History And Images

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History And Its Images

Author : Francis Haskell
ISBN : 0300059493
Genre : Art
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Since the 16th century, historians have been examining visual sources in an attempt to understand the past. In this book Haskell charts the changing uses history has made of visual material.
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Nuclear Fear

Author : Spencer R. WEART
ISBN : 9780674044982
Genre : Science
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Our thinking is inhabited by images-images of sometimes curious and overwhelming power. The mushroom cloud, weird rays that can transform the flesh, the twilight world following a nuclear war, the white city of the future, the brilliant but mad scientist who plots to destroy the world-all these images and more relate to nuclear energy, but that is not their only common bond. Decades before the first atom bomb exploded, a web of symbols with surprising linkages was fully formed in the public mind. The strange kinship of these symbols can be traced back, not only to medieval symbolism, but still deeper into experiences common to all of us. This is a disturbing book: it shows that much of what we believe about nuclear energy is not based on facts, but on a complex tangle of imagery suffused with emotions and rooted in the distant past. Nuclear Fear is the first work to explore all the symbolism attached to nuclear bombs, and to civilian nuclear energy as well, employing the powerful tools of history as well as findings from psychology, sociology, and even anthropology. The story runs from the turn of the century to the present day, following the scientists and journalists, the filmmakers and novelists, the officials and politicians of many nations who shaped the way people think about nuclear devices. The author, a historian who also holds a Ph.D. in physics, has been able to separate genuine scientific knowledge about nuclear energy and radiation from the luxuriant mythology that obscures them. In revealing the history of nuclear imagery, Weart conveys the hopeful message that once we understand how this imagery has secretly influenced history and our own thinking, we can move on to a clearer view of the choices that confront our civilization. Table of Contents: Preface Part One: Years of Fantasy, 1902-1938 1. Radioactive Hopes White Cities of the Future Missionaries for Science The Meaning of Transmutation 2. Radioactive Fears Scientific Doomsdays The Dangerous Scientist Scientists and Weapons Debating the Scientist's Role 3. Radium: Elixir or Poison? The Elixir of Life Rays of Life Death Rays Radium as Medicine and Poison 4. The Secret, the Master, and the Monster Smashing Atoms The Fearful Master Monsters and Victims Real Scientists The Situation before Fission Part Two: Confronting Reality, 1939-1952 5. Where Earth and Heaven Meet Imaginary Bomb-Reactors Real Reactors and Safety Questions Planned Massacres "The Second Coming" 6. The News from Hiroshima Cliché Experts Hiroshima Itself Security through Control by Scientists? Security through Control over Scientists? 7. National Defenses Civil Defenses Bombs as a Psychological Weapon The Airmen Part Three: New Hopes and Horrors, 1953-1963 8. Atoms for Peace A Positive Alternative Atomic Propaganda Abroad Atomic Propaganda at Home 9. Good and Bad Atoms Magical Atoms Real Reactors The Core of Mistrust Tainted Authorities 10. The New Blasphemy Bombs as a Violation of Nature Radioactive Monsters Blaming Authorities 11. Death Dust Crusaders against Contamination A Few Facts Clean or Filthy Bombs? 12. The Imagination of Survival Visions of the End Survivors as Savages The Victory of the Victim The Great Thermonuclear Strategy Debate The World as Hiroshima 13. The Politics of Survival The Movement Attacking the Warriors Running for Shelter Cuban Catharsis Reasons for Silence Part Four: Suspect Technology, 1956-1986 14. Fail/Safe Unwanted Explosions: Bombs Unwanted Explosions: Reactors Advertising the Maximum Accident 15. Reactor Poisons and Promises Pollution from Reactors The Public Loses Interest The Nuplex versus the China Syndrome 16. The Debate Explodes The Fight against Antimissiles Sounding the Radiation Alarm Reactors: A Surrogate for Bombs? Environmentalists Step In 17. Energy Choices Alternative Energy Sources Real Reactor Risks "It's Political" The Reactor Wars 18. Civilization or Liberation? The Logic of Authority and Its Enemies Nature versus Culture Modes of Expression The Public's Image of Nuclear Power 19. The War Fear Revival: An Unfinished Chapter Part Five The Search for Renewal 20. The Modern Arcanum Despair and Denial Help from Heaven? Objects in the Skies Mushroom and Mandala 21. Artistic Transmutations The Interior Holocaust Rebirth from Despair Toward the Four-Gated City Conclusion A Personal Note Sources and Methodology Notes Index Reviews of this book: Nuclear Fear is a rich, layered journey back through our 'atomic history' to the primal memories of monstrous mutants and mad scientists. It is a deeply serious book but written in an accessible style that reveals the culture in which this fear emerges only to be suppressed and emerge again. --Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe Reviews of this book: A historical portrait of the quintessential modern nightmare...Weart shows in meticulous and fascinating detail how [the] ancient images of alchemy-fire, sexuality, Armageddon, gold, eternity and all the rest-immediately clustered around the new science of atomic physics...There is no question that the image of nuclear power reflects a complex and deeply disturbing portrait of what it means to be human. --Stephan Salisbury, Philadelphia Inquirer Reviews of this book: A detailed, probing study of American hopes, dreams and insecurities in the twentieth-century. Weart has a poet's acumen for sensing human feelings ... Nuclear Fear remains captivating as history...and original as an anthropological study of how nuclear power, like alchemy in medieval times, offers a convenient symbol for deeply-rooted human feelings. --Los Angeles Times Reviews of this book: Weart's tale boldly sweeps from the futuristic White City of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair and the discovery of radioactivity in 1896 through Hiroshima and Star Wars... (An] admirable call for synthesis of art and science in a true transmutation that takes us beyond nuclear fear. --H. Bruce Franklin, Science
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Seeing Spartanburg

