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How To Kill Friends And Implicate People

Author : Jay Stringer
ISBN : 1503939715
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 26.19 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Fergus Fletcher is a hit man. For five thousand pounds, he'll kill anyone you want. For seven, he'll frame someone else. Pretending to kill someone is a first, but Alex Pennan has stolen from the mob and needs to fake his own death. Fergus is looking for love. So is Sam Ireland, a private investigator and part-time bike messenger. But she's got her hands on a very important package and is in a world of trouble with the mob. Joe Pepper, pillar of society and corrupt gangland fixer, will stop at nothing--nothing at all--to intercept the package and protect his reputation. Can Alex stay dead while his widow dances on his grave? Can Joe save himself before his stomach ulcer explodes? Can Fergus and Sam make it to a second date before Joe hires him to kill her? Welcome to Glasgow. It's a love story.
Category: Fiction

Gravy Train

Author : Tess Makovesky
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Crime pays. So barmaid Sandra thinks when she overhears details of a betting scam and wins herself and fat husband Mike eighty thousand pounds. But they’ve reckoned without mugger Lenny, lying in wait outside the betting shop door. And he’s reckoned without a top-notch car thief, his own devious boss, a fellow gang-member with a grudge, and Sandra’s unpleasant almost-Uncle George. Chaos ensues as a whole bunch of disparate—and desperate—characters chase the bag of money around Birmingham’s back streets. Plenty of them help themselves to the cash, but none of them are good at hanging onto it. As they hurtle towards a frantic showdown on the banks of the local canal, will any of them see their ill-gotten gains again? Or will their precious gravy train come shuddering to a halt? Praise for GRAVY TRAIN: “Tess Makovesky’s Gravy Train is a terrifically entertaining, raucous and rough ’n’ tumble Brit Grit crime caper that will leave you breathless.” —Paul D. Brazill, author of Last Year’s Man, A Case of Noir, and Guns of Brixton “Gravy Train is my kind of crime fiction. Real people, real stakes, real fun.” —Jay Stringer, author of Ways to Die in Glasgow and How to Kill Friends and Implicate People “…a dash of Snatch, a pinch of The Italian Job, a little The Long Good Friday—but all Tess Makovesky.” —Jason Beech, author of Moorlands and City of Forts “When lives collide, sometimes it’s kismet—and sometimes it’s crime. Makovesky weaves the threads of these lives to a tight slam-bang conclusion you won’t forget.” —Graham Wynd, author of Satan’s Sorority and Extricate “Gravy Train is a witty and gritty crime caper with a clever plot and lowlife characters you will love to hate. Highly entertaining.” —Deborah Swift, author of The Lady’s Slipper and Past Encounters “If you love a rollicking, gritty, humorous crime caper, with a cast of disparate but entertaining characters, then Tess Makovesky’s Gravy Train is a gem of Brit Grit crime fiction you won’t want to miss.” —Matt Hilton, author of Dead Men’s Dust and Marked For Death “Makovesky writes with a distinct voice and has a verve for language.” —Graham Smith, author of Watching the Bodies and The Darling Dead
Category: Fiction

Marah Chase And The Fountain Of Youth

Author : Jay Stringer
ISBN : 1643134302
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 67.42 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Adventurer Marah Chase might just be ready to settle down—but she can’t resist one last epic, globe-trotting quest to rescue a friend and discover a legendary locale. Marah Chase has everything she wanted. Her academic career is back on track, she’s moved into a Manhattan apartment, and a dream job is waiting at the American Museum of Natural History. So why can’t she seem to stop slipping into her old ways, traveling the world in search of lost relics and buried treasure? Back out in the field, Chase finds the lost Ark of the Covenant, a discovery that could trigger a holy war, as religions and nations argue over ownership of the sacred item. The Ark also brings Chase into conflict with another legendary relic runner, August Nash, a clash the entire underground smuggling community has been waiting for, and not one that will end anytime soon. Upon returning home, Chase is hired by US soda billionaire Lauren Stanford to find the Fountain of Youth. At first, Chase dismisses this idea. But then Stanford tells her that an old friend found some information on the Fountain’s location and is now missing. Chase agrees to take the job—but only to find her friend—and enlists allies along the way on a trail from New York to London, and then on to Glasgow. Behind the myth, they find, lies a much older secret, and now they’re in a race to find the Fountain ahead of Nash and his nefarious cohorts. Whoever gets there first will have control over the future of humanity. Marah Chase and the Fountain of Youth is a tense, exciting, and epic adventure novel, spanning three continents and broadening the world of the Marah Chase series, placing Chase in the unique position to confront questions of identity, faith, imperialism, and appropriation.
Category: Fiction

