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How To Love Yourself

Author : Jonathan Kis-lev
ISBN : 1979243611
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Format : PDF, ePub
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How to Love Yourself: The Art of Loving Myself: Self Love as the Basis of High Self Esteem, Self Worth and Self Respect. Be Yourself and Love Yourself Right NOW.

Learning To Love Yourself

Author : Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse
ISBN : 9780757316166
Genre : Self-Help
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We all come into this world full of promise and possibility. For some, when born into a healthy and highly functional family, the journey is quite easy, with guideposts and directions given freely. However, that is a very small population of people. Most of us were born into families that were in their own way struggling for independence, accomplishment, safety or security. For the millions of people who grew up in painful families, whether by absent parents, abusive parents, or those who were ill-equipped, noted therapist Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse shows that they do not have to follow a family tradition of compulsion or addiction. In the revised edition of the classic Learning to Love Yourself, Wegscheider-Cruse explains that it is possible to create our own self-worth at any time in our lives, even as adults. She guides readers on a journey to greater self-worth, explaining how to eliminate toxic self-defeating messages, how to choose healthier, new perspectives, and how to reinvent yourself each day open to a world of possibilities.
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How To Love Yourself And Sometimes Other People

Author : Meggan Watterson
ISBN : 9781401948047
Genre : Self-Help
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Are you trying to find love – and beginning to suspect you’re not looking in the right place? This wise, hip guide gives you a new map for the journey to happiness in relationships of all kinds, starting in your own heart. Told from the alternating vantage points of authors Meggan Watterson and Lodro Rinzler, How to Love Yourself (and Sometimes Other People) reminds us that love isn’t something we have to earn. All of us are deeply and intrinsically worthy of love – not only the love we hope to receive from others, but the love we give to ourselves – and this book offers the insight and practical tools we need to stay firmly grounded in self-love as we ride out the natural (and often stormy) cycles of relationships. Meggan and Lodro’s unique perspectives as teachers and scholars of Christian mysticism and Buddhism respectively make for a rich and lively dialogue that draws on wisdom sources like the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Four Noble Truths, along with funny, revealing stories from their own love lives and their deep friendship with each other. You’ll find guidance for embracing single life, dating with an open heart, and thriving in lasting love; meditations and practices for calm abiding, "disciplined hope," and connecting to the source of love within you; and tips on everything from sex, self-worth, and nourishing friendships to navigating breakups and learning to truly love yourself. Ultimately, you’ll be able to see your ideal partner in a new light – not as someone who "completes" you, but as someone who mirrors back to you your own wholeness.
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How To Love Yourself 50 Ways To Improve Self Esteem

Author : Anastasia Zaloga
ISBN : 1533172242
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This book is for women who criticize themselves and are often unhappy with themselves. It is a collection of valuable practical pieces of advice. Use the "magical recipes" that have already helped dozens of women to start loving themselves. If you don't love yourself, you're not satisfied with yourself and the results of your life up to that point. When you compare yourself with someone else over and over, you feel disappointed. When you criticize your every action, you're always unhappy. Your reflection in the mirror doesn't create positive feelings, but rather becomes another source of negativity. Sometimes you may truly believe that you are the biggest loser ever. You often ignore your own needs and desires. You lack love. If you're single, you strive to attract your soul mate and hope that with his coming you will feel loved. At the same time, you think that there may be no one who could love you. If you have a partner, his love is not enough. You live with a feeling of not being loved, appreciated, or respected enough. You blame yourself constantly for any mistakes that have happened in your past. "How could I have screwed things up so much?!" - you angrily think. Not loving yourself is not only an internal and invisible process, but it affects your life, too. How does low self-esteem affect your relationships? Well, your partner behaves in such a way that he is not afraid of losing you. He may promise (and quickly forget), he may insult you, cheat on you, and still pretend that all is fine. He may even hit you. This behavior doesn't cause any active resistance from your side though. Of course, you may complain about him but most likely, you tend to tolerate the behavior. Your self-esteem is too low and his dignity is too high. In this case you're afraid to lose "your tormentor" and you live with the dead-end belief that you will meet no one better. People with low self-esteem are prone to explicit and implicit jealousy attacks. With a certain periodicity you'll be jealous of your partner's past relationships, casual small talks, and his colleagues. Coming up with a reason for suspicion is not a big deal for you, you're good at this. Stupid jealousy is what hinders the healthy relationships. As for the girls who are not in relationships, the low self-esteem is not less destructive. It may be hard to believe that there will be a man who can fall in love with you with all his heart! Sometimes a girl doesn't allow relationships with a man to develop, believing that he is too good for her. With similar actions (or inactions) you simply push a new boyfriend away "give" him a more worthy, in your opinion, woman. Lack of self-love pushes you to conquer the men. You don't believe that the members of the opposite sex may be interested in you. Therefore, as soon as you meet an attractive man, you start to run after him and show an excessive interest. This most likely will lead to nothing and may scare this man. Your low self-esteem may also affect your career success. Sometimes, you may be afraid of sharing your own opinion and thus block any opportunities. You seem to be no one special, and therefore, your results have little or no value. This is why you choose to sit quietly and not stick out! If you created something, you would definitely be showered with a wave of criticism! Lack of self-love makes you less demanding in regards to income as well. This is why you may work in a low paying job and earn less than you serve. Your life strategy is to tolerate poor working conditions and a bad attitude of your manager. Your self-esteem cannot but affect your quality of life. It's enough to look around and note the conditions in which you live. You may put an equals sign between self-love and everything that surrounds you. After all, your surroundings are just a reflection of your inner self-attitude. Increase your self-esteem and your life will improve.

