Honor Vengeance And Social Trouble

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Honor Vengeance And Social Trouble

Author : Peter Arnade
ISBN : 9780801455759
Genre : History
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Among the more intriguing documentary sources from late medieval Europe are pardon letters—petitions sent by those condemned for serious crimes to monarchs and princes in France and the Low Countries in the hopes of receiving a full pardon. The fifteenth-century Burgundian Low Countries and duchy of Burgundy produced a large cache of these petitions, from both major cities (Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, and Dijon) and rural communities. In Honor, Vengeance, and Social Trouble, Peter Arnade and Walter Prevenier present the first study in English of these letters to explore and interrogate the boundaries between these sources’ internal, discursive properties and the social world beyond the written text. Honor, Vengeance, and Social Trouble takes the reader out onto the streets and into the taverns, homes, and workplaces of the Burgundian territories, charting the most pressing social concerns of the day: everything from family disputes and vendettas to marital infidelity and property conflicts—and, more generally, the problems of public violence, abduction and rape, and the role of honor and revenge in adjudicating disputes. Arnade and Prevenier examine why the right to pardon was often enacted by the Burgundian dukes and how it came to compete with more traditional legal means of resolving disputes. In addition, they consider the pardon letter as a historical source, highlighting the limitations and pitfalls of relying on documents that are, by their very nature, narratives shaped by the petitioner to seek a favored outcome. The book also includes a detailed case study of a female actress turned prostitute. An example of microhistory at its best, Honor, Vengeance, and Social Trouble will challenge scholars while being accessible to students in courses on medieval and early modern Europe or on historiography.
Category: History

The Benefits Of Peace Private Peacemaking In Late Medieval Italy

Author : Glenn Kumhera
ISBN : 9789004341111
Genre : History
File Size : 41.93 MB
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In The Benefits of Peace Glenn Kumhera offers the first comprehensive examination of private peacemaking in late medieval Italy, from its critical role in criminal justice to what it reveals about honor, vengeance, gender, preaching and reconciliation.
Category: History

Medieval Crime And Social Control

Author : Barbara Hanawalt
ISBN : 0816631697
Genre : Social Science
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Crime is a matter of interpretation, and never was this truer than in he Middle Ages, when societies faced with new ideas and pressures were continually forced to rethink what a crime was -- and what was a crime. This collection undertakes a thorough exploration of shifting definitions of crime and changing attitudes toward social control in medieval Europe. These essays reveal how various forces in medieval society interacted and competed in interpreting and influencing mechanisms for social control. Drawing on a wide range of historical and literary sources -- legal treatises, court cases, statutes, poems, romances, and comic tales -- the contributors consider topics including fear of crime, rape and violence against women, revenge and condemnations of crime, learned dispute about crime and social control, and legal and political struggles over hunting rights.
Category: Social Science

Revenge And Social Conflict

Author : Kit Christensen
ISBN : 9781107174610
Genre : History
File Size : 42.71 MB
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An in-depth philosophical study of the nature and immorality of revenge.
Category: History

Larry Brown And The Blue Collar South

Author : Jean W. Cash
ISBN : 1934110752
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 49.71 MB
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This book considers the writer's full body of work, placing it in the contexts of southern literature, Mississippi writing, and literary work about the working class. Collectively, the essays explore such subjects as Brown's treatment of class politics, race and racism, the aftereffects of the Vietnam War on American culture, the evolution of the South from a plantation-based economy to a post-industrial one, and male-female relations.--[book cover].
Category: Literary Collections

Honor And Vengeance

Author : James Wollrab
ISBN : 9780595384945
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.21 MB
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On the table before him spread an embroidered cloth bearing images he had seen before. There was a fire burning at the center, its flames reaching toward the sky. Dancing about the fire were three winged beasts representing Life and Time and Fate. As he studied the figures, they began moving back and forth in rhythm to some unheard musical beat. The beasts seemed to mesmerize him as he tried to glance at his watch, but Stephen couldn't see the hands or the dial. He wasn't even sure his watch was with him. Suddenly, the room became too dark to see anything except the glowing eyes of the old woman and the objects on the table before him. Nevertheless, he sensed that the waiting was finally over. The old woman's arm reached out ever so slowly, and her hand pushed the deck of cards toward him. Without a word, she then withdrew her arm back under the shawl. The fact that no words were spoken did not seem unusual to him. There obviously was no need for words.
Category: Fiction

