How To Do Your Best On Law School Exams

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Getting To Maybe

Author : Richard Michael Fischl
ISBN : 9781611632170
Genre : Study Aids
File Size : 49.93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Professors Fischl and Paul explain law school exams in ways no one has before, all with an eye toward improving the reader’s performance. The book begins by describing the difference between educational cultures that praise students for “right answers,” and the law school culture that rewards nuanced analysis of ambiguous situations in which more than one approach may be correct. Enormous care is devoted to explaining precisely how and why legal analysis frequently produces such perplexing situations. But the authors don’t stop with mere description. Instead, Getting to Maybe teaches how to excel on law school exams by showing the reader how legal analysis can be brought to bear on examination problems. The book contains hints on studying and preparation that go well beyond conventional advice. The authors also illustrate how to argue both sides of a legal issue without appearing wishy-washy or indecisive. Above all, the book explains why exam questions may generate feelings of uncertainty or doubt about correct legal outcomes and how the student can turn these feelings to his or her advantage. In sum, although the authors believe that no exam guide can substitute for a firm grasp of substantive material, readers who devote the necessary time to learning the law will find this book an invaluable guide to translating learning into better exam performance. “This book should revolutionize the ordeal of studying for law school exams… Its clear, insightful, fun to read, and right on the money.” — Duncan Kennedy, Carter Professor of General Jurisprudence, Harvard Law School “Finally a study aid that takes legal theory seriously… Students who master these lessons will surely write better exams. More importantly, they will also learn to be better lawyers.” — Steven L. Winter, Brooklyn Law School “If you can't spot a 'fork in the law' or a 'fork in the facts' in an exam hypothetical, get this book. If you don’t know how to play 'Czar of the Universe' on law school exams (or why), get this book. And if you do want to learn how to think like a lawyer—a good one—get this book. It's, quite simply, stone cold brilliant.” — Pierre Schlag, University of Colorado School of Law (Law Preview Book Review on The Princeton Review website) Attend a Getting to Maybe seminar! Click here for more information.
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Law School Exams

Author : Charles R. Calleros
ISBN : 9781454834274
Genre : Law
File Size : 86.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Recognizing that law students operate under severe time constraints, Professor Calleros employs a reassuring, accessible style that makes points quickly and clearly. Starting with creative examples and illustrations from familiar, nonlegal contexts, the author introduces students to new concepts by analogy and then advances to more complex legal examples. Exercises and practice exams, with a focus on essay questions and model answers, help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, plan strategies, and organize their efforts. Law School Exams: Preparing and Writing to Win offers techniques for maximizing scores on several types of essay questions, as well as on multiple-choice and other questions. Exam anxiety is tackled by a helpful, positive perspective: the right amount of stress can serve as a motivator. Students get help in reducing anxiety to a productive level by learning how to place exams into proper perspective. Stress-management techniques are introduced, including, stretching, meditation, and listening to motivational music. The Second Edition introduces new sample flow charts into the presentation, and additional examples, questions, and sample answers appear throughout the text. Hallmark features of Law School Exams: Preparing and Writing to Win: --accessible, reassuring style o points are clear and concise for students under severe time constraints --creative examples and illustrations from familiar, nonlegal contexts o introduces students to new concepts by analogy o then advances to more complex legal examples --exercises and practice exams organize student's effort o identify strengths and weaknesses o focus on essay questions and model answers o help plan strategies --addresses techniques for maximizing scores o several types of essay questions o multiple-choice and other objective questions --tackles exam anxiety o helps students understand that a small degree of anxiety can motivate o shows how to reduce anxiety to a productive level --place exams into proper perspective --prepare thoroughly --adopt stress-management techniques: stretching, meditation, motivational music
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Learning Criminal Law As Advocacy Argument

Author : John Delaney
ISBN : 9780960851461
Genre : Criminal law
File Size : 57.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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More than most other books about the criminal law, this presentation focuses on "Learning Criminal Law as Advocacy Argument." In each criminal-law topic, it presents in building-block form the limited repertoire of core issues and related arguments so that you can concentrate on learning and practicing those that your professor has stressed in class, in her materials, and on her old exams. You can know the issues on the exam before you go into the exam room.In each criminal-law topic there is a limited repertoire of core issues that must be identified and then resolved with advocacy argument. This pattern of issues and arguments arises from embedded and recurring factual patterns and the resulting criminal law performance of prosecutors, defense lawyers, and trial and appellate judges over decades and even centuries. Your professor presents only some of the core issues and related arguments from these repertoires in her course and on her criminal-law exam. Thus, you can systematically learn the set of core issues and arguments in each topic presented by your and know the issues before you go into the exam room. The exam then presents no surprises.What do you mean by resolving the core issues "with advocacy argument?"Identifying the core issues from your professor?s course is the first critical task. The second critical task is resolving these issues with advocacy argument. Advocacy argument is the lawyer?s single-minded marshalling of the relevant facts and doctrine that are necessary to resolve the identified issues in favor of either the prosecution or defense. This book helps you with both tasks: identifying the exam issues and resolving them.
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Writing Essay Exams To Succeed In Law School

