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Homes With Soul

Author : Orly Robinzon
ISBN : 1864707259
Genre : Architectural design
File Size : 22.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sumptuously illustrated with photographs and room schemes that are bound to inspire, The Emotional Home is the definitive interior design guide from renowned designer, Orly Robinzon. This stunning book showcases inspiring images of the room schemes of some of her latest projects. Offering invaluable advice on creating beautiful aesthetic spaces for making a home, home, Robinzon shares her inspirational tips and advice to help you with your next home-decorating project, however big or small in scale, to ensure it is functional, beautifully designed, and provides an interior that blends seamlessly with any landscape or outdoor environment, and which suits the way you live. Robinzon provides expert guidance on her use of colour, texture, lighting, furniture, art and other decorative elements to create a comfortable and elegant home that imbues an emotional response, and resonates with those looking to create a stylish and cosy sanctuary at home. AUTHOR: Orly Robinzon is a author of more than 10 books on interior design. She creates works that blend the different worlds of interior design, architectural innovation, and art. SELLING POINTS: * Pages are filled with full-colour photography of beautiful interior spaces for a range of family environments, including living rooms, children's rooms, private nooks, intimate and stylish bedrooms, magnificent garden spaces, as well as a close look at materials for exterior facades, architectural elements, and general home design * Robinzon provides incredible tips and advice on a variety of styles and design solutions, including best use of colour, textures, lighting, furniture, art, and more, as well as homes with sustainable, green features * Pages are filled with full-colour photography of beautiful interior spaces for a range of family environments, including living rooms, children's rooms, private nooks, intimate and stylish bedrooms, magnificent garden spaces, as well as a close look at materials for exterior facades, architectural elements, and general home design 400 colour photographs
Category: Architectural design

Raising A Child With Soul

Author : Slovie Jungreis-Wolff
ISBN : 1429948922
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 34.29 MB
Format : PDF
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With the seemingly insurmountable pressures placed on families today, many parents lack the spiritual foundation and practical knowledge to chart a clear-cut course in child-rearing. Parents question whether nurturing their children's souls is even possible in the fast-paced materialistic culture in which we live. Utilizing the insight that springs from her knowledge of Torah wisdom, her personal experiences and the experiences of those she has counseled, Slovie Jungreis-Wolff, a longtime parenting coach and advisor to young couples and families teaches in detail how to approach the entire gamut of issues, with a special emphasis on strengthening the child's morality and character. Parents will learn how to: • Instill simchas hachayim, "true joy," in their children • Value chessed, kindness, in a self-absorbed world • Create a mikdash me'at, a home filled with calm and reflection • Teach children gratitude and appreciation • And much more... From discipline to sibling rivalry to effective communication skills, Raising a Child with Soul offers unique concepts and pragmatic ideas that can be understood and applied to both Jewish and non-Jewish households.
Category: Family & Relationships

Leading With Soul

Author : Lee G. Bolman
ISBN : 9781118067536
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 60.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A new edition of the bestselling book on finding one's personal path to leadership Leading with Soul has inspired thousands of readers since its publication more than a decade ago. Far ahead of its time, the book illuminated the deeply personal journey to leadership. Now, in this new and revised edition, the authors update a timeless spiritual message in the light of the turmoil of recent years? including recession, the spread of global terrorism, and ethics scandals? as well as new insights from the literature of spirituality and work. Bolman and Deal are the co-authors of the bestselling book Reframing Organizations, now in its 4th edition Explores in greater depth the concepts of love, power, and significance as relates to leadership This completely revised story of an executive and his quest for deeper meaning continues to point the way to a more fulfilling work experience.
Category: Business & Economics

Selling With Soul

Author : Monika Gupta
ISBN : 9781947429109
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 44.58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The amazing evolution of a salesgirl starting to sell insurance at age 29 for thirteen thousand rupees and her struggle with the sales life full of thirst, heat, hunger and long days. What did she do differently to rise to the position of the Sales Head of a multinational firm? This book is not meant to be a story or biography but more of a guide for the front line sales force who start off on low paying jobs. This book is an advice to the front lines to work hard and maintain integrity and dignity for a stable and steady rise in your career.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Surviving Ms With Soul Intact

Author : Charmaine Zankowicz
ISBN : 9781503585911
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 81.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The ups and downs of living courageously with multiple sclerosis is captured through personal journal entries while searching for the right formulas. Progressing from healthy to increasingly dependent, this MSer struggles along. Charmaines honest and candid memoir chronicles the twenty-two-year path of her disease and the gifts of family, God, and perseverance. Through journal entries knitted together in brilliance, this memoir radiates daily resilience, detailed reason, and definite redemption. The words on these pages are a shining example of success amid suffering, and display a beauty far beyond brokenness. Writing with humor and wit, Ms. Zankowicz has created a masterpiece. Aime Wren BA Eng. Lit. Profound, honest, heart wrenching, brimming with joy and life; full of family values, not preachy, inspirational gratitude. Shirley Buchanan LL.B Charmaine Zankowicz shares her journey from infancy to maturity in both her faith and her struggle with MS. Along the way she proves that being tested in the furnace of affliction (Isa. 48:10) is a sure fire way to prove what you are actually capable of. It is also an example to others of how to follow in that tradition. Charmaine has used stories from the past along with insight from the present to illustrate what real hope looks like. Her story inspired the painting I did for the cover of this book Charmaine; always reaching beyond her grasp, now pulling others along behind her out of the darkness into the light. Adversity can be a wedge that drives us from God and hope or a magnet that draws us towards God and hope. Charmaines book is an encouragement to new Christians and especially to anyone who is struggling with chronic pain whether it is MS or any other physical or emotional difficulty. The "Furnace of Affliction" has helped Charmaine push out the edges of the envelope and embrace life outside her comfort zone she is real and she is inspirational read and reach for the light! Susan Rumford B.A., M.A. Th:S.C.P. (Counsellor / Psychotherapist) The truth of what goes on in the mind, body and soul of a woman battling MS is shared in this book. It's not for the faint of heart. It will multiply your faith, increase your resolve; and if your belief is weak, don't worry - you can piggyback on Charmaine's. - Gunner
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Mobile Homes By Famous Architects

Author : Steve Schaecher
ISBN : 0764920243
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 42.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Once again, as he did in his groundbreaking Outhouses by Famous Architects, Steve Schaecher pays homage to a cultural icon: the mobile home. With erudite text, he describes the history of moveable homes, from the time of the ancient Egyptians to today's travel-bound tourists. In all, Schaecher treats us to twenty-nine architectural creations. He has all the greats here, with homes by Wright, Pei, Mies van der Rohe, Greene and Greene, Le Corbusier, Graves, and more.Steve Schaecher, a practicing architect, is attracted to the whimsical side of his profession. He believes that architecture is becoming a lost art, diminished by the fast pace of technological change and the lawsuit-conscious construction industry. His focus is on entertaining the masses while also providing some education about the field.
Category: Architecture

Quality With Soul

Author : Robert Benne
ISBN : 0802847048
Genre : Education
File Size : 34.46 MB
Format : PDF
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This book demonstrates that, despite much evidence to the contrary, there are still Christian colleges and universities of high academic quality that have also kept their religious heritages publicly relevant.Respected scholar Robert Benne explores how six schools from six different religious traditions -- Calvin College, Wheaton College, St. Olaf College, Valparaiso University, Baylor University, and the University of Notre Dame -- have maintained "quality with soul." These constructive case studies examine the vision, ethos, and personnel policies of each school, showing how and why its religious foundation remains strong.
Category: Education

Of Stiletto And Soul

Author : Michael King
ISBN : 9781469168036
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 44.12 MB
Format : PDF
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The entire purpose of being a Corner Boy was rooted in the concept of the ultra-masculine male The highest honor a Corner Boy could aspire was becoming a martyr for the gang The second highest honor was to carry a wound from battle that could be observed without the removal of ones attireThe third highest honor was going to jail and doing time In my young mind, Corner Boys came to represent the highest level of manhood and the epitome of moral virtue. says the author. But what was the truth? Of Stiletto and Soul: The Memoirs of Gangster Mike The Last West Philadelphia Corner Boyis a comprehensive and smooth recollection of the authors childhood experiences, family, youthful exploits, and his life with Philadelphias legendary Corner Boys. Honest, hopeful, challenging and absolutely inspiring, this book is about a unique life spent in a tough setting. In this book, King recollects his memories and deals with the most serious realitieslife, family, relationships, and the exigent world of his youth. This memoir is inspired by several factors, all of them pertinent to todays climate where some of the experiences of the author could serve as helpmates to those who may find themselves in similar situations. Here, he shares how both positive and negative influences in his life helped him developed a social consciousness. The book also relates certain historical events and personalities and packed with personal commentaries, insights, and psychosocial outlooks that readers may find relevant and favorable.
Category: Biography & Autobiography