Health Ecology

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Health Ecology

Author : Thomas Boleyn
ISBN : 9781134734276
Genre : Science
File Size : 66.87 MB
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This ground-breaking study offers new challenges to those teaching, studying or developing strategies and policies in health and the environment.Bringing together a variety of approaches from different perspectives and different locations, the contributors examine the various dimensions of health ecology in a human ecology framework, examining how local, regional and global factors impinge upon the health and environment of individuals, communities and the globe.
Category: Science

Ecosystem Health

Author : Robert Costanza
ISBN : 1559631406
Genre : Science
File Size : 49.64 MB
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Discusses managing the environment from philosophical, scientific, and political perspectives
Category: Science

Environmental Health

Author : Kathryn Hilgenkamp
ISBN : 0763723770
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Environmental Health: Ecological Perspectives is intended as an environmental health text for both undergraduate and graduate levels. This text provides balanced coverage of how humans are affected by the quality of air, water, and food as well as how humans affect these survival necessities. The evolution and prosperity of the human species has resulted in concerns about pollution, overpopulation, and several other issues that are having a harmful effect on humans and our environment. This knowledge, along with an understanding of the legislation and history of environmental issues, will help students to make positive changes in their behavior and in the world around them.
Category: Health & Fitness

Ecology And Health

Author : K.R. Nayar
ISBN : 8176480193
Genre : Environmental health
File Size : 20.4 MB
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The Book Unravels The Socio-Economic And Public Health Dimensions Of The Ecological Conundrum In The Indian Context.
Category: Environmental health

Integrating Human Health Ecology And Built Environment Design

Author : Leann Andrews
ISBN : OCLC:1083548453
Genre :
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This dissertation investigates the intertwined relationship between the built environment and human and ecological health. The project developed and implemented a collaborative action approach to explore the potential for transdisciplinary urban ecological design interventions to be creative, effective, resource efficient and sustainable strategies to relieve burdens of disease, improve degraded urban environments, and address social inequities. The research explored the context of slum communities – places having harsh human, environmental and ecological health conditions. Using an applied Transdisciplinary Action Research (TDAR) approach to investigation, the team conducted a design-build-research project that implemented household and community gardens with residents of the informal floating slum community of Claverito in Iquitos, Peru and measured changes in human and ecological health over one year. This project tested the incorporation of health research into design practice, community design interventions as part of health initiatives, and deep community engagement to maximize impact. This dissertation presents the research in three manuscripts in preparation for publication: 1) Assessing social-ecological health conditions in a Latin American slum community, 2) Human and ecological health outcomes of a Gardens Intervention in a Latin American slum community, 3) Using Transdisciplinary Action Research (TDAR) and a Gardens Intervention project to target human and ecological health issues in an urban slum community. Outcomes of this research include: a) the development of a Community Social-Ecological Assessment Framework for gathering human-species-environment data in slum communities, applied to Claverito; b) analysis of the modification of the TDAR framework to target human and ecological health issues in Claverito and include a participatory design approach; c) results of the human and ecological health assessment after the Gardens Intervention: positive trend in land pollution and biodiversity of plants (change in H’ = 15.48 and 1-D = .73), birds (change in H’ = 15.48 and 1-D = .07), and butterflies (change in H’ = .51 and 1-D = .01), significant positive changes in community beautification (p

Community Mental Health And Behavioral Ecology

Author : A.M. Jeger
ISBN : 9781461333562
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 88.13 MB
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This volume is addressed to professionals and students in community mental health-including researchers, clinicians, administrators, educa tors, and students in relevant specialities within the fields of psychology, psychiatry, social work, public health, and nursing. The intent of this book is to serve as a practical resource for professionals and also as a di dactic text for students. In addition,·the volume seeks to make a theoret ical contribution to the field by presenting, for the first time in book form, a behavioral-ecological perspective in community mental health. We present behavioral-ecology as an emerging perspective that is concerned with the interdependence of people, behavior, and their sociophysical environments. Behavioral-ecology attributes mental health problems to transactions between persons and their settings, rather than to causes rooted exclusively within individuals or environments. In this vol ume we advance the notion of behavioral-ecology as an integration of two broad perspectives--behauioral approaches as derived from the indi vidual psychology of learning, and ecological approaches as encompassing the study of communities, environments, and social systems. Through the programs brought together in this book we are arguing for a merging of these two areas for purposes of advancing theory, research, and prac tice in community mental health.
Category: Psychology

Ecology And Animal Health

Author : Jeffrey M. Levengood
ISBN : 9789186189129
Genre : Animal ecology
File Size : 36.54 MB
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Category: Animal ecology

Public Health And Human Ecology

Author : John M. Last
ISBN : 0838580807
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 65.11 MB
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This book provides descriptions of public health problems, including historical background and ecological perspectives.
Category: Health & Fitness

