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How To Self Publish A Book On Amazon Com Kindle Direct Publishing

Author : Juliet Suvan
ISBN : 1654022322
Genre :
File Size : 67.70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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LISTEN, THIS IS THE SECRET OF CRAFTING A WINNING NONFICTION TITLE AND SUBTITLE TO MAKE SALES EVEN WITHOUT REVIEWS AND BECOME A BESTSELLER IN 7 DAYS Kindle publishing is easy, but at first, it seems hard to most people until they read a book, like this one you're about to read, that clears their minds or get a mentor that knows his/her onion. It's unfortunate it happened, but it's the main reason I decided to reveal the secret to all nonfiction writers on how to craft a top-notch title that will get consistent sales and become a bestseller even without reviews or Amazon ads. I woke one day and said, "I'm going to write another bestseller on a topic I know." I did my keyword search and noticed a profitable niche called memory improvement - I'll show you the process inside the book. With the help of my private template on book formatting, which I'll give you at the end of this book, I got started in writing a book from scratch on memory improvement. The journey was simple and fun and the dream was achieved as usual. Sadly, something unexpected happened and it's what propelled me to write this book and expose my long-hidden secrets on crafting a bestseller, keyword-rich title and outshining other books in that category on Amazon Kindle Store and Book store. At end of this book, I only have one main promise for you and that is: you'll master how to craft THE BEST searchable keyword-rich book title that'll bring you constant sales even without reviews, promo, or ads as it does for me every single time. The other benefits of this book are: You'll learn how to do keyword research without any paid tools You'll learn how to do category research without any paid tools You'll master how to fill your 7 backend keywords like a pro to get more sales You'll discover where to get royalty-free images for your book cover You'll see how I design my catchy covers myself with Photoshop You'll see how to get your Kindle book in more than 10 categories as well as get your paperback in more than the usual 10 categories smart publishers get into You'll get a formatted book template for your nonfiction writing You can use this template to outline your book before you send it to a ghostwriter or you use it to write yourself You'll see step by step how to upload and publish your book the right way and smile to the bank at the end of the month You'll discover a certain website that'll make you say, "Wow! Why hasn't anyone told me about this?" There are lots of screenshot images to guide you through for those who love pictorial presentation You're about to understand all the big grammars Kindle gurus confuse you with on videos and blogs. Scroll up and click the Buy Now button and get started in discovering something 97% of authors or publishers will NEVER have the privilege to know. You'll thank yourself for this action you're taking right now. See you on the other side - where knowledge will meet experience to birth a bestselling nonfiction book in your name.

How To Self Publish A Book On Amazon

Author : Michael Zarcone
ISBN : 1729819311
Genre : Authorship
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"Have your ever dreamed of becoming a self-published author? Do you have "that" book or message you just want to get out and let people read? Do you have the "know how" to solve people's problems? Is there that really fantastic novel that you want to write? Are you an entrepreneur or authority in your field and want to gain more notoriety and get noticed as an "expert" to attract more business? If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions then this is the book for you."--Back cover.
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How To Self Publish A Book On Amazon Com

Author : Chris McMullen
ISBN : 1442183012
Genre : Reference
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"This book will show you how to prepare and submit files to a print-on-demand self-publishing service that is part of the Amazon group of companies--a self-publishing service that you can trust, which requires virtually no investment (just a few dollars for the cost of your book, plus shipping). Following the steps outlined in this guide, your book can be selling in as little as a week once your manuscript is completed."--from back cover.
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How To Self Publish A Children S Paperback Picture Book Using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Kdp An Overview

