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Historical Geology

Author : Jon Erickson
ISBN : 9781438109640
Genre : Historical geology
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provides up-to-date and expanded coverage of the metamorphic span of Earth's history as told through fossils, rocks and species, from the very origins of the planet to the current Holocene interglacial period Annotation. Covering the metamorphic span of Earth's history as told through its fossils, rocks, and species, this book chronicles the emergence of each successive group of plants and animals. Chapters are organized according to the different geologic time periods, from the origins of the planet to the current Holocene interglacial period. An introduction details basic geological concepts, and black and white illustrations are featured throughout. Erickson is a geologist.
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Historical Geology

Author : Reed Wicander
ISBN : 9781111987299
Genre : Science
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Cengage Learning's HISTORICAL GEOLOGY brings course concepts to life with interactive learning, study, and exam preparation tools along with comprehensive text content for historical geology courses. Adopt the resources that enable your students to purchase the right solution to meet their needs, whether it's a traditional printed text, all digital learning platform, or package that includes the best of both worlds. With the recently updated Historical Geology 7th Edition and CourseMate's interactive teaching and learning tools, it's never been easier to introduce students to the geological and biological history of Earth and the underlying principles and processes that have shaped our planet. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Historical Geology Of India

Author : S.K. Shah
ISBN : 9789387307995
Genre : Science
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‘Historical Geology of India’ is a text book for graduate and post-graduate students of geology, geophysics and other earth sciences for Indian Universities. It also caters to the universities of USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada as one or two credit courses on regional studies are included in the curriculum. Besides it can be useful to professional geologists and geophysicists working on various projects in India. The book has been specially designed to cover the course content of major Indian Universities and the approved syllabi of the University Grants Commission. This book has not been written in the classical style of what is where and when was it formed; instead there has been an attempt to base the entire history on the time control as available from latest data on high resolution stratigraphy through fossil content, radiometric dating and palaeomagnetic studies. There is a special focus on the tectonic history of the entire subcontinent through time from Precambrian times to present day.
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Historical Geology

Author : Russell Claudius Hussey
ISBN : UOM:39015006844677
Genre : Geology
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Historical Geology

Author : Raymond C. Moore
ISBN : 9781443721745
Genre : History
File Size : 60.18 MB
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Carkhuff, U. S. Geol. Survey. HISTORICAL GEOLOGY BY RAYMOND C. MOORE PH. D. University of Chicago, Sc. D, Denison University Professor of Geology, University of Kansas, and State Geologist of Kansas Geologist, United States Geological Survey McGRAW-HILL BOOK COMPANY, INC. NEW YORK AND LONDON 1933 COPYRIGHT, 1933, BY THE McGRAW-HiLL BOOK COMPANY, INC. PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA All rights reserved. This book, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form mthout permission of the publishers. PREFACE V, Earth history is a subject of fascinating interest and also of much practical value. The various features of the earth, the continents and oceans, the mountains and plains, and the multitudinous assemblage of organisms in the waters, on land, and in the air have not always been as they are today. The orderly succession of rock strata and their innumer able contained relics of strange animals and plants were not made to mystify man, nor were the ores of metals, deposits of petroleum, and other useful earth materials hidden away merely to test mans ingenuity in finding them. Rather, all of these things are the product of events and conditions in the past history of our planet. To know something of the probable conditions of earth origin, the almost inconceivable antiquity of the earth, the evolution of the continents, the elevation and oblitera tion of great mountain chains, and the remarkable record of life on the earth in past ages is to grow in understanding and appreciation of the modern world. And to acquire such appreciation is in itself a worthy end of study. The student of historical geology, moreover, finds in this subject special opportunity for training in clearthinking, in the scientific con sideration of numerous complex problems, and in reasoning from evi dences or effects to the causes that produced them. An account of earth history that narrated accurately the changing conditions and events of past geologic time, but largely omits the basic observations on which the narrative depends, may hold elements of interest. The instructional value of such an account, however, is surely very far short of one in which many observational data are given and in which emphasis is laid on the deductive interpretation of these data. From the standpoint of scientific training, the means of arriving at conclusions concerning earth history are much more important than the conclusions themselves. With this in mind, the writer has undertaken in the following pages first to describe selected items of observation in connection with the geologic record and then to consider the interpretation of these items in terms of history. Uncertainties and unsolved problems are so indicated. Maps represent ing the distribution of sea and land at various times in the geologic past paleogeographic maps are largely omitted because such maps are for the most part highly subjective, the data used in constructing them are generally not evident, and the sometimes very small areas of reason able control are not differentiated from the uncontrolled areas. Maps showing actual distribution of the systems and of the rocks of respective viii PREFACE eras are useful, however. These are used here and are accompanied by numerous graphic representations of typical geologic sections that show the nature and thickness of rock formations. Historical geology is a subject of some difficulty. Thisis due partly to its encyclopedic scope in space and time and the breadth of its contacts with the related fields of astronomy, physical geology, physiog raphy, biology, and others, and partly to its profusion of unfamiliar names that designate divisions of geologic time, rock formations, and fossils. These difficulties, more apparent than really formidable, cannot wholly be avoided, and it is easy to understand that, if misplaced emphasis is laid on the learning and cataloguing of a jumble of names, historical geology becomes indeed dry and uninteresting...
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Interpreting Earth History

Author : Scott Ritter
ISBN : 9781478627746
Genre : Science
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The Eighth Edition of Interpreting Earth History continues a legacy of authoritative coverage, providing the flexibility and scope necessary to engage students with geological data from a variety of sources and scales. The authors carefully review the subjects covered in current historical geology courses and have tailored each stand-alone assignment to offer a clear, straightforward examination of pertinent topics. The content of this classroom-tested laboratory manual has been expanded and enhanced to include exercises on the Precambrian history of the Canadian Shield as well as an understanding of the stratigraphic, structural, and depositional history of North America during the Phanerozoic Eon. Now in full color, students will become more proficient in their ability to see and recognize geological patterns as well as the compositional and textural attributes of rocks and fossils.
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Historical Geology

Author : Charles Schuchert
ISBN : CHI:101393465
Genre : Historical geology
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