How To Love A Child 2

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How To Love A Child

Author : Janusz Korczak
ISBN : 191038397X
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 41.86 MB
Format : PDF
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How to Love a Child and Other Selected Works is the first comprehensive collection of Korczak's works translated into English. Volume 1 comprises three pedagogical works, the first being How to Love a Child. This is a tetralogy presenting the life of a child in a family from birth to puberty. The second work, The Events of Childrearing, is based on observations of children made in kindergarten and at school. The third, A Child's Right to Respect, is an ardent manifesto for children's rights such as the right to be what they actually are.
Category: Family & Relationships

1 2 And 3 John

Author : Karen H. Jobes
ISBN : 9780310518013
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21.23 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Designed for the pastor and Bible teacher, the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament brings together commentary features rarely gathered in one volume. Written by notable evangelical scholars, each volume treats the literary context and structure of the passage in the original Greek, and each author provides an original translation based on the literary structure. The series consistently provides the main point, an exegetical outline, verse-by-verse commentary, and theology in application in each section of every commentary. Critical scholarship informs each step but does not dominate the commentary, allowing readers to concentrate on the biblical author’s message as it unfolds. While primarily designed for those with a basic knowledge of biblical Greek, all who strive to understand and teach the New Testament will find these books beneficial. The Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament series covers the entire New Testament in twenty volumes; Clinton E. Arnold serves as general editor. 1-3 John In her commentary on John’s letters, Karen H. Jobes writes to bridge the distance between academic biblical studies and pastors, students, and laypeople who are looking for an in-depth treatment of the issues raised by these New Testament books. She approaches the three letters of John as part of the corpus that includes John’s gospel, while rejecting an elaborate redactional history of that gospel that implicates the letters. Jobes treats three major themes of the letters under the larger rubric of who has the authority to interpret the true significance of Jesus, an issue that is pressing in our religiously pluralistic society today with its many voices claiming truth about God.
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How Parents Love Children

Author : Kareti Rama Krishna
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 79.65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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These poems express how parents love children in different stages of life from parents' point of view! These poems aim to improve the love and affection between parents and children of all ages. All the poems are written in simple English so that anybody can read and understand very easily and quickly. The poems contain meaningful sentences and don't contain any cryptic meanings and twisted sentences etc. These poems take very less time to read compared to novels or any other prose books. The poems are written keeping in mind parents and children of all ages from all over the world. Contens : - How parents care when you are a fetus - How parents feel during pregnancy - How mothers feel birth pains - How parents love children after birth - How parents care for children in cradle - How parents feed children - How parents protect children - How parents search for a lost child - How parents feel great love for kids - How parents love kids - How parents teach children - How parents educate children - How parents do daily activities for kids - How parents love children after marriage - How parents care grandchildren - How parents feel about children who live away - How parents live for children - How parents feel when children neglect them - How parents love children - How parents guide children Hope you like this book of poems. Thank you, Kareti Rama Krishna
Category: Poetry

Wonderful Ways To Love A Child

Author : Judy Ford
ISBN : 9781642502930
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 56.74 MB
Format : PDF
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A Powerful Lesson on Unconditional Love and How to Raise Happy Children This collection of essays offers a gentle guide on how to put your love into daily actions. A parent’s calling is to raise a person. By making loving actions part of your life, you have the power to build the kind of family unit most people long for. Wonderful Ways to Love a Child is filled with true stories of parents and children who are nurturing strong and loving families. The book provides the support that empowers you to be the parent you want to be and expands your parenting skills. No simple tricks. Cultivating a loving relationship with your child demands integrity, compassion, and emotional honesty. It is a forever commitment to continuous loving actions–even when you are too tired. This low-stress approach to positive parenting produces children with high self-esteem. This is how children succeed. A perfect gift for new parents. Wonderful Ways to Love a Child is a prescription to strengthen family bonds that will last a lifetime. There are many different parenting styles–this one is based in love and logic, and positive discipline. Learn to put yourselves in your children’s shoes–and have fun in the process. In this book you’ll discover guides to: • Loving yourself and allowing your child to love themselves • Giving the gift of your presence and being open to the miracle of transformation • Saying yes as often as possible, and knowing when to say no • Teaching that all feelings are acceptable and making room for the Crankies • Delighting in silliness by laughing, dancing and singing together • Teaching values by example • Other essential tools to ensure a loving, lasting friendship with your children–and make them want to come visit when they are older If you enjoyed parenting books such as How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and How to Listen so Kids Will Talk, 1-2-3 Magic, or Parenting with Love and Logic, you’ll love Wonderful Ways to Love a Child.
Category: Family & Relationships

Raising Dad

Author : Thom S. Rainer
ISBN : 9780805456998
Genre : Religion
File Size : 25.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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All parents will tell you they learn as much from their children as their children learn from them. This truth is poignantly captured in Raising Dad: What Fathers & Sons Learn from Each Other by father-son authors Thom and Art Rainer.It was Art’s idea to write from a grown child’s perspective this tribute to his father’s successes as a parent. Inviting his father Thom to write postscripts to these reflections, another tender truth emerged. Dad’s memories about his own performance aren’t nearly as rose colored, giving those who read the book great inspiration to never stop growing and learning as a parent.All told, Raising Dad shares unforgettable lessons about faith, friendship, commitment, honesty, priorities—all the things that matter most in life between parents and children.
Category: Religion

