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How Nations Behave

Author : Louis Henkin
ISBN : 0231047576
Genre : Political Science
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Previous edition, 1st, published in 1968.
Category: Political Science

How Nations Behave

Author : Louis Henkin
ISBN : OCLC:1036115587
Genre : International law
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Category: International law

The Grief Of Nations

Author : Ann Malamah-Thomas
ISBN : OCLC:784566280
Genre :
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This dissertation is concerned with the question of whether nations grieve, whether the behaviour they exhibit in the wake of loss can be said to constitute grief. Initially exploring the concepts of both grief and nation in order to establish the feasibility of national grief as a notion, it goes on to examine the applicability of grief theory, traditionally developed in the context of the individual suffering bereavement, to large-scale national collectives which have undergone significant shared loss. The investigation is conducted with reference to two case studies: the Palestinian people in the aftermath of the loss of their land to the creation of Israel in the nakba of 1948; and Israel itself, as a manifestation of the European Jewish response to the holocaust and the centuries of loss and suffering which led up to it. In both cases, the relevant periods of history are scanned to see to what extent, if any, historical accounts reflect the contours and parameters of the grieving experience as the latter is described and defined in the grief theory literature. In addition, and serving to triangulate the evidence thus gleaned from national history, the contemporary visual arts of both nations, with their observation of and comment on the dominant features and issues of current national identity, are employed as data sources and explored with a view to ascertaining whether they reflect any themes expressive of or pertinent to collective historical loss and grief. The findings from this research into national history and identity within a grief experience framework may serve to open up a new direction for the further development of grief theory. They may also, in revealing the insights afforded by a grief theory perspective on long-term interactions within the global community, offer some contribution to the study of international relations.

Region Analism And The United Nations

Author : Berhanykun Andemicael
ISBN : 0379005913
Genre : Regionalism (International organization).
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Category: Regionalism (International organization).

Courts Codes And Custom

Author : Dana Zartner
ISBN : 9780199362103
Genre : Law
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Courts, Codes, and Custom addresses the question of why some states recognize and comply with international human rights and environmental law, while others do not. To address this question, Dana Zartner has developed a novel cultural-institutional theory to explain the manner in which a state's domestic legal tradition shapes policy through the process of internalization. A state's legal tradition - the cultural and institutional factors that shape attitudes about the law, appropriate standards of behavior, and the legal process - is the key mechanism by which international law becomes recognized, accepted, and internalized in the domestic legal framework. Legal tradition shapes not only perceptions about law, but also provides the lens through which policy-makers view state interests, directly and indirectly influencing state policy. The book disaggregates the concept of legal tradition and examines how the individual cultural and institutional characteristics present within a state's domestic legal tradition facilitate or hinder the internalization of international law and, subsequently, shape state policy. In turn it explains both the differences in international law recognition across legal traditions, as well as the variance among states within legal traditions. To test this theory Zartner compares case studies within five of the main legal traditions in the world today: common law (U.S. and Australia), civil law (Germany and Turkey), Islamic law (Egypt and Saudi Arabia), mixed traditions (India and Kenya), and East Asian law (China and Japan). She addresses the differences among legal traditions as well as between states within the same tradition; the important role that legal culture and history play in shaping contemporary attitudes about law; and similarities and differences in state policy towards human rights law versus environmental law.
Category: Law

