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Hermann Von Helmholtz

Author : Leo Koenigsberger
ISBN : 1855069490
Genre : Psychology
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'[This reprinting is] most welcome. Even German readers have often to rely on the microform version of Koenigsberger which is part of the Landmark of Science collection. A book reprint will be much more useful. And since there is no biographical account of Helmholtz up until today, Koenigsberger remains the most important source...'--Dr. Henning SchmidgenHermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz (1821-94) had a huge influence on German science during the mid nineteenth century, bringing it to the forefront of world attention. He was a physicist and psychologist who made seminal contributions in both fields. His Treatise on Physiological Optics (reprinted last year by Thoemmes Press) transformed the study of vision by integrating its physical and psychological dimensions. Helmholtz explained the mechanism of 'accommodation', invented the ophthalmoscope, and revived the three-colour theory of vision first proposed in 1801 by Thomas Young. He also invented the telestereoscope, produced some novel visual illusions, and argued for the involvement of knowledge in perception. Helmholtz was an inspiration to many others--notably his student Heinrich Hertz, the discoverer of radio waves.Leo Koenigsberger's three-volume Hermann von Helmholtz (1902-1903) is one of the great scientific biographies of the early twentieth century. Exhaustive and scholarly, it contains a wealth of detail about Helmholtz's personal and professional life. The books are illustrated with remarkable portraits, and a facsimile of a handwritten letter from Helmholtz to his father is included in an appendix. Koenigsberger's work remains the standard life of Helmholtz to this day. It has never been fully translated into English,and even in the original German it is scarce. At a time when interest in the life and work of Helmholtz is increasing across the world, Thoemmes Press is pleased to be able to make this vital source more widely available.
Category: Psychology

Hermann Von Helmholtz And The Foundations Of Nineteenth Century Science

Author : David Cahan
ISBN : 0520083342
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Hermann von Helmholtz (1821-1894) was a polymath of dazzling intellectual range and energy. Renowned for his co-discovery of the second law of thermodynamics and his invention of the ophthalmoscope, Helmholtz also made many other contributions to physiology, physical theory, philosophy of science and mathematics, and aesthetic thought. During the late nineteenth century, Helmholtz was revered as a scientist-sage--much like Albert Einstein in this century. David Cahan has assembled an outstanding group of European and North American historians of science and philosophy for this intellectual biography of Helmholtz, the first ever to critically assess both his published and unpublished writings. It represents a significant contribution not only to Helmholtz scholarship but also to the history of nineteenth-century science and philosophy in general.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Hermann Von Helmholtz S Mechanism The Loss Of Certainty

Author : Gregor Schiemann
ISBN : 9781402056307
Genre : Philosophy
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Focusing on Hermann von Helmholtz, this study addresses one of the nineteenth century’s most important German natural scientists. Among his most well-known contributions to science are the invention of the ophthalmoscope and grou- breaking work towards formulating the law of the conservation of energy. The volume of his work, reaching from medicine to physiology to physics and epis- mology, his impact on the development of the sciences far beyond German borders, and the contribution he made to the organization and popularization of research, all established Helmholtz’s prominence both in the academic world and in public cultural life. Helmholtz was also one of the last representatives of a conception of nature that strove to reduce all phenomena to matter in motion. In reaction to the increasingly insurmountable difficulties that program had in fulfilling its own standards for s- entific explanation, he developed elements of a modern understanding of science that have remained of fundamental importance to this day.
Category: Philosophy

Science And Culture

Author : Hermann von Helmholtz
ISBN : 0226326586
Genre : Science
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Hermann von Helmholtz was a leading figure of nineteenth-century European intellectual life, remarkable even among the many scientists of the period for the range and depth of his interests. A pioneer of physiology and physics, he was also deeply concerned with the implications of science for philosophy and culture. From the 1850s to the 1890s, Helmholtz delivered more than two dozen popular lectures, seeking to educate the public and to enlighten the leaders of European society and governments about the potential benefits of science and technology to a developing modern society. David Cahan has selected fifteen of these lectures, which reflect the wide range of topics of crucial importance to Helmholtz and his audiences. Among the subjects discussed are the origins of the planetary system, the relation of natural science to science in general, the aims and progress of the physical sciences, the problems of perception, and academic freedom in German universities. This collection also includes Helmholtz's fascinating lectures on the relation of optics to painting and the physiological causes of harmony in music, which provide insight into the relations between science and aesthetics. Science and Culture makes available again Helmholtz's eloquent arguments on the usefulness, benefits, and, intellectual pleasures of understanding the natural world. With Cahan's Introduction to set these essays in their broader context, this collection makes an important contribution to the philosophical and intellectual history of Europe at a time when science played an increasingly significant role in social, economic, and cultural life.
Category: Science

On The Sensations Of Tone

Author : Hermann Helmholtz
ISBN : 0486607534
Genre : Music
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This masterly treatment of classical acoustics embodies the great physicist's lifetime of research and presents his vast knowledge of the field in an easy-to-follow account. Among the topics explored: physical phenomena, the physiology of hearing, the relation of musical phenomena to physics, and historical aspects of musical sound. Includes 68 figures.
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