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The Power Of Honest Medicine

Author : Julia Schopick
ISBN : 0982969031
Genre :
File Size : 89.33 MB
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This book is about Low Dose Natlrexone, a low-cost treatment for autoimmune diseases such Crohn's, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Lupus, etc. There are patient contributions from the US, UK and Europe

Honest Medicine

Author : Burton M. Berkson
ISBN : 0982969007
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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This resource introduces four lifesaving treatments that have been effectively treating--and in some cases curing--people who have autoimmune diseases, pediatric epilepsy, terminal liver disease and some cancers, and non-healing wounds.
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The Honest Toddler

Author : The Honest Toddler
ISBN : 9781409129301
Genre : Humor
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A laugh-out-loud funny parenting guide from the Honest Toddler, the Internet's most infamous tot, whose unchecked sense of entitlement and undeniable charm on the Honest Toddler blog and on Twitter @HonestToddler have captivated hundreds of thousands of fans online. Are you a confused parent to a toddler? Are you constantly disappointing the small child in your life? This book can help you become a better servant/parent to the toddler at the heart of your world. You'll learn about everything from meal preparation (hint: just put the crackers on a plate), play date etiquette (don't touch. Just don't.), to how time-outs make you look like a fool. The Honest Toddler says a firm 'NO' to popular, fashionable parenting trends and instead embraces the big questions: Who Does Mommy Belong To? How Can You Prevent Siblings? And Sleep and Weaning Yourself Off it.
Category: Humor

Honest Nutrition

Author : Ira Edwards
ISBN : 9781425197322
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 70.86 MB
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Honest Nutrition is an attempt to do what textbooks and hundreds of diet books do not. Nutrition textbooks do not tell you that this science is in its infancy, nor how many "scientific" claims are open to question, based on faulty research or simple hunches. If they include some of the biochemical and physiological context of nutrition, they still omit financial, social and political aspects. After attempting to understand the prejudice against vitamins and supplements among the industrial-medical-political Big Brother (IMP-BB) and the lack of evidence for most alternatives, there is still some useful information. Opposing philosophies are denoted as SUPR (SUrgery-PRescription orientation) and UTHR (Unconventional Therapies, Herbal Remedies.) Honest Nutrition uses a large alphabetical section to give easy access to useful information about many diseases and nutritional therapies. Honest Nutrition includes information about hormone resistance diseases, cryptic infections as a cause of "unknown etiology" diseases, and the effect of nutrition on behavior and criminality. Some claims: 1. Obesity always involves hormones, sometimes with positive-feedback loops, which is why "Just eat less and exercise" seldom works. 2. A major factor in arterial disease is viscous blood, resulting in part from a lack of omega-3 fat. Cholesterol lowering does not help. 3. Some heart attacks may be due to hormonal effects, involving the hormone ouabain, and preventable with an extract of the herb strophanthus. 4. Many, or most North Americans suffer serious lack of nutrients: vitamin D, magnesium, and plant nutrients. The author challenges the medical establishment to examine their doctrines and learn how to help people suffering from nutritional diseases. Many technical terms are included. The non-scientific reader is asked to skip over these, to gain a useful knowledge of nutrition.
Category: Health & Fitness

An Honest Enemy

Author : Paul Magid
ISBN : 9780806167039
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 32.48 MB
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Over the course of his military career, George Crook developed empathy and admiration for American Indians both as foes and as allies. As Paul Magid has demonstrated in the previous two volumes of his groundbreaking biography, this experience prepared Crook well for his metamorphosis from Indian fighter to outspoken advocate of Indian rights. An Honest Enemy is the third and final volume of Magid’s account of George Crook’s life and involvement in the Indian wars. Using rarely tapped information, including Crook’s own diaries, the work documents in dramatic detail the general’s arduous and dangerous campaigns against the Chiricahua Apaches and their leader Geronimo, action that forms a backdrop to the transformation in the general’s role vis-à-vis Native Americans. In a story by turns harrowing and tragic, Magid details the plight of Indians who, in the aftermath of their defeat, were consigned to reservations too barren to sustain them, where they were subjected to impoverishment, indifference, and in many cases, outright corruption. With growing anger, Crook watched as many tribes faced death from starvation and disease and, unwilling to passively accept their fate, desperately sought to flee their reservations and return to their homelands. Charged with the grim task of returning the Indians to such conditions, Crook was forced to choose between fulfilling his duties as a soldier and his humanitarian values. Magid describes Crook’s struggle to reconcile these conflicting concerns while promoting policies he regarded as essential to the welfare of the Indians in the face of a hostile public, jealous fellow officers, and an unsympathetic government that regarded his efforts as quixotic and misguided. Here is a tale that readers will not soon forget.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Faces Of Medicine