Women And Revenge In Shakespeare

Author : Marguerite A. Tassi
ISBN : 9781575911311
Genre : Drama
File Size : 64.87 MB
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Can there be a virtue in vengeance? Can revenge do ethical work? Can revenge be the obligation of women? This wide-ranging literary study looks at Shakespeare's women and finds bold answers to questions such as these. A surprising number of Shakespeare's female characters respond to moral outrages by expressing a strong desire for vengeance. This book's analysis of these characters and their circumstances offers incisive critical perceptions of feminine anger, ethics, and agency and challenges our assumptions about the role of gender in revenge. In this provocative book, Marguerite A. Tassi counters longstanding critical opinions on revenge: that it is the sole province of men in Western literature and culture, that it is a barbaric, morally depraved, irrational instinct, and that it is antithetical to justice. Countless examples have been mined from Shakespeare's dramas to reveal women's profound concerns with revenge and justice, honor and shame, crime and punishment. In placing the critical focus on avenging women, this book significantly redresses a gender imbalance in scholarly treatments of revenge, particularly in early modern literature.
Category: Drama

Rereading Huizinga

Author : Peter Arnade
ISBN : 9789048534098
Genre : History
File Size : 27.68 MB
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This edited volume is a reappraisal of the legacy and historiographical impact of Johan Huizinga's 1919 masterwork for the centenary of its publication in the field of medieval history, art history, and cultural studies.
Category: History

Vengeance In The Middle Ages

Author : Asst Prof Susanna A Throop
ISBN : 9781409480631
Genre : History
File Size : 85.11 MB
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This volume aims to balance the traditional literature available on medieval feuding with an exploration of other aspects of vengeance and culture in the Middle Ages. A diverse assortment of interdisciplinary essays from scholars in Europe and North America contest or enlarge traditional approaches to and interpretations of vengeance in the Middle Ages. Each essay attempts to clarify the multifaceted experience of vengeance within a specific medieval context—a particular region, a particular text, a particular social movement. By asking what relationship a distinct factor like authorship or religion has with the concept of vengeance, each author points towards the breadth of meanings of medieval vengeance, and to the heart of the deeper and broader questions that spur scholarly interest in the subject. Geographically, the essays in the volume highlight Western Europe (particularly the Anglo-Norman world), Scotland, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal. Thematically, the essays are concerned with heroic cultures of vengeance, vengeance as a legal and political tool, Christian justification and expression of vengeance, literature and the distinction between discourse and reality, and the emotions of vengeance. Methodologically, these interdisciplinary studies incorporate tools borrowed from anthropology, the study of emotion, and modern social and literary theories. This volume is aimed at professional scholars and graduate students within the broad field of medieval studies, including the subfields of history, literature, and religious studies, and is intended to inspire further research on medieval vengeance. However, this collection will also prove interesting to non-medievalists interested in the history of emotion, the justification of human conflict, and the concept of feud and its applicability to specific historical periods.
Category: History

Honor History And Relationship

Author : Stephen Darwall
ISBN : 9780191639593
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 80.41 MB
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In Honor, History, and Relationship Stephen Darwall explores the idea of a second-personal framework for morality and its foundations, in which we are committed to morality by presuppositions that are inescapable when we relate to others (person to person). He expands on the argument set forth in The Second-Person Standpoint to explore the second-personal framework in three further settings. The first concerns a fundamental difference between the form that respect and the concept of person take in honor cultures, on the one hand, and the shape these assume in morality conceived as equal accountability, on the other. One essay explores this difference directly while others investigate related themes of justice versus retaliation and vengeance for insult and injury to honor, including in the writings of Adam Smith and Nietzsche on ressentiment. A second setting concerns the role of second-personal ideas in the development of a distinctively "modern" moral philosophy, beginning in seventeenth-century Europe. Two essays here discuss the centrality of second-personal notions in two formative modern natural law theorists: Grotius and Pufendorf. And two others concentrate on the role of reciprocal recognition in Kant and Fichte, respectively. A third group of essays treat the second-personal structure of interpersonal relations. There are three essays in this group: one on promising as a second-personal transaction between promiser and promisee, a second on what it is to be with another person, and a third on the role of second-personal standing in personal relationships.
Category: Philosophy

Conflict And Multimodal Communication

Author : Francesca D'Errico
ISBN : 9783319140810
Genre : Computers
File Size : 43.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book explores the use of technology to detect, predict and understand social cues, in order to analyze and prevent conflict. Traditional human sciences approaches are enriched with the latest developments in Social Signal Processing aimed at an automatic understanding of conflict and negotiation. Communication—both verbal and non-verbal, within the context of a conflict—is studied with the aim of promoting the use of intelligent machines that automatically measure and understand the escalation of conflict, and are able to manage it, in order to support the negotiation process. Particular attention is paid to the integration of human sciences findings with computational approaches, from the application of correct methodologies for the collection of valid data to the development of computational approaches inspired by research on verbal and multimodal communication. In the words of the trade unionist Pierre Carniti, "We should reevaluate conflict, since without conflict there is no social justice." With this in mind, this volume does not approach conflict simply as an obstacle to be overcome, but as a concept to be fully analyzed. The philosophical, linguistic and psychological aspects of conflict, once understood, can be used to promote conflict management as a means for change and social justice.
Category: Computers

