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Fieldwork For Human Geography

Author : Richard Phillips
ISBN : 9781446290941
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 86.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"A highly readable and superbly fun guide to the why and how of doing fieldwork in human geography... I recommend it highly to any geographer-wannabes and practicing-geographers. The latter group, including myself, might well rediscover the fun of doing geography." - Professor Henry Yeung, National University of Singapore "An excellent introduction to the art and science of fieldwork. It makes clear that fieldwork is not just about getting out of the classroom and gaining first-hand experience of places, it is about instilling passion about those places." - Professor Stuart C. Aitken, San Diego State University "An indispensible guide to fieldwork that will enrich the practice of geography in a myriad of different ways. In particular, the diverse materials presented here will encourage students and academics alike to pursue new approaches to their work and instil a greater understanding of the conceptual and methodological breadth of their discipline." - Professor Matthew Gandy, University College London "If fieldwork is an indispensable component of geographical education then this book is equally essential to making the most of fieldwork...This book gives students the tools to realise the full potential of what, for many, is the highlight of their geography degree." - Professor Noel Castree, Manchester University Fieldwork is a core component of Human Geography degree courses. In this lively and engaging book, Richard Phillips and Jennifer Johns provide a practical guide to help every student get the most out of their fieldwork. This book: Encourages students to engage with fieldwork critically and imaginatively Explains methods and contexts Links the fieldwork with wider academic topics. It looks beyond the contents of research projects and field visits to address the broader experiences of fieldwork: working in groups, understanding your ethical position, developing skills for learning and employment and opening your eyes, ears and minds to the wider possibilities of your trip. Throughout the book, the authors present first person descriptions of field experiences and predicaments, written by fieldtrip leaders and students from around the world including the UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia and Africa.
Category: Social Science

Human Geography

Author : Andrew Jones
ISBN : 9780415575515
Genre : Social Science
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Human Geography: The Basics is a concise introduction to the study of the role that humankind plays in shaping the world around us. Whether ite(tm)s environmental concerns, the cities we live in or the globalization of the economy, these are issues which affect us all. This book introduces these topics and more including: global environment issues and development cities, firms and regions migration, immigration and asylum landscape, culture and identity travel, mobility and tourism agriculture and food. Featuring an overview of theory, end of chapter summaries, case study boxes, further reading lists and a glossary, this book is the ideal introduction for anybody new to the study of human geography.
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Encyclopedia Of Human Geography

Author : Gerald Rudolph Pitzl
ISBN : 0313320101
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 74.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The full range of this remarkable field is presented through nearly 300 pertinent models, concepts, theories, and people associated with human geography.
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The Dictionary Of Human Geography

Author : Derek Gregory
ISBN : 9781444359954
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 52.76 MB
Format : PDF
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With clear, critical, and constructive surveys of key terms by leading researchers in the field, The Dictionary of Human Geography, fifth edition, remains the definitive guide to the concepts and debates in human geography. Comprehensively revised new edition of a highly successful text with over 300 key terms appearing for the first time Situates Human Geography within the humanities, social sciences and sciences as a whole Written by leading experts in the field Major entries not only describe the development of concepts, contributions and debates in Human Geography but also advance them Features a new consolidated bibliography along with a detailed index and systematic cross-referencing of headwords
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Human Geography

Author : John A. Agnew
ISBN : 0631194614
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 68.77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book provides students in human geography with a vital resource - a collection of writings critical to understanding the field as a whole and revealing the interactions of its component parts. It is designed to give students ready access to the literature their studies are most likely to lead them to consult. The book is divided into five parts. Parts I and II describe the nature of the enterprise and show the origins and current state of thinking on central issues. Part III is concerned with interactions between nature, culture and landscape. Part IV considers area differences and geographic units such as region, place and locality. Part V provides insights into the concepts of space, time and space-time. The editors have provided a general introduction, introductions to each part and contextual notes for each chapter. Each part concludes with sections of further reading by subject and the volume ends with a time chart of the main developments in geography. This collection of seminal articles aims to be revealing, challenging and engaging. It amply demonstrates why human geography is a subject worthy of the student's engagement and provides a vital and rewarding resource for its understanding.
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Human Geography The World

