Handwriting By George Vol 2 Volume 2

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New Black And African Writing Volume 2

Author : Smith, Charles
ISBN : 9789783703636
Genre : Literary Collections
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NEW BLACK AND AFRICAN WRITING Vol. 2 is our concluding edition of a series that has featured many critical entries and reviews on canonical African fiction, poetry, drama and non-fiction. This second edition explores intricacies of relationships and associations, the recurrent tropes for the interpretation and understanding of historical connections, and the shaping of thought brought into fictional and cultural renditions that are evolving and continually reassessed although around the periphery of older canons. The quest for a meaningful heuristic for approaching contemporary arts is almost totally redefined by the contributions of eminent scholars of our time whose balancing and correspondence create room for complementarity of values and toward cultural understanding and value appreciation in contemporary society.
Category: Literary Collections

The Oxford History Of Life Writing Volume 2 Early Modern

Author : Alan Stewart
ISBN : 9780191507007
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The Oxford History of Life-Writing: Volume2. Early Modern explores life-writing in England between 1500 and 1700, and argues that this was a period which saw remarkable innovations in biography, autobiography, and diary-keeping that laid the foundations for our modern life-writing. The challenges wrought by the upheavals and the sixteenth-century English Reformation and seventeenth-century Civil Wars moulded British and early American life-writing in unique and lasting ways. While classical and medieval models continued to exercise considerable influence, new forms began to challenge them. The English Reformation banished the saints' lives that dominated the writings of medieval Catholicism, only to replace them with new lives of Protestant martyrs. Novel forms of self-accounting came into existence: from the daily moral self-accounting dictated by strands of Calvinism, to the daily financial self-accounting modelled on the new double-entry book-keeping. This volume shows how the most ostensibly private journals were circulated to build godly communities; how women found new modes of recording and understanding their disrupted lives; how men started to compartmentalize their lives for public and private consumption. The volume doesn't intend to present a strict chronological progression from the medieval to the modern, nor to suggest the triumphant rise of the fact-based historical biography. Instead, it portrays early modern England as a site of multiple, sometimes conflicting possibilities for life-writing, all of which have something to teach us about how the period understood both the concept of a 'life' and what it mean to 'write' a life.
Category: Literary Criticism

British Women S Writing From Bront To Bloomsbury Volume 2

Author : Adrienne E. Gavin
ISBN : 9783030385286
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This five-volume series, British Women’s Writing From Brontë to Bloomsbury, 1840–1940, historicallycontextualizes and traces developments in women’s fiction from 1840 to 1940. Critically assessingboth canonical and lesser-known British women’s writing decade by decade, it redefines the landscapeof women’s authorship across a century of dynamic social and cultural change. With each ofits volumes devoted to two decades, the series is wide in scope but historically sharply defined. Volume 2: 1860s and 1870s continues the series by historically and culturally contextualizing Victorianwomen’s writing distinctly within the 1860s and 1870s. Covering a range of fictional approaches,including short stories, religiously inflected novels, and comic writing the volume’s 16 original essaysconsider such developments as the sensation craze, the impact of new technologies, and the careeropportunities opening for women. Centrally, it reassesses key nineteenth-century female authors inthe context in which they first published while also recovering neglected women writers who helpedto shape the literary landscape of the 1860s and 1870s.
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Forster Collection

Author : South Kensington Museum. Forster Collection
ISBN : UOM:39015031509006
Genre : Art
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A Bookman S Catalogue Vol 2 M End

Author : T. Bose
ISBN : 0774802820
Genre : Literary Collections
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The Colbeck collection was formed over half a century ago by the Bournemouth bookseller Norman Colbeck. Focusing primarily on British essayists and poets of the nineteenth century from the Romantic Movement through the Edwardian era, the collection features nearly 500 authors and lists over 13,000 works. Entries are alphabetically arranged by author with copious notes on the condition and binding of each copy. Nine appendices provide listings of selected periodicals, series publications, anthologies, yearbooks, and topical works.
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Intermediate Accounting

Author : Kin Lo
ISBN : 9780133135909
Genre : Business & Economics
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Helping students connect the “Why” behind the “How” in Intermediate Accounting. Lo/Fisher is praised for its readability and conversational writing style that helps students better understand difficult concepts in Accounting. Note: MyAccountingLab is not included with the purchase of this product.
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Lessons In Writing Sentences