Author : W.J. van der Steen
ISBN : 9789400913974
Genre : Medical
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1. MEDICINE Illness, disease and disability plague man in every culture. But the form they take is not the same everywhere. Neither is man's reaction. Coping strategies, and the experience and knowledge backing them, depend very much on cultural setting. So medicine, the fabric of strategy and know ledge, can only be understood in the context of culture. In western society today, severe judgements are passed on medicine. Its store of knowledge and experience, and its repertory of strategies, have grown immensely during the last few decades. But it hardly alleviates dominant ailments, especially chronic diseases, diseases of old age and disturbances of social and mental functioning. We know that these ailments have come to the fore as the incidence of more "primitive" diseases declined in industrial societies. Infant deaths, and malnutrition and infections striking at young age, have dwindled to marginal significance in Western Europe and life expectancy at birth is twice that of some 150 years ago. Thus our new troubles are connected with past successes.
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Truth Trust And Medicine

Author : Jennifer C. Jackson
ISBN : 0415185475
Genre : Medical
File Size : 43.40 MB
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Truth, Trust and Medicine investigates trust and honesty in medicine. It looks at the doctor-patient relationship, raising questions which disturb notions of patients' autonomy and self-determination, such as withholding information and consent and covert surveillance in care units. It will be of interest to those working in medical ethics and applied philosophy, and a valuable resource for practitioners of medicine.
Category: Medical

Truth Trust And Medicine

Author : Jennifer Jackson
ISBN : 9781134666447
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 74.16 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Truth, Trust and Medicine investigates trust and honesty in medicine. It looks at the doctor-patient relationship, raising questions which disturb notions of patients' autonomy and self-determination, such as withholding information and consent and covert surveillance in care units. It will be of interest to those working in medical ethics and applied philosophy, and a valuable resource for practitioners of medicine.
Category: Philosophy

Encyclopedia Of Nursing Research Third Edition

Author : Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN
ISBN : 9780826107510
Genre : Medical
File Size : 44.35 MB
Format : PDF
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Named a 2013 Doody's Essential Purchase! Named a "Choice Outstanding Academic Title" for 2007 and an "AJN Book of the Year" The award-winning Encyclopedia of Nursing Research, now in its third edition, is the comprehensive resource for tracking developments in the field. With over 20 new areas of research, and meticulous updates of original entries, the encyclopedia presents key terms and concepts and their application to practice. Pithy entries provide the most relevant and current research perspectives, and will be a starting point for future content and references. Nurse researchers, educators, students, and all clinical specialties will find the encyclopedia an important introduction to the breadth of nursing research today. New topics include NIH-funded research areas, a comprehensive survey of major nursing research journals, addictions care, palliative care, translational science, simulation, trauma care, family-centered care, mild cognitive impairment, active surveillance for cancer care, workplace and empowerment research, nurse engagement, nurse-physician collaboration, CAM and empowerment research, spirituality, synthesis and action research, mixed methods research, systematic review, ethnopharmacology, and more. Key Features: Includes NIH-funded research topics Provides a comprehensive survey of major nursing research journals Adds over 20 new areas of research and updates original entries Written by over 200 nursing research experts Organized alphabetically for easy access to information
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Author : Marty Makary
ISBN : 9781608198399
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 42.33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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New York Times Bestseller “Every once in a while a book comes along that rocks the foundations of an established order that's seriously in need of being shaken. The modern American hospital is that establishment and Unaccountable is that book.”-Shannon Brownlee, author of Overtreated Dr. Marty Makary is co-developer of the life-saving checklist outlined in Atul Gawande's bestselling The Checklist Manifesto. As a busy surgeon who has worked in many of the best hospitals in the nation, he can testify to the amazing power of modern medicine to cure. But he's also been a witness to a medical culture that routinely leaves surgical sponges inside patients, amputates the wrong limbs, and overdoses children because of sloppy handwriting. Over the last ten years, neither error rates nor costs have come down, despite scientific progress and efforts to curb expenses. Why? To patients, the healthcare system is a black box. Doctors and hospitals are unaccountable, and the lack of transparency leaves both bad doctors and systemic flaws unchecked. Patients need to know more of what healthcare workers know, so they can make informed choices. Accountability in healthcare would expose dangerous doctors, reward good performance, and force positive change nationally, using the power of the free market. Unaccountable is a powerful, no-nonsense, non-partisan diagnosis for healing our hospitals and reforming our broken healthcare system.
Category: Health & Fitness