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Honoring The Code

Author : Matt Barton
ISBN : 9781466567542
Genre : Computers
File Size : 88.22 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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If you want to be successful in any area of game development—game design, programming, graphics, sound, or publishing—you should know how standouts in the industry approach their work and address problems. In Honoring the Code: Conversations with Great Game Designers, 16 groundbreaking game developers share their stories and offer advice for anyone aspiring to a career in the games industry. You’ll learn from their triumphs and failures and see how they dealt with sweeping changes in technology, including critical paradigm shifts from CD-ROMs and 3D graphic cards to the Internet and mobile revolution. The book presents in-depth interviews with a diverse mix of game professionals, emphasizing the makers of adventure games, role-playing games, and real-time strategies. It focuses on developers who have contributed to multiple eras or genres as well as those who have hired, taught, or mentored newcomers. Since the mobile revolution has opened up new demographics and new gameplay mechanics, the book features current developers of games for mobile devices. It also explores how indie game developers are making commercial-quality games with a small team mostly using free tools and funded with crowdsourcing applications. While there are plenty of resources available for aspiring game developers to learn the necessary technical skills, there is hardly any historical material on the culture that made the games industry possible. Filling the void, this book provides a historical and cultural context for the games industry. It takes you into the minds of the pioneers who blazed the trails and established the industry as we know it today.
Category: Computers

Honor Code

Author : Hugh H. Evans
ISBN : 9781635050363
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 23.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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It's spring, 1969. Gary and Priscilla, graduating high school seniors, consider the precepts of their classical education against the alluring "freedom" of the war-driven radical counter culture. Conversation leads to romance, indiscretion, and crises when Gary faces expulsion from boarding school for allegedly violating the Honor Code. Gary's apparent guilt plays into the hands of his corrupt uncle, who seeks to solidify his control over the family fortune by using Gary's ''moral turpitude'' to eliminate him from serving as a co-trustee. Gary, Priscilla, family, and friends are forced to make moral decisions in the reality of life, rather than in theory. Readers of any age will not soon forget this coming-of-age story that conjures up nostalgia as well as heavy implications for the modern generation and beyond.
Category: Fiction

Swashbuckling Faith

Author : Tim Wesemann
ISBN : 9780307562494
Genre : Religion
File Size : 33.31 MB
Format : PDF
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Pirates, Patches, and Parrots! What unexpected markers do you find along your faith journey, ones that lead you closer to God? In Swashbuckling Faith , author and former pastor Tim Wesemann helps you find surprising doorways to God’s truth in the scenes and dialogue of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Created merely to entertain, these movies find Captain Jack Sparrow and his cohorts unintentionally leaving behind traces of truth ready to be explored and expanded in light of the Bible. Wesemann springboards from these glimpses to explore scriptural lessons on faith, prayer, contentment, spiritual warfare, forgiveness, hope, and much more. When your biblical perception starts finding treasures of truth in popular culture and everyday occurrences, you’ll set sail for the adventure of a lifetime! “Captain Jack Sparrow, if you please, sir.” Captain Jack Sparrow (that’s Johnny Depp, to you lovers of cinema) is the charming pirate in the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies that buried Hollywood in gold. The films captured imaginations young and old, but now Tim Wesemann invites you to depart on an even greater adventure—for real! Following the treasure map of God’s Word, this dangerous exploration will reveal priceless gems of not-so-buried, no-so-pirate booty! You’ll uncover hidden traces of truth and priceless pearls of faith. Lessons on prayer, contentment, spiritual warfare, forgiveness, and hope will awaken you to messages your true Captain is conveying all around you. Because even a pirate movie, looked at through new lenses, can point the way to tangible riches of biblical truth. “Funny and whimsical with just a touch of sheer insanity.” Dr. Timothy Paul Jones Pastor and author of Finding God in a Galaxy Far, Far Away “Shiver me timbers! As a parent of teens and preteens, I can’t wait to share these briny depths of faith and inspiration with my family!” Tricia Goyer Award-winning author of Life Interrupted “A veritable treasure trove of wisdom and piratey-good fun that’s not only entertaining to read, but draws you closer to God.” Mike Nappa Bestselling and award-winning author “Swashbuckling Faith is a fresh, funny, and surprisingly rich book that falls somewhere between a devotional and a pirate manual.” Dave Meurer Author of If You Want Breakfast in Bed, Sleep in the Kitchen “Full of life-changing, priceless gems from God’s Word. You’ll be ‘hooked!’” Rhonda Rhea Radio personality, humor columnist, author of Who Put the Cat in the Fridge Story Behind the Book Tim Wesemann is not a pirate, nor does he act as one on TV. While “swashbuckler” may not appear on his resume, he loves exploring for biblical treasure and often discovers it where you might least expect it—including a secular movie with pirates who pillage, plunder, and pilfer. Even scenes and dialogue from Pirates of the Caribbean served to help grow his faith in God. While the movie is a favorite in the Wesemann household, Tim also draws from past experiences as a pastor and his present insights as a fulltime Christian author and speaker.
Category: Religion

