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ISBN : 0806970553
Genre : Gardening
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Enhance your home with attractive foliage and flowering plants. They're inexpensive; add life and color, and enrich any decorating scheme. Arrange, group, and position plants for the most attractive appearance.-- Choose the tight plants for your taste and space -- diagrams illustrate a variety of several styles and shapes.-- Recognize healthy specimens and get all the facts on care, from maintaining proper humidity and temperature to fertilization and feeding.-- Prolong flowering, control pests, combat diseases -- even vacation-proof your plants!-- Propagate new plants flora hybrids, seeds, cuttings, and more.
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All About Houseplants

Author : Susan M. Lammers
ISBN : 0897210026
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 35.37 MB
Format : PDF
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A comprehensive guide to all kinds of houseplants and how to cultivate them.
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The Complete Guide To Houseplants

Author : Valerie Bradley
ISBN : PSU:000059075950
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 31.68 MB
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Provides information for selecting and cultivating more than 250 different species of indoor plants, discussing such subjects as light and soil requirements, temperature, moisture, pest control, and propagation.
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Popular Houseplants

Author : Yvonne Deutch
ISBN : 1850511985
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 23.64 MB
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Toxicity Of Houseplants

Author : Spoerke
ISBN : 0849366550
Genre : Medical
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This comprehensive volume discusses the various classes of toxic substances found in plants, and includes a series of monographs on specific species. Filled with figures and illustrations, this important reference presents information on clinical effects, the various common and botanic names, specific or class of toxin, case reports, mechanism of action, and risk assessment. The easy-to-read text provides a glossary of terms along with photographs of selected species. Everyone who comes into contact with plants will want this one-of-a-kind monograph at their fingertips. This resourceful book informs the non-botanist as well as health care practitioners, gardeners, poison center specialists, and nurserymen of the possible risks involving exposures to specific indoor plants.
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Cheap And Easytm Houseplants

Author : Bernice Boughner
ISBN : 9780595400171
Genre : Gardening
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So you want to decorate every nook and cranny in every room of your home with foliage or flowers. Maybe you just want to take care of the dish garden, African violet, or green, leafy thing that used to have flowers. You got a plant for your anniversary, for Mother's Day or from the funeral and don't know what to do with it. I can help. Can you think of any other activity you can do, in any weather, twelve months a year, at any age, regardless of physical limitation, whether you live alone or with someone? Can you name any other living thing that has been proven, both medically and scientifically, to enhance your surroundings, decrease blood pressure and stress, while cleaning the very air you breathe? Whether you want to recreate the Puerto Rican rainforest in your living room or just add a few accents to spice up your decor, houseplants can do it all. You could move your teenager to the garage so you can use his bedroom as a greenhouse, and that might not be a bad idea. Transforming the second bathroom into your very own seed-starting hothouse is probably out of the question, but adding bloomin' color to the dining room table or a topiary to the buffet is a great first step that can lead to who knows where. You say you've always wanted an orchid? You'll find that they are not as difficult and mysterious as you thought. Yes, even you can raise an orchid! So how can houseplants create this wonderful environment in your home? It is both cheap and easy. You just need to know how, and that is what this book is all about."
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Author : Lisa Eldred Steinkopf
ISBN : 9781591866909
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 23.69 MB
Format : PDF
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What's the best way to nurture your green thumb when you don't have a yard or space? Houseplants! When you want to raise plants but just don’t have the space, then it’s time to turn to houseplants! Houseplants is the definitive guide to the millions of varieties that houseplants come in, and the different levels of maintenance, care and know-how they all require. Now is your chance to dive into this pleasant, no-yard-required hobby without the questions of which potting mix to try, what the right level of light you’ll need, or how to shift your plants as seasons change. Houseplants profiles more than 150 different plants, and gives you the best techniques to raise them to be happy, green, and healthy. And as you watch them grow, you can stimulate your inner botanist with the included information on each plant’s Latin family, varieties, bloom period, mature height, and other scientific specs.
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The Complete Houseplant Bible

Author : Peter McHoy
ISBN : 0754804690
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 39.72 MB
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There is an enormous variety of houseplants available today, but choosing the right plants and creating an environment in which they will thrive can be a daunting task. The Complete Houseplant Bible aims to overcome this with expert advice on achieving successful results every time.
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Indoor Plants

Author : Graham Clarke
ISBN : 0785829202
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 55.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Houseplants are back in vogue and this book is the perfect re-introduction. Expert advice on how to decorate with plants is followed by an exhaustive directory of 170 common species as well as a further 130 more unusual varieties. Fully illustrated throughout with color drawings and photography, Indoor Plants helps you select the most striking plants for any interior and has everything you need to know to keep them healthy and display your plants impressively. This book will help readers learn how to cope with plant pests and diseass, and expert tips on what to look for when buying indoor plants and ways to group plants to create striking effects. This book has everything you need to know about choosing and caring for houseplants in different parts of the home. An alphabetical charts featuring at-a-glance information on each plant's needs and preferred conditions, and the directories in this book feature more than 300 indoor plants. Plants are living ornaments that grow and develop, undergoing subtle changes through the seasons and presenting an ever-varying display. A thriving plant is a source of pride to its owner, and it imparts a feeling of well-being to any room.
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Houseplants For Dummies

Author : Larry Hodgson
ISBN : 0764551027
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 70.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Looking to bring some outside greenery indoors? Maybe you alreadyhave an indoor garden and are looking to create a botanicaljungle. Whatever the case may be, houseplants are an idealinexpensive way to beautify your dwelling. You’ll be rewardedwith purer air and you’re sure to enjoy watching your plantsprout, climb, and even flower. Of course, before you start working on crafting a greenhouse,you need to know what kinds of plants you can grown in your homeand which plants are best suited to your taste and style.Houseplants For Dummies introduces dozens of differentfoliage plants, flowering plants, cacti, and exotic varieties. Yourgreen thumb is sure to get even greener once you’ve readabout: Houseplant basics Identifying indoor microclimates Indoor plant “biographies” Differentiating between direct, indirect, and low light Watering needs Rules of fertilizing Temperature and growing cycles Houseplants For Dummies is packed with houseplant growingtechniques, tips, tricks, and even goes the extra mile with achapter devoted to the various ways you can display houseplants ifyou’re looking for some bragging rights! Whether you’renew to the world of houseplant basics or you’re a seasonedgardener, you’ll get the “inside dirt” on topicssuch as: Various potting soil mixes Preparing plants for indoor life Cleaning, pruning, and staking Propagating houseplants Dealing with pests and diseases Building your own controlled climate And much more The material is arranged into six clear and helpful sections:houseplant basics, houseplant profiles, growing essentials, pottedplant maintenance, houseplant settings, and valuableideas – each section helping you create your ownindoor forest. Even if you’re convinced you have ablack thumb, Houseplants For Dummies will have youliving among the green in no time!
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