How To Do Restorative Yoga

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How To Do Restorative Yoga

Author : Michael Hetherington
ISBN : 0987558498
Genre : Hatha yoga
File Size : 43.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How To Do Restorative Yoga: For Home or In A Class (2nd Edition) Restorative yoga is a simple, safe, effective, non-invasive form of yoga that anybody can practice. Suitable for beginners through to advanced yoga practitioners and yoga teachers. Restorative yoga provides us with a gentle practice to help us relax, regenerate and renew. It compliments any other forms of exercise we may be engaged in including any 'yang' forms of yoga. This book provides you with guidelines for a safe practice and details a number of poses and sequences to work with. There are photos and step by step instructions inside. After reading this book you will be able to: - Practice restorative yoga at home or teach it more effectively in a yoga class - Practice restorative yoga safely - Use props effectively to support the body for deeper relaxation - Increase the potential to treat and heal yourself - Incorporate meditation and mindfulness practices - Access a list of resources to deepen your practice When you practice Restorative Yoga you can effectively: - Reduce pain - Improve digestion - Calm the mind (and calm others down too) - Prepare the body for quality sleep - Feel more grounded and energized - and so much more... If you want to learn more about restorative and gentle yoga, then this is the book for you!
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A Journey Into Yin Yoga

Author : Travis Eliot
ISBN : 9781492575375
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 90.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Take time to decompress. Relieve stress. Reduce anxiety. Face the challenges and joys of life with steadiness and grace. That is what A Journey Into Yin Yoga will help you do. Join world-renowned yoga instructor Travis Eliot as he guides you through this contemporary and effective approach for strengthening your mind, body, and spirit. You will learn about the origins and practice of yin yoga, a passive approach in which poses are held for a few minutes to target the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. You will slowly and mindfully transition between poses as you gently allow those tissues to stretch, facilitating better circulation and joint health and improving flexibility. Throughout, you will learn the benefits, contraindications, alignment points, and modifications so you can adjust the poses to your needs and body type. Eliot also explains eight breathing techniques and eight meditation practices for improved focus, reduced stress, and enhanced clarity. Ten ready-to-use sequences allow you to target specific goals, including better sleep, spine flexibility, and healthy hips, knees, and shoulders. A Journey Into Yin Yoga presents over 50 yin yoga poses with stunning photos and detailed instruction, along with inspiring quotes, stories, and interviews from celebrities, doctors, and athletes. You will be inspired to discover your unique path to improved mental and physical strength and balance. CE exam available! For certified professionals, a companion continuing education exam can be completed after reading this book. A Journey Into Yin Yoga Online CE Exam may be purchased separately or as part of the A Journey Into Yin Yoga With CE Exam package, which includes both the book and the exam.
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Yoga For Beginners

Author : Rohit Sahu
ISBN : 9798670732642
Genre :
File Size : 60.89 MB
Format : PDF
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Do you want to achieve deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation? Are you searching for a way to heal a literal pain, get rid of your constant worries, fix a strained relationship? If so, then Restorative Yoga is what you need. Yoga origin can be traced back to more than 5,000 years ago, but some researchers believe that yoga may be up to 10,000 years old. The word 'Yoga' first appeared in the oldest sacred texts, the Rig Veda, and is derived from the Sanskrit root "Yuj" which means to unite. According to the Yoga Scriptures, the practice of yoga leads an individual to a union of consciousness with that of universal consciousness. It eventually leads to a great harmony between the human mind and body, man, and nature. There are 10 primary types of Yoga. So if you're trying to figure out which of the different types of Yoga is best for you, remember that there's no one right or wrong. You can ask yourself what's important to you in your Yoga practice: Are you searching for a sweaty, intense practice, or are you searching for a more meditative, gentler practice that looks more appealing? Like you choose any sort of exercise, choose something you want to do. I'm making a complete series on all 10 types of yoga, this is Restorative Yoga; others will also be available soon! Recovery is the most crucial aspect of any training or workout routine, and with this Restorative Yoga guide, you give your body what it requires to heal. Although yoga is not a cure, it will help to promote the safe working of the endocrine system. Hormonal imbalances, such as adrenal exhaustion or thyroid issues, can be exacerbated by stress. By doing Restorative Yoga, we can ease the nervous system and the stress. We should perform poses that promote blood supply to the adrenals, the pancreas, and the thyroid. Restorative Yoga is a natural and efficient way to minimize stress and inflammation in the body, improve immunity, repair nervous and parasympathetic nervous systems, encourage good circulation, and enhance blood supply to soft tissues and connective tissue. Experience deep rest and relaxation with this Restorative Yoga guide. This is going to be a slow-moving, soothing sequence where we keep calming postures long enough to improve the endurance and healing of the muscles. The practice concludes with a guided mediation that uses visualizations and mantras to regulate and align the energy. I bet you will proceed through the rest of the day with healthy muscles and a calm mind. In this guide, you'll discover: ✔️Science Behind Restorative Yoga ✔️Who Can Perform It ✔️Benefits ✔️Things You Need to Know Before Starting (What to wear, essentials, and the appropriate atmosphere) ✔️Ways to Prepare Your Props such as Bolster, Blocks at Home ✔️The Most Soothing and Calming Poses ✔️Visualizations and Mantras to Balance and Align Your Energy. ✔️Beginner's Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them ✔️Common Myths and FAQs This Restorative Yoga Guide will stretch and relieve the discomfort of the whole body. After practicing this full body stretch restorative yoga session you will feel less tensed and more relaxed. This restorative yoga sequence will deeply stretch the entire body, helping increase flexibility and promote relaxation. This guide can be used by beginners, advanced students, teachers, trainees, and teacher training programs. Covering the fundamentals of each pose in exact detail, including how to correct the most common mistakes, as well as changes to almost all body types, this Restorative Yoga guide has left nothing to help you make daily breakthroughs. Now don't bother, claim your copy right away!!

