Hearts Taken

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My Heart Is An Open Book

Author : Michelle Meece
ISBN : 1468569406
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 85.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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I have compiled 101 poems of the deepest emotions I have felt throughout my life. From the pain of depression, heartbreak, watching someone live with addiction, and losing loved ones to the joy of true love and the innocent heart of a child. This is my attempt to understand the things that are happening all around me. I may not always find the answer or like the outcome of every situation but poetry has been my outlet...the key to my sanity. If my wordslet someonesee things in a new light and help them overcome something they thought they couldn't live through, then putting my life on display will all be worth it.
Category: Family & Relationships

Physiology And Pathophysiology Of The Heart

Author : Nicholas Sperelakis
ISBN : 9781475711714
Genre : Medical
File Size : 53.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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could go on for several pages. Thus the book edited This book emphasizes the fundamental, functional aspects of cardiology. Within the last thirty years, by Sperelakis IS a potent reminder of the almost for the rift between clinical and investigative cardiology gotten fact that cardiology has twO sites, inextrica has widened, because of the overwhelming devel bly related. opment of new clinical procedures, both diagnostic The book deals with subjects in which Dr. Sper and therapeutic. Almost forgotten is the fact that elakis has pioneered: ultrastructure of heart muscle, we owe most of the clinical advances to theoretical electrophysiology, cardiac contractility, and ion ex and experimental observations. I need not remind change. An extension of these subjects is the chapter the reader of the work of Carrel, who performed the dealing with fundamental topics of the coronary cir first experimental coronary bypass in 1902, or the culation. work of the brothers Curie in 1880, both physicists, This book is indeed a timely reminder of the im who discovered piezoelectricity, the keystone in ech portance of the fundamental aspects of cardiology. ogradiography; of the works of Langley, who intro Emphasis on clinical aspects of cardiology alone will duced the receptors concept; of Ahlquist in 1946, result in a sterile and unproductive future for a field who first differentiated between alpha and beta re that has made such stunning advances during the ceptors; of Fleckenstein, a physiologist who pi last thirty years to the benefit of millions of people.
Category: Medical

Paths Not Taken

Author : Simon R. Green
ISBN : 9781101208397
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 47.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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I’m John Taylor. I was born in the Nightside, that square mile in the hidden center of London where it is always the hour of the wolf, where gods and monsters walk side by side and where every dark question ever asked can be answered—for a price. I left for a while, but I did come back, to make my living doing what I do better than anyone else: finding things—lost or stolen, real or imaginary. Recently, I found the most dangerous thing of all: the true identity of my long-gone mother. Turns out she’s a being who’s been around since before the dawn of history. Then, she created the Nightside—and now, for her own warped reasons, she intends to destroy it. To stop her before she even gets started, I’ve got to do some hard traveling—back in Time, through endless eons, into the very distant—and probably deadly—past…
Category: Fiction

Turning The World Upside Down

Author : Nigel Crisp
ISBN : 9781444147285
Genre : Medical
File Size : 53.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Turning the World Upside Down is a search to understand what is happening and what it means for us all. It is based on Nigel Crisp's own journey from running the largest health system in the world to working in some of the poorest countries, and draws upon his own experiences to explore new ideas and innovations around the world. The book has three unique features: Describes what rich countries can learn from poorer ones, as well as the other way round Deals with health in rich and poor countries in the same way, not treating them as totally different, and suggests that instead of talking about international development we should talk about co-development Sets out a new vision for global health, and our rights and accountabilities as citizens of the world There is an unfair import export business in people and ideas that flourishes between rich and poor countries. Rich countries import trained health workers and export their ideas and ideology about health in poorer ones, whether or not they are appropriate or useful. What, Nigel Crisp asks, if we were to turn the world upside down - so the import export business was reversed and poorer countries exported their ideas and experience whilst richer ones exported their health workers? Health leaders in poorer countries, without the resources or the baggage of rich countries, have learned to innovate, to build on the strengths of the population and their communities and develop new approaches that are relevant for the rich and poor alike. At the same time, richer countries and their health workers could help poorer countries to train, in their own country, the workers they need for the future. They would help pay a debt for all the workers who have migrated and learn themselves the new ways of working, which they will need in the 21st Century. We could stop talking about international development - as something the rich world does to the poor - and start talking about co-development, our shared learning and shared future. There is already a movement of people and ideas travelling in this direction. Young people get this intuitively. Many thousands of young professionals want a different professional education for themselves - in global health. Together with the leaders from poorer countries and the innovators around the world, they are creating a new global vision for health. Turning the World Upside Down is a search for understanding that helps us to see how Western Scientific Medicine, which has served us so well in the 20th Century, needs to adapt and evolve to cope with the demands of the 21st Century. It sets our a new vision and concludes by describing the actions we need to take to accelerate the change.
Category: Medical