How To Really Love Your Child

Author : Ross Campbell
ISBN : 9781434709646
Genre : Religion
File Size : 74.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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You know you love your child. You attend school events, care for physical needs, and discipline when needed. But did you know that most children, even in loving households, doubt that they are genuinely and unconditionally loved? In Dr. Ross Campbell’s groundbreaking book, he explains the emotional needs of a child and provides you with skills that will help your child feel truly loved and accepted. Using eye contact, affirmation, and spiritual nurturing, you’ll learn to really love your child no matter what the circumstances. The practical applications in How to Really Love Your Child have already helped over 2 million parents around the world show love to their children in a way that can be received and returned, again and again.
Category: Religion

How The Body Knows Its Mind

Author : Sian Beilock
ISBN : 9781451626704
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 57.59 MB
Format : PDF
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“Beilock reveals one intriguing secret after another...That Beilock is supercharged with enthusiasm about her topic is evident and infectious” (Booklist, starred review). The human body is not just a passive device carrying out messages sent by the brain, but rather an integral part of how we think and make decisions. In this groundbreaking book, Sian Beilock, award-winning scientist and author of the highly acclaimed Choke, draws on her own cutting-edge research to turn the conventional understanding of the mind upside down in ways that will revolutionize our lives. At the heart of How the Body Knows Its Mind is the tantalizing idea that our bodies “hack” our brains. The way we move affects our thoughts, our decisions, and even our preferences for particular products. Called “embodied cognition,” this new science—of which Beilock is a foremost researcher—illuminates the power of the body and its physical surroundings to shape how we think, feel, and behave. For example, pacing around the room can enhance creativity; gesturing during a speech can help ensure you don’t draw a blank; teaching kids through body movement helps them learn better; walking in nature boosts concentration skills; using Botox could lead to less depression; and much more. “Insightful, informative, and beautifully written” (Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness), How the Body Knows Its Mind unveils a wealth of fascinating mind-body interconnections and explores how mastering them can make us happier, safer, and more successful.
Category: Psychology

Angelo Lovefull An Extremely Dangerous Child Vol 2

Author : Van Gras
ISBN : 9781908362155
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.74 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Angelo Lovefull brings radical changes in our lives, curing many ills of the body and soul. He makes pills obsolete and introduces us to holistic psychosomatic therapy, which is based on love and proper nutrition. Teachings of life from a ten year old English_GReek child destined to all those who have learnt to get disheartened too easily. Lessons of love and power, love compassion, faith and hope. The way which will change for ever the meaning of disease and the stance of human beings against threat!
Category: Fiction

The Five Love Languages Of Children

Author : Gary Chapman
ISBN : 9780802479594
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 74.51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Does your child speak a different language? Sometimes they wager for your attention, and other times they ignore you completely. Sometimes they are filled with gratitude and affection, and other times they seem totally indifferent. Attitude. Behavior. Development. Everything depends on the love relationship between you and your child. When children feel loved, they do their best. But how can you make sure your child feels loved? Since 1992, Dr. Gary Chapman's best-selling book The Five Love Languages has helped more than 300,000 couples develop stronger, more fulfilling relationships by teaching them to speak each others love language. Each child, too, expresses and receives love through one of five different communication styles. And your love language may be totally different from that of your child. While you are doing all you can to show your child love, he may be hearing it as something completely opposite.Discover your child's primary language and learn what you can do to effectively convey unconditional feelings of respect, affection, and commitment that will resonate in your child's emotions and behavior.
Category: Family & Relationships

What U Do 2 Get Em U Better Do 2 Keep Em

Author : Zye'Riah Storme
ISBN : 1453524401
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 86.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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What You Do to Get ’Em, You Better Do to Keep ’Em is taken from a black woman’s perspective in relation to holding on to a good man or a loving relationship. It is a nonfictional account of an interracial couple’s marriage. Telling this real-life story was prompted by the most painful period in the White-Black marriage. However, it details some of the bumps and bruises, as well as the love and good times of their first five years together. During Zye’Riah’s years in the dating scene, she’d hear the advice of some older women say, “Honey, what you do to get ’em, you gotta do to keep ’em.” Yet in her house, “Love conquers all” were the words she chose to “do” so that she could keep ’em.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Love And Respect In The Family