Author : Angela Russ-Ayon
ISBN : 0998709042
Genre : Reference
File Size : 78.16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Did you know you can publish your book on Amazon KDP in as fast as a week for no money down? Whether you are just starting to write a book or you've finished one and have no idea where to turn, this book can help get your book launched into the market. It is an overview for writers who want to self-publish a children's paperback picture book, especially aspiring young writers, and includes quick tips and essential information on publishing topics that are simple and easy-to-read. It touches on the different parts of a book, story elements, laying out a book, fonts and text, illustrating, proofing a book, print-on-demand, royalties, uploading to Amazon KDP, and more. Useful templates and story maps that can be scanned and reused are provided to help writers organize their thoughts. You could write an entire book on every aspect of publishing, but this overview will help keep you from getting lost. The sooner you finish your book, the faster you can order one and turn the pages. Why are you waiting? Let's do this! ------------------------ This book DOES NOT COVER publishing eBooks or using Kindle Create. ----------------------- "How to Self-Publish a Children's Paperback Picture Book" focuses on publishing a physical paperback picture book that can be shipped directly from (internationally distributed), held in one's hands, given to friends, or sold by the author at events. Published books will sell on to the general public and can be ordered in quantities of one or more for author resale. This process also works for writers who want to affordably publish and distribute physical books with more pages such as a memoir, instruction manual, puzzle & game book, graphic comic book, coloring book, cookbook, end-of-year school highlights, yearbook, or a multi-page novel with no pictures at all, even if the book gets distributed to a limited number of people. For set up, the author is a novice at using Publisher and Word to format PDFs for uploading and wanted to share her publishing experience. If she can do it, you can do it. She distributes hundreds of books during author visits to schools. Other writers have found publishing success using similar writing and multimedia programs they are familiar with, such as Scrivener (for screenplays and large amounts of text), or those in the Adobe family. ---------------------- Related terms and phrases: Publishing a book, How to publish a book, Self-publishing, How to self-publish, How to publish on Amazon, How to publish using Amazon KDP, How to write a picture book, How to write a children's book, How to publish a paperback book, Elementary school author visit, Middle school author visit, High school author visit, Author visits in Long Beach, CA, Author visits in the Los Angeles area
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Self Publishing For Passive Income

Author : Joseph Hogue
ISBN : 170619532X
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Don't just self-publish a book on Amazon, learn how to make it passive income! After self-publishing 11 books on Kindle and making over $69,000 in a few years, I've learned one undeniable truth about Amazon publishing, writing a book is the easy part. Anyone can write a book in just a few months and have it published on the world's largest ecommerce site. Hugely more difficult is keeping your book ranked on Amazon to keep making money every month! Against more than four million other books, you need to know how to launch a book and how to get enough sales that keep it ranked in the top ten. You need to know how to pick categories and how to write a book that sells itself. That's what this book is all about. Get More than Just How to Write a Book I'll start by showing you how to make writing a book easy. I'll show you how to plan, research and write your book within a month. Then I'll go beyond to reveal how to launch a self-published book to an Amazon best-seller status and keep it ranked so you make passive income every single month. You won't find this in any other book about self-publishing on Amazon. These are the secrets that will set you apart from millions of other authors. Amazon Self-Publishing is My Business Too many books about How to Self-Publish a Book here on Amazon are by people with no idea what it takes to be successful on the platform. Even of the ones that have written a few books, few have the experience or insight in keeping a book ranked on Kindle to make it passive income. This will be my 12th self-published book on Amazon and the 11 before it all reached best-seller rank in at least one category, some becoming a top pick in multiple categories. More than just that launch though, I've learned how to get enough monthly sales to keep the books ranked and make over $2,000 every month without doing anything at all. I've created an Amazon self-publishing business that runs itself and I want to share what I've learned with you. What you'll get: How to find and develop a book idea that will be instantly popular (pg 8) The process I use to make writing easy and will guarantee you publish fast (pg 18) My blueprint for a best-selling book launch (pg 72) How to leverage other websites to help sell your books to make more money (pg93) Three book marketing strategies that will keep your books ranked and earn you passive income every month (pg 103) I'm also giving away a free bonus cheat sheet, 9 Tips Anyone Can Use to Write a Book, within the book. This is three books in one. You'll get everything you need about how to publish a book on Amazon. You'll get an easy process for writing a book that will drive you to publish. You'll also get a launch strategy that makes your book a best-seller, racking up those quick sales to shoot the book up the charts. Finally, you'll learn how to make your Amazon self-publishing business passive income with the strategies I use to keep my books ranked and making sales. Don't settle for any book on self-publishing. Don't be one of the millions of authors with books that bomb on Amazon and make nothing. If you want to self-publish a book that makes you passive income every month, scroll back up and get this book now.

