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Hitler S U Boat War

Author : Clay Blair
ISBN : 9780307874375
Genre : History
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Clay Blair's best-selling naval classic Silent Victory: The U.S. Submarine War Against Japan, is regarded as the definitive account of that decisive phase of the war in the Pacific. Nine years in the making, Hitler's U-boat War is destined to become the definitive account of the German submarine war against the Allies, or "The Battle of the Atlantic." It is an epic sea story, the most arduous and prolonged naval battle in all history. For a period of nearly six years, the German U-boat force attempted to blockade and isolate the British Isles, in hopes of forcing the British out of the war, thereby thwarting the Allied strategic air assault on German cities as well as Overlord, the Allied invasion of Occupied France. Fortunately for the Allies, the U-boat force failed to achieve either of these objectives, but in the attempt they sank 2,800 Allied merchant ships, while the Allies sank nearly 800 U-boats. On both sides, tens of thousands of sailors perished. The top secret Allied penetration of German naval codes, and, conversely, the top secret German penetration of Allied naval codes played important roles in the Atlantic naval battle. In order to safeguard the secrets of codebreaking in the postwar years, London and Washington agreed to withhold all official codebreaking and U-boat records. Thus for decade upon decade an authoritative and definitive history of the Battle of the Atlantic could not be attempted. The accounts that did appear were incomplete and full of errors of fact and false interpretations and conclusions, often leaving the entirely wrong impression that the German U-boats came within a whisker of defeating the Allies, a myth that persists. When London and Washington finally began to release the official records in the 1980s, Clay Blair and his wife, Joan, commenced work on this history in Washington, London, and Germany. They relied on the official records as well as the work of German, British, American, and Canadian naval scholars who published studies of bits and pieces of the story. The end result is this magnificent and monumental work, crammed with vivid and dramatic scenes of naval actions and dispassionate but startling new revelations and interpretations and conclusions about all aspects of the Battle of the Atlantic. The Blair history will be published in two volumes. This first volume, The Hunters, covers the first three years of the war, August 1939 to August 1942. Told chronologically, it is subdivided into two major sections, the War Against the British Empire, and the War Against the Americas. Volume II, The Hunted, to follow a year later, will cover the last years of the naval war in Europe, August 1942 to May 1945, when the Allies finally overcame the U-boat threat. Never before has Hitler's U-boat war been chronicled with such authority, fidelity, objectivity, and detail. Nothing is omitted. Even those who fought the Battle of the Atlantic will find no end of surprises. Later generations will benefit by having at hand an account of this important phase of World War II, free of bias and mythology. From the Hardcover edition.
Category: History

Hitler S U Boat War The Hunted 1942 1945

Author : Clay Blair
ISBN : UOM:49015002467646
Genre : History
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The sequel to Hitler's U-Boat War: The Hunters: 1939-1942 continues the story of Germany's U-Boat World War II campaign against the United States and Britain as the fortunes of war are reversed and the German navy begins to suffer devastating defeats. 15,000 first printing.
Category: History

Hitler S Secret Pirate Fleet

Author : James P. Duffy
ISBN : 0275966852
Genre : History
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Duffy follows the Royal Navy on their deadly three-year chase after the secret German fleet.
Category: History

Hitler S Forgotten Flotillas

Author : Lawrence Paterson
ISBN : 9781473882416
Genre : History
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This study of the Kriegsmarine's Sicherungsstreitkrfte, their security forces, fills a glaring gap in the study of the German navy in World War Two. This wide array of vessels included patrol boats, minesweepers, submarine hunters, barrage breakers, landing craft, minelayers and even the riverine flotilla that patrolled the Danube as it snaked towards the Black Sea. These vessels may not have provided the glamour associated with capital ships and U-boats, but they were crucial to the survival of the Kriegsmarine at every stage of hostilities. As naval construction was unable to keep pace with the likely demand for security vessels, Grossadmiral Erich Raeder turned to the conversion of merchant vessels. For example, trawlers were requisitioned as patrol boats (Vorpostenboote) and minesweepers (Minensucher), while freighters, designated Sperrbrecher, were filled with buoyant materials and sent to clear minefields. Submarine hunters (U-Boot Jger) were requisitioned fishing vessels. More than 120 flotillas operated in wildly different conditions, from the Arctic to the Mediterranean, and 81 men were to be awarded the Knights Cross; some were still operating after the cessation of hostilities clearing German minefields. The author deals with whole subject at every level, documenting organizational changes, describing the vessels, and recounting individual actions of ships at sea, while extensive appendices round off this major new work.
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Steel Boat Iron Hearts

Author : Hans Goebeler
ISBN : 9781611210071
Genre : History
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Hans Goebeler is known as the man who “pulled the plug” on U-505 in 1944 to keep his beloved U-boat out of Allied hands. Steel Boat, Iron Hearts is his no-holds-barred account of service aboard a combat U-boat. It is the only full-length memoir of its kind, and Goebeler was aboard for every one of U-505’s war patrols. Using his own experiences, log books, and correspondence with other U-boat crewmen, Goebeler offers rich and very personal details about what life was like in the German Navy under Hitler. Because his first and last posting was to U-505, Goebeler’s perspective of the crew, commanders, and war patrols paints a vivid and complete portrait unlike any other to come out of the Kriegsmarine. He witnessed it all: from deadly sabotage efforts that almost sunk the boat to the tragic suicide of the only U-boat commander who took his life during WWII; from the terror and exhilaration of hunting the enemy, to the seedy brothels of France. The vivid, honest, and smooth-flowing prose calls it like it was and pulls no punches. U-505 was captured by Captain Dan Gallery’s Guadalcanal Task Group 22.3 on June 4, 1944. Trapped by this “Hunter-Killer” group, U-505 was depth-charged to the surface, strafed by machine gun fire, and boarded. It was the first ship captured at sea since the War of 1812! Today, hundreds of thousands of visitors tour U-505 each year at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Included a special Introduction by Keith Gill, Curator of U-505, Museum of Science and Industry. About the Authors: Hans Jacob Goebeler served as control room mate aboard U-505. He died in 1999. John P. Vanzo is a former defense program analyst. He teaches political science and geography at Bainbridge College in Georgia.
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Steel Boats Iron Hearts