Yoga Journal Presents Restorative Yoga For Life

Author : Gail Boorstein Grossman
ISBN : 9781440575211
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 56.90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Restorative yoga poses for healing your mind and body! Written by instructor Gail Boorstein Grossman, E-RYT 500, CYKT, and published in partnership with Yoga Journal, Restorative Yoga for Life teaches you how to practice restorative yoga--a form of yoga that focuses on physical and mental relaxation through poses aided by props. It's a gentle yet empowering style that helps you de-stress and re-energize. While restorative yoga is beneficial for your entire body, Gail also shows you how to treat more than twenty ailments, such as headaches, digestive issues, and anxiety, through specific yoga poses and sequences. Guided by step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs, you will gently ease your way into inner calm and better health with powerful yoga sequences. Whether you're having trouble sleeping, suffering from backaches, or just want to unwind after a busy day, you will find balance throughout your body, soul, and mind with Restorative Yoga for Life.
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Restorative Yoga

Author : Caren Baginski
ISBN : 9781615649129
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 75.5 MB
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Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul through restorative yoga. Are you seeking balance, healing, and a calmer mind? Unlike active styles of yoga that focus on stretching and movement, restorative yoga emphasizes mindful rest by using props to support your body in complete comfort and relaxation - no flexibility required! Whether you already practice yoga or are just getting started, Restorative Yoga is your step-by-step guide to deepening the connection between your body and mind. Here's what you'll find in this highly visual guide: Practical information on the amazing benefits of restorative yoga 39 restorative yoga poses, each featuring beautiful photography and detailed, step-by-step instructions to take you from start to finish, with simple modifications to suit any body type, including for pregnant yoga practitioners 17 healing sequences for a variety of physical, mental, and emotional conditions including anxiety, insomnia, depression, headaches, and shoulder or back pain Expert guidance for choosing and using props (including items you already have at home), practicing safely, creating a peaceful space, using breathing techniques to calm your mind, and more
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Restorative Yoga

Author : Ulrica Norberg
ISBN : 9781510727441
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 77.64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Restorative yoga is a gentle but powerful practice that is desperately needed in today’s crazy-busy culture. It is rapidly gaining in popularity around the world because of its ability to relieve stress, heal the body, and promote overall well-being. Here world-renowned yoga instructor Ulrica Norberg shows the simple poses that will help you release anxiety, promote digestion, relieve headaches, recover from injuries, and more. Bolster pillows, yoga blocks, and blankets are an important part of restorative yoga. Norberg shows how to get the most out of your practice by utilizing these simple, easy-to-find props. Yogis will discover the power of letting go in both body and mind, opening themselves to greater possibilities in their yoga practices and in life. Accompanied by gorgeous full-color images that are as inspiring as they are useful, this book will change your yoga practice forever.
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Restorative Yoga For Beginners

