources and reception of Ellacura's thought are uniformly informative, insightful, and challenging. The bibliography is an indispensable resource for future studies. I strongly recommend the book for any course on Latin American liberation theology." Dr. Peter C. Phan Georgetown University Washington, D.C.
Category: Religion

Human Rights And Moral Reasoning

Author : Shortall Michael
ISBN : 887839145X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 27.26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This study is a response to the observation of the critical importance of human rights in the ethical discourse of the public sphere. Yet despite the broad consensus there exists a plurality of approaches to their exposition and justification; each bound to a particular way of moral theology requires that such models be taken seriously. To this end it presents a comparative investifgation of three theorists, each rappresentative of a different tradition of enquiry...
Category: Religion

Human Rights In Global Politics

Author : Ken Booth
ISBN : 0521641381
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 27.94 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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There is a stark contradiction between the theory of universal human rights and the everyday practice of human wrongs. This timely volume investigates whether human rights abuses are a result of the failure of governments to live up to a universal human rights standard, or whether the search for moral universals is a fundamentally flawed enterprise which distracts us from the task of developing rights in the context of particular ethical communities. In the first part of the book chapters by Ken Booth, Jack Donnelly, Chris Brown, Bhikhu Parekh and Mary Midgley explore the philosophical basis of claims to universal human rights. In the second part, Richard Falk, Mary Kaldor, Martin Shaw, Gil Loescher, Georgina Ashworth and Andrew Hurrell reflect on the role of the media, global civil society, states, migration, non-governmental organisations, capitalism, and schools and universities in developing a global human rights culture.
Category: Political Science

Basic Human Rights And The Humanitarian Crises In Sub Saharan Africa

Author : Gabriel Andrew Msoka
ISBN : 9781630878696
Genre : Religion
File Size : 54.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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For decades, post-independence Africa has been marked by conflicts, violence, and civil wars leading to a displacement of civilian populations and numerous humanitarian crises. For example, the Somali war, the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and the Darfur conflict in Western Sudan illustrate this phenomenon. In these situations, protecting the basic human rights of security, subsistence, the liberties of social participation, and the physical movement of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs)--particularly women, children, and young people--has been seen as inadequate. This book offers the following: a systematic presentation of the nature and scope of the crises; an evaluative description of the achievements and failures of governments, organizations, and the international community in responding to the crises; a critical analysis of the rationale for such an inadequate response; and a philosophical and theological study of basic human rights that seeks to redress these failures by envisioning an appropriate response and a lasting solution to the conflicts, displacement, and humanitarian crises in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Category: Religion