Marah Chase And The Conqueror S Tomb

Author : Jay Stringer
ISBN : 1643130730
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54.86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Rogue archeologist Marah Chase is approached by MI6 with an impossible mission: to help them recover a dangerous treasure lost after the death of Alexander the Great. Once a rising star in the field of archaeology, Marah Chase is now a black-market treasure hunter. But when she’s caught “rescuing” relics in Syria, an MI6 officer named Joanna Mason approaches her with an offer she can’t refuse: help save the world or rot in prison. All Chase has to do is find Alexander the Great’s lost tomb to recover an ancient weapon of mass destruction and destroy it before any number of adversaries can get it. Chase can’t resist a challenge—or the British spy recruiting her. There’s just one problem. If Chase has any hope of unearthing Alexander’s tomb before the forces hot on her heels do, she’ll need the help of the one person she’s been afraid to see since her fall from grace: Zoe Forrester, the heir to a hidden journal that holds the key—and Chase’s ex-girlfriend. A contemporary homage to the best adventure stories of literature, television, and film, Marah Chase and the Conqueror’s Tomb is an action-packed, globe-trotting quest, perfect for anyone who’s ever thought Indy really ought to be Jewish, female, and gay.
Category: Fiction

Balancing Privacy And Free Speech

Author : Mark Tunick
ISBN : 9781317650362
Genre : Law
File Size : 76.42 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In an age of smartphones, Facebook and YouTube, privacy may seem to be a norm of the past. This book addresses ethical and legal questions that arise when media technologies are used to give individuals unwanted attention. Drawing from a broad range of cases within the US, UK, Australia, Europe, and elsewhere, Mark Tunick asks whether privacy interests can ever be weightier than society’s interest in free speech and access to information. Taking a comparative and interdisciplinary approach, and drawing on the work of political theorist Jeremy Waldron concerning toleration, the book argues that we can still have a legitimate interest in controlling the extent to which information about us is disseminated. The book begins by exploring why privacy and free speech are valuable, before developing a framework for weighing these conflicting values. By taking up key cases in the US and Europe, and the debate about a ‘right to be forgotten’, Tunick discusses the potential costs of limiting free speech, and points to legal remedies and other ways to develop new social attitudes to privacy in an age of instant information sharing. This book will be of great interest to students of privacy law, legal ethics, internet governance and media law in general.
Category: Law

Hamlet S Dreams

Author : David Schalkwyk
ISBN : 9781441129284
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 65.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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David Schalkwyk tells the 'Robben Island Shakespeare' story and explores the representation and experience of imprisonment in South African prison memoirs and Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Feast Of The Goat

Author : Mario Vargas Llosa
ISBN : 9781429921787
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Haunted all her life by feelings of terror and emptiness, forty-nine-year-old Urania Cabral returns to her native Dominican Republic - and finds herself reliving the events of l961, when the capital was still called Trujillo City and one old man terrorized a nation of three million. Rafael Trujillo, the depraved ailing dictator whom Dominicans call the Goat, controls his inner circle with a combination of violence and blackmail. In Trujillo's gaudy palace, treachery and cowardice have become a way of life. But Trujillo's grasp is slipping. There is a conspiracy against him, and a Machiavellian revolution already underway that will have bloody consequences of its own. In this 'masterpiece of Latin American and world literature, and one of the finest political novels ever written' (Bookforum), Mario Vargas Llosa recounts the end of a regime and the birth of a terrible democracy, giving voice to the historical Trujillo and the victims, both innocent and complicit, drawn into his deadly orbit.
Category: Fiction

