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How Long O Lord

Author : D. A. Carson
ISBN : 1441200789
Genre : Religion
File Size : 49.87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This clear and accessible treatment of key biblical themes related to human suffering and evil is written by one of the most respected evangelical biblical scholars alive today. Carson brings together a close, careful exposition of key biblical passages with helpful pastoral applications. The second edition has been updated throughout.
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How Long O Lord

Author : Marine Tobin
ISBN : 9781461732983
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37.77 MB
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How Long O Lord? The prophet's ancient cry for justice sounds as plaintively and passionately today as it ever has. In this penetrating and provocative collection of essays, Maurine and Robert Tobin have brought together a group of peacemakers—Christian, Jewish, and Muslim—whose religious convictions compel them towards a common aim: a just peace for Israel/Palestine. Anyone looking for easy answers to one of the most complicated political and religious struggles on the globe will not find them here. Instead, the voices of these women and men challenge and confront many commonly held assumptions. They disturb and unsettle comforting illusions of order and security, and they unmask and name “powers and principalities” for what they are—perpetrators of injustice and evil. Those who pray with their Bibles in one hand and the newspaper in the other will find this book an invaluable aid in active prayer and engagement.
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How Long O Lord

Author : Desmond Ford
ISBN : 1450227325
Genre : Religion
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From the prophecies of Daniel flower all New Testament teachings about the future. Christ’s final words about coming events (Matt. 24-25; Luke 21 and Mark 13) build on Daniel’s predictions about “the abomination of desolation,” “a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations,” the “Son of man coming with the clouds of heaven,” “the end coming like a flood,” and the destruction of the temple and the end of the world. Our Lord’s warning about nations in distress and perplexity (Luke 21:25) has its seed in the first great Apocalypse written by the captive seer in Babylon. No other book of the Old Testament had such tremendous influence on the New Testament and the early Christian church. Scholars acknowledge that “apocalyptic was the mother of Christian theology.” Ours is an age desperately seeking a theodicy, a vindication of God’s goodness and justice in the face of evil and the wisdom and benevolence of his ways. This Daniel provides. His prophecies understood prove that the world is a ship and not an iceberg, and that human beings are not just the product of time plus chance plus mud. Here is an answer to existentialism, atheism, and post-modernism. Dr. Ford’s book provides an interpretative summary of Daniel that will prove a key of untold value for all earnest Bible students.
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How Long O Lord How Long

Author : Dale Kreienkamp
ISBN : 1938840208
Genre :
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God allows challenging experiences to strengthen us. Unemployment is no exception. This book will support individuals experiencing a period of unemployment and encourage those who love them along the way to something new. The book contains 80 devotions, each with scriptures to provide help, healing, and hope during the journey through unemployment.

How Long O Lord

Author : George E. Ogle
ISBN : 9781401053512
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.84 MB
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HOW LONG, O LORD? reflects the ongoing prayers of Korean people for freedom and justice as they undergo the oppressions of the twentieth century. A combination of historical fiction and autobiography, this collection tells history as stories about peasants, industrial workers, and ordinary citizens who endured and reacted to Japanese imperialism, foreign occupation, division of the country, war and cruelty of military dictators. Father and Son, spanning the years from 1919 to the mid-1970´s, is a story of two generations of peasants who fought for dignity and justice but get caught in the struggles of greater world forces. The next three stories focus on the courage of South Korean industrial workers who, by refusing to be submissive to those in power, have moved Korea in the direction of democracy and human rights. Prayer for the Innocents, My Body, and Tearoom tell of the torture and execution of eight men falsely accused of being part of a conspiracy to overthrow South Korea´s military dictatorship. Because he offered public prayers for these men, the author was deported from Korea in 1974. The last story was inspired by the author´s interviews with North Korean refugees in Russia. Escape into Bondage tells of two men who cannot return home. They become "brothers" as their lives are joined in a perilous odyssey in Russia where they have no legal status. One finds haven in South Korea. Through his experiences and interactions with his new friends, we gain insight into the complexities facing those who struggle for peace and reunification of Korea.
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How Long O Lord

Author : Ralph E. Neall
ISBN : 0828003998
Genre : Religion
File Size : 22.62 MB
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Introduction. Background of the Millerite Movement. Ellen Harmon in the Millerite Movement. The Nearness of Christ's Coming. The Delay of Christ's Coming. The Two Streams Merge. How Then Should We Live?The Bible Answer. Appendix. Bibliography
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How Long O Lord

Author : Athena E. Gorospe
ISBN : 1783684933
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59.74 MB
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Dealing with the grand vision of peace and reconciliation, this book unlocks the biblical story of reconciliation and challenges churches to widen their scope of mission and become a healing and restorative community. With a particular focus on the Philippines, this book gives insight on the work of reconciliation in different parts of the world.
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How Long O Lord

Author : Kristin Vargas
ISBN : 0758658648
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44.29 MB
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Victims of moral injury question their entire belief system and are often tempted to abandon belief in a kind, loving God. Spiritual Brokenness, an adult group Bible study, works through cases of moral injury found in Scripture and early Church history to equip caregivers and strengthen the faith of victims, bringing them closer to their merciful Creator and Jesus Christ, their Savior, who suffered the greatest moral injury of all and gives us healing in this life and the next. Geared toward those who have suffered from violent trauma - soldiers, first-responders, medical personnel, counselors, ministers, journalists, pilots, victims of domestic and sexual abuse, and others - as well as friends and family members supporting affected individuals, this study shows God's help for victims who battle depression, substance abuse, and suicidal tendencies as a result of moral injury.
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The Psalms

Author : Artur Weiser
ISBN : 0664222978
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35.98 MB
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This commentary, a part of the Old Testament Library Series, focuses on the book of Psalms. The Old Testament Library provides fresh and authoritative treatments of important aspects of Old Testament study through commentaries and general surveys. The contributors are scholars of international standing.
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