A Global State Through Democratic Federal World Government

Author : Unity Yang
ISBN : 1467893420
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 67.14 MB
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You live in it; it belongs to you; you need to know how it works: THE WORLD. If you have GREAT goals in life, then you need to know how the world works. READ this Book. The Beautiful Woman World Leaders are shy to date, the Woman World citizens need for a Mother: Democratic World Government, the new world project will offer humanity benefits like: world peace; human face development through direct global approach on world poverty, natural disasters, global infrastructural development, diseases, global warming, conduct of democratic elections within nation-states and fixing of failed states whenever they occur, Somalia, Palestine and North Korea. If you like these benefits, read this book. Unity Elias YANG, Also the author of The Third World, Where is it? I read parts of an early draft of Unity Yang's book. I have known the author for several years as a devoted and passionate supporter of democratic world government, and his book adds significantly to the growing literature on this critical subject. Jim Stark, Founder and Past President of Vote World Parliament, author of 10 books including Rescue Plan for Planet Earth: Democratic World Government through a global referendum. Quebec-Canada. Everything that is done in international affairs must be done from the viewpoint of whether it will advance or hinder the establishment of world government. Albert Einstein, Physicist and Political Scientist, 1946. The greatest prayer of man is for peace. Dag Hammarskjld, United Nations Secretary General. The only way peace can be achieved is through world government. Nehru Jawaharlal, Prime Minister of India. I am a citizen, not of Athens, or Greece, but of the world. Socrates, Political Philosopher (5th Century). The creation of a World Council, an alliance of the worlds leaders, including those outside of traditional Europe, which would meet in a neutral location for the purpose of resolving international disputes through mediation. meric Cruc, French Monk, 1623. Born on 20th May 1974, Unity Elias Yang is the first African member of the Board of the Organization Vote World Parliament (VWP) in Quebec-Canada. He is also the Author of the Third World, Where is it?
Category: Political Science

The Globalization Of Child Law

Author : Sharon Lynn Detrick
ISBN : 9041105115
Genre : Law
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On 13th September, 1997, a symposium was held in honour of Adair Dyer at the Peace Palace in The Hague. This symposium, entitled 'Globalization of Child Law: The Role of the Hague Conventions', was organized by the Faculty of Law of Tilburg University and the International Society of Family Law in collaboration with the Hague Conference on Private International Law. Adair Dyer, best known for his exceptional work in the area of international child abduction, was active at the Hague Conference for more than 25 years. The protection of children has been a major concern of the Hague Conference from the very beginning of its existence. The Conference followed and reacted to developments such as the increasing numbers of children - alone or accompanied - moving or migrating internationally, which has given rise to many new legal, economic, social and cultural problems. During the symposium, the past, present and future roles of the Hague Conventions in the international protection of children, taking into account the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, were examined and discussed. This volume contains the contributions to this international symposium, as well as the full texts, in both English and French, of the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction, the 1993 Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption, and the 1996 Hague Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition, Enforcement and Co-operation in Respect of Parental Responsibility and Measures for the Protection of Children.
Category: Law

The Threat Of Force In International Law

Author : Nikolas Stürchler
ISBN : 9781139464918
Genre : Law
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Threats of force are a common feature of international politics, advocated by some as an economical guarantee against the outbreak of war and condemned by others as a recipe for war. Article 2(4) of the United Nations Charter forbids states to use threats of force, yet the meaning of the prohibition is unclear. This book provides the first comprehensive appraisal of the no-threat principle: its origin, underlying rationale, theoretical implications, relevant jurisprudence, and how it has withstood the test of time from 1945 to the present. Based on a systematic evaluation of state and United Nations practices, the book identifies what constitutes a threat of force and when its use is justified under the United Nations Charter. In so doing, it relates the no-threat principle to important concepts of the twentieth century, such as deterrence, escalation, crisis management, and what has been aptly described as the 'diplomacy of violence'.
Category: Law

In His Father S Shadow

Author : Stanley A. Renshon
ISBN : 9781466892071
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 72.13 MB
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From a pampered son who showed little promise, to his rise to the presidency, George W. Bush has transformed himself through acts of will and faith. Stanley Renshon examines the psychological transformation of Bush and identifies those pivotal changes that allowed him to achieve success in his personal life and in the political arena, and shows how Bush's personal transformation has come to shape his political policies. The man who battled--and defeated--his own inner demons has become a president determined to battle the demons of terrorism and extremism that prevent democracy from flourishing around the world. This psychological portrait provides a much-needed antidote to prevailing critiques that ridicule Bush's values and policies, as it celebrates his resolve and strong leadership.
Category: Biography & Autobiography