Author : Philip N. Racine
ISBN : 1891885103
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 46.5 MB
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History In Images

Author : Christian Henriot
ISBN : 1557291012
Genre : China
File Size : 63.47 MB
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"The astounding visual record left by photographers and filmmakers of modern China constitutes a massive archive that awaits incorporation into historical research on China. This volume's studies by multiple contributors offer potential paths for revising practices in historical inquiry and examine how modern Chinese society expressed itself in visual culture"--Provided by publisher
Category: China

A History Of Pictures

Author : David Hockney
ISBN : 0500094233
Genre :
File Size : 41.27 MB
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'I won't read a more interesting book all year... utterly fascinating' A. N. Wilson, Sunday Times 'Enormously good-humoured and entertaining... Hockney asks big questions about the nature of picture-making and the relationship between painters and photography in a way that no other contemporary artists seems to.' Andrew Marr, New Statesman A new, compact edition of David Hockney and Martin Gayford's brilliantly original book, with a revised final chapter and three entirely new Hockney artworks Informed and energized by a lifetime of painting, drawing and making images with cameras, David Hockney, in collaboration with the art critic Martin Gayford, explores how and why pictures have been made across the millennia. What makes marks on a flat surface interesting? How do you show movement in a still picture, and how, conversely, do films and television connect with old masters? Juxtaposing a rich variety of images - a still from a Disney cartoon with a Japanese woodblock print by Hiroshige, a scene from an Eisenstein film with a Velázquez painting - the authors cross the normal boundaries between high culture and popular entertainment, and make unexpected connections across time and media. Building on Hockney's groundbreaking book Secret Knowledge, they argue that film, photography, painting and drawing are deeply interconnected. Insightful and thought provoking, A History of Pictures is an important contribution to our appreciation of how we represent our reality. This new edition has a revised final chapter with some of Hockney's latest works, including the stained-glass window in Westminster Abbey.

Time History S Greatest Images

Author : Kelly Knauer
ISBN : 1603201971
Genre : Photography
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Here is a book that indelibly captures the human pageant through the remarkable art of photojournalism. After all, we live in a visual age, when history is both made and experienced through photographs, from the flag raising at Iwo Jima to the thrill of the first footstep on the moon. Now TIME has gathered the most significant and influential photos in history in a magnificent volume that celebrates the art and craft of photojournalism: Great Images. Here are scientific breakthroughs, political upheavals and social revolutions, from the first photographs of an embryo in a human womb to the indelible images of America's Civil Rights movement. Here are sailors kissing nurses, a single man defying a Chinese tank, firefighters raising the American flag over the ruins of the World Trade Center. Based on a highly successful 2000 book, this new edition has been completely updated to add the most significant pictures of the last decade, from hanging chads ands the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.
Category: Photography

The Eye Of History

Author : Georges Didi-Huberman
ISBN : 0262037874
Genre : Art
File Size : 39.71 MB
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An exploration of the interaction of aesthetics and politics in Bertolt Brecht's "photoepigrams."
Category: Art

History Of Pictures

Author : David Hockney
ISBN : 1419750283
Genre :
File Size : 34.63 MB
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A compact edition of Hockney and Gayford's brilliantly original book, with updated material and brand-new pieces of art Informed and energized by a lifetime of painting, drawing, and making images with cameras, David Hockney, in collaboration with art critic Martin Gayford, explores how and why pictures have been made across the millennia. Juxtaposing a rich variety of images--a still from a Disney cartoon with a Japanese woodblock print by Hiroshige, a scene from an Eisenstein film with a Velazquez paint-ing--the authors cross the normal boundaries between high culture and popular entertainment, and argue that film, photography, paint-ing, and drawing are deeply interconnected. Featuring a revised final chapter with some of Hockney's latest works, this new, compact edition of A History of Pictures remains a significant contribution to the discussion of how artists represent reality.