Author : Rieal Joshan Publishing House
ISBN : 9798565789034
Genre :
File Size : 84.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A Mindfulness coloring book for yoga lovers and Health, Fitness & Dieting: Is the Great Experience, Great Value. Enjoy a great reading experience when you borrow the edition of this book with your Learn more about . Improve Your Health With Yoga! Learn why successful people like Beyoncé, Ryan Gosling and Arianna Huffington all practice yoga! Get access to 54+ yoga poses with step-by-step instructions to develop your own yoga practice: Do you often feel stressed, tense, or even anxious? Would you like to live a healthier and happier life instead? Now you can: 'The Yoga Bible For Beginners' will allow you to reconnect with your deepest self again, so you can experience deep joy, contentment and inner peace. Get Your Copy of 'The Yoga For Beginners: Moreover, yoga has been shown to alleviate symptoms of: - Back pain - Scoliosis - Fibromyalgia - Heart disease - Stress As well as help to: - Become more flexible - Normalize blood pressure, and - Lose weight - And that's just the tip of the iceberg Get Your Hands on 'The Yoga For Beginners: According to a recent study, the number of Americans that practice yoga regularly has grown from 20.4 million in 2012 to a staggering 36 million in 2016! And that number has likely only increased since then. This many people can't be wrong... In today's world, we are constantly stimulated and tempted to keep up with Joneses. As a result, many people have lost the connection between their mind and body. Sound familiar? Yoga can help restore this balance. For example, one study showed that yoga - even when practiced for the very first time! - can lower cortisol levels, a stress hormone. Enjoy beautiful pictures of all the major yoga poses: Yoga is well known for increasing flexibility, but it goes far beyond giving your muscles a good stretch. This form of exercise can be as intense as you want to make it! At the same time, it is extremely easy to begin and it fits smoothly into any lifestyle. If you only have ten minutes to spare, that's all it will take to reap many benefits from yoga. Then be sure to enjoy the many pictures and descriptions throughout the book showing the proper techniques. The purpose of yoga is to enhance both your physical well being and your mental alertness. Yoga is an effective workout strategy practiced by people all over the world. Anyone can practice yoga.reading to discover what yoga can do for you. Why You Should Check Out 'The Yoga Bible For Beginners: In this book, I will take you by the hand. I'll teach you how you can: develop your own yoga practice in the safety of your own home, and take back control of your health and happiness And as a FREE BONUS, you'll also receive: Bonus 1: 5 most common yoga mistakes: how can you avoid them? Bonus 2: a script inside that you can use to record your own guided relaxation. If you apply what you will learn in 'The Yoga Bible For Beginners', your life will never be the same. So, take out your mat and get ready for your first pose! Let's get started, shall we?

Guide To Healing Chronic Pain

Author : Karen Kan, MD
ISBN : 9781452574097
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 60.24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Are you trying to get relief from chronic pain without drugs or surgery? Have you been diagnosed with a so-called incurable pain condition such as herniated discs, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, migraine, nerve damage, or fibromyalgia? This unique natural pain relief guide integrates mind, body, and spirit in the healing process, and can help you discover multiple natural pain relief strategies you can use to heal your pain - with or without your doctor’s consent; use cutting-edge energy tools to quickly reduce or eliminate pain symptoms within minutes; reduce and reverse the inflammation in your body caused by stress, toxins and trauma; rewire your brain and nervous system in order to reactivate your body’s innate healing potential; harness the power of the mind to remove obstacles to healing; and reconnect with your Spirit and Higher Self so that you can experience healing as a joyful journey. “Guide to Healing Chronic Pain is an absolute must-read not only for anyone suffering from chronic pain, but also for anyone wanting to stay perfectly healthy for the rest of his or her life. In the book, Dr. Karen Kan has set a new precedent of health care for Western physicians to follow in the twenty-first century and beyond. Taking the reader on a thorough exploration of drug-free, innovative, and alternative medicine modalities such as infrared nanotechnology patches (acupuncture without needles), grounding, energy healing, nutritional therapy, Qi and nervous system balancing, detoxification, and EMF pollution shielding, Dr. Kan synthesizes ancient Eastern healing techniques with cutting-edge science. Dr. Kan’s balanced ‘Spirit–Mind–Body’ approach to healing chronic pain is not only revolutionary but is exactly what is needed now in Western medicine. Dr. Karen Kan is indeed a role model for the Next Human physician.” —Jason Lincoln Jeffers, spiritual teacher and author of The Next Human
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Yin Yoga