Learn To Love Yourself Enough

Author : Andrew G. Marshall
ISBN : 9780957429789
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 65.80 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Create a wealth of self-worth. In a black-and-white world, there are two types of people—those who love themselves too much (and walk over everybody else) or hate themselves for failing to achieve goals (and probably end up being taken advantage of by others). But, according to British marital therapist, Andrew G. Marshall, neither has a healthy perception of oneself. This is because the secret to self-esteem does not lie in the extremes of love and hate, but in the middle, in the gray area that teaches us to love ourselves just enough: enough to have love to offer others; enough to be open to receive love from others. Only when this kind of balance is created, can self-love exist. Like no other book on self-esteem ever written, Learn to Love Yourself Enough helps readers walk through life on middle ground by revealing the seven factors that, together, add up to a wealth of self-worth. Examine your relationship with your parents: Discover the six types of child-parent relationships and how to accept the legacy of your past. Find Forgiveness: Debunk the two myths about forgiveness and discover what can be gained from negative experiences. Don't let other people put you down: Recognize the five phases of projection and how understanding our own projections lead to better and happy relationships. Re-program your inner voice: Identify the three kinds of negative thinking that work together to undermine self-confidence and whether they are based on fact or just opinion. Set realistic goals: Learn how perfectionism undermines self-esteem. Re-balance yourself: Understand that problems lurk in the extremes and why the middle way is the most successful way. Conquer Fears and Setbacks: Overcome the day-to-day problems that life and other people throw at us.
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How To Love Yourself

Author : Worthy Albright
ISBN : 1694701026
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File Size : 30.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Have you started your journey to self-discovery? Do you want to discover the secrets to self-love? Are you tired of feeling like you aren't enough? Within the pages of this book you will find the tools needed on the path to self-love. Begin a new chapter in your life, a chapter with a better you, because the moment you love yourself you will be set alight, and you will never look back.

Self Love

Author : Cylon George
ISBN : 1521397600
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File Size : 90.17 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Do you wonder why you never seem to have the confidence to pursue the things you truly want? Do others always seem to have it better than you? Do you struggle to express your desires and needs to others? Are you dogged by negative thoughts and self-destructive habits? You're not alone. If you're looking for a new path forward, this book is for you. Here's some of what you'll learn: How to quiet the inner critic. How to make peace with your past hurts and difficulties. How to enhance your relationships and build your confidence. How to love and accept all of who you are. Self-Love: How to Love Yourself Unconditionally will help you overcome negative thinking, grow your confidence, and transform your life and the lives of those around you. Don't wait another day to begin your journey to true self-love.

Love Yourself

Author : Embrosewyn Tazkuvel
ISBN : 0938001868
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 37.73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is a short, but very sweet book to help you discover your inner glow of love. Within its covers are two great keys you will find no other place. These two keys will proactively bring you to the serenity of self-love regardless of whether you are currently near or far from that place of peace.
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The 21 Day Self Love Challenge

Author : 21 Day Challenges
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 55.11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Are you tired of being shy and uncertain about yourself? Tired of negative self-talk that makes you feel bad and stops you from living your life to the fullest? Are you ready to learn how to truly love and accept yourself as the perfectly imperfect person you are now? Most people nowadays suffer from low self-esteem. And of course we do! We live in a world where we call people who love themselves arrogant, where we encourage children to compete with one another in school, and where we immerse ourselves daily in media of all the millions of things we have to do before we are considered adequately lovable. Low self-esteem, low confidence, self-doubt, self-hatred, shyness, guilt, shame, soul-crushing depression - call it whatever you want, the idea is the same: You, the person whose opinion should matter to you the most, don't accept yourself. The 21-Day Self-Love Challenge will help you to: Develop self-love and acceptance in an easy step-by-step wayRealize the importance of taking good care of yourself and your body, and how to bring this in practiceLet go of self-talk, behaviors, things, and people that do not serve youUnderstand why most self-love books you've heard before didn't workDevelop new habits that will significantly boost your feelings of self-love on a daily basisAnd much more!
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