Hindu God Christian God

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Hindu God Christian God

Author : Francis Clooney
ISBN : 9780199738724
Genre : Religion
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume offers an in-depth study of key themes common to the Hindu and Christian religious traditions. It redefines how we think about Hinduism, comparative study, and Christian theology. This book offers a bold new look at how traditions encounter one another, and how good comparisons are to be made. Redefining theology as an interreligious, comparative, dialogical, and confessional practice open to all people, it invites not only Hindus and Christians, but also theologians from all religious traditions, to enter into conversation with one another.
Category: Religion

Grace In Christianity And Hinduism

Author : Sabapathy Kulandran
ISBN : 0227172361
Genre : Religion
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It is often said that the real confrontation between Christianity and the great religions of the world is only just beginning. Bishop Kulandran's book on the pivotal religious doctrine of Grace marks the first stage in the new encounter between Christianity and Hinduism. The result of considerable research and theological reflection, Bishop Kulandran's book is an objective and scholarly appraisal of Christianity and Hinduism, their similarities and differences, and of the two different worlds in which they move. Hinduism's uncertainty about the character of God and Christianity's dogmatic certainty are examined in detail. The sense of man's need of God's grace in Christianity, and Hinduism's rejection of any act of reconciliation are seen by Bishop Kulandran as central to the dialogue between the two religions. As Dr. Hendrik Kraemer says in the foreword, Bishop Kulandran's book is animated by the desire for fair presentation and understanding and is a new and important contribution to the subject and not merely a repetition of what has often been said before. The author belonged by birth and experience to the Indian world and as a Bishop of the Church of South India knew the power as well as the limitations of the Christian mission in the world of Hinduism. This scholarly work is a valuable contribution to comparative religion and is an illuminating exploration of two of the world's most important religions.
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Hindu Christian Dialogue

Author : Mariasusai Dhavamony
ISBN : 9042015101
Genre : Religion
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Dialogue is an integral part of the mission of the Christian church. The immensity of the ocean of Hindu doctrine and thought presents a significant obstacle to Christians who have been invited by the Roman Catholic Church to “scrutinize the divine Mystery” present in other religions. Many, fascinated by Hindu mysticism, confuse permanent Hindu beliefs with certain current Western religious movements. India's quest for the divine embodies multiple forms. Its millennia-old methods of meditation and varieties of asceticism often confuse those who are less inclined to experience of an inner spiritual nature. This book attempts to address some of these difficulties and questions. It is the author's belief that in the Hindu-Christian encounter the Christian believer will also rediscover the originality and newness of the Christian revelation, viz. the intervention of God in the history of salvation whereby God reveals his salvific love in Jesus Christ. Possessing expert knowledge of both Hinduism and Christianity, the author approaches the Hindu-Christian dialogue with sympathy and discernment.
Category: Religion

From Hinduism To Christ

Author : Raj Vemuri
ISBN : 1414114931
Genre : Apologetics
File Size : 40.18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From Hinduism to Christ presents facts on Christianity as well as three other major world religions: Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. This intriguing title will convince the reader that only the Bible has the truth many are seeking. Christians will gain the necessary tools to defend their faith.
Category: Apologetics

God Is Not A Christian Nor A Jew Muslim Hindu

Author : Carlton Pearson
ISBN : 9781416585046
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31.86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The author of The Gospel of Inclusion continues to rouse organized religion as he raises controversial issues and provides enlightening answers to the deepest questions about God and faith. What is God? Where is God? Who is the one true God? Questions such as these have driven a thousand human struggles, through war, terrorism, and oppression. Humanity has responded by branching off into multiple religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam—each one pitted against the other. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In God Is Not a Christian, nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu . . . , the provocative and acclaimed Bishop Carlton Pearson follows up on his celebrated first book, The Gospel of Inclusion, to tackle these questions and many more, exploring new ideas about God and faith and putting forth the stunning assertion that God belongs to no particular religion but is an ever-loving presence available to all. For these beliefs, Bishop Pearson lost his thriving Pentecostal ministry but was catapulted instead into a greater pulpit. His readership has grown through appearances on national television and an extensive speaking schedule. With the world in the midst of a holy war, there is no better time for the wisdom of Bishop Pearson to reach a global audience. Bishop Pearson’s many loyal fans, along with new readers, will surely welcome this provocative and eye-opening exploration of a deeper faith, one that goes far beyond any fundamentalist way of thinking, be it Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc. Simply put, Bishop Pearson dares to tell the truth so many others are too afraid to face.
Category: Religion

No Other Gods

Author : H. M. Vroom
ISBN : 0802840973
Genre : Religion
File Size : 38.31 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Christianity is no longer th dominant belief system in today's pluralistic culture. Eastern religions, esecially, have attracted wide interest. Pressing the theological and dialogical dimensions of religious pluralism, Vroom offers a broad study of the views of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam, especially their views on truth.
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Comparative Theology