Author : Olivia Summers
ISBN : 1533274827
Genre :
File Size : 32.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Discover How Yin Yoga Will Balance Your Modern Yoga Practice While Developing A Strong Mind-Body Connection! In my book "Yin Yoga" you'll learn how practicing yin yoga can and should be the perfect fit to balance out your yang yoga practice. You might be thinking...what the heck is yang yoga? Well, the answer is: pretty much all forms of popular yoga that have taken Western culture by storm. Think sweaty, flow-y ashtanga and vinyasa forms of yoga. I realize that all this might seem a bit overwhelming, but I promise it's quite simple. All things In Life Can Be Broken Down Into The Taoist Philosophy Of Yin And Yang... Some examples would be male and female, the sun and the moon, and light and dark just to name a few common ones. They are two opposite forces that actually tend to complement one another. Well, the same can be said for your yoga practice-this is why it's so important to have both yin and yang forms of yoga in your life. Here's A Preview Of What You'll Learn Inside... How Yin Yoga came to be Why it's essential for your yoga practice How you can use both yin and yang forms of yoga to become more balanced Why Yin Yoga is not Restorative Yoga How Yin Yoga targets your meridian lines and internal organs In-depth explanation of yin and yang Physical, mental and energetic benefits of practicing Yin Yoga 3 Essential Principles of Yin Yoga The 25 best Yin Yoga Poses to get balanced--Fast! A variety of Yin Yoga Flows to keep you satisfied How to create your own Yin Yoga sequence Plus, so much more! If you're ready to delve deeper into what it means to be a yogi and harness a connection with your mind and body that you've never experienced before, then it's time to give Yin Yoga a try! Would You Like To Know More? ==>Scroll up and click add to cart to get your cop now! Tags: yoga, yoga for beginners, yin yoga, yoga for weight loss, stretching, yoga poses, restorative yoga, flexibility training

Restorative Yoga For Ethnic And Race Based Stress And Trauma

Author : Gail Parker
ISBN : 9781787751866
Genre : Medical
File Size : 25.15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Presenting ways in which Restorative Yoga can contribute to healing emotional wounds, this book invites yoga teachers, therapists and practitioners to consider the psychological impact of ethnic and race-based stress and trauma. It aids in the process of uncovering, examining, and healing one's own emotional wounds and offers insight into avoiding wounding or re-wounding others. The book describes how race-based traumatic stress differs from PTSD and why a more targeted approach to treatment is necessary, as well as what can trigger it. It also considers the implications of an increasingly racially and ethnically diverse and global yoga community, as well as the importance of creating conscious yoga communities of support and connection, where issues of race and ethnicity are discussed openly, non-defensively and constructively. By providing a therapeutic structure that assists those directly and indirectly impacted by ethnic and race-based stress and trauma, Restorative Yoga for Ethnic and Race-Based Stress and Trauma provides valuable tools for aiding in the processing of stressful experiences and in trauma recovery.
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Be Still

Author : Nikki Meyer
ISBN : 0578605252
Genre :
File Size : 48.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If you've got a few blankets, boxes of cake mix or soup cans laying around, you can practice restorative yoga! This 6-week guide will provide easy-to-follow instructions for a full restorative yoga practice with a different focus each week. Each posture found in this book is an adaptation from traditional yoga postures, with the use of props to allow for maximum comfort and promote deep relaxation.With restorative yoga, you can choose a dedicated time and setting to learn how to let your body relax and slow down. Taking the time, whether it's 5 or 75 minutes, to take notice of your breath, your body, and the thoughts in your mind cultivates compassion and patience.