History And Images

Author : Axel Bolvig
ISBN : STANFORD:36105026189436
Genre : Art
File Size : 59.47 MB
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The 19 papers of this collection were first presented at the 1999 History and Images Congress held at the U. of Copenhagen in Denmark. As reflected in the subtitle, the international group of historians and art historians provide essays that reflect new approaches to the reading of images, with the papers divided into the main topics of images and history, image databases and history, and images as source material.
Category: Art

The Universe Unveiled Instruments And Images Through History

Author : Bruce Stephenson
ISBN : 052179143X
Genre : History
File Size : 69.39 MB
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The Universe Unveiled documents the human desire through history to explore and understand our world. Taking a unique approach, it focuses on the instruments, books, and maps people have created to decipher the Universe from the late fifteenth through to the nineteenth century. Throughout, the book is richly illustrated with over 270 full-color images, including those of rare and unusual artifacts from all over the world kept in the world-renowned collection at the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum in Chicago. With clear and informative text, it covers our discovery of Space and Time, and our ever-expanding understanding of Earth and the Heavens, describing in particular the shift from an Earth-centered to a Sun-centered view of the Universe, and the mapping of the stars using telescopes. It also examines the technologies of navigation and of measuring and mapping the Earth, as well as the discovery of ways to keep time.
Category: History

Likeness And Presence

Author : Hans Belting
ISBN : 0226042154
Genre : Art
File Size : 40.42 MB
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Before the Renaissance and Reformation, holy images were treated not as "art" but as objects of veneration which possessed the tangible presence of the Holy. the faithful believed that these images served as relics and were able to work miracles, deliver oracles, and bring victory to the battlefield. In this magisterial book, Hans Belting traces the long history of the sacral image and its changing role--from surrogate for the represented image to an original work of art--in European culture. Likeness and Presence looks at the beliefs, superstitions, hopes, and fears that come into play as people handle and respond to sacred images, and presents a compelling interpretation of the place of the image in Western history. -- Back cover.
Category: Art

The Power Of Images

Author : David Freedberg
ISBN : 0226261468
Genre : Art
File Size : 68.96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Examines the relationship between images and people in history within a social and cultural context
Category: Art

Modern History In Pictures

Author : DK Publishing, Inc
ISBN : 0756698189
Genre : History
File Size : 48.24 MB
Format : PDF
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Chronicles key events from 1900 to the present day in a unique storyboard style. Each story unfolds step by step, using sequences of photographs to reveal the triumphs and tragedies that shaped the modern world. The last 100 years have brought change to every country and aspect of our lives.
Category: History

A History Of Ideas And Images In Italian Art

Author : James Hall
ISBN : UOM:39015015848644
Genre : Aesthetics, Italian
File Size : 34.70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Describes the content and meaning of artworks from the time of the Etruscans to the Baroque period and relates paintings and sculptures to the societies and cultures in which they originated
Category: Aesthetics, Italian

Art And History

Author : Robert I. Rotberg
ISBN : 0521335698
Genre : History
File Size : 51.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book was originally published in 1988. Although they pursue divergent lines of analysis, these essays by historians and art historians reveal their mutual appreciation of art as historic evidence shaped by imagination as well as tradition and purpose.
Category: History

Lost Hong Kong

Author : Peter Waller
ISBN : 9887792845
Genre : History
File Size : 87.67 MB
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Hong Kong is one of the world's most exciting cities and its story is one of constant change. From a sleepy fishing community, Hong Kong has grown into one of the world's most significant financial and trading centres. Hong Kong Island itself has witnessed massive rebuilding over the years, with much of the colonial-era architecture swept away and replaced by skyscrapers. Moreover the first high-rise buildings from the late 1950s are now themselves under threat, as the constant requirement for more accommodation - for people and for businesses - continues. The Kowloon peninsula and the New Territories have also experienced development, whilst the construction of the new airport saw the destruction of an entire island to create the material for the its foundations. This pressure for land has seen reclamation far extend the coastline of Hong Kong Island. Over the years photographers have recorded the changing face of Hong Kong - its street scenes, buildings and people. This new book - drawing upon images from a wide range of sources, most of which are previously unpublished - provides a pictorial tribute to a lost world. Once-familiar but now long-gone scenes offer a tantalising glimpse back at a time that in chronological terms may be relatively recent, but which now seems to be in the distant past.
Category: History

Silences Images

Author : Ian Grosvenor
ISBN : 0820439266
Genre : Education
File Size : 55.81 MB
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Category: Education