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Head Heart And Hara

Author : Peter Wilberg
ISBN : 9781904519010
Genre : Human body
File Size : 27.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An ancient Daoist saying tells us "When you are sick, do not seek a cure. Find your centre and you will be healed." The centre it refers to is located deep in the sensed interiority of our belly, that abode of the soul known in Japanese as hara. 'Depression' (a word with no equivalent in Japanese) is, in essence, a lack of hara. With hara awareness we not only recontact our own innermost soul depths and soul centre. We learn to make contact with others from that centre - to experience true intimacy of soul. Hara awareness is both an alternative to medical and psychiatric 'cures' and the basis for a genuinely psychological medicine - an anatomy of the soul-body. Head, Heart and Hara contrasts the head- and heart-centred culture of the West with the hara culture of Japan. It also shows how hara awareness can unite the primordial wisdom of both East and West. Peter Wilberg brings together the dao of Lao Tse and the logos of Heraclitus in a new spiritual anatomy of the soul and its body.
Category: Human body

Integral Life Practice

Author : Ken Wilber
ISBN : 9781590304679
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 48.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This comprehensive guide shows how to use Wilber's acclaimed Integral Approach to design a personal program of transformational practice. With its combination of exercises, explanations, theory, and illustrations, this work is intended to meet the needs of the whole person.
Category: Self-Help

The Qualia Revolution

Author : Peter Wilberg
ISBN : 9781904519041
Genre : Qualia
File Size : 39.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The most fundamental scientific fact is not the existence of the physical universe, but our awareness of that universe. Not even the most advanced physics, physiology or psychology, however, can explain even the most elementary qualities of our sensory awareness of that universe - qualities such as redness for example. Qualia used to be defined as sensory qualities such as colour and tone. But what if awareness is not an empty receptacle for sensory impressions, but has its own intrinsic sensual qualities - of the sort we experience as the inwardly sensed shape and substantiality of our bodies, the sensed lightness or darkness colour or tone of our moods, or a sensed feeling of warmth or coolness, closeness or distance to another human being? What if such sensual qualities of awareness are intrinsically meaningful - being the felt essence of meaning or sense? is not energetic quanta but qualia in this sense - sensed and sensual qualities of awareness - that are the basic stuff of which the universe is composed. It argues that qualia are not simply qualities of our own human awareness but fundamental units of awareness. Atoms, molecules and cells are recognised as the physical form taken by field-patterns of atomic, molecular and cellular awareness composed of such units. The soul is understood as an ever-changing gestalt of such units, each of which possess characteristics of both unit and field, particle and wave - allowing the soul-qualities of our own awareness to mix and merge with those of all other beings.
Category: Qualia

The Way Of The Mysterial Woman

Author : Suzanne Anderson, MA
ISBN : 9781631520822
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 30.29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Way of the Mysterial Woman is for every woman who feels the call into greatness, authenticity, and meaningful living. This is The Way for women who are stepping into their lives with mind, body, heart, and soul fully engaged, ready to awaken to their true potential. We hear the clarion call, but how will we meet it? It’s almost like we need a completely new internal operating system. The Mysterial Way is the upgrade we’ve been searching for. Women’s leadership development pioneers and co-authors Suzanne Anderson and Susan Cannon know that we’re not alone in our yearning to meet this call. In fact, they assure us that this is a naturally occurring global imperative for women. The Way of the Mysterial Woman reveals a Feminine source code, helping us once and for all break through our old limitations, and effectively take our lives to the next level so we can meet the unique callings and urgent challenges of these dynamic times. This is not a passive book for armchair travelers. Drawing upon real life success stories, based on their 12 years of running University certificate women’s leadership programs, readers are guided through a step-by-step, transformative “Mysterial Sequence.” Each interactive chapter offers practical and fun insights and practices that compel us toward genuine shifts and solid growth. The Way of the Mysterial Woman is a blend of cutting edge transformational psychology, ancient Mystery school secrets, and visionary evolutionary thinking delivered in a warm, down-to-earth style. Here is the elegant code we‘ve been searching for that finally unlocks our greatest potential.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Honor O Hara

Author : Anna Maria Porter
ISBN : NYPL:33433075769913
Genre : English fiction
File Size : 45.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Category: English fiction