Author : Francis X. Clooney
ISBN : 9781405179737
Genre : Religion
File Size : 80.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Drawing upon the author s three decades of work in comparative theology, this is a pertinent and comprehensive introduction to the field, which offers a clear guide to the reader, enabling them to engage in comparative study. The author has three decades of experience of work in the field of comparative theology and is ideally placed to write this book Today s increasing religious diversity makes this a pertinent and timely publication Unique in the depth of its introduction and explanation of the discipline of comparative theology Provides examples of how comparative theology works in the new global context of human religiosity Draws on examples specific to Hindu–Christian studies to show how it is possible to understand more deeply the wider diversity around us. Clearly guides the reader, enabling them to engage in comparative study
Category: Religion

God Revealed

Author : Thomas Ebenezer Slater
ISBN : OXFORD:N13231676
Genre : Christianity
File Size : 41.55 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Christianity

God Is Not One

Author : Stephen Prothero
ISBN : 9781459602571
Genre :
File Size : 68.15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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fascinating guide to religion and its place in the world today. In God Is Not One, bestselling author Stephen Prothero makes a fresh and provocative argument that, contrary to popular understanding, all religions are not simply ''different paths to the same God.'' Instead, he shows that the differences between the major religions are far greater than we think: they each ask different questions, tackle different problems, and aim at different goals. God Is Not One highlights the unique aspects of the world's major religions, with chapters on Islam, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Yoruba religion, Judaism, Daoism and atheism. Lucid and compelling, God Is Not One offers a new understanding of religion for the twenty-first century.

Encountering God

Author : Diana L. Eck
ISBN : 9780807073049
Genre : Religion
File Size : 20.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Religion scholar Diana Eck is director of the Pluralism Project, which seeks to map the new religious diversity of the United States, particularly the increasing presence of Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim communities. In this tenth-anniversary edition of Encountering God, Eck shows why dialogue with people of other faiths remains crucial in today's interdependent world--globally, nationally, and even locally. She reveals how her own encounters with other religions have shaped and enlarged her Christian faith toward a bold new Christian pluralism From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Religion

A J Appasamy And His Reading Of R M Nuja

Author : Brian Philip Dunn
ISBN : 9780192508966
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this work, Brian Philip Dunn focuses on the South Indian theologian A. J. Appaswamy's 'embodiment theology.' This is the first book on Appaswamy, a not insignificant Indian, Christian theologian. This study argues for the distinctive theological voice of Appaswamy who develops a theology strongly influenced by the medieval Hindu theologian (or 'bhakti philosopher') Rāmānuja, in particular offering a reading of the Gospel of John. Dunn shows how Appaswamy sees the Christian God in Rāmānuja's theology and how his theology, particularly about the presence of God in the icon in a temple, can become a heuristic device through which to understand the fourth Gospel in the context of its own time. This allows the reader to develop a rooted Christology that otherwise would remain hidden. Through Rāmānuja, Appaswamy can contribute to a constructive and important Theology that grounds the text and ideas of the incarnation in the Jewish context, particularly about priestly atonement. This reading of Rāmānuja allows us to see a Christology in the Christian text that would otherwise not have been seen.
Category: Religion

Cultural And Theological Reflections On The Japanese Quest For Divinity

Author : John J. Keane
ISBN : 9789004322400
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In Cultural and Theological Reflections on the Japanese Quest for Divinity John J. Keane offers a novel account of Japanese divinity (kami). He applies cultural themes to highlight this quest. Respectful encounters between East and West are encouraged using principles of interreligious dialogue.
Category: Religion

Against A Hindu God

Author : Parimal G. Patil
ISBN : 9780231513074
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 25.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Philosophical arguments for and against the existence of God have been crucial to Euro-American and South Asian philosophers for over a millennium. Critical to the history of philosophy in India, were the centuries-long arguments between Buddhist and Hindu philosophers about the existence of a God-like being called Isvara and the religious epistemology used to support them. By focusing on the work of Ratnakirti, one of the last great Buddhist philosophers of India, and his arguments against his Hindu opponents, Parimal G. Patil illuminates South Asian intellectual practices and the nature of philosophy during the final phase of Buddhism in India. Based at the famous university of Vikramasila, Ratnakirti brought the full range of Buddhist philosophical resources to bear on his critique of his Hindu opponents' cosmological/design argument. At stake in his critique was nothing less than the nature of inferential reasoning, the metaphysics of epistemology, and the relevance of philosophy to the practice of religion. In developing a proper comparative approach to the philosophy of religion, Patil transcends the disciplinary boundaries of religious studies, philosophy, and South Asian studies and applies the remarkable work of philosophers like Ratnakirti to contemporary issues in philosophy and religion.
Category: Philosophy

Christians In South Indian Villages 1959 2009

Author : John B. Carman
ISBN : 9780802871633
Genre : History
File Size : 60.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book revisits South Indian Christian communities that were studied in 1959 and written about in Village Christians and Hindu Culture (1968). In 1959 the future of these village congregations was uncertain. Would they grow through conversions or slowly dissolve into the larger Hindu society around them? John Carman and Chilkuri Vasantha Rao s carefully gathered research fifty years later reveals both the decline of many older congregations and the surprising emergence of new Pentecostal and Baptist churches that emphasize the healing power of Christ. Significantly, the new congregations largely cut across caste lines, including both high castes and outcastes (Dalits). Carman and Vasantha Rao pay particular attention to the social, political, and religious environment of these Indian village Christians, including their adaptation of indigenous Hindu practices into their Christian faith and observances.
Category: History