Bartholinus Anatomy

Author : Thomas Bartholin
ISBN : OSU:32435018033381
Genre : Electronic books
File Size : 89.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Electronic books

Hearts Greatest Ever Season

Author : Mike Buckle
ISBN : 9781845025847
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 29.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In the proud history of Heart of Midlothian football club, one season stands out as their finest ever. Now, fifty years on from that memorable 1957/58 campaign which brought the League Championship to Gorgie, read the full inside story of how they did it and what it meant to the fans. It was without question the golden age of the club, when players like Alfie Conn Sr, Willie Bauld, Jimmy Wardhaugh, Dave Mackay and Alex Young left Rangers and Celtic trailing in their wake, scored a record number of goals in a season and won the League Championship by a huge margin. In Hearts' Greatest Ever Season, lifelong supporter Mike Buckle brings the whole remarkable story to life and details how, after sixty-one years without a championship win, the club finally achieved their goal. For Hearts fans who remember those heady days, this is an apt and nostalgic reminder of the times. For younger fans who have lived through the rollercoaster years of the Wallace Mercer era, the Deans and Robinson ownership, the threat of the club being wound up and the Romanov revolution which has promised so much but failed to deliver, Hearts' Greatest Ever Season offers the hope that history might one day be repeated and that the dream of the League title returning to Gorgie could become reality once again.
Category: Sports & Recreation

Two Hearts Too Late

Author : Christie Clark
ISBN : 9781459287532
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 78.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Instant Fatherhood One moment Carl Tannon was a carefree bachelor; the next, he was a daddy. Not that he minded. He was perfectly willing to tackle bottles and diapers and…whatever. All he had to do was retrieve his daughter from Kirby Gordon and be on his way…. If the stranger had appeared six months ago demanding that she return "his" baby, Kirby would gladly have complied. The last thing she'd wanted then was someone to care for. Now the child was a part of her life—and so, unfortunately, was Carl. But Kirby couldn't let him steal her little girl—and her heart….
Category: Fiction

Lipid Metabolism In The Normoxic And Ischaemic Heart

Author : H. Stam
ISBN : 9783662083901
Genre : Medical
File Size : 40.18 MB
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Scientific progress with respect to the important role of various lipids in myocardial function and the dearrangements of lipid metabolism underlying ischaemic heart disease(s) has been con siderable in recent years. In 1986 alone, an overall number ofl 044 full papers covering the topics "Lipids-Heart-Heart Disease", have been published in a variety of biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology and cardiology journals (source: Index Medicus). They have broadened our in sight into the molecular basis of myocardial lipidology and the lipido-chemical basis of car diology in health and disease, and have narrowed the gap between promising pharmacological intervention in experimental animals and clinical treatment of patients suffering from an ischaemic heart. Furthermore, they illustrate the fundamental significance of the product of the union between basic and clinical science. The rapid development of knowledge in the "Lipids-Heart-Heart Disease" triad prompted us to organize the International Symposium on Lipid Metabolism in the Normoxic and lschaemic Heart, held in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) on September 22 and 23, 1986. This meeting was a coproject of the Department of Biochemistry I (Medical Faculty, Erasmus University Rotter dam) and the Department of Physiology (Medical Faculty, University of Limburg) and was held under the auspices of the GerritJan Mulder Foundation (named after a famous Rotterdam physi cian and chemist who lived from 1802-1880) whom we thank for their co-operation. The present volume is a compendium of invited papers and contributions selected from the posters presented during the symposium.
Category: Medical