Blacky Jaguar And The Cool Clux Cult

Author : Angel Luis Colon
ISBN : 1943402868
Genre :
File Size : 30.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Ex-IRA hard-ass, wanted international criminal, and all-around hooligan Blacky Jaguar is back and on the run. After painting the Cross Bronx Expressway red--literally--and losing his beloved car Polly to his ex, Linda Chen (who isn't returning his calls because she's not a complete idiot), Blacky decides his time is running short and has tasked himself with one last stop before tossing hands up and surrendering: Graceland. Of course, nothing Blacky Jaguar sets his mind to ends up being simple. Contacted by an old frenemy, Broderick Kimbo, Blacky finds himself strong-armed into protecting the budding leader of a growing social justice movement against escalating attacks from an online cabal known as The Cool Clux Cult and their shadowy internet tough-guy leader, neilDATASStyson. What happens when Blacky Jaguar meets a problem he can't punch? What happens when our Irish hero discovers a pair of Doc Martens is utterly inappropriate for walking the wilderness? What happens when Blacky discovers the glory of the Chicken Biscuit? What happens when Blacky Jaguar goes up against The Cool Clux Cult? Praise for BLACKY JAGUAR AGAINST THE COOL CLUX CULT: "Fighting against the Cool Clux Cult, Blacky Jaguar is leaner, meaner, and more insane than ever. But underneath all the missing teeth and spilled blood, we finally get a glimpse of Blacky's big heart--just don't tell him that." --Nik Korpon, author of The Rebellion's Last Traitor. "Violent, topical and funny as hell. Blacky Jaguar is my kinda guy, and Colon is one of the best new voices in crime." --Jay Stringer, author of How To Kill Friends and Implicate People. "With a voice that's natural, cool, and centered--while still coiled and venomous--Angel Luis Colon delivers a flawless upgrade to the best novella of 2015. No question, Blacky is back. Bold, sharp, and full of surprise. Like a quick, hard left to the jaw." --Tom Pitts, author of Hustle and American Static. Praise for the Blacky Jaguar series: "I want a Blacky Jaguar TV series. And an action figure. And a lunchbox. And Blacky-branded brass knuckles. Until that day, I'll settle for this razor-sharp, rattling buzzsaw of a novella." --Rob Hart, author of South Village and The Woman from Prague. "I sure as Hell hope Angel has more in store for Blacky Jaguar, because this character has more fight in him than can be contained in a single novella." --Bracken MacLeod, author of Stranded and 13 Views of Suicide Woods.

The Accidental President

Author : Harris I. Baseman
ISBN : 9780595755158
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 84.40 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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When an explosion rips through the home of Gulf War veteran Clarence Davenport, Secret Service Agent John Wallace and White House aide Molly Pemberton are certain that Davenport, the assassin who killed President Butler, had killed himself. President Silver, the former Education Secretary who became President when Davenport killed all other legal successors to the Presidency, informs the nation that the crime of the century has been solved and that the perpetrator is dead, only to have to admit, days later, that Davenport had escaped. National outrage at Davenport's escape escalates, fueled by Senator Jeb Davies' political ambition and his hatred of Ben Silver. Davenport, the world's most sought after fugitive, with no other place to go, is recruited by Saudi expatriates opposed to the Royal Family and ends up in an Al Qaeda training camp where he devises another plan to kill President Silver and attack the United States. Silver tries to stave off the rising tide of impeachment and at the same time combat the increasing risk of a terrorist attack that will destroy the Presidency and fundamentally change the Unites States unless he can avoid impeachment and intercept the threat. " timely as this evening's news " -Melannie Lauers, Cape Cod Times(on After Kamisiyah) " an intriguing insight " -Mathew Call, Newton Tab (on After Kamisiyah)
Category: Fiction

The Congressional Globe

Author : United States. Congress
ISBN : CHI:74591152
Genre : United States
File Size : 86.41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: United States