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High Performance Fillers 2005

Author :
ISBN : 1859575005
Genre : Composite materials
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Fillers are playing an increasingly important role in polymer applications, a trend that will increase with the rise in the cost of oil and hence polymer feedstocks. Increasingly though, fillers are seen as high performance additives, not just cost lowering diluents, and this is the focus of the conference, which has papers from both users and producers of performance enhancing fillers. Prominent among the topics covered are important growth areas such as; nanofillers, fire retardant fillers and natural fibre based composites. Papers dealing with the latest developments in additives to control the crucial area of filler to polymer adhesion are also featured prominently.
Category: Composite materials

Elastomer Based Composite Materials

Author : Nikolay Dishovsky
ISBN : 9781351659987
Genre : Science
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Elastomer-Based Composite Materials: Mechanical, Dynamic, and Microwave Properties and Engineering Applications is focused on elastomer-based composite materials comprising different types of reinforcing fillers. The book provides an informative examination of the possibilities for broadening the engineering applications of elastomer composites through using various types of hybrid fillers, ferrites, and ceramics, and also examines their synthesis and characterization. It discusses new hybrid fillers that have been synthesized by different techniques, e.g. impregnation of different substrates (carbon black, conductive carbon black, activated carbons, etc.) with silica or magnetite. These new fillers have been thoroughly characterized by standard techniques and by up-to-date methods, such as energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy in scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM-EDX), atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), and inductively coupled plasma–optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES). The effect of those fillers upon the curing properties, mechanical and dynamic parameters, electrical conductivity, and dielectric and microwave characteristics of elastomer-based composites is discussed in detail in this volume. The book also covers the influence of various types of ceramics (SiC, B4C, and TiB2) and barium and strontium hexaferrites upon the aforementioned properties of rubber composites in conjunction with a view toward solutions for environmental problems caused by waste tires. The book shows that pyrolysis-cum-water vapor is a suitable and environmentally friendly method for the conversion of the waste green tires into useful carbon-silica hybrid fillers. The properties of elastomer-based composites comprising different types of nanostructures (fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphene nanoplatelets), modified activated carbons, and calcined kaolin are also discussed. Special attention is paid to composites with lower levels of zinc oxide. The volume provides an abundance of knowledge on the detailed characterization of these fillers and on the curing, mechanical, dynamic mechanical, and dielectric and microwave properties of the elastomeric composites. The book surveys the most recent research activities of the authors, which will make it a vital reference source for scientists in both the academic and industrial sectors, as well as for individuals who are interested in rubber materials. It will be very useful for students, especially PhD students, scientists, lecturers, and engineers working or doing research in the field of polymer materials science, elastomer-based composites and nanocomposites and their engineering applications in the production of microwave absorbers and electromagnetic waves shielding materials, materials for electronics devices and telecommunications.
Category: Science

High Performance Fillers 2006

Author : Rapra Technology
ISBN : 1859575609
Genre : Fillers (Materials)
File Size : 79.82 MB
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This second international conference focused on developments in High Performance Fillers from established materials to the latest innovations. There were presentations on many different types of fillers from flash calcined clays (Imerys), diatomaceous earths and perlites (World Minerals), aluminas (Sasol), natural fibres (Queens's University Belfast), titanium oxides (Oxonica), mica (Quartzwerke), wollastonite (RT Vanderbilt), pigments (Eckhart) and glass foam (Trovotech) to nanographite (State University of Michigan), POSS (Hybrid Plastics) and nanocomposites (Prof Camino, Prof Kenig, S Dunger). BASF AG and Electrolux discussed filler interactions with other compounding ingredients, whilst surface modification with silanes was presented by Dow Corning.
Category: Fillers (Materials)

Natural Rubber Materials

Author : Sabu Thomas
ISBN : 9781849736312
Genre : Science
File Size : 47.64 MB
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The combination of its unique morphology, physical properties, cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness make natural rubber an appealing constituent for many materials and applications. Natural Rubber Materials covers the synthesis, characterization and applications of natural rubber based blends, interpenetrating polymer networks, composites and nanocomposites. With contributions from established international experts in the field, volume 1 covers different types of natural rubber-based blends and IPNs, whilst volume 2 focuses on natural rubber-based composites and nanocomposites. This is the first book to consolidate the current state of the art information on natural rubber based materials providing a "one stop" reference resource for professionals, researchers, industrial practitioners, graduate students, and senior undergraduates in the fields of polymer science and engineering, materials science, surface science, bioengineering and chemical engineering.
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Icis Chemical Business

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ISBN : UCSD:31822036030377
Genre : Chemical industry
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Category: Chemical industry

High Performance Ceramics Iv

Author : Wei Pan
ISBN : 9783038131205
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
Category: Technology & Engineering

High Performance Polymer

Author : Guy Rabilloud
ISBN : 2710810948
Genre : Science
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High performance polymers are extensively used in the fabrication, assembly and packaging of semiconductor components. The basic purpose of this book is to review the present status of the electrically conductive and thermally conductive adhesive technology, primarily for the well established die attach market, but also for the anisotropic adhesive films used to interconnect electronic drivers to liquid crystal display panels, and adhesives which are currently tested to replace soft solders in the surface mount technology. Contents: 1. Applications, market survey and standards. 2. Electrical and thermal conductivities. 3. Fillers and resins. 4. Properties of uncured adhesives. 5. Properties of cured adhesives. 6. Thermally-induced stresses. 7. Reliability concerns. 8. Current developments.
Category: Science

Composite Materials V

Author : Di Zhang
ISBN : 9783038131335
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 30.95 MB
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Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS). Composites have long held the center-stage of research and development in the materials community. The concept of combining metals, ceramics and polymers – having various types, shapes and properties - into a single material exhibiting properties that none of its individual components possess, has created endless scope for the imagination of scientists and engineers. It has ignited numerous fields of research and development, and revolutionized many applications. However, in spite of the many advantages of composite materials, there remain troubling underlying problems arising from the complexity of the systems, and these have hindered their full exploitation in everyday life. Such challenges to the composite materials community have been the driving force for holding composite materials conferences such as the celebrated Cross-Strait ones.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Thermoset Nanocomposites For Engineering Applications

Author : Rumiana Kotsilkova
ISBN : 1847350631
Genre : Science
File Size : 77.6 MB
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Thermoset nanocomposites represent a new technology solution. These new formulations benefit from improved dimensional/thermal stability, flame retardancy and chemical resistance; and have potential applications in marine, industrial and construction markets. This book helps to answer questions related to the design of nanocomposites by controlling the processing technology and structure. The book is addressed not only to researchers and engineers who actively work in the broad field of nanocomposite technology, but also to newcomers and students who have just started investigations in this multidisciplinary field of material science.
Category: Science