Author : John C. Dernbach
ISBN : 9781454848462
Genre : Law
File Size : 21.76 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ancillary purchase book appropriate for incoming and first - year law students, law students in academic support programs, pre - law students, and graduates studying for the bar exam. Features: The student answer to the Hayakawa problem in Chapter 4 is now annotated to show key features, such as explanations of rules, explanation of elements, application of sub-elements to facts, and conclusions An all-new Chapter 8 explains how exams are like the real practice of law
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Adelphia Law Journal

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105043471593
Genre : Law
File Size : 81.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Planet Law School

Author : Atticus Falcon
ISBN : STANFORD:36105060371007
Genre : Law
File Size : 49.83 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Reveals the hidden secrets of law school superstardom and shows why conventional law school wisdom is a trap for unsuspecting students. In 24 detailed chapters this book sets out everything a student needs to do to get to the head of the class.
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On My Honor I Will Do My Best

Author : Bill Deffebach
ISBN : 9781469124315
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 64.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book traces the real life experiences and adventures of the author, who was raised in several small communities in West Texas. His family came from Germany to America in 1710, some 66 years before the American Revolution and 22 years before George Washington was born. They settled in the Hudson Bay area of New York, migrated to what is now Berks County, Pennsylvania (1723), the St. Louis area of Missouri (1852), the Black Hills of South Dakota (1878) and finally to Texas (1909). His great-grandfather was killed by the Indians on a cattle drive (1880) from Fort Reno, Wyoming to the ranch that he and his two brothers owned on the Belle Fourche River north of Deadwood, and is buried on Johns Avenue in Moriah Cemetery in Deadwood near the grave sites of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. A product of this strong pioneer background, the author recounts his own experiences and lessons learned from life and his colorful multiple careers, including: From birth in Winters, Texas (pop. 1000), being raised in Snyder, Texas (pop. 3000) to retirement in Houston, Texas, the nations fourth largest city. From early negotiations, during depression years at six years of age, of a deal with a rancher to sheer his pet goat and buy its wool for $1 per cutting to becoming a partner and president of a multiple-dealership retail automotive chain selling, for example, more Honda automobiles in Houston, Texas, than any other competitor, and subsequently negotiating the sale of its Houston dealerships to Roger Penske of United Auto Group. From naming his pet goat for his local Methodist minister in Winters to multiple audiences with Pope John Paul II in Rome and at his summer residence at Castel Gandolfo, receiving a treasured papal rosary and later a papal appointment as a Knight of The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, the only religious order under the protection of the Holy See, and membership therein considered one of the highest papal awards conferred upon clergy and laity alike. From the rank of Bobcat in the Cub Scouts to the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. From salutatorian of the Class of 1948 at Snyder High School to Doctor of Jurisprudence, summa cum laude of the Class of 1958 at the University of Texas School of Law, with a pit-stop at the University of Texas School of Business, graduating in the Class of 1952 with a BBA degree majoring in public accounting. From beginning his legal career as an associate with his law firm in 1958 to obtaining partnership status within three years and then becoming a senior partner--included in the firms name--with membership on its three-person Executive Committee. He was President-Elect of his bar association at the time of his retirement from the active practice of law. From buck private in the USMC, entering OCS in 1952 during the Korean Conflict, to a company commander when separated from acive duty in 1954, obtaining the rank of captain. In addition to sharing the details of the authors adventures in these activities, the reader also has the opportunity to learn the key reasons and elements for success as the author discloses, based upon his experiences, achievements and leadership roles, HOW-TO-DO-IT philosophies, including: How to study law at a major law institution based upon a hands-on and time-tested approach. How to avoid costly legal and business mistakes based upon valuable insights on how juries think, illustrated from actual cases tried by the author--he lost only two of approximately 145 jury decisions during his nineteen-years in the active practice of law. How to acquire an insight into the art of negotiating business deals--acquisitions, mergers and other buy-sell transactions--as related by the author in the context of actual transactions.
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Planet Law School Ii

Author : Atticus Falcon
ISBN : STANFORD:36105063713916
Genre : Law
File Size : 20.53 MB
Format : PDF
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This book contains 30 detailed chapters, plus addenda and additional material that set out everything a law student must do to excel in law school absolute requirement for getting a good law job. It is completely updated, with an analysis of hundreds of legal resources and the realities of law school and the legal profession. Its 800 pages are an exhaustive and unique compendium of materials, advice, and precaution for the law student or soon-to-be law student.
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1l Outlines Ace Your 1l Exams