Vengeance In Medieval Europe

Author : Daniel Lord Smail
ISBN : 9781442601260
Genre : History
File Size : 31.79 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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How did medieval society deal with private justice, with grudges, and with violent emotions? This ground-breaking reader collects for the first time a number of unpublished or difficult-to-find texts that address violence and emotion in the Middle Ages. The sources collected here illustrate the power and reach of the language of vengeance in medieval European society. They span the early, high, and later middle ages, and capture a range of perspectives including legal sources, learned commentaries, narratives, and documents of practice. Though social elites necessarily figure prominently in all medieval sources, sources concerning relatively low-status individuals and sources pertaining to women are included. The sources range from saints' lives that illustrate the idea of vengeance to later medieval court records concerning vengeful practices. A secondary goal of the collection is to illustrate the prominence of mechanisms for peacemaking in medieval European society. The introduction traces recent scholarly developments in the study of vengeance and discusses the significance of these concepts for medieval political and social history.
Category: History

Crusading As An Act Of Vengeance 1095 1216

Author : Asst Prof Susanna A Throop
ISBN : 9781409482116
Genre : History
File Size : 38.48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Only recently have historians of the crusades begun to seriously investigate the presence of the idea of crusading as an act of vengeance, despite its frequent appearance in crusading sources. Understandably, many historians have primarily concentrated on non-ecclesiastical phenomena such as feuding, purportedly a component of "secular" culture and the interpersonal obligations inherent in medieval society. This has led scholars to several assumptions regarding the nature of medieval vengeance and the role that various cultures of vengeance played in the crusading movement. This monograph revises those assumptions and posits a new understanding of how crusading was conceived as an act of vengeance in the context of the twelfth and early thirteenth centuries. Through textual analysis of specific medieval vocabulary it has been possible to clarify the changing course of the concept of vengeance in general as well as the more specific idea of crusading as an act of vengeance. The concept of vengeance was intimately connected with the ideas of justice and punishment. It was perceived as an expression of power, embedded in a series of commonly understood emotional responses, and also as an expression of orthodox Christian values. There was furthermore a strong link between religious zeal, righteous anger, and the vocabulary of vengeance. By looking at these concepts in detail, and in the context of current crusading methodologies, fresh vistas are revealed that allow for a better understanding of the crusading movement and those who "took the cross," with broader implications for the study of crusading ideology and twelfth-century spirituality in general.
Category: History

Perspectives On Social Problems

Author : James A. Holstein
ISBN : 1559385596
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 29.92 MB
Format : PDF
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Offering different perspectives on social problems, this volume covers: rhetoric in the debate over Asian American student admissions; discourses of abortion among pro-choice women; asylums and the social control of the mentally ill; the politics of antiwar protest; and homicides by women.
Category: Social Science

Who Am I

Author : Steven Reiss
ISBN : 1101218479
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 30.78 MB
Format : PDF
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What do we want? What makes us tick? From acceptance to vengeance to curiosity, this book explains the 16 basic and universal desires that shape our behavior—and shows how the ways we prioritize them determines our personalities. Grounded in up-to-date psychological research, this book can help parents comprehend their children’s needs and behavior couples understand each other better employers motivate their employees employees become more effective in their work YOU achieve greater satisfaction and happiness in life
Category: Psychology

Tournaments Of Power

Author : Tor Aase
ISBN : UOM:39015055078599
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 71.73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Thirty years ago, modernization theory contended that notions of honor would become obsolete in modern democracies. Being an archaic remnant of our pre-modern past, honor would be substituted by dignity under modern conditions. When honor does emerge as a valid social theme in modern society, as it sometimes does during court hearings, in gang fights, and in violent reactions to insult, it is often ascribed to immigration from pre-modern cultures where honor still matters in social life. Thus honor becomes part of the cultural baggage that is transfered to the host country through migration. However, the fact that highly modern social formations like MC gangs are also obsessed with honor seriously questions the validity of classical modernization theories. It seems that honor is not just a pre-modern weed in a modern garden of dignity, but an integral part of modernity. Since honor emerges under pre-modern as well as under modern conditions, it is relevant to ask under which circumstances it becomes a theme in interaction. Blurring the distinction between the modern and the pre-modern in this manner allows us to ask what honor is really all about. Containing a wealth of international contributions from Scandinavia, USA, Mexico, Kurdistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Japan, Tournaments of Power provides first-hand ethnographic accounts and important answers to these vital questions.
Category: Social Science

The Virtues Of Vengeance

Author : Peter A. French
ISBN : UOM:39015050472524
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 69.91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"In the course of his study of vengeance as a moral concept, French exposes important distinctions between types of moral theories (karmic and non-karmic) and between people who are morally handicapped and those who are morally challenged. He examines concepts relevant to vengeance, such as honor, moral authority, and evil, and issues such as the rationality of revenge and proportionality in punishment."--BOOK JACKET.
Category: Philosophy