Household Archaeology On The Northwest Coast

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Household Archaeology On The Northwest Coast

Author : Elizabeth A. Sobel
ISBN : 9781789201789
Genre : Social Science
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Since the late 1970s, household archaeology has become a key theoretical and methodological framework for research on the development of permanent social inequality and complexity, as well as for understanding the social, political and economic organization of chiefdoms and states. This volume is the cumulative result of more than a decade of research focusing on household archaeology as a means to gain understanding of the evolution of social complexity, regardless of underlying economy.
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Emerging From The Mist

Author : Quentin Mackie
ISBN : 9780774840477
Genre : Social Science
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Our understanding of the precontact nature of the Northwest Coast has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. This book brings together the most recent research on the culture history and archaeology of a region of longstanding anthropological importance, whose complex societies represent the most prominent examples of hunters and gatherers. Combining archaeology, ethnohistory, and ethnography, this collection investigates several aspects of this cultural complexity, carrying on the intellectual traditions of Donald H. Mitchell and Wayne Suttles.
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Journal Of Northwest Anthropology

Author : Darby C. Stapp
ISBN : 9781729504284
Genre : Social Science
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Fertility of First-Generation Japanese Immigrant Women in Seattle: The Influence of Ken Affiliation, Residential Location, and Employment Status by Akiko Nosaka and Donna Lockwood Leonetti Seasonal Sociopolitical Reversals and the Reinforcement of Autonomy and Fluidity among the Coast Salish by Emily Helmer Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A Spatial Database to Enhance Potential of Legacy Collections at the Washington State University Museum of Anthropology by William J. Damitio, Andrew Gillreath-Brown, and Shannon Tushingham Coast Salish Sweep ~ Tripling Chehalis Stories by Jay Miller The Hunting of Marine Animals and Fishing among the Natives of the Northwest Coast of America by Alphonse Louis Pinart, Translated by Richard L. Bland Abstracts from the 70th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Spokane, WA, 13–15 April 2017
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Chinook Resilience

Author : Jon D. Daehnke
ISBN : 9780295742274
Genre : Social Science
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The Chinook Indian Nation�whose ancestors lived along both shores of the lower Columbia River, as well as north and south along the Pacific coast at the river�s mouth�continue to reside near traditional lands. Because of its nonrecognized status, the Chinook Indian Nation often faces challenges in its efforts to claim and control cultural heritage and its own history and to assert a right to place on the Columbia River. Chinook Resilience is a collaborative ethnography of how the Chinook Indian Nation, whose land and heritage are under assault, continues to move forward and remain culturally strong and resilient. Jon Daehnke focuses on Chinook participation in archaeological projects and sites of public history as well as the tribe�s role in the revitalization of canoe culture in the Pacific Northwest. This lived and embodied enactment of heritage, one steeped in reciprocity and protocol rather than documentation and preservation of material objects, offers a tribally relevant, forward-looking, and decolonized approach for the cultural resilience and survival of the Chinook Indian Nation, even in the face of federal nonrecognition.Jon D. Daehnke
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The Prehistory Of Home

Author : Jerry D. Moore
ISBN : 9780520952133
Genre : Social Science
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Many animals build shelters, but only humans build homes. No other species creates such a variety of dwellings. Drawing examples from across the archaeological record and around the world, archaeologist Jerry D. Moore recounts the cultural development of the uniquely human imperative to maintain domestic dwellings. He shows how our houses allow us to physically adapt to the environment and conceptually order the cosmos, and explains how we fabricate dwellings and, in the process, construct our lives. The Prehistory of Home points out how houses function as symbols of equality or proclaim the social divides between people, and how they shield us not only from the elements, but increasingly from inchoate fear.
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Peoples Of The Northwest Coast

Author : Kenneth M. Ames
ISBN : 0500281106
Genre : History
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Extending some 1,400 miles from Alaska to northern California, America's Northwest Coast is one of the richest and most distinct cultural areas on earth. The region is famous for its magnificent art--masks, totem poles, woven blankets--produced by the world's most politically and economically complex hunters and gatherers. As this pioneering account shows, the history of settlement on the Northwest Coast stretches back some 11,000 years. With the stabilization of sea levels and salmon runs after 4000 B.C., many of the region's salient features began to emerge. Salmon fishing supported rapid population growth to a peak over 1,000 years ago. The spread of rain forest made available trees such as red cedar that could be turned into vast houses and seaworthy canoes. Large households and permanent villages emerged alongside slavery and a hereditary nobility. Warfare became epidemic, initially hand to hand but later characterized by the development of fortresses and the bow and arrow. Art evolved from simple carvings and geometric designs 5,000 years ago to the specialized crafts of the modern era. Written by noted experts and profusely illustrated, this is an essential reference for scholars and students of Native American archaeology and anthropology as well as travelers to the region.
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Prehistory Of North America