Haunted Hearts

Author : Maria Susanna Cummins
ISBN : BSB:BSB10745893
Genre : American fiction
File Size : 43.5 MB
Format : PDF
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Set against the backdrop of the War of 1812, Angie Cousins, "the belle of the district," is ostracized from her New Jersey community when residents believe her thoughtless flirtation with a suitor led him to commit murder and suicide.
Category: American fiction

The Renewal Of The Heart Is The Mission Of The Church

Author : Gregory S. Clapper
ISBN : 9781621898702
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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John Wesley has arguably influenced more American Christians than any other Protestant interpreter. One reason for this wide influence is that Wesley often spoke about the "heart" and its "affections"--that realm of life where all humans experience their deepest satisfactions, as well as some of their deepest conundrums. However, one of the problems of interpreting and appropriating Wesley is that we have been blinded to Wesley's actual views about "heart religion" by contemporary stereotypes about "affections" or "emotions." Because of this, it is rare that either Wesley's friends or his critics appreciate his sophisticated understanding of affective reality. To make clear what Wesley meant when he emphasized the renewal of the heart, Gregory S. Clapper summarizes some recent paradigm-changing accounts of the nature of "emotion" produced by contemporary philosophers and theologians, and then applies them to Wesley's conception of the heart and its affections. These accounts of emotion throw new light on Wesley's vision of Christianity as a renewal of the heart and make it possible to reclaim the language of the heart, not as a pandering or manipulative rhetoric, but as the framework for a comprehensive theological vision of Christian life and thought. The book closes with several practical applications that make clear the power of Wesley's vision to transform lives today.
Category: Religion

Hands And Hearts

Author : Lois Johansson
ISBN : 9780819226464
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Hands and Hearts includes easy-to-follow instruction for activities, based on the liturgical year, designed to help your church family experience faith-based learning together. A source of fun and biblical learning, this interactive book is a great way to draw together a congregation of all ages for spiritual growth and learning.
Category: Religion

Healing Hearts

Author : Fiona J. Diggins
ISBN : 9781469146980
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 45.12 MB
Format : PDF
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True stories of animals trapped in heartbreaking situations of neglect and abuse, and the people who rescued them. Healing Hearts highlights the compassionate side of people, the loving, loyal and forgiving nature of animals, and exemplifies the powerful and unbreakable bonds that can form between species.”
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Tu Fah Yi Abb S

Author : Muḥammad ʻAlī Sabzvārī
ISBN : 0761838015
Genre : Religion
File Size : 48.11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is one of the oldest and most important sources written on the esoteric teachings of Islam from a Shi'ite perspective. It demonstrates the Qur'anic origins of Sufism and its close relationship with Shi'ism. The book is based mainly on the teachings of the Qur'an, Hadith narrations of Shi'ite Imams, and the teachings of earlier Sufi masters. In this lies the uniqueness, authenticity, and strength of the book. Tuhfah yi-' Abbasi is written in a typical prose style of the Safavid period and is replete with Arabic words and phrases. The difficulty and dryness of the style, however, is properly compensated by timely quotation of Prophetic traditions, narrations of the Shi'ite Imams, and Sufi poetry composed by 'Attar, Rumi, Hafiz, Mansur Hallaj, as well as the author. This work conveys a universal message for all human beings, particularly at a time when Sufism and Shi'ism are misrepresented by pseudo-Sufis and extremist Shi'ite, and misunderstood by many readers in the Muslim world and in the West.
Category: Religion

Theology And Life

Author : Edward Hayes Plumptre
ISBN : NYPL:33433068279334
Genre : Occasional sermons
File Size : 44.21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Occasional sermons

Two Miles To Tynecastle

Author : Andrew-Henry Bowie
ISBN : 9781908548696
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 33.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Andrew-Henry Bowie is a passionate Heart of Midlothian Football Club supporter. He doggedly survived a tough childhood and found solace – sort of – in his overwhelming love of football. The author engages the reader with an energetic and animated account of his years as a Hearts fan and his early years growing up as an Edinburgh 'schemie'. Written with verve and a dry sense of humour Bowie entertains with recollections of a series of calamitous episodes; ironically these seemed to reflect the Hearts' ups and downs! The book is scattered with familiar references to the 80s and 90s; for anyone growing up during this period, this book will stir poignant memories.
Category: Biography & Autobiography