Ecological Integrity

Author : David Pimentel
ISBN : 1559638087
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 68.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Global Integrity Project has brought together leading scientists and thinkers from around the world to examine the combined problems of threatened and unequal human well-being, degradation of the ecosphere, and unsustainable economies. Based on the proposition that healthy, functioning ecosystems are a necessary prerequisite for both economic security and social justice, the project is built around the concept of ecological integrity and its practical implications for policy and management.Ecological Integrity presents a synthesis and findings of the project. Contributors -- including Robert Goodland, James Karr, Orie Loucks, Jack Manno, William Rees, Mark Sagoff, Robert Ulanowicz, Philippe Crabbe, Laura Westra, David Pimentel, Reed Noss, and others -- examine the key elements of ecological integrity and consider what happens when integrity is lost or compromised. The book: examines historical and philosophical foundations of the concept of ecological integrity explores how integrity can be measured examines the relationships among ecological integrity, human health, and food production looks at economic and ethical issues that need to be considered in protecting ecological integrity offers concrete recommendations for reversing ecological degradation while promoting social and economic justice and welfare .Contributors argue that there is an urgent need for rapid and fundamental change in the ecologically destructive patterns of collective human behavior if society is to survive and thrive in coming decades.Ecological Integrity is a groundbreaking book that integrates environmental science, economics, law, and ethics in problem analysis, synthesis, and solution, and is a vital contribution for anyone concerned with interactions between human and planetary health.
Category: Health & Fitness

The Ecology Of Mycobacteria Impact On Animal S And Human S Health

Author : Jindrich Kazda
ISBN : 1402094132
Genre : Science
File Size : 72.61 MB
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habitats and the overlapping of these biotopes by humans and animals contributed to the spread of mycobacteria and perhaps to their convergence to pathogenicity. It was not our intention to present a compendium covering all published results, but rather to issue a “readable” book, which is illustrative and thus focused on the principle facts. The increase in the number of Editors has allowed the sharing of original experiences regarding the ecology of mycobacteria, published here for the ?rst time in some cases. The supplemented edition should serve as a guide to these discoveries and also contribute to an understanding of clinically signi?cant species in human and animal medicine. Borstel, Germany, January 2009 Jindrich Kazda Editors’Comments The editors responsible for the chapters are listed under the title of each chapter. Authors are listed under the titles of subchapters. The references are listed as they appear in the databases Reference Manager (Thomson Reuters, Philadelphia) as imported from Web of Science (Thomson Reuters, Philadelphia) or PubMed (Medline, NLM Bethesda). A few citations, not indexed, were cited according to the reprints or books available. This principle resulted in minor differences in the titles (not all reference titles are in English, some references have capitalized title words, not all species names are according to the contemporary nomenclature and in italics). Some journals are cited with abbreviated titles, some in full, as available in the source databases. These differences were left in the format of the database.
Category: Science

Microbial Ecology In States Of Health And Disease

Author : Institute of Medicine
ISBN : 9780309290654
Genre : Medical
File Size : 26.77 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Individually and collectively, resident microbes play important roles in host health and survival. Shaping and shaped by their host environments, these microorganisms form intricate communities that are in a state of dynamic equilibrium. This ecologic and dynamic view of host-microbe interactions is rapidly redefining our view of health and disease. It is now accepted that the vast majority of microbes are, for the most part, not intrinsically harmful, but rather become established as persistent, co-adapted colonists in equilibrium with their environment, providing useful goods and services to their hosts while deriving benefits from these host associations. Disruption of such alliances may have consequences for host health, and investigations in a wide variety of organisms have begun to illuminate the complex and dynamic network of interaction - across the spectrum of hosts, microbes, and environmental niches - that influence the formation, function, and stability of host-associated microbial communities. Microbial Ecology in States of Health and Disease is the summary of a workshop convened by the Institute of Medicine's Forum on Microbial Threats in March 2013 to explore the scientific and therapeutic implications of microbial ecology in states of health and disease. Participants explored host-microbe interactions in humans, animals, and plants; emerging insights into how microbes may influence the development and maintenance of states of health and disease; the effects of environmental change(s) on the formation, function, and stability of microbial communities; and research challenges and opportunities for this emerging field of inquiry.
Category: Medical

Systems Research In Health Care Biocybernetics And Ecology

Author : G.E. Lasker
ISBN : 9781483190051
Genre : Science
File Size : 32.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Applied Systems and Cybernetics, Volume IV: Systems Research in Health Care, Biocybernetics and Ecology documents the proceedings of the International Congress on Applied Systems Research and Cybernetics. This volume compiles papers that present several concepts of health care and reflect thinking in this field. This book introduces various health care systems and models, and then tackles some issues on managing the long-term health care facility. A special information system for public health is also described in this volume. This text will be invaluable to those interested in systems research and its applications to a variety of fields, including health care.
Category: Science

Urban Ecology And Health In The Third World

Author : Lawrence M. Schell
ISBN : 0521103053
Genre : Medical
File Size : 60.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This volume explores the factors in Third World cities that affect human biology and health.
Category: Medical