Yin Yoga

Author : Kassandra Reinhardt
ISBN : 9781465472373
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 81.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A remedy to the stress of everyday life. 54 meditative poses and 20 targeted sequences help you attain a greater sense of mindfulness and physical well-being. In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to lose the balance in our lives and the connection with our bodies. Yin Yoga offers a remedy to the stress and hustle of everyday life. Based on Taoist philosophies, the slower yin-style yoga balances the more well-known and quicker yang-style yoga. Yin yoga concentrates on holding and breathing through floor-based poses, targeting your fascia and connective tissues and allowing you the time and space to clear your mind and stretch your body. The perfect complement to an active yang lifestyle and great for bringing you back into balance.
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Yoga For Low Back And Hip Health

Author : Cyndi Roberts
ISBN : 1530550181
Genre :
File Size : 25.6 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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With 210 pages and over 300 photos, Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health is a step-by-step, visual guide of proven and easy to follow gentle yoga instruction. Relieve pain in the back and hips without drugs or surgery! "Low back and neck pain is an increasingly widespread and expensive condition worldwide, costing the US alone $88bn a year-the third highest bill for any health condition-despite evidence most treatments do not work." - The Guardian So many people that carry the burden of life on their shoulders-literally. Add to that how much time we spend sitting at computers and the poor posture developed from prolonged smartphone use, and it's no wonder everyone's in pain! Written by private yoga instructor Cyndi Roberts, Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health teaches you how to safely practice restorative and gentle yoga poses at home to relieve pain in the following areas: Upper back Mid back Low back Sciatic nerve Piriformis syndrome Hips Inner thigh/groin Pelvis Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health provides in-depth and appropriate instruction for 43 restorative and gentle yoga poses specifically and thoughtfully put together. 15 practical and unique sequences are included for you to practice at home at your convenience, including over 300 high-resolution images to help you along. Cyndi provides the option of working with mantras and deep breathing exercises paired specifically to each pose for the most benefit. *As a bonus, readers will receive information about each of the 7 chakra energies and how specific poses help to awaken these often blocked or unbalanced energy spaces. Even if you don't suffer from back or hip pain, these poses and sequences help gently and effectively stretch the back body and hips to: Increase flexibility Realign the pelvis Strengthen weak muscles Provide relief from common aches and pains Maintain or improve the health of the joints Maintain or improve range of motion and circulation Increase energy levels Elevate mood and relieve sadness and depression Reduce anxiety Lower stress levels Release negative or stagnant energy and emotions Clear and balance chakra energies Millions of students around the world have benefited from the ancient practices of yoga, pranayama and relaxation. Now you can too!

Restorative Yoga For Breast Cancer Recovery

Author : Diana Ross
ISBN : 0984839518
Genre : Breast
File Size : 69.46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Restorative Yoga For Breast Cancer Recovery - A restorative yoga therapy book for breast health, lymphedema management and breast cancer recovery. This book contains a wide variety of supported restorative yoga poses that use different yoga props. The breath is also introduced with each flowing pose so that the mind as well as the muscles "let go" and relax allowing for the healing to begin and then to grow. Yoga poses are done either in a relaxed, reclined, seated, twisting and standing position. Restorative Yoga For Breast Cancer Recovery is a great beginning to build a practice for strength and flexibility, as well as aiding in lymphedema management. This book outlines a variety of easy to learn restorative yoga poses which can emotionally and physically improve the recovery process from breast cancer surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy treatments. It is also invaluable in maintaining breast health, reducing cancer related fatigue (CRF), and managing lymphedema. If you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed, is in treatment or in recovery, this yoga is the perfect place to start. Discover how a consistent practice of Restorative Yoga can provide inner peace and healing for your mind, body and spirit.
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Restorative Yoga Lifestyle Guide

