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The Medieval World

Author : Peter Linehan
ISBN : 9781136500053
Genre : History
File Size : 69.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This groundbreaking collection brings the Middle Ages to life and conveys the distinctiveness of this diverse, constantly changing period. Thirty-eight scholars bring together one medieval world from many disparate worlds, from Connacht to Constantinople and from Tynemouth to Timbuktu. This extraordinary set of reconstructions presents the reader with a vivid re-drawing of the medieval past, offering fresh appraisals of the evidence and modern historical writing. Chapters are thematically linked in four sections: identities beliefs, social values and symbolic order power and power-structures elites, organizations and groups. Packed full of original scholarship, The Medieval World is essential reading for anyone studying medieval history.
Category: History

Cities And Social Change In Early Modern France

Author : Philip Benedict
ISBN : 9781134892181
Genre : History
File Size : 52.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The major changes experienced by France's cities over the period from the end of the middle ages to the eve of the Revolution are explored by six French and North American historians.
Category: History

Birth Of The Leviathan

Author : Thomas Ertman
ISBN : 9781139936088
Genre : History
File Size : 51.47 MB
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For many years scholars have sought to explain why the European states which emerged in the period before the French Revolution developed along such different lines. Why did some become absolutist and others constitutionalist? What enabled some to develop bureaucratic administrative systems, while others remained dependent upon patrimonial practices? This book presents a new theory of state-building in medieval and early modern Europe. Ertman argues that two factors - the organisation of local government at the time of state formation and the timing of sustained geo-military competition - can explain most of the variation in political regimes and in state infrastructures found across the continent during the second half of the eighteenth century. Drawing on insights developed in historical sociology, comparative politics, and economic history, this book makes a compelling case for the value of interdisciplinary approaches to the study of political development.
Category: History

Three German Invasions Of France

Author : Douglas Fermer
ISBN : 9781473831452
Genre : History
File Size : 29.3 MB
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Tension and rivalry between France and Germany shaped the history of Western Europe in the century from 1860. Three times that hostility led to war and the invasion of France - in 1870, 1914 and 1940. The outcomes of the battles that followed reset the balance of power across the continent. Yet the German invasions tend to be viewed as separate events, in isolation, rather than as connected episodes in the confrontation between the two nations. Douglas Fermer's fresh account of the military campaigns and the preparations for them treats them as part of a cycle of fear, suspicion, animosity and conflicting ambitions extending across several generations. In a clear, concise account of the decisive opening phase of each campaign, he describes the critical decision-making, the manoeuvres and clashes of arms in eastern France as German forces advanced westwards. As the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War approaches, this is a fitting moment to reconsider these momentous events and how they fit into the broad sweep of European history.
Category: History

La France Et Ses Administrations Un Tat Des Savoirs

Author : Jean-Michel Eymeri–Douzans
ISBN : 9782802740841
Genre : Law
File Size : 40.75 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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En pleine congruence avec l’ambition du Groupe Européen pour l’Administration Publique d’encourager les échanges interculturels, ce livre constitue une entreprise originale, mi-anglophone mi-francophone. Cet ouvrage issu du Congrès du GEAP 2010 a pour objet de combler un déplorable fossé et de donner une visibilité internationale au « cas français ». Dès lors ce livre, en 18 chapitres rédigés en français par une équipe interdisciplinaire (politistes, sociologues, historiens, socio-historiens, juristes) avec plus de 150 pages en anglais et une vaste bibliographie unifiée, entend offrir à tous les spécialistes de l’administration publique de par le monde un point d’accès unique au plus récent état des savoirs sur l’administration en France – ce pays où le mot État s’écrit avec un E majuscule. ============================================ In full compliance with the ambition of the European Group for Public Administration to encourage cross-cultural exchanges, this book is a genuinely original undertaking. It is a hybrid Anglophone-Francophone product. This book from EGPA 2010 Conference purpose to bridge a regrettable gap and to give international visibility to the “French case”. Thus, this book, in 18 chapters written in French by an interdisciplinary team (political scientists, sociologists, historians, sociohistorians, jurists) with more than 150 pages in English and a vast unified bibliography, offers to all students of public administration in the world a unique entry gate to the latest state of the art of administrative studies in France – this country where the State is to be spelled with a capital S.
Category: Law

Longing To Belong

Author : S. Sasson
ISBN : 9781137330819
Genre : Literary Criticism
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An emblematic figure of the 'bourgeois century,' the parvenu represents the Other on which a society depends. This drama of exclusion is symptomatic of nineteenth-century society: ambivalent about social mobility, oscillating between a new sense of opportunity for all and a backward-looking retrenchment to rigid social structures.
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Author : Pieter Spierenburg
ISBN : 2600011293
Genre :
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Crime Histoire Et Soci T S 2006 1

Author : Association internationale d'histoire du crime et de la justice criminelle
ISBN : 2600010890
Genre :
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Controlling Paris

Author : Jonathan M. House
ISBN : 9781479835959
Genre : History
File Size : 85.68 MB
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When not at war, armies are often used to control civil disorders, especially in eras of rapid social change and unrest. But in nineteenth century Europe, without the technological advances of modern armies and police forces, an army’s only advantages were discipline and organization—and in the face of popular opposition to the regime in power, both could rapidly deteriorate. Such was the case in France after the Napoleonic Wars, where a cumulative recent history of failure weakened an already fragile army’s ability to keep the peace. After the February 1848 overthrow of the last king of France, the new republican government proved remarkably resilient, retaining power while pursuing moderate social policies despite the concerted efforts of a variety of radical and socialist groups. These efforts took numerous forms, ranging from demonstrations to attempted coups to full-scale urban combat, and culminated in the crisis of the June Days. At stake was the future of French government and the social and economic policy of France at large. In Controlling Paris, Jonathan M. House offers us a study of revolution from the viewpoint of the government rather than the revolutionary. It is not focused on military tactics so much as on the broader issues involved in controlling civil disorders: relations between the government and its military leaders, causes and social issues of public disorder, political loyalty of troops in crisis, and excessive use of force to control civil disorders. Yet somehow, despite all these disadvantages, the French police and armed forces prevented regime change far more often than they failed to do so.
Category: History

The Construction Of Memory In Interwar France

Author : Daniel J. Sherman
ISBN : 0226752860
Genre : Art
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The contrast between battlefield and home front, soldier and civilian was the basis for memory and collective gratitude. Postwar commemoration, however, also grew directly out of the long and agonized search for the remains of hundreds of thousands of missing soldiers, and the sometimes contentious debates over where to bury them. For this reason, the local monument, with its inscribed list of names and its functional resemblance to tombstones, emerged as the focal point of commemorative practice. Sherman traces every step in the process of monument building as he analyzes commemoration's competing goals--to pay tribute to the dead, to console the bereaved, and to incorporate mourners' individual memories into a larger political discourse."--Pub. description.
Category: Art