Ecosystem Ecology

Author : David G. Raffaelli
ISBN : 9781139486149
Genre : Nature
File Size : 59.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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What can ecological science contribute to the sustainable management and conservation of the natural systems that underpin human well-being? Bridging the natural, physical and social sciences, this book shows how ecosystem ecology can inform the ecosystem services approach to environmental management. The authors recognise that ecosystems are rich in linkages between biophysical and social elements that generate powerful intrinsic dynamics. Unlike traditional reductionist approaches, the holistic perspective adopted here is able to explain the increasing range of scientific studies that have highlighted unexpected consequences of human activity, such as the lack of recovery of cod populations on the Grand Banks despite nearly two decades of fishery closures, or the degradation of Australia's fertile land through salt intrusion. Written primarily for researchers and graduate students in ecology and environmental management, it provides an accessible discussion of some of the most important aspects of ecosystem ecology and the potential relationships between them.
Category: Nature

Global Public Health

Author : Franklin White
ISBN : 9780199751907
Genre : Medical
File Size : 77.35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Amid ongoing shifts world economic and political systems, the promise for future public health is more tenuous than ever. Will the today's economic systems sustain tomorrow's health? Will future generations inherit fair access to health and health care? The best hope for the health of future generations is the establishment of a well-grounded, global public health system for today. To that end, Global Public Health: Ecological Foundations addresses both the challenges and cooperative solutions of contemporary public health, all within a framework of social justice, environmental sustainability, and global cooperation. With an emphasis upon ecological foundations, this text approaches public health principles-history, foundations, topics, and applications-with a community-first perspective. By achieving global reach through cooperative, local interventions, this text illustrates that through the practice of public health we can also maintain the health of our world. Blending established wisdom with new perspectives, Global Public Health will stimulate better understanding of how the different streams of public health can work more synergistically to promote global health equity. It is a foundation on which future public health measures can be built and succeed.
Category: Medical

Handbook Of Ecological Indicators For Assessment Of Ecosystem Health

Author : Sven E. Jorgensen
ISBN : 0203490185
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 25.50 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The field of ecosystem health explores the interactions between natural systems, human health, and social organization. As decision makers require a sound, modular approach to environmental management and sustainable development, ecosystem health assessment indicators are increasingly used across any number of applications. The Handbook of Ecologic
Category: Technology & Engineering

Ecology Of Health

Author : New York Academy of Medicine. Institute on Public Health
ISBN : UOM:39015006642329
Genre : Public health
File Size : 30.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Public health

Child Mental Health Practice From The Ecological Perspective

Author : Richard L. Munger
ISBN : 0819183199
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 39.24 MB
Format : PDF
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The ecological perspective is a contextual approach which works at the interface between families and the broader ecology or ecosystem of the child; the approach is not new but has not been widely adopted due to the lack of illustrative material available for practitioners. Through an approach more descriptive and explanatory than empirical, the author shows the clinician (or other child care professional) why the child's environment is crucial and provides techniques to draw people in the child's environment into the healing process.
Category: Psychology

Encyclopedia Of Medical Anthropology

Author : Carol R. Ember
ISBN : 9780306477546
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 86.30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Medical practitioners and the ordinary citizen are becoming more aware that we need to understand cultural variation in medical belief and practice. The more we know how health and disease are managed in different cultures, the more we can recognize what is "culture bound" in our own medical belief and practice. The Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology is unique because it is the first reference work to describe the cultural practices relevant to health in the world's cultures and to provide an overview of important topics in medical anthropology. No other single reference work comes close to marching the depth and breadth of information on the varying cultural background of health and illness around the world. More than 100 experts - anthropologists and other social scientists - have contributed their firsthand experience of medical cultures from around the world.
Category: Social Science

Ecology And Design

Author : Bart Johnson
ISBN : 1559638133
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 67.47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Professionals, faculty, and students are aware of the pressing need to integrate ecological principles into environmental design and planning education, but few materials exist to facilitate that development.Ecology and Design addresses that shortcoming by articulating priorities and approaches for incorporating ecological principles in the teaching of landscape design and planning. The book explains why landscape architecture and design and planning faculty should include ecology as a standard part of their courses and curricula, provides insights on how that can be done, and offers models from successful programs. The book: examines the need for change in the education and practice of landscape architecture and in the physical planning and design professions as a whole asks what designers and physical planners need to know about ecology and what applied ecologists can learn from design and planning develops conceptual frameworks needed to realize an ecologically based approach to design and planning offers recommendations for the integration of ecology within a landscape architecture curriculum, as an example for other design fields such as civil engineering and architecture considers the implications for professional practice explores innovative approaches to collaboration among designers and ecologistsIn addition to the editors, contributors include Carolyn Adams, Jack Ahern, Richard T. T. Forman, Michael Hough, James Karr, Joan Iverson Nassauer, David Orr, Kathy Poole, H. Ronald Pulliam, Anne Whiston Spirn, Sandra Steingraber, Carl Steinitz, Ken Tamminga, and William Wenk. Ecology and Design represents an important guidepost and source of ideas for faculty, students, and professionals in landscape architecture, urban design, planning and architecture, landscape ecology, conservation biology and restoration ecology, civil and environmental engineering, and related fields.
Category: Architecture