Author : Hans Jacob Goebeler
ISBN : 1932714316
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 58.31 MB
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"Originally published in a privately distributed paper edition as Steel boats, iron hearts: the wartime saga of Hans Goebeler and the U-505 (Wagnerian Publications, 1999)"--T.p. verso.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Nazis Next Door

Author : Eric Lichtblau
ISBN : 9780547669229
Genre : History
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A Newsweek Best Book of the Year: “Captivating . . . rooted in first-rate research” (The New York Times Book Review). In this New York Times bestseller, once-secret government records and interviews tell the full story of the thousands of Nazis—from concentration camp guards to high-level officers in the Third Reich—who came to the United States after World War II and quietly settled into new lives. Many gained entry on their own as self-styled war “refugees.” But some had help from the US government. The CIA, the FBI, and the military all put Hitler’s minions to work as spies, intelligence assets, and leading scientists and engineers, whitewashing their histories. Only years after their arrival did private sleuths and government prosecutors begin trying to identify the hidden Nazis. Now, relying on a trove of newly disclosed documents and scores of interviews, Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative reporter Eric Lichtblau reveals this little-known and “disturbing” chapter of postwar history (Salon).
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Himmler S Double

Author : David Isherwood
ISBN : IND:30000086855545
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 85.71 MB
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How much of history is an illusion? Did the Third Reich's most notorious Nazi, Heinrich Himmler, really take his own life at the end of the Second World War? A fifty-year-old manuscript, written by Erich Koch, the young officer who accompanied Himmler, reveals that the Reichsfuhrer of the SS in fact survived and escaped to England. As Himmler realises that Germany's defeat is inevitable, he lays his clever, ruthless plans, meticulously working out every detail for his escape, and ensuring that he covers his tracks. Isherwood fleshes out Koch's manuscript to reveal how a double, made to look even more like Himmler by the evil Dr. Josef Mengele, is the one who takes the cyanide capsule. Safely brought to England with his innocent comrade, Erich Koch, Himmler is met by a local smallholder of German origin. But how long will Himmler be content to raise chickens and pigs? How long will it be before Erich realises the true past of his comrade? And how long can they hide from the determined and resourceful Nazi-hunters?
Category: Fiction

Meet John Black

Author : Jerry File
ISBN : 150615526X
Genre :
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This book is a continually surprising read. It is set in the era of Kennedy's leadership in aerospace and the race to put a man on the moon and bring him back. Jerry File Jr., the author, does not bog the reader down in aerospace. Rather, he scoots the story along through strongly built characters in human action, touching solidly on aerospace through fiction that reveals exciting scenarios that might have been. It's 1952. WWII is over. In an upper middle class apartment building in New York City, lives a six year old, dangerous, psychopathic boy named John Black, and a man, Heinz Saretzki, a genius and former, reluctant Nazi who had been compelled, by circumstances beyond his control, to serve as Hitler's, personal, secret, chess tutor, and anonymous auditor of all mechanical engineering plans for the Third Reich, even the armament work of Speer, and rocket work of von Braun. After being captured from a German U boat in the Caribbean by a famous Nazi hunter, surviving POW camp in the Deep South, and finding the love of his life, in America, and having an ideal son with her, Heinz discovers his forthcoming, American fortune is at risk of being stolen through lies going back decades, and other elements he cannot see. While the story unfolds through Kennedy, von Braun, Speer incarcerated in Spandau, J Edgar Hoover, the United States Senate, and more, John Black is there, the risks he presents ever boiling, quietly, as if on the back of a stove. Then, there is the soaring love affair of Heinz and his beloved wife. Jerry File Jr. proves, again, he is professional at literary-level romance. He weaves it in, effortlessly, and like butter in a recipe, it richens an already fine novel. During and after the war, Heinz must dance on a razor blade. Post war, with trillions of inter-generational, aerospace revenues and income at stake, his greatest nemesis is right upon him, and then he and his progeny must reckon with powerful forces, inside the US Congress, who are incentivized by greed, and endowed with great power. MEET JOHN BLACK is universal and complex. While it might be called a thriller, it exhilarates through human action worthy of literature. It reveals capabilities of psychopathy; higher love and romance between a man and woman; the coldness of heartbreaking loss; justice delayed; and hope, all in an excellently crafted story. "Jerry File Jr. has his own unique voice, and he knows how to tell a spirited story that kept me turning the pages. He also knows more about politics than a good many politicians. He's got an eye for the telling detail, too, and he knows what people sound like...this man's the real deal." Steve Yarbrough, acclaimed author and Department of Writing, Literature and Publishing Professor, Emerson College, Boston, MA, concerning Jerry's powerful short story, The Short Happy Political Life of Amos McCary.

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