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Author : Ole Crumlin-Pedersen
ISBN : 8785180521
Genre : History
File Size : 61.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Contents of accompanying CD-ROM: Stills: Excavation, summer 1921, summer 1922 ; Decoration ; Planks ; Thwarts ; Videos: The interior of the Hjortspring boat ; Measuring the reconstruction Tilia ; Sea trial of Tilia.
Category: History


Author : Klavs Randsborg
ISBN : 8772885459
Genre : Social Science
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Skandinavien - Neolithikum - Religionsgeschichte - Sakralgebäude - Keramik/Ton.
Category: Social Science

The Sea Craft Of Prehistory

Author : Paul Johnstone
ISBN : 9780415026352
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 43.2 MB
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The nautical dimension of prehistory has not so far received the attention it deserves. It is also too often assumed that early man was land bound, yet this is demonstrably not the case. Recent research has shown that man travelled and tracked over greater distances and at a much earlier date than has previously been thought possible. Some of these facts can be explained only by man's mastery of water transport from earliest times. This book, by an acknowledged expert on prehistoric sea-craft, examines these problems looking at the new archaeological information in the light of the author's nautical knowledge. The result is a detailed account of man's use of inland and ocean-going craft from earliest times until the dawn of recorded history. All forms of evidence are critically assessed, from the vessels of Ancient Egypt to the Chinese junk, to present of comprehensive picture of the vessels men have built through the ages, and of the variety of ways in which they have been used.
Category: Social Science

North Sea Archaeologies

Author : Robert Van de Noort
ISBN : 9780199566204
Genre : History
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An innovative study analysing the archaeology of the North Sea, and the way surrounding peoples engaged with it, from the end of the last ice age, c.10,000 BC, to the close of the Middle Ages, c.AD 1500.
Category: History

Elevated Rock Art

Author : Johan Ling
ISBN : 9781782977636
Genre : Art
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How may Bohusl_n rock art and landscape be perceived and understood? Since the Bronze Age, the landscape has been transformed by shore displacement but, largely due to misunderstanding and certain ideas about the character of Bronze Age society, rock art research in Tanum has drawn much of its inspiration from the present agrarian landscape. This perception of the landscape has not been a major issue. This volume, republished from the GOTAC Serie B (Gothenburg Archaeological thesis 49) aims to shed light on the process of shore displacement and its social and cognitive implications for the interpretation of rock art in the prehistoric landscape. The findings clearly show that in the Bronze Age, the majority of rock art sites in Bohusl_n had a very close spatial connection to the sea. Much rock art analysis focuses on the contemplative observer. The more direct activities related to rock art are seldom fully considered. Here, the basic conditions for the production of rock art, social theory and approaches to image, communication, symbolism and social action are discussed and related to palpable social forms of the ñreadingî of rock art. The general location and content of the Bronze Age remains indicate a tendency towards the maritime realm, which seems to have included both socio-ritual and socio-economic matters of production and consumption and that Bronze Age groups in Bohusl_n were highly active and mobile. The numerous configurations of ship images on the rocks could indicate a general transition or drift towards the maritime realm. Marking or manifesting such transitions in some way may have been important and it is tempting to perceive the rock art as traces of such transitions or positions in the landscape. All this points to a maritime understanding of Bronze Age rock art in northern Bohusl_n.
Category: Art

The Barbarians

Author : Peter Bogucki
ISBN : 9781780237657
Genre : History
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We often think of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome as discrete incubators of Western culture, places where ideas about everything from government to art to philosophy were free to develop and then be distributed outward into the wider Mediterranean world. But as Peter Bogucki reminds us in this book, Greece and Rome did not develop in isolation. All around them were rural communities who had remarkably different cultures, ones few of us know anything about. Telling the stories of these nearly forgotten people, he offers a long-overdue enrichment of how we think about classical antiquity. As Bogucki shows, the lands to the north of the Greek and Roman peninsulas were inhabited by non-literate communities that stretched across river valleys, mountains, plains, and shorelines from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Ural Mountains in the east. What we know about them is almost exclusively through archeological finds of settlements, offerings, monuments, and burials—but these remnants paint a portrait that is just as compelling as that of the great literate, urban civilizations of this time. Bogucki sketches the development of these groups’ cultures from the Stone Age through the collapse of the Roman Empire in the west, highlighting the increasing complexity of their societal structures, their technological accomplishments, and their distinct cultural practices. He shows that we are still learning much about them, as he examines new historical and archeological discoveries as well as the ways our knowledge about these groups has led to a vibrant tourist industry and even influenced politics. The result is a fascinating account of several nearly vanished cultures and the modern methods that have allowed us to rescue them from historical oblivion.
Category: History

