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How Can I Ever Trust You Again

Author : Andrew G. Marshall
ISBN : 140880946X
Genre : Adultery
File Size : 70.39 MB
Format : PDF
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There are few things in life more traumatic than discovering that your partner is having an affair. You are not only coping with the pain and anger but also the sense that your partner is a stranger. How could someone you love, and thought that you knew, treat you in this way? How can you ever trust your partner again? Don't panic. Millions upon millions of ordinary men and women have trodden the same path and come out the other end with not only their love restored but a significantly stronger and better relationship. Whether you are the discoverer of the affair or whether you were discovered, Marshall offers guidance and support, and explains- The seven stages that couples move through from discovery to recovery What makes people more vulnerable to affairs? The eight types of affairs and how understanding your partner's affair is key to deciding whether you should stay or go How to stop your imagination running wild and your brain from going into meltdown Why some couples emerge stronger and why others get derailed from the recovery process With over 25 years' experience as a marital therapist, Marshall draws on hundreds of case studies, and provides sensible, compassionate and practical advice.
Category: Adultery

Wake Up And Change Your Life

Author : Andrew G. Marshall
ISBN : 9780992971823
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 48.45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Your old life has been turned upside down. Perhaps your partner has threatened to leave, you've discovered infidelity or your relationship has completely broken down and you're determined not to make the same mistakes again. Maybe, you've simply taken stock and decided your life doesn't work any more. Whatever the background, deciding to change is a really positive move. However, willpower alone isn't enough—nor sweeping declarations of how 'this time it will be different'. To combat bad habits, procrastination, a partner who is sceptical or parents, friends and family who can't see anything but the 'old you', you'll need to make changes that are both deep down (to tackle the hidden factors that are trapping you) and long-lasting (so you don't slide back into the old ways). Marital Therapist Andrew G. Marshall has brought thirty years' experience helping couples and individuals to create a proven plan for change. In this compassionate book he explains: Why real change is harder than you think. The six unhelpful myths about change that are holding you back. How to take control of your past. The importance of developing everyday calmness. How to discover your true life path. Nine simple maxims to lock in the change.
Category: Self-Help

The Candle Factory Girl

Author : Tania Crosse
ISBN : 9781786694973
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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1930's London - A backstreet saga full of hopes, dreams and the fight for survival. Perfect for the fans of Rosie Clarke and Lindsey Hutchinson. Work at Price's Candle Factory in Battersea is tedious for intelligent, seventeen-year-old Hillie Hardwick, but she knows she is lucky to have a job at all. Her home life is no better, as she constantly battles with her exacting and bullying father in order to protect her mother and five younger siblings from his abuse. Her only solace is her loving relationship with the chaotic Parker family and her best friend, Gert Parker. When matters violently escalate for Hillie, smitten Jack-the-Lad Jimmy Baxter seems her only salvation. But could this be the biggest mistake of her life, and should she be looking for protection nearer home? A story that crackles with unease where courage and friendship are the only hope. What readers are saying: 'This is a great saga that packs so much emotion and passion into it that you are swept away' Dash Fan Book Reviews. 'This is a wonderful saga ... In my opinion, this is her best book yet. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this one as a truly great read' Good 'N Ready. 'I really enjoyed this book, it has some great characters and I loved the setting!' Donna's Book Blog. 'For me it was a fast read, really well written storyline with characters you get invested in' Holly Senecal, NetGalley.
Category: Fiction

Loving Promises

Author : Richard Matzkin
ISBN : 9781506902456
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 35.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this unique inquiry into the deepest incarnation of love, author Richard Matzkin has looked to his extraordinary, three decade long marriage to Alice as a living laboratory to research the elements that comprise a truly loving, magnificent partnership. He has discovered 39 Loving promises, statements of intention you pledge to yourself, not to your partner that are the behavioral components of a deep, abiding love. These Promises are a profound path to transform your relationship into a magnificent one. “Immensely practical. I cannot imagine a book that holds more potential to improve relationships. Just reflect on one of these promises a day and the sky is the limit” -Stephen G. Post. PhD, President, Unlimited Love Institute, author – WHY GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE. Keywords: Love, Relationships, Marriage, Friendship, Partnership, Alice, Richard, Transform
Category: Family & Relationships