Devotion Obsession Deception

Author : Jaytilya M. Watkins
ISBN : 9781496954671
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The story is about a high school graduate named Hara, who attended college at TSU, a college in San Marcos, Texas, where she reunites with her ex-boyfriend named Bishop Summers but at the same time becomes friends with a fellow student named Stephen. Stephen becomes obsessed over her and sets up a plot with one of Hara s roommates to break her and Bishop up. When the plot doesn t go as planned, he kidnaps Hara and keeps her tied up in his barn for three weeks. Within those three weeks, he makes her quit TSU, turns her back to her friends and family, including Bishop. Also within those three weeks he beats and rapes her. Her mom hires a private investigator to find Hara. Once he finds Hara, her mom, the private investigator, and Bishop team up to rescue Hara, but the plan to rescue Hara will become a difficult task because Stephen has killed someone before and to keep Hara, he would do so again. Youtube: http: //youtu.be/F-Ybl-Ac3A8"
Category: Fiction

Holistic Business Living In 3d

Author : Richard Mott
ISBN : 0957244002
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 59.87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Holistic Business by Richard Mott is an introduction to a new way of planning and running a business. This book introduces the concept of engaging three centres head, heart and hara (or gut) to help business leaders be more successful. Richard explains the theory very clearly and backs it up with real life examples, including his own experience of running a company and turning it around when time were tough. The head is linear, rational and is the main centre used in planning. The heart is lateral, emotional and is the main centre used with people. The hara is vertical, intuitional and is the main centre used for group purpose, energetics and momentum. In the book, Richard explains in detail how to work holistically at three levels. The first level is called Big Picture and covers ambition, dream and purpose. The second level is called Definition and covers proposition, talent and values. The third level is called Going Live and covers goals, roles and community."
Category: Business & Economics

Head To Heart

Author : Gila Manolson
ISBN : STANFORD:36105111183393
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 38.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Its solid, practical, and sensitive advice make it an excellent source and guide that will contribute greatly to a successful marital relationship."---Rabbi Zev Leff Moshav Matityahu "...a tremendous service. Gila Manolson articulates time-tested wisdom regarding relationships and offers contemporary insights into this complex and challenging area of life. A highly readable and informative work, Head to Heart will leave an indelible impression on thousands of lives."---Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
Category: Family & Relationships


Author : David Boadella
ISBN : 9781317570899
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 77.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Biosynthesis means "integration of life". It is a holistic form of body psychotherapy, which was founded over forty-five years ago. The concept of life-streams is one of its major foundations, which has since been supported by research in neurobiology. How can we integrate the three most important domains of being human: our bodily existence, our psychological experience and our spiritual essence? Biosynthesis Therapy has developed a broad spectrum of reliable methods to make this possible and to free our life energy. It is resource-oriented and is practised worldwide. David Boadella brings his many years of experience to provide in this book a trend-setting model for the understanding both of the origin of illness and of therapy. First published in 1987, this book has appeared in ten languages. It provides numerous case examples and is fascinating and enriching for the normal reader as well as for therapists from many different schools. In this book, the word "bioenergetic" is used to refer to the study of life energy, which is a major foundation of the therapy method "Biosynthesis". This is not to be confused with the term "Bioenergetic Analysis", an other and different form of body psychotherapy. Since 1985, together with David Boadella, Biosynthesis has been developed further by Dr. Silvia Specht Boadella, particularly in its philosophical and transpersonal aspects. In 1990, Biosynthesis was the first form of body psychotherapy to be scientifically accredited by the European Association of Psychotherapy. Biosynthesis therapists can therefore receive the European Certificate of Psychotherapy ECP. In 2001, the International Foundation of Biosynthesis IFB was formed, to coordinate trainings and research in twenty countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America. The newest information about Biosynthesis, including our actual course programme, you will find on our website. David Boadella International Institute for Biosynthesis IIBS, Benzenrüti 6, CH-9410 Heiden, Switzerland E-mail: [email protected] www.biosynthesis.org The Author David Boadella, born 1931 in London, pioneer of body psychotherapy and founder of Biosynthesis. He studied education, psychology and literature and wrote numerous articles and several books. Since 1985, he is the Director of the International Institute for Biosynthesis in Switzerland. In 1989, he was elected as the first President of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy EABP. In 1995, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the "Open International University of Complementary Medicine". Author of "Wilhelm Reich: The evolution of his work" (Arkana). Disclaimer Basically this book contains neither exercises or advices. Nevertheless, if statements from the book should be used for self-treatment or for treatment of others, every form of liability of the author or the publisher for personal, material, or financial damage is excluded.
Category: Psychology