Boats Of The World

Author : Sean McGrail
ISBN : 9780198144687
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 33.99 MB
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'For those who wish to explore further, this book will enable them; for the general reader it stands alone as a beacon for its subject.' -Maritime Life and Traditions'As a general introduction to early watercraft the book is a pioneer effort, and it has much information to offer. McGrail has assembled a hugh amount of material which is handled in a clear and systematic way.' -International Journal of Nautical Archaeology'The book is a valuable reference work, and a good introduction to the subject.' -International Journal of Nautical Archaeology'The great value of this book lies in the consistent and high-quality descriptions of the rafts, boats and ships themselves, and for those who have an interest in any aspects of prehistoric or early historic water transport, Boats of the World provides an excellent source of information.' -Robert Van De Noort'Boats of the World is a true tour de force by Professor Sean McGrail, a world authority in the field of maritime archaeology.' -Robert Van De Noort, Antiquaries Journal'Seán McGrail is Britain's leading authority on maritime archaeology... Here he provides a substantial base for the integration of the maritime subdivision of archaeology into its proper place as part of the mainstream of the discipline.' -Basil Greenhill, Times Literary Supplement'This is a joyous source book for anyone who appreciates academic clarity.' -Colin Mudie, Journal of Navigation'A large work of distinguished scholarship by a senior maritime archaeologist.' -Colin Mudie, Journal of Navigation'Classic and magnificent work.' -Colin Mudie, Journal of Navigation'In short, Professor McGrail offers us an extraordinary encyclopaedia of nautical archaeology based on extensive documentation.' -Eric Rieth, Neputnia'A superb, long-awaited book, of unique methodological richness, incorporating the latest research, taking account of all the 'nautical civilisations' of Egypt, Arabia, the Mediterranean, Atlantic Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Oceania, China, America.' -Eric Rieth, NeptuniaThis is the first comprehensive study of the archaeology of rafts, boats, and ships from the Stone Age to Medieval times. All the regions of the world are covered, from Atlantic Europe and the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, the China Sea, and the Pacific.
Category: Transportation

Roman Shields

Author : John and Hilary Travis
ISBN : 9781445638430
Genre : History
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The Roman military is an iconic, ancient institution; everybody is familiar with the image of fearsome Roman centurions marching in their famous columns. In this book, Roman military experts John and Hilary Travis turn their attention to the shields used by the historic Roman stalwarts, drawing on their expertise, their wealth of illustrated material and the world of re-enactments. In its study of the panoply of shields used by the Romans, Roman Shields differs from those preceding in that it has drawn together the streams of published information of sculptural imagery and archaeological 'hard' evidence, while also looking at the component parts, how they are physically put together, and attempting to reproduce the aspects of the artefacts observed through reconstructing them and subjecting them to regular use and combat conditions.
Category: History

Ancient Boats In North West Europe

Author : Sean Mcgrail
ISBN : 9781317882374
Genre : History
File Size : 60.12 MB
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At last a paperback edition of this standard work on marine archaeology. Séan McGrail's study received exceptional critical acclaim when it was first published in hardback in 1987 and it is now revised and published in paperback for the first time. Professor McGrail provides an authoritative survey of water transport across Northern Europe from the Late Palaeolithic to the later Middle Ages, using evidence of excavations, but also documentary sources, iconographic and ethnographic evidence. In the process he answers such key questions as How were these boats built? What sort of environment were they used in? What speeds could they achieve? and how were they navigated?
Category: History

The Conquest Of The North Atlantic

Author : Geoffrey Jules Marcus
ISBN : 1843833166
Genre : History
File Size : 72.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The story of how the fearsome Atlantic Ocean was explored by early sailors, including the Vikings, whose brilliant navigation matched their bravery.
Category: History