Hermetic Masonry

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Hegel And The Hermetic Tradition

Author : Glenn Alexander Magee
ISBN : 0801474507
Genre : Philosophy
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Glenn Alexander Magee's pathbreaking book argues that Hegel was decisively influenced by the Hermetic tradition, a body of thought with roots in Greco-Roman Egypt. Magee traces the influence on Hegel of such Hermetic thinkers as Baader, Böhme, Bruno, and Paracelsus, and fascination with occult and paranormal phenomena. Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition covers Hegel's philosophical corpus and shows that his engagement with Hermeticism lasted throughout his career and intensified during his final years in Berlin. Viewing Hegel as a Hermetic thinker has implications for a more complete understanding of the modern philosophical tradition, and German idealism in particular.
Category: Philosophy

Esoteric Studies In Masonry Volume 1 France Freemasonry Hermeticism Kabalah And Alchemical Symbolism Bilingual

Author : Daath Gnosis
ISBN : 9781312442641
Genre : Religion
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This Text presents an introduction to the Alchemical Philosophy of the Ancient Mysteries, it contains extracts from many different books and is organized into 2 main sections: 1) An explanation of the Alchemical Symbolism which has 3 parts that are mostly extracts from 3 of Jean Marie Ragon's books published together in 1853: Masonic Orthodoxy, Philosophical Masonry and Occult Masonry. Taken together, these extracts are a wonderful synthesis of how Masonry is a continuation of the Ancient Mysteries. 2) Contains the Instructions and/or Catechisms from 3 different French Masonic orders: FRENCH RITE (early to mid 1700s), ADONHIRAMITE RITE (late 1700s), and MEMPHIS RITE (mid 1800s). These show the Ancient Philosophical, Hermetic, and Alchemical symbolism which was explained in the first section. Finally, in the Editor's Appendix, there is an explanation of the "Masonic Tablet," followed by an article about the "Generation of Beings" and then a list of the "Shem Hamphorash" or the '72 Names of God'.
Category: Religion

Myth Magick And Masonry

Author : Jaime Lamb
ISBN : 9781732621404
Genre :
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In MYTH, MAGICK & MASONRY, Jaime Paul Lamb develops four thought-provoking interpretations of the symbolism and allegorical content of Freemasonry and some of its appendant bodies. By viewing the craft through the interpretive lenses of ceremonial magick, solar and astrological lore and symbolism, classical mythology and the Roman Mystery cult, Mithraism, Lamb establishes four distinct vantage points from which to survey Freemasonry. Thereby, Jaime Paul Lamb enables Masons, new and old, to develop a more nuanced appreciation of the Craft and a deeper understanding of the Fraternity's priceless initiatory heritage.

Ancient Mysteries And Modern Masonry Annotated Edition

Author : Charles H. Vail
ISBN : 9783849631291
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 54.99 MB
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The purpose of these lectures is to consider the origin and nature of the Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry and to show the relation which they bear one to the other. Freemasonry deals largely with the morals and symbols of the Mysteries of Antiquity, and originally was one of the channels of Ancient Wisdom. There were a few among the founders of Modern Masonry who possessed the Royal Secret, or, at least, had a knowledge of its existence, and, if the key has been lost, the Mason, as Heir-apparent of the Old Wisdom, should be foremost in the search for its recovery. All agree that the Masonic symbols and traditions are of the greatest antiquity, and can be traced to the far East--to the earliest civilization, from which time and place they have spoken in nature's language to all peoples of the earth. We are more and more convinced that this picture language of our ritual contains a most complete philosophy--a knowledge embracing the eternal verities of the universe, and that these symbols were designed by the Initiates of old to preserve and convey that Ancient Wisdom to the present and future generations. Though empires and dynastic continents have appeared and passed away, these ancient symbols, hewn in rock-cut temples and monuments, have served to convey the Great Secret from ages past and will continue its record as long as this part of the universe remains.
Category: Social Science

An Encyclop Dia Of Freemasonry And Its Kindred Sciences

Author : Albert Gallatin Mackey
ISBN : STANFORD:36105004994260
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A wide-ranging and detailed description of Freemasonry's ancient origins by one of the order's most popular nineteenth-century writers and ritual authorities.

The Western Way

Author : Caitlín Matthews
ISBN : 1850630178
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 23.11 MB
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Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Hermetic Masonry

Author : Frank C. Higgins
ISBN : OCLC:871346352
Genre :
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Hermetic Masonry

Author : Frank C. Higgins
ISBN : 149796878X
Genre :
File Size : 21.26 MB
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This Is A New Release Of The Original 1916 Edition.

Swedenborg A Hermetic Philosopher

Author : Ethan Allen Hitchcock
ISBN : HARVARD:32044029841020
Genre : Alchemy
File Size : 20.33 MB
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"This book is a sequel to the author's early work Remarks on alchemy and the alchemists. In the current volume, the author discusses the concept of hermetic philosophy and presents the works of Emanuel Swedenborg, a hermetic philosopher and the head of a considerable body of Christians who believe that the New Jerusalem has recently descended upon earth, or is about to come down from heaven to bless the world"--[Source inconnue].
Category: Alchemy

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