Author : J. Fairgreeve
ISBN : 9781846643965
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 77.93 MB
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HUMAN. GEOGRAPHIES By JAMES FAIRGRIEVE, M.A CONTENTS THE EMIGRANT THE INDIANS OF THE PLAINS THE FUR TRADERS THE HIGHLANDS OF THE WEST COLUMBUS AND THE WEST INDIES THE LOWLANDS OF THE AMAZON AND THE HIGHLANDS OF THE ANDES THE ARGENTINE AND CATTLE THE PATAGONIAN INDIANS THE WAY TO THE INDIES TEA CLIPPERS TO INDIA THE WAY FROM INDIA TODAY THE PYGMIES OF THE FOREST THE NEGROES OF THE SUDAN AND THE ZULUS OF SOUTH AFRICA. THE GRASS LANDS THE AJJABSOF THE DESERT THE NILE AND EGYPT INDIA, WHERE TEA GROWS THE PEOPLES OF INDIA CHINA THE LAND WAY FROM CHINA STEPPES AND STEPPE DWELLERS THE CHRISTMAS PUDDING THE SWISS ON THE ALPS THE SAILORS OF THE NORTH THE BRITISH EMPIRE INTRODUCTION NOTE THIS book is intended for children of about the ages of 11 or 12.. It covers the whole world in broad outline and can be used independently of any other series of books, but perhaps most effectively as an introduction to the Human Geographies, Secondary Series. These latter books deal with the world on a regional basis and in considerable detail. The present book gives the framework into which all other subsequent studies can be fitted, This book follows the lines of the Human Geographies, Primary Series in as much as it lays emphasis everywhere, not on placenames and statistics, but on the interaction between man and his environment. It is full of pictures of human life, lived under many varying conditions. At the same time care has been taken that all essential geographical ideas are introduced and that practically all important places and areas are referred to as settings to the pictures. By this means geographical fas are seen not only in their proper relations, but in their proper perspective. An attempt has been made to introduce geographical ideas gradually and in such a way tHat a picture of the world as a whole is eventually built up. The authors have a wider aim than the mere teaching oi a certain number of geographical facts. They believe that only by a sympathetic understanding of the conditions under which other peoples live can the modern democracies realise their own position in the scale of things, and extend that tolerance towards other peoples which they expect other peoples to extend towards themselves. And this conception of the world as one big cooperative society canno be taught too early or too often.
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Human Geography

Author :
ISBN : 9781349236381
Genre :
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Human Geography

Author : Aimé Vincent Perpillou
ISBN : UOM:39015021554657
Genre : Economic geography
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Category: Economic geography

Approaches To Human Geography

Author : Stuart Aitken
ISBN : 9781446222775
Genre : Science
File Size : 43.6 MB
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Approaches to Human Geography is the essential student primer on theory and practice in human geography. It is a systematic review of the key ideas and debates informing post-war geography, explaining how those ideas work in practice. In three sections, the text provides: · A comprehensive contexualising essay: Introducing Philosophies, People and Practices · Philosophies: written by the principal proponents, easily comprehensible accounts of: Positivistic Geographies; Humanism; Feminist Geographies; Marxism; Structuration Theory; Behavioral Geography; Realism; Post Structuralist Theories; Actor-Network Theory; and Post Colonialism · People: prominent geographers explain events that formed their ways of knowing; the section offers situated accounts of theory and practice by, for example: David Ley; Linda McDowell; and David Harvey · Practices: applied accounts of Quantification, Evidence and Positivism; Geographic Information Systems; Humanism; Geography, Political Activism, and Marxism; the Production of Feminist Geographies; Poststructuralist Theory; Environmental Inquiry in a Postcolonial World; Contested Geographies · Student Exercises and Glossary Avoiding jargon - while attentive to the rigor and complexity of the ideas that underlie geographic knowledge – the text is written for students who have not met philosophical or theoretical approaches before. This is a beginning guide to geographic research and practice. Comprehensive and accessible, it will be the core text for courses on Approaches to Human Geography; Philosophy and Geography; and the History of Geography; and a key resource for students beginning research projects.
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A Dictionary Of Human Geography

Author : Noel Castree
ISBN : 9780199599868
Genre : Reference
File Size : 84.49 MB
Format : PDF
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This new dictionary provides over 2,000 clear and concise entries on human geography, covering basic terms and concepts as well as biographies, organisations, and major periods and schools. Authoritative and accessible, this is a must-have for every student of human geography, as well as for professionals and interested members of the public.
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