Author : Mark Sutton
ISBN : 9781317345237
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 73.15 MB
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A Prehistory of North America covers the ever-evolving understanding of the prehistory of North America, from its initial colonization, through the development of complex societies, and up to contact with Europeans. This book is the most up-to-date treatment of the prehistory of North America. In addition, it is organized by culture area in order to serve as a companion volume to “An Introduction to Native North America.” It also includes an extensive bibliography to facilitate research by both students and professionals.
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The Prehistory Of The Northwest Coast

Author : R. G. Matson
ISBN : 9781598744590
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 52.12 MB
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This volume provides a descriptive overview of the cultural complexity on the northwest coast that stretches from northern California to Alaska. Topics covered range from the earliest settlements to the subsequent cultural diversities in Native American populations. Maps, charts, and illustrations further enhance the book's interest and appeal.
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People And Plants In Ancient Western North America

Author : Paul E. Minnis
ISBN : 0816502234
Genre : Science
File Size : 85.70 MB
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"The environmental diversity of western North America is astounding: from the wind-scoured tundra of the high mountains to the seemingly desolate lowland deserts. No less remarkable is the record of plant usage by the various indigenous peoples who have been living there for more than twelve millennia. For the vast majority of this time, their livelihood, food, shelter, fuel, and medicine depended on their knowledge and use of the plants that surrounded them. The most comprehensive overview in more than half a century on the interconnectedness of people and plants, this book and its companion volume, People and Plants in Ancient Eastern North America, present the latest information on three major topics: the uses of native plants, the history of crops and their uses, and the impact of humans on their environment. They not only contribute to our understanding of the lives of prehistoric people but also serve as guides for designing sustainable living today."--NHBS Environment Bookstore.
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El Mir N Cave Cantabrian Spain

Author : Lawrence Guy Straus
ISBN : 0826351484
Genre : Social Science
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Though known as a site since 1903, El Mirón Cave in the Cantabrian Mountains of northern Spain remained unexcavated until a team from the universities of New Mexico and Cantabria began ongoing excavations in 1996. This large, deeply stratified cave allowed the team to apply cutting-edge techniques of excavation, recording, and multidisciplinary analysis in the meticulous study of a site that has become a new reference sequence for the classic Cantabrian region. The excavations uncovered the long history of human occupation of the cave, extending from the end of the Middle Paleolithic, through the Upper Paleolithic, up to the modern era. This volume comprehensively describes the background information on the setting, the site, the chronology, and the sedimentology. It then focuses on the biological and archaeological records of the Holocene levels pertaining to Mesolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Bronze Age. Archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians will be drawn to this study and its extensive findings, dated by some seventy-five radiocarbon assays.
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Foundations Of Chumash Complexity

Author : Jeanne E. Arnold
ISBN : 9781938770197
Genre : History
File Size : 39.99 MB
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This volume highlights the latest research on the foundations of sociopolitical complexity in coastal California. The populous maritime societies of southern California, particularly the groups known collectively as the Chumash, have gone largely unrecognized as prototypical complex hunter-gatherers, only recently beginning to emerge from the shadow of their more celebrated counterparts on the Northwest Coast of North America. While Northwest cultures are renowned for such complex institutions as ceremonial potlatches, slavery, cedar plank-house villages, and rich artistic traditions, the Chumash are increasingly recognized as complex hunter-gatherers with a different set of organizational characteristics: ascribed chiefly leadership, a strong maritime economy based on oceangoing canoes, an integrative ceremonial system, and intensive and highly specialized craft production activities. Chumash sites provide some of the most robust data on these subjects available in the Americas. Contributors present stimulating new analyses of household and village organization, ceremonial specialists, craft specializations and settlement data, cultural transmission processes, bead manufacturing practices, watercraft, and the acquisition of prized marine species.
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The Organization Of Production Among Sedentary Foragers Of The Southern Pacific Northwest Coast

Author : Cameron McPherson Smith
ISBN : UOM:39015069038027
Genre : History
File Size : 50.28 MB
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"The study of Canadian northwest coast complex foragers, and particularly those of the Greater Lower Columbia River region, assists general anthropology and anthropological archaeology in several ways: it identifies material correlates of one example of complex foragers, which may be useful in other analytical contexts, it assist in understanding the origins of inequality on the Northwest Coast and elsewhere by describing the precontact organization of labour, and it also assists in the understanding of how the unique sedentary foragers of the Lower Columbia region were economically organized in the early-contact period, partially as a test of the accuracy of historical reports. This report investigates the relationship between the organization of labourand usewear and artefact distributions from the floor areas of three aboriginal plank houses excavated in the Greater Lower Columbia River region. These houses date to the late precontact/early contact period, from ca. 1400 AD to 1830 AD. Lithic usewear analysis on tools excavated from these houses was used to identify the range and nature of extractive and maintenance activities carried out within the houses during occupation."--Publisher's web site.
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Pathways To Resilience

Author : Daniel L. Bottom
ISBN : MINN:31951D030673351
Genre : Pacific salmon
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Annual Review Of Anthropology

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015032004825
Genre : Anthropology
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Annual compilation of critical articles from all areas of the discipline of anthropology.
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Oregon Historical Quarterly

Author : Oregon Historical Society
ISBN : UCR:31210022046104
Genre : Northwest, Pacific
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