Christ And The Hindu Diaspora

Author : Paul Pathickal
ISBN : 9781449750008
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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CAN THE HINDUS IN INDIA BE REACHED THROUGH DIASPORA HINDUS? The Hindu Diaspora, numbering about 50 million, is scattered from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Fiji in the east to Guyana, Surinam, the United States and Canada in the west. Hindus numbering about 850 million live in India. However, militant organizations make mission work impossible there and one way to reach them is through their clan and caste fellows in the Diaspora. In Christ and the Hindu Diaspora, author Paul Pathickal discusses the process of Hindu migration, the salient features of Diaspora Hinduism and ways to witness to Diaspora Hindus. By reaching Diaspora Hindus, the author believes their caste and clan fellows in India can be reached for Christ. Diaspora Hinduism is different from Hinduism in India. The old pantheistic thought cannot survive in the new lands. The new generation of young educated Hindus cannot accept the Karma doctrine and caste divisions. Secular humanism cannot fulfill the age old yearning of the Hindu for truth and value. Only the religion established by Jesus Christ, the true avatar, who came down from heaven not to annihilate a few wicked men, but to save mankind from their sins, will be able to satisfy the inner yearning of the Hindu for truth and meaning in life.
Category: Religion

Hindu Wisdom For All God S Children

Author : Francis X. Clooney
ISBN : 9781597520683
Genre : Religion
File Size : 66.7 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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'Hindu Wisdom for All God's Children' introduces readers to the spiritual riches of Hindu India. Jesuit author Francis Clooney brings a wealth of scholarship and personal immersion in the thought and life of India to a wide range of students and seekers. In seven chapters Clooney draws on aspects of Indian religious life, both ancient and modern. They include the creation myths and the discovery of the self; realization of the self in theology and meditative traditions; the self-awareness of Gautama; the quest for direct experience of God in devotions to Krishna; the mystery of God in the traditions of Shiva; the cult of the great Goddess; and the spirituality of Mohandas Gandhi and Mahasweta Devi. Clooney offers insights into how people live out these traditions today, continually raising points for comparative reflection, inviting readers to bring their own insights into consideration. 'Hindu Wisdom for All God's Children' provides a fascinating introduction to deep and ancient traditions that will challenge and enrich the quest for the spiritual self.
Category: Religion

Hindu Gods And Goddesses In Japan

Author : Saroj Kumar Chaudhuri
ISBN : 8179360091
Genre : Goddesses, Hindu
File Size : 60.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Buddhism introduced many Hindu Gods and Goddesses to the Japanese. The rulers were the first to be attracted to them. Historical records show that they earnestly believed in the miracles of these divinities promised in the sutras. Many miracle stories started appearing in popular literature as the divinities percolated down to the masses. The resulting naturalisation process in the case of some divinities went to the extent that they became an integral part of the native Shinto pantheon. Their popularity remains unabated even today. The Tantric Buddhist sects also played a vital role in propagating the divinities. They regularly worshipped the divinities in their temples where people thronged in large numbers. Many steps in these ceremonies, for instance, the homa ritual, are very familiar to the present-day Hindus. The monks have also produced a considerable volume of religious literature related to these divinities. Descriptions of many divinities show that they have not changed substantially over centuries. A study of these writings also shows that a large volume of Hindu myths and legends related to these deities were transmitted to Japan. These writings are also a testimony to the way the ancestors of the present-day Hindus thought about these deities, say, around the eighth or ninth century of the Christian era.
Category: Goddesses, Hindu

Understanding Religious Pluralism

Author : Peter C. Phan
ISBN : 9781630874896
Genre : Religion
File Size : 77.39 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Our contemporary world is fast becoming religiously diverse in a variety of ways. Thanks to globalization and migration, to mention only two current worldwide trends, people of diverse and sometimes mutually hostile faiths are now sharing neighborhoods and encountering one another's religious traditions on a daily basis. For scholars in religious studies and theology the issue to be examined is whether religious diversity is merely the result of historical development and social interaction, or whether it is inherent in the object of belief--part of the very structure of faith and our attempts to understand and express it. The essays in this volume range from explorations of the impact of religious diversity on religious studies to examples of interfaith encounter and dialogue, and current debates on Christian theology of religion. These essays examine not only the theoretical issues posed by religious pluralism to the study of religion and Christian theology but also concrete cases in which religious pluralism has been a bone of contention. Together, they open up new vistas for further conversation on the nature and development of religious pluralism.
Category: Religion

Judaism Christianity Islam Secularism Hinduism Popular Ed 2007

Author : Maanoj Rakhit (aka Yashodharma)
ISBN : 9788189746063
Genre : Christianity and other religions
File Size : 26.60 MB
Format : PDF
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It's an authoritative study in comparative religion. You may reach the conclusion that "Facts are, indeed, Stranger than Fiction".
Category: Christianity and other religions