Author : Spartan Esquire
ISBN : 9798604889558
Genre :
File Size : 55.32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Let me read your mind real quick. You're here because you want to ace your 1L exams. To which I say, "Great, but do you have the secret ingredient?" I'm talking about the essential ingredient that every top law student knows about. I'll give you a hint. It's not found in your casebooks or your professors' lectures. So what's the secret? I'll tell you. The secret is using time-tested outlines to prepare for and master your 1L classes. So now that you know the secret, let's find out why my exclusive 1L outlines will help you ace your law school exams. Best 1L Outlines Hi I'm JD - a BigLaw associate. Like you, when I started law school I felt a tremendous amount of pressure. The pressure to "fit in" during 1L. The pressure to do well on my final exams. And the pressure to land a good job. We all know how important grades are - especially 1L grades - when it comes to succeeding in law school and starting your legal career off on the right foot. But here's the huge problem with law school - your professors hide the ball and only teach you how to "think like a lawyer." They don't teach you how to succeed in law school or ace your exams. And they certainly don't tell you how incredibly difficult it will be to get a good job if you don't finish near the top of your class. You'll have to figure out on your own how to: * Study the law * Outline effectively * Ace your 1L exams Instead of hiding the ball, imagine if someone gave you a roadmap for how to learn the law. An outline to serve as your foundation for law school success. A tool to help you ace your exams. And a way to rise to the top of your 1L class. Sound too good to be true? It's not. I learned early on that I had to uncover the secrets to law school success for myself. After all, 1L grades are simply too important to leave to chance. So what did I do? I read literally every book I could find about how to prepare for 1L, study the law, outline effectively, and ace my 1L exams. It was only after spending hundreds of hours in the library studying, taking practice exams, and perfecting my 1L outlines, that I learned how to crush law school exams. How did I do, you ask? Well friends, I earned numerous Book Awards, finished 1L at the very top of my class, graduated with Latin Honors, and landed a job in BigLaw. As you can see, I've already done the hard work for you. Now it's your turn to enjoy all the benefits of law school success. So I ask you this simple question, "Wouldn't you pay a few bucks for a tool that will help you ace your 1L exams?" I thought so. Then take the first step to achieving your own law school success. Get your copy of the best law school outlines today. Just imagine the big smile on your face when you see A, after A, after A on your 1L report card. Here are the 5 1L outlines you'll get when you buy your copy of my best-selling 1L outlines today: * Civil Procedure * Contracts * Criminal Law * Property * Torts Now is the time to take control of your law school career and set yourself down the path of> Get your copy of my proven 1L outlines right now because I'm going to stop selling them> P.S. Don't forget to visit my website for even more law school tips and tricks:

Temple Law Review

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B5103743
Genre : Law
File Size : 49.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Acing Your First Year Of Law School

Author : Shana Connell Noyes
ISBN : 9780837714103
Genre : Law
File Size : 48.12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 774
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First published in 1999, Acing Your First Year of Law School has become one of the bestselling law school preparation books of all time. Every law student will tell you that the first year is the most important and the most frustrating. Law professors do not teach students the law, instead they leave students on their own to figure out the "answer" from a series of questions. This is a manual that teaches first year law students the ten basic skills they need to know to start learning their first day and ace their first year. The Second Edition has been updated to reflect the best use of technology. It includes a Preface that addresses the Socratic Method and how to beat it. It also includes an Epilogue that focuses on tasks that are necessary to ensure a successful transition from the first to the second semester.
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How I Beat Law School At Its Own Game And You Can Too