Author : Shawn Burke
ISBN : 9798580877372
Genre :
File Size : 78.8 MB
Format : PDF
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Yoga a way to lead quality life!So in this era of advancement, Yoga serves as an ingredient to bring a good balance in the lives of people without hampering In this world where complexities are developing immensely, the alternative options of medicinal healing techniques are getting more and more popularity and yoga is one of the significant ones. Yoga isn't only a physical exercise but at the same time is a method for keeping the psychological state flawless. Yoga helps in keeping the body fit and fine and furthermore clears the brain from any stress which in a roundabout way demonstrates to be negative with regards to living a healthy lifestyle. The word yoga begins from the Sanskrit word 'Yuj' which implies addition - the addition of strength, energy, and beauty to the body, mind, and soul. Restorative yoga, a practice that relies on the use of props support and the prolonged holding poses to achieve a deep level of relaxation guides the yogi toward relaxed healing and recuperative experience . The practice involved in restorative yoga training will focus on how one will experience on breathing method and typically on one's holding on tension, and to relax our body graciously allowing the breath to come in more, so the habitual tension within can be cooled off and softened Yoga as a new LifestyleIn this modern world, yoga is adopted as a lifestyle and it is the best lifestyle ever designed and is effective in managing various lifestyle disorder occurrences. One must remember to have both the senses of "being healthy as well as feeling healthy". Restorative Yoga Lifestyle Guide Restorative yoga practice encompasses several different styles of relaxation techniques and healing orientated Hatha yoga practices which are able to cultivate mental conscious relaxation and most necessary to release both mental and habitual tension in the body and mind, this bring positive results of Yoga As per the perspective of yoga, the problem of quality life has two basic angles and both material and spiritual angles are co-related to one another. The spiritual side includes both body and mind perspectives. It is essential with a healthy body there should be a healthy mind and vice versa. The human feelings, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs somehow directly or indirectly affect the biological process of the body. Minds have capabilities to create an impact on how healthy the bodies are!There is a complex interconnection union between the mind and body as mind can affect the body simultaneously mental state can impact the human physical body. Restorative yoga is the perfect practice to help you revolve around this divine union bringing them together with the right techniques of the practice, you awaken the divine balance with grace, a positive poise with strength and clear mind awareness. As a proven practice for self-transformation, restorative yoga allow the fine integration of all the aspects of life converging spiritual, physical, emotional psychological within one's environment which help to reclaim from the stress inflicted from a strenuous lifestyle, therefore awakening to your own nature's quest with set goals

Boundless Bliss

Author : Chris Loebsack
ISBN : 0998345318
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 29.60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An instructional manual for those wishing to learn how to utilize restorative yoga. Includes images of the poses, descriptions, how it impacts the anatomy of the human body, sample sequences and much more.
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Healthy Happy Sexy

Author : Katie Silcox
ISBN : 9781476757384
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 61.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A hip, sensual Ayurveda bible for the modern woman, this life-changing guide distills ancient teachings into a spirit-infused yet pragmatic approach to your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Teacher and yoga instructor Katie Silcox is a leading expert on Ayurveda. She knows that bringing ancient wisdom into our modern lives does not mean sacrificing the occasional rendezvous with red wine, fashion magazines, and other sensual pleasures. In Healthy Happy Sexy, Katie offers not only a philosophy of life but a time-tested (we’re talking thousands of years!) method for living your most radiant, healthy, and sexually vital life possible. Covering everything from how to get the perfect poo to glowing skin to deeper sexual fulfillment, here is a complete guide to women’s health. It offers evocative questions, journaling exercises, simple but deep meditations, and natural recipes and remedies for common health and beauty needs. By engaging in these lifestyle choices, you will experience ancient practices that resonate with the way we live our lives now. Combining Ayurvedic wisdom with practical tools and her lively, playful, and down-to-earth voice, Katie provides a method to heal, entertain, inspire, and remind you that you are one sexy goddess.
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Yoga For Pain Relief

Author : Kelly McGonigal
ISBN : 9781572249653
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 21.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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It's no secret that yoga increases muscular flexibility and strength, but you may not know that yoga is a proven treatment for back pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other chronic pain conditions. Yoga also helps to ease the stress, anxiety, and depression that can create and reinforce pain, making you feel more comfortable in both your mind and your body. Written by a yoga instructor and former chronic pain sufferer, Yoga for Pain Relief is packed with gentle postures and practical strategies for ending pain. This complete mind-body tool kit for healing also includes deep relaxation practices drawn from the yogic tradition and psychological techniques for helping you make peace with your body and dissolve pain. As the ancient practice of yoga releases the hold that chronic pain has over your life, you will begin to feel more like yourself again.
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The New Yoga For People Over 50

Author : Suza Francina
ISBN : 9780757393402
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 70.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Many seniors are searching for ways to improve their quality of life and remain active as they enter midlife and later years. Nationwide, people are recognizing yoga for its ability to slow down and reverse the aging process. A complete health system, yoga not only restores vitality to the body, but also expands the mind and soul. Yoga transforms the years after 50 from a time of deterioration to one of increased perspective and illumination. In The New Yoga for People Over 50, readers will learn how the health of the spine and posture affect every sustem of the body, and how yoga positions and breathing exercises benefit the circulatory system, the heart and other vital organs, relieve menopausal symptoms, and remove stiffness and inertia from the body. In this comprehensive guide, Iyengar yoga expert Suza Francina describes and illustrates how to begin and maintain a yoga program through personal stories and over 100 easy-to-follow instructional photos of older teachers and students.
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