The Fine Print Of Self Publishing

Author : Mark Levine
ISBN : 9781935098744
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 81.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Fine Print of Self-Publishing (Fourth Edition) offers a comprehensive guide to the self-publishing world, and is a must-read for any author considering self-publishing his or her book.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Better Books With Latex

Author : Clemens Lode
ISBN : 9783945586464
Genre : Computers
File Size : 40.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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- Comparison of Word and LaTeXThe process of publishing a book has changed significantly over the past 10 years. Thanks to companies like Amazon, Google, and Leanpub, you can publish your book on your own. This book can help you to overcome all the obstacles along the way, using the most powerful typesetting software available (LaTeX and Overleaf). Bundled with this book is a template that will give you a head start in your publishing process. In fact, this very book was produced with the same template. You can check out the template here: Still unsure whether this book is for you? Are you a first-time author with a completed manuscript that you are ready to publish? Or do you write novels in Word but now want to write a non-fiction book? Perhaps you are a professional editor seeking to expand your services from merely editing Word files to helping to release books online? Are you spending a lot of time indexing or managing bibliographical references? You may already be a LaTeX expert who wants to publish your work as an e-book. Are you planning a series and need to reuse text blocks? Are you looking for ways to share your work and collaborate with others? Are you looking for support to help you with diagrams and graphics? Besides providing you with a free, ready-to-use template (for the new Overleaf platform) to publish your next book, Better Books with LaTeX can teach you: - Advantages of using LaTeX instead of Word. - The basics of LaTeX to get you started and to make small adjustments to the template included with this book. - Special requirements for final polishing (images, blank spaces, page breaks, etc.) to make a professional-looking book / e-book. And how to: - Better manage bibliographical references in order to save time and reduce mistakes. - Better manage indexes in order to save time during index creation and after page changes. - Re-use glossary items and other text blocks to save time when writing a series. - Create a book cover, add LaTeX graphics, and work with a designer to help you create an appealing book that sells. What would lead a computer scientist to write about publishing books with LaTeX? Clemens Lode has a passion for clean design and streamlined workflows in software projects. The same methods can be applied to publishing and typesetting. In this book, he explains the provided book template—file by file—so that you can adapt it to your needs and concentrate on actually writing and marketing the book. With his Better Books series, Clemens Lode covers the entire publishing process, from your initial concept to marketing your book on Amazon or Google. The focus of this book is to organize your book's files, images, and formatting, as well as the automated process of uploading your book to a publisher. The focus of Writing Better Books the Agile Way is to organize your content and project as a whole. Table of Contents: - Comparison of Word and LaTeX - Generate Your First E-book - Filling the Template - LaTeX Basics - Bibliography and Citations - Index Creation - E-Book / PDF Specific Content - Template Management - Polishing for E-book Release - Polishing for Print - Publishing on Amazon KDP - How to Create Cover Graphics - Publishing on Google Play - Writing a Series
Category: Computers

Publish Your Book On Amazon For Free

Author : Eddie Snipes
ISBN : 1515161757
Genre :
File Size : 78.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Yes, you can publish for free. The industry has changed. You have the tools available to publish a high quality book without having to pay thousands. Today's authors are no longer dependent upon getting the approval of big publishing houses in order to get their work into the hands of the public. Nor do independent authors have to pay for publishing. Most presses set book prices at inflated rates, almost guaranteeing a poorly selling book. With tools like CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing, authors can publish with no upfront costs, and market books at very competitive prices. This book will take you step by step on configuring your manuscript with Word, and putting the world's largest bookseller to work for you!

Self Publishing For The Clueless

Author : Mike Rounds
ISBN : 1891440993
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 60.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 765
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This is a comprehensive manual about the basics of the publishing business and dispels the misunderstanding that abounds in the world of self-publishing. It contains complete information about how to format your book for both paper and electronic printing including basic information on filing copyrights and trademarks as well as some cutting edge tips on how to create books rapidly and inexpensively.
Category: Business & Economics

How I Became A Self Published Author The Journey To 51 000 Words

Author : Aammton Alias
ISBN : 9789674154745
Genre :
File Size : 46.21 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 272
Read : 442

In How I Became a Self-Published Author, Aammton Alias reveals how and why he decided to write his first book, based on his recent spiritual awakening. The excitement of being an author got him to take on challenges, such as publishing a book every month. In this single volume, Aammton shares the inner workings on how to become a self-published author. The amazing part is that he was able to have his books self-published for free. He taught himself book marketing, social media promotion and even book reviewing, to a point that he briefly became a professional book marketer and reviewer. His story will inspire you to write and publish your first book. In fact, he is championing for you to be a published writer too. He wrote this book for you.