Author : Brent McDonald
Genre : Education
File Size : 88.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 526
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Some books cover everything from getting into law school to going to your first interview, or even how to practice law. Others focus solely on taking your exams. This book is about one thing – getting A’s in law school. But it starts at the beginning of school and ends at your final exam. It is the complete package of what you need to get A’s without discussing off-topic items, such as interviewing skills. This isn't another “work harder” or “be more intelligent” type of book. Instead, it teaches anyone how to get A’s by playing the game correctly. The techniques in the book have been tested and proven by numerous law students, and will work for you too. Here is what you will find in this book: • What to expect in the classroom. Want to know what law school is really like? Ease your pre-law school nerves by understanding how each class will be conducted, and understanding the different types of professors you will encounter. You will also learn how the court systems are structured and understand why you will read and brief cases in law school. • The psychological game. Unfortunately, law school is a psychological game that you must be prepared to deal with. The book covers the games played by your professors and some of your fellow students so that you can take it in stride and focus on getting good grades instead. • Getting a jump start. There is a simple technique that you can follow to buy yourself an extra week of studying at exam time. This technique is covered in detail. • Getting the big picture. One of the most frustrating things about law school is that professors intentionally or unintentionally “hide the ball.” Luckily for you, there is a simple technique that won’t require digging through hundreds of pages of expensive supplements. This book shares that technique with you to get you ahead of the rest of your class in seeing the big picture. • I.R.A.C. This book covers how to use IRAC to brief cases, but also how to take it one step further to give you what you need to ace your exams. • Note Taking in Class. Note taking in law school is an art. Learn the specifics of what should and should not be included in your notes. By following this novel technique, you will save valuable hours come exam time. • Study Aids. Should you spend your money on study aids? Learn the pros and cons and the proper way to use study aids to maximize your study time and potential to get A’s. • Studying for the Exam. The last week or two before exams is the time that separates that A’s from everything else. This book walks you through how to use your time day-by-day. Also learn concrete methods to reduce your material to the essentials and what you should and should not memorize for your exams. Following these techniques will send you to your exams more prepared than nearly all of your fellow students without killing you in the process. • How to Ace the Exam. Learn everything you need to know about how to actually get A’s on your exams (both open and closed book exams). You will learn how exams are graded and why more than just issue spotting is required. Learn how to lay out your exam answer from start to finish in a format that will set you apart from the average student. Using this book’s techniques will alleviate significant stress as you will have a clear game plan and steps that you can follow to maximize your allotted exam time. The step-by-step techniques taught in this book were written by a practicing lawyer. The author was an average undergraduate student, but he graduated at the top of his class after figuring out how to play the game of law school.
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Law School Exams

Author : The Law School Girl
ISBN : 1087415713
Genre :
File Size : 55.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This booklet was not just written by law students FOR students, IT WAS WRITTEN BY THE TOP 2% LAW STUDENTS IN T3 LAW SCHOOLS who have applied this advice themselves. This booklet will offer you firsthand and realistic step-by-step advice, that top 2% law students use to ace their exams efficiently. This secret advice is known by the top 2-5% students and not usually shared by professors or students who graduated a long time ago (before the 2000's). Our book will teach you: 1. How to avoid wasting your time writing your law school exams; 2. How to write complete answers VERY quickly to ACE your exams; 3. How to argue and think creatively like the top 2-5% students in law school; 4. How to phrase your answers, like real lawyers and top 2% law graduates. NO GRADE is given to hard workers that do not perform EXCELLENTLY under pressure That is where WE come in. We TEACH YOU to put all your hard work throughout your semester in writing, and get the A you deserve. Before you read this book, DON'T forget to read our first book in this series where you learn how to study for your exam like a straight A law student (like ourselves) We did not graduate in the 90's, we graduated in 2017! So you are GUARANTEED the very LATEST and realistic firsthand advice from the very top law students in T3 schools who made it BIG yet started from the bottom. The mainstream advice offered by professors and most law students only brought us Cs no matter how hard we worked. However, when we used OUR own success code, we ended up at the Top 2%, efficiently. FIND OUT how to crack the law school code, learn our efficient strategies. It will SAVE you some time and energy. Thanks to our advice, you will be able to do everything you WISH you had time for in law school. You will say to yourself "IF ONLY I KNEW THIS EARLIER". Whether you're in pre-law or currently a law student, this is your easy ticket to straight As. Don't miss out! Anyone can learn this strategy. Click "Add to Cart" right now and order yours today! Let us know in the reviews, by email: [email protected], or on instagram @thelawschoolgirl if this book was helpful and if you have any further questions. We are ready and available to help you become an A student.

The Eight Secrets Of Top Exam Performance In Law School

Author : Charles H. Whitebread
ISBN : STANFORD:36105063218924
Genre : Law
File Size : 47.99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 324
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Professor Charles Whitebread teaches students the eight secrets that will add precious points to every exam answer they write.
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Vanished By The Danube

Author : Charles Farkas
ISBN : 9781438447575
Genre : History
File Size : 81.55 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 542
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A story of loss and survival. Germany’s invasion of Hungary in 1944 marked the end of a culture that had dominated Central Europe from the nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth. In this poignant memoir, Charles Farkas offers a testament to this vanished way of life—its society, morality, personal integrity, wealth, traditions, and chivalry—as well as an eyewitness account of its destruction, begun at the hands of the Nazis and then completed under the heel of Soviet Communism. Farkas’s recollections of growing up in Budapest, a city whose grandeur embraced—indeed spanned—the Danube River; his vivid descriptions of everyday life in Hungary before, during, and after World War II; and his ultimate flight to freedom in the United States remind us that behind the larger historical events of the past century are the stories of the individual men and women who endured and, ultimately, survived them.
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The Law School Buzz Book

Author : Carolyn C. Wise
ISBN : 9781581314243
Genre : Law
File Size : 64.15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 429
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Most law school guides offer school-reported stats to admission rates, average test scores, etc. No publisher understands insider information like Vault--now Vault brings this expertise to law schools. Unlike other law school resources, Vault's guide includes insider information about employment and admissions.
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