Author : Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
ISBN : 9780849965227
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 48.62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Children need love. Parents need respect. It is as simple and complex as that! When frustrated with an unresponsive child, a parent doesn’t declare, “You don’t love me.” Instead the parent asserts, “You are being disrespectful right now.” A parent needs to feel respected, especially during conflicts. When upset a child does not whine, “You don’t respect me.” Instead, a child pouts, “You don’t love me.” A child needs to feel loved, especially during disputes. But here’s the rub: An unloved child (or teen) negatively reacts in a way that feels disrespectful to a parent. A disrespected parent negatively reacts in a way that feels unloving to the child. This dynamic gives birth to the FAMILY CRAZY CYCLE. So how is one to break out of this cycle? Best-selling author Emerson Eggerichs has studied the family dynamic for more than 30 years, having his Ph.D. in Child and Family Ecology. As a senior pastor for nearly two decades, Eggerichs builds on a foundation of strong biblical principles, walking the reader through an entirely new way to approach the family dynamic. For instance, God reveals ways to defuse the craziness with our children from preschooler to teen, plus how to motivate them to obey and how to deal with them when they don’t. In the Bible, God has spoken specifically to parents on how to parent. This book is about that revelation.
Category: Family & Relationships

Growing Love In Christian Marriage Third Edition Couple S Manual 2 Pack

Author : Joan And Hunt
ISBN : 9781426757907
Genre : Religion
File Size : 54.77 MB
Format : PDF
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This pack of two (identical) books will help couples learn more about themselves and their future spouse and address potential problem areas before, rather than after, the wedding. This official United Methodist resource includes worksheets to be completed by each person, Scripture references about marriage, and interactive exercises. Ideal for clergy to present to couples to use during pre-wedding counseling sessions. A separate Pastor's Manual includes guidelines for mentoring couples. For use with couples of all ages, whether they are entering their first marriage or remarrying.
Category: Religion

Prayer Journey Bible

Author : Elmer Towns
ISBN : 9780768489255
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Prayer is a relationship with God. The Prayer Journey Bible is prepared as a guide to help you know God and be transformed continually to be more like Him. Yours is a journey into the spiritual unknown, so be prepared to dig, compare, memorize, repent, and yes-experience God. Remember, prayer is a relationship with God for a purpose. You want to be transformed to be like Jesus. As you read the Prayer Journey Bible, you will find numbers in brackets, i.e. {501}, attached to various verses or events or statements about prayer. The number will guide you to a principle of prayer for a fuller explanation; or if you read these principles of prayer, you will be guided to places in Scripture for further reading. The notes of the Prayer Journey Bible are prepared to help you pray many different ways, with many attitudes, using many methods, concerning many requests. May this Prayer Journey Bible help you touch God; but more importantly, may God touch you.
Category: Religion

Spare The Rod Love The Child

Author : Anne B. Gielisse
ISBN : 9781496958457
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 65.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Spare the Rod Love the Child shows you a path into the domain of unconditional loving. The adventure begins with learning to love and respect yourself and your spouse. Next, you will discover the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of children and learn how to meet them, set limits, and discipline with unconditional love through every stage of development. Starting before conception, this book will guide you through the ups and downs of childhood into the phase that parents dread: the letting go of their children when they are grown and into the new world of creating and maintaining loving, healthy relationships with your adult offspring. Every page reflects compassionate understanding for those who have the important task of raising and guiding children in todays world. Written with love and a sense of humor, Spare the Rod Love the Child is a highly readable workbook. The topics are broken down into easily identified segments to facilitate looking them up. Helpful, practical activities and exercises show how to implement unconditional love. Dedicated to parents, grandparents, teachers, child care and health professionals, and everyone who cares about children, this book will show you how to teach children to accept and love themselves so that they may grow into caring, balanced adults.
Category: Family & Relationships

Yesterday S Dust A Mallawindy Novel 2

Author : Joy Dettman
ISBN : 9781742623832
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 86.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The eagerly awaited sequel to Mallawindy by the bestselling author of the Woody Creek series "Delightfully black" Australian Bookseller & Publisher Is Mallawindy, a place of secrets, about to reveal the truth? In the 1990s, the Burtons are surviving as best they can, but Jack Burton continues to control his fractured family even in his absence. John has returned to Mallawindy unable to forgive his father and haunted by vengeful thoughts. Ann has three young sons and is soon to have another child, but still grieves for her firstborn daughter, Mandy. When the river disgorges what appears to be Jack's body, the family's tumultuous history is stirred up again. Yesterday's Dust continues the story of how even those who escape the town have to fight to escape its dark legacy. "Is there such a thing as winter beach reading? If so, Joy Dettman's Yesterday's Dust fits the bill nicely" Weekend Australian Fans of Rosalie Ham's The Dressmaker will love Joy Dettman.
Category: Fiction

Bible Story Quickskits For 2 Kids

Author : Steven James
ISBN : 0784722447
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provides religious educators with Bible story scripts to be acted out by two children.
Category: Religion

Opening Your Child S Spiritual Windows

Author : Cheri Fuller
ISBN : 9780310877660
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The greatest gift you can give your son or daughter is a deep, authentic relationship with God. God created your child to be naturally curious about spiritual matters. Twelve spiritual windows open at different times and in different ways. Each is a vital part of your child’s spiritual journey through four important areas of growth: enjoying God, loving God, following God, and serving God. You can strengthen these areas in your child by learning how to respond to the: Enjoying God Window Wonder Window Worship Window Loving God Window Bible Window Prayer Window Ownership Window Obedience Window Church Window Joy of Helping Window Spiritual Gifts Window Heritage Window Worship Window
Category: Religion