Begin Again Believe Again

Author : Sharon A. Hersh
ISBN : 9780310411802
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.15 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Our hearts as women were made by God for relationships. Why is it, then, that the thing we most deeply desire—relationships—becomes the source of so much pain? Difficult marriages, the loneliness of being single, problem children, abusive employers, fractured's realities are often very different from the dreams we dreamed for ourselves as girls. How do we live with this beautiful ache for relationships in a world that doesn't always work?When we've been betrayed, how do we trust again? When we've been disappointed, how do we hope again? When we've been terribly hurt, how do we love again?In this honest, intimate, and transformative book, counselor Sharon Hersh helps you gain a new, truly biblical perspective on relationships that can help you endure the heartaches and still come up living wholeheartedly, loving with abandon, and daring to hope and believe. The stories of the women in this book, including that of the author, are signposts that point you beyond the sometimes devastating problems of life to the deep, rich reason and root of all relationships, both good and bad: God's desire for relationship with you.In Sharon's words, “Relationships are not the destination—they are the path to something more.”
Category: Religion

Cecil Jarrell Dowden S Dopeboy Hustle The Play

Author : Cecil Jarrell Dowden
ISBN : 9781426944468
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33.82 MB
Format : PDF
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This book is about a seventeen year old ex carrier named Calvin Wilkins who is trying to straighten his life around because of the recent pregnancy of his girlfriend. After getting into some trouble, he is now staying with his girlfriend Briana, her mother Yvette Parker, her sister Keisha Parker, and grandma Miss Gloria. Besides Briana, Miss Gloria is the only other person in the house that likes Calvin. Struggling with his drug problem, his brother being released from juevnile hall and adapting to a new life with the Parkers, Calvin is learning how to change for the better and that even though hustle is neccessary, being responsible and showing discipline is what makes you a man.
Category: Fiction


Author : Keith Witt
ISBN : 9780595629763
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 49.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Follow one family struggling with infidelity and other life crises through a series of psychotherapy sessions that help them find deeper love and wholeness. Dr. Witt draws from his extensive background as a clinician and educator as he integrates the seminal theoretical work of Ken Wilber, David Deida, and many others with his own. The result is a synthesis that is thought provoking, detailed, and clinically invaluable. Therapists and anyone else interested in the human psyche and relationships will deeply benefit from this book. Marlene Roberts is the cofounder of the Anapamu Counseling center, and is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and teacher.
Category: Psychology

Code To Zero

Author : Ken Follett
ISBN : 1101209372
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54.34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this classic Cold War thriller, #1 New York Times bestselling author Ken Follett puts his own electrifying twist on the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. As the clock counts down to a shocking climax, "Code to Zero's split-second suspense proves that . . . [Follett is] still a hell of a storyteller" (Entertainment Weekly). Look out for Ken's newest book, A Column of Fire, available now. January, 1958—the darkest hour of the Cold War and the early dawn of the space race. On the launch pad at Cape Canaveral sits America’s best hope to catch up with the Russians: the Explorer I satellite. But at the last moment, the launch is delayed due to weather, even though everyone can see it is a perfectly sunny day. The real reason for the delay rests deep in the mind of a NASA scientist who has awoken that morning to find his memory completely erased. Knowing only that he’s being followed and watched at every turn, he must find the clues to his own identity before he can discover who is responsible. But even more terrible is the dark secret that they want him to forget. A secret that can destroy the Explorer I—and America’s future. . . . Praise for Code to Zero: "This spy thriller is Follett at his best." —People "Starts off fast and never slows down. . . . Follett creates a rousing story that never flags." —Chicago Tribune "Gripping." —The New York Times "Flawlessly plotted, tautly told, and suspenseful." —Minneapolis Star Tribune "A winner . . . a jolting joyride." —St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Category: Fiction

Charting The Unknown

Author : Kim Petersen
ISBN : 9781933016948
Genre : Travel
File Size : 66.29 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is Kim Petersen’s memoir recounting how she and her family navigated through death of a child, facing fear of the water, personally building a sixty-five-foot power catamaran and a four thousand mile crossing of the Atlantic Ocean with her husband and two teenaged kids. It’s Eat, Pray, Love on the water.
Category: Travel

Dangerous Trust

Author : Cynthia Monet
ISBN : 9781469106250
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33.16 MB
Format : PDF
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Trust within Parker Memorial Hospital suffers three months after an earthquake and deadly viral outbreak. Dr. Curtis Webb, on probation, struggles with depression and his relationship with Anne Winters, a charge nurse. The NIH selects PMH for a new Federal Biosafety Lab. David Milliken, the new PMH general counsel, hides his covert role in biolab projects. The Department of Homeland Security wants the biosafety lab to unfold fast, bypassing the usual competitive process. Curtis is appointed project director but refuses to take part in the dangerous plan. Values are tested through self-serving actions and a dangerous reordering of old and new relationships. The truth forces hard choices on them all.
Category: Fiction