The Honor Code

Author : Byron Rivers
ISBN : 9781457548345
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 67.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Four boys grow up in the streets of Detroit and want to make a difference, but their first attempt at protecting society from harm leaves them broken and defeated. Through the guidance of their leader, Javier Tate, they learn to master the art of war. They remain close as they grow into manhood, but after college all go their separate ways. Javier joins the Navy and becomes a highly decorated SEAL. Gilbert Gist, a Christian, becomes a Secret Service Agent. Allan Peoples becomes a Marine platoon leader while Jordan Flood, roguish and streetwise, joins the C.I.A. After eighteen years apart it’s time to reunite when Javier marries his college sweetheart. They all anticipate a week of fun and leisure when they finally meet up again, but plans change when Gilbert is called to guard Roosevelt Hunter, the 46th President of the United States. Three months in office have yielded two attempts on his life, and innocent people like Zach Winfrey are languishing in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. Javier senses foul play and is itching to come out of retirement, but solving this huge conspiracy requires the talents of each other. For Javier it’s personal, for Jordan its pride, for Gilbert it’s a calling, but Allan has fought enough. Despite varying motivations they go on their first mission to defeat the culprits, and all are pushed to the limit while attempting to stop a cynical world order from taking root. Iron sharpens iron in the process, but one carries a dark secret that can’t be revealed to anyone.
Category: Fiction

Code Of Honor

Author : Ashish Raichur
Genre : Religion
File Size : 55.75 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ethics has to do with moral code, values and principles. While a code of conduct can be discussed and documented, the standards of ethics itself does not provide the power to keep them. The power to adhere to moral values and principles comes from within each individual. As Christian ministers, our power to walk morally upright comes from our dependence on the Lord Himself and through the grace He provides. No code of conduct, no teaching on ethics, no wise counsel or set of guidelines can help a Christian minister who does not take his/her personal walk with God seriously. In the Church today, where many of us are pressing in to more of the manifestation of God's power, anointing, signs and wonders, miracles and healIngs, prophetic and the supernatural - a call to godly standards of life and conduct may not be very popular. Preachers and ministers are sought after, mom for what they can manifest in one hour behind the pulpit, than for the life they live off it. It is time for us as ministers of Christ to re-establish standards of serving "God acceptably with reverence and godly fear." (Hebrews 12:28). That is what this book is about - an easy-to-read collection of ethical values, godly standards and practical wisdom for men and women in Christian ministry. Your life and ministry is sure to be enriched, if you will read this book. This book will be a useful resource for Bible Colleges, Seminaries, Bible Training Centers and wherever men and women are being trained for Christian ministry. This will also be a good handbook to teach at Pastors' Conferences and Seminars. Pastors and other ministry leaders will find it useful to use this resource as they train and prepare their ministry teams.
Category: Religion

All In

Author : Suzanne McCray
ISBN : 9781610755283
Genre : Education
File Size : 22.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The world of national and international scholarships is more competitive than ever. Top students from across the county vie for a limited number of awards that provide the funding needed to participate in elite programs that can help launch the careers of those who receive the recognition. Scholarship foundation leaders have an insider’s view of the selection process, and experienced advisors prepare students to navigate applications and interviews. Both perspectives are represented here in this new collection emphasizing the importance of engaging a diverse group of students, institutions, and programs in the process as well as expanding the educational experience for students as they apply so that everyone benefits, no matter what the outcome.
Category: Education

Transformers And Philosophy

Author : John R. Shook
ISBN : 9780812698145
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 39.43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Transformers began with toys and a cartoon series in 1984 and has since grown to include comic books, movies, and video games — its science fiction story has reached an audience with a wide range second only to that of Star Wars. Here, in Transformers and Philosophy, a dream team of philosophers pursues the fascinating questions posed by humankind’s encounter with an artificially intelligent mechanical civilization: Is genuine artificial intelligence possible? Would a robotic civilization come with its own morality and artistic life, and would it find a need for romantic love? Should we be more careful about developing robots that may eventually develop ideas of their own? Transformers and Philosophy puts Transformers under a microscope and exposes its philosophical implications in an instantly readable way.
Category: Philosophy

Cop Culture

Author : L. Scott Silverii, PhD
ISBN : 9781482221046
Genre : Computers
File Size : 74.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sworn to protect and serve, police officers who stray into deviant behavior may become a citizen’s worst nightmare. A thoughtful examination of the formal and informal process of becoming blue, Cop Culture: Why Good Cops Go Bad is a unique combination of academic research based on Chief Scott Silverii’s doctoral dissertation and more than two decades in law enforcement. The book seeks to answer the ultimate question: why do good cops become bad cops? Demonstrating the highly seductive and overwhelmingly influential culture of policing, the book presents interviews and observations by officers from across the country that explore how individuals may devolve into an aberrant subcultural fraternity. Chief Silverii explains the damaging effects upon the officers’ personal lives as they segregate from social and moral anchors and attach themselves to a lifestyle that may eventually bump up to criminality. Against the backdrop of the principles for organizational theory, acculturation, occupational socialization, and group culture, practical examples from real-life officers explain abstract ideals such as the "thin blue line" and the "code of silence." This book is the first of its kind to combine an anthropological ethnography examining policing’s cultural expectancies with real-life experiences. By exploring the subculture of policing in vivid detail, it exposes the causes behind the separation from organizational ideals and a false status of detrimental hegemonic entitlement. Chief Silverii’s covert participant observations, semi-structured interviews, meta-analysis of relevant literature, and personal experiences provide readers with a scintillating panorama of this pervasive, destructive process. Chief Silverii also offers practical, proven solutions for creating a culture of change based on accountable, productive public service. Chief Silverii was interviewed in January 2014 by TV station WAFB in Thibodaux, Louisiana.
Category: Computers

Locke And Rousseau

Author : Laurie M. Johnson
ISBN : 9780739147870
Genre : History
File Size : 58.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Johnson continues her analysis of the place of honor in modernity with a close examination of honor s treatment by two Enlightenment philosophers: Locke and Rousseau, concluding that Enlightenment thought is inherently problematic when it comes to developing moral obligation. Political scientists, students of philosophy, and communitarians alike will find intriguing questions in this book, which calls on us to recognize the flaws of the Enlightenment liberalism that not only determines how we govern ourselves, but how we think about our family, society, and economy."
Category: History