Harita Samhita

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Harita Samhita

Author : Dutt Manmatha Nath
ISBN : 0259731994
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The Alchemical Body

Author : David Gordon White
ISBN : 0226894991
Genre : History
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Beginning in the fifth century A.D., various Indian mystics began to innovate a body of techniques with which to render themselves immortal. These people called themselves Siddhas, a term formerly reserved for a class of demigods, revered by Hindus and Buddhists alike, who were known to inhabit mountaintops or the atmospheric regions. Over the following five to eight hundred years, three types of Hindu Siddha orders emerged, each with its own specialized body of practice. These were the Siddha Kaula, whose adherents sought bodily immortality through erotico-mystical practices; the Rasa Siddhas, medieval India's alchemists, who sought to transmute their flesh-and-blood bodies into immortal bodies through the ingestion of the mineral equivalents of the sexual fluids of the god Siva and his consort, the Goddess; and the Nath Siddhas, whose practice of hatha yoga projected the sexual and laboratory practices of the Siddha Kaula and Rasa Siddhas upon the internal grid of the subtle body. For India's medieval Siddhas, these three conjoined types of practice led directly to bodily immortality, supernatural powers, and self-divinization; in a word, to the exalted status of the semidivine Siddhas of the older popular cults. In The Alchemical Body, David Gordon White excavates and centers within its broader Indian context this lost tradition of the medieval Siddhas. Working from a body of previously unexplored alchemical sources, he demonstrates for the first time that the medieval disciplines of Hindu alchemy and hatha yoga were practiced by one and the same people, and that they can only be understood when viewed together. Human sexual fluids and the structures of the subtle body aremicrocosmic equivalents of the substances and apparatus manipulated by the alchemist in his laboratory. With these insights, White opens the way to a new and more comprehensive understanding of the entire sweep of medieval Indian mysticism, within the broader context of south Asian Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Islam. This book is an essential reference for anyone interested in Indian yoga, alchemy, and the medieval beginnings of science.
Category: History

A History Of Indian Philosophy

Author : Surendranath Dasgupta
ISBN : 8120804139
Genre : Hindu philosophy
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The work appears in five volumes. Vol. I comprises Buddhist and Jaina Philosophy and the six systems of Hindu thought, viz.., Samkhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisesika, Mimamsa and Vedanta. It also contains the philosophy of the Yogavasistha, the Bhagavadgita and speculations in the medical schools. Vol. III contains an elaborate account of the Principal Dualistic and Pluralistic Systems such as the philosophy of the Pancaratra, Bhaskara, Yamuna, Ramanuja, Nimbarka, Vijnanabhiksu and philosophical speculations of some of the selected Puranas. Vol. IV deals with the Bhagavata Purana, Madhva and his School, Vallabha, Caitanya, Jiva Gosvami and Baladeva Vidyabhusana. Vol. V treats the Southern Schools of Saivism, viz., Saiva Siddhanta, Vira Saivism, philosophy of Srikantha. Saiva Philosophy in the Puranas and in some important texts. In the words of the Oxford Journal 'the collection of data, editing and the interpretation of every school of thought is a feat unparalleled in the field of history of philosophy.'
Category: Hindu philosophy

Pharmacognosy An Indian Perspective

Author : K. Mangathayaru
ISBN : 9789332520264
Genre : Electronic books
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Designed to cover the core subject of pharmacognosy offered to undergraduate students of pharmacy, this book presents the theoretical concepts in a lucid style. Its in-depth coverage of topics quintessential to the Indian plant drug sector makes the book unique, as does its exposition on herbal cosmetics and quality control of herbal drugs. The book abounds with a rich pedagogy that enables effortless recapitulation of the subject.
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Principles Practice Of Panchakarma A Comprehensive Book For U G P G Researchers Practitioners

Author : Vaidya Vasant Patil
ISBN : 9788191028607
Genre : Medicine, Ayurvedic
File Size : 62.67 MB
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Principles & Practice of Pañcakarma is an essential text on the Pañcakarma, a branch of Medicine. The need for such a book results from scarcity of well written, critically reviewed and the less number of books on Pañcakarma in English language. In 4th edition of Principles & Practice of Pañcakarma, important topics have been added wherever necessary in order make the book complete. Current Practice of Pañcakarma in different diseases is updated. We are very much thankful to all those readers especially students for their overwhelming response & feedbacks. This incredible response increased the responsibility of Atreya Ayurveda Publications to come out with quality Ayurvedic Books. We hope the readers will continue to support in the same manner for this edition & other publications. Intended Audience A Comprehensive Book for BAMS students, M.D. scholars, Academicians, Practitioners and Researchers. This book will helps in precise & deeper understanding of the principles, concepts & practices of Pañcakarma therapy. Outstanding Features Description of fundamentals of Pañcakarma and fundamentals of Shodhana in separate chapters, which is the unique feature of book. All the Keraliya Pañcakarma therapies are covered in Snehana & Svedana chapters, in detail critically with current practices. In the chapter entitled “Fundamental principles of Shodhana”, the author has tried to explain the need, importance, utility, fundamentals, Basic considerations before bio-purification and practical considerations in vivid manner. Basic considerations before Pañcakarma and before Vamana etc. karma are the unique feature of this book. In the chapter therapeutic Pañcakarma the indications of Pañcakarma in different diseases with references has been described in tabular form. The research chapter deals with the problems of research, research methodology, researches done on Pañcakarma, standardization of Pañcakarma, area of research, Pañcakarma Record form, which is unique and first work. Experiences of the eminent physicians, research findings & my past 8 years experiences also included in order to make the book more practical & authentic. The heading ‘Critical notes’ in each Karma refers to the description of essential notes, which needs to be separated from the procedure to make the book reader friendly. The classifications, dose, indications, contraindications etc. subjects are presented in tabular form for easier and better understanding. The mode of action has been described both by Ayurvedic and Modern views in order to highlight the scientific substantiation of action of therapies.
Category: Medicine, Ayurvedic

Concept Of Lekhana Karma In Ayurveda

Author : Rajesh Kumari
ISBN : 9783954898718
Genre : Health & Fitness
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This study details the lekhana karma, its terminology and its practicality in obesity.
Category: Health & Fitness


Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015027550246
Genre : Medical geography
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"Revue internationale de l'histoire des sciences, de la médecine, de la pharmacie et de la technique." (varies)
Category: Medical geography

Su Ruta Sa Hit Of Su Ruta

Author : Suśruta
ISBN : CHI:088597138
Genre : Medicine, Ayurvedic
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Ancient treatise on Ayurveda and surgery in Indic medicine.
Category: Medicine, Ayurvedic

Religion And Medicine

Author : K. N. Udupa
ISBN : UVA:X002255358
Genre : India
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Contributed articles.
Category: India

Dravyagu A Vij Na

Author : Dr. Gyanendra Pandey
ISBN : 8121800870
Genre : Materia medica, Vegetable
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On Ayurvedic system in Indic medicine.
Category: Materia medica, Vegetable

Indian Culture

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015019184863
Genre : India
File Size : 82.84 MB
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