Author : G. Willard Woodruff
ISBN : 0891872833
Genre : English language
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This booklet contains 34 exercises on sentence writing followed by an answer guide.
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A Short Guide To Writing About Literature

Author : Sylvan Barnet
ISBN : UOM:49015002789841
Genre : Academic writing
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"The papers drawn together in this book seek to make a contribution to an important area in economics: the study of profit. Business accounting defines profits as the excess of total revenue minus total costs. On the other hand, in economic theory profits have been variously defined on the basis of what is being measured and for what purpose, i.e. as the return to ownership or the return to entrepreneurship, and as national income profits or real profits." "The concept of profits, however, cannot and should not be reduced simply to the inquiry of measurement, but rather to its role within the workings of an economic system. The contributions to this volume provide original insights into the crucial questions of interrelationships between profits, corporate investment and financing activity, the causes of instability and government deficits, and the secular and cyclical changes in production and employment."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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The Bookmart

Author : Richard Halkett
ISBN : HARVARD:32044089408306
Genre : Bibliography
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Author : Pennsylvania Historical Commission
ISBN : UCAL:$B727083
Genre : Monuments
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Awards Honors Prizes

Author : Valerie J. Webster
ISBN : 0787634050
Genre : Awards
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History Of Religions Volume Ii Judaism Christianity Mohammedanism

Author : George Foot Moore
ISBN : 9781443777803
Genre : Religion
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PREFACE. THE Author of this very practical treatise on Scotch Loch - Fishing desires clearly that it may be of use to all who had it. He does not pretend to have written anything new, but to have attempted to put what he has to say in as readable a form as possible. Everything in the way of the history and habits of fish has been studiously avoided, and technicalities have been used as sparingly as possible. The writing of this book has afforded him pleasure in his leisure moments, and that pleasure would be much increased if he knew that the perusal of it would create any bond of sympathy between himself and the angling community in general. This section is interleaved with blank shects for the readers notes. The Author need hardly say that any suggestions addressed to the case of the publishers, will meet with consideration in a future edition. We do not pretend to write or enlarge upon a new subject. Much has been said and written-and well said and written too on the art of fishing but loch-fishing has been rather looked upon as a second-rate performance, and to dispel this idea is one of the objects for which this present treatise has been written. Far be it from us to say anything against fishing, lawfully practised in any form but many pent up in our large towns will bear us out when me say that, on the whole, a days loch-fishing is the most convenient. One great matter is, that the loch-fisher is depend- ent on nothing but enough wind to curl the water, -and on a large loch it is very seldom that a dead calm prevails all day, -and can make his arrangements for a day, weeks beforehand whereas the stream- fisher is dependent for a good take on the state of the water and however pleasant and easy it may be for one living near the banks of a good trout stream or river, it is quite another matter to arrange for a days river-fishing, if one is looking forward to a holiday at a date some weeks ahead. Providence may favour the expectant angler with a good day, and the water in order but experience has taught most of us that the good days are in the minority, and that, as is the case with our rapid running streams, -such as many of our northern streams are, -the water is either too large or too small, unless, as previously remarked, you live near at hand, and can catch it at its best. A common belief in regard to loch-fishing is, that the tyro and the experienced angler have nearly the same chance in fishing, -the one from the stern and the other from the bow of the same boat. Of all the absurd beliefs as to loch-fishing, this is one of the most absurd. Try it. Give the tyro either end of the boat he likes give him a cast of ally flies he may fancy, or even a cast similar to those which a crack may be using and if he catches one for every three the other has, he may consider himself very lucky. Of course there are lochs where the fish are not abundant, and a beginner may come across as many as an older fisher but we speak of lochs where there are fish to be caught, and where each has a fair chance. Again, it is said that the boatman has as much to do with catching trout in a loch as the angler. Well, we dont deny that. In an untried loch it is necessary to have the guidance of a good boatman but the same argument holds good as to stream-fishing...
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Ab Bookman S Weekly

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015031098927
Genre : Antiquarian booksellers
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Awards Honors Prizes

Author : Tara Atterberry
ISBN : 1414438958
Genre : Reference
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