Handbook Of International Banking

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Handbook Of International Banking

Author : A. W. Mullineux
ISBN : 1843765640
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 79.28 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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'The Handbook is especially recommended to MBA students and faculty and belongs in the reference collections of academic and research libraries. Although each chapter may serve as a self-contained unit, readers will want to look at the larger picture by comparing and contrasting articles found in each part of the work. It should prove to be a helpful source for those studying international banking, economics and finance, and international business.' – Lucy Heckman, American Reference Books Annual 2004 The Handbook of International Banking provides a clearly accessible source of reference material, covering the main developments that reveal how the internationalization and globalization of banking have developed over recent decades to the present, and analyses the creation of a new global financial architecture. The Handbook is the first of its kind in the area of international banking with contributions from leading specialists in their respective fields, often with remarkable experience in academia or professional practice. The material is