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H M S Saracen

Author : Douglas Reeman
ISBN : 9781407010359
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Malta 1941. To most people HMS Saracen is just an ugly, obsolete ship with an equally ugly recent history: her last commander is due for court-martial after shelling the troops he was sent to protect. But to Captain Richard Chesnaye she brings back memories - memories of the First World War when he and the old monitor went through the Gallipoli campaign together. It seems that captain and ship are both past their best. But as the war enters a new phase Chesnaye senses the possibility of a fresh, significant role - for him and the Saracen.
Category: Fiction

Twixt The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Author : Janet Kinrade Dethick
ISBN : 9781326063207
Genre : History
File Size : 23.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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During her distinguished career, submarine HMS Saracen was responsible for sinking thousands of tons of Axis shipping. But in August 1943 her luck ran out when she was mortally wounded by depth charges from two Italian corvettes, the last Allied submarine to be sunk by the Italians. Forced to surface, she was scuttled by her crew who were taken prisoner. But HMS Saracen's story is more than the story of a submarine. It is the story of her crew and their experiences both before and after her loss. From the cat and mouse games of war at sea to their harrowing escape from their stricken ship, from being sent to Dachau to finding themselves on a POW train bombed by the Americans, from being shot by the Germans to being assisted by the Rome Escape Line, from being sheltered by Italian families to joining the partisans, their stories of escape, of flight, of capture, are as varied as the men themselves. But their shared goal was to return home safely to their families and sadly some never did.
Category: History

Hms Alliance

Author : Bob Mealing
ISBN : 9781841657028
Genre : History
File Size : 36.94 MB
Format : PDF
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This is a beautiful and informative guidebook and history of HMS Alliance. HMS Alliance was laid down at the Vickers Shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness on 13 March 1945. Allied forces had entered Germany and the defeat of Hitler's Third Reich was just weeks away. In the Far East, the war with Japan was at its height. HMS Alliance and the other A Class submarines under construction had been designed for the Pacific in World War Two. Following the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States in August 1945, the Japanese surrendered and the war was finally at an end. When HMS Alliance entered service in 1947, Britain was still subject to economic austerity and wartime rationing. The first signs of tension between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union were apparent and the British Empire was beginning to break up. Over the next three decades, Alliance performed many different roles in the post-war Cold War era. She operated all over the world and many hundreds of submariners served in her during the course of her 26 years in commission. In 1958, her familiar appearance as a World War Two-era submarine changed dramatically when she was comprehensively modernised to meet the demands of Cold War submarine operations. Alliance was streamlined and made quieter and faster underwater because her new role included countering the submarines of the Soviet Union. In 1973 Alliance was finally paid off at HMS Dolphin in Gosport, then the home of the Royal Navy Submarine Service. For a few years Alliance served as a static training submarine, but in 1979 the Navy embarked on the ambitious task of preserving Alliance as the last surviving submarine from World War Two. In 1982, HMS Alliance went on display to the public for the first time as an historic ship, and also as a memorial to more than 5,300 submariners who had given their lives serving in Royal Navy submarines.
Category: History

The British Invasion Of The River Plate 1806 1807

Author : Ben Hughes
ISBN : 9781473829923
Genre : History
File Size : 68.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In 1806 a British expeditionary force captured Buenos Aires. Over the next eighteen months, Britain was sucked into a costly campaign on the far side of the world. The Spaniards were humbled on the battlefield and Montevideo was taken by storm, but the campaign ended in disaster when 6000 redcoats and riflemen surrendered following a bloody battle in the streets of the Argentine capital. So ended one of the most humiliating and neglected episodes of the entire Napoleonic Wars.In The British Invasion of the River Plate Ben Hughes tells the story of this forgotten campaign in graphic detail. His account is based on research carried out across two continents. It draws on contemporary newspaper reports, official documents and the memoirs, letters and journals of the men who were there.He describes the initially successful British invasion, which was stopped when their troops were surrounded in Buenos Aires main square and forced to surrender, and the second British attack which was eventually defeated too. His narrative covers the course of the entire campaign and its aftermath. While focusing on the military and political aspects of the campaign, his book gives an insight into the actions of the main protagonists William Carr Beresford, Sir Home Popham, Santiago de Liniers and Black Bob Craufurd and into the experiences of the forgotten rank and file.He also considers the long-term impact of the campaign on the fortunes of the opposing sides. Many of the British survivors went on to win glory in the Peninsular War. For the Uruguayans and Argentines, their victory gave them a sense of national pride that would eventually encourage them to wrest their independence from Spain.
Category: History

Sunken Ships World War Ii

Author : Karl E. Heden
ISBN : 9780828321181
Genre : History
File Size : 61.66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Sunken Ships of World War II is truly one of the greatest compendiums of naval history that has ever been put together. Not only does it give an exhaustive chronology of events and ac-tions of the United States Navy, it also contains listings of the Al-lies (American and English) and of the Axis (Japanese, German and Italian) naval losses wherever they took place. Each of the more than 350 pages of this book is packed with minute informa-tion on each sunken vessel. Entries also include the most available information on the commanders, crews, size, displacement and location in degrees of each vessel, the battles, the forces, and just about any other particular information of interest on each vessel. By any measurement Sunken Ships of World War II stands alone for its depth and breath of the information revealed in its detailed pages
Category: History

Royal Navy Handbook 1939 1945

Author : David Wragg
ISBN : 9780750954280
Genre : History
File Size : 44.57 MB
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The service had to learn fast. It soon became clear that the Germans would not provide an opportunity for a major battleship-to-battleship fleet action along the lines of Jutland, but that submarine warfare and surface raiders were to be just as effective at undermining the British war effort. The Royal Navy was expected to be active in the North Atlantic and in British waters, and then, after the Soviet Union was invaded by Germany, it had to protect the Arctic convoys. Meanwhile, it also had to keep control of the Mediterranean, alone after the fall of France, supporting ground forces in North Africa and then in Greece, send convoys to Malta and disrupt the Axis supply lines both in the Mediterranean and off the coast of Norway, before facing the Japanese in the Far East.
Category: History

Who S Who In Naval History

Author : Joseph F. Callo
ISBN : 9781134395392
Genre : History
File Size : 62.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This A-Z guide covers the life and careers of over 600 key figures in naval history, from the sixteenth century to the present day. Featuring influential figures from the UK, US and around the world, from the great admirals such as Nelson, to minesweepers, designers and administrators, it is an invaluable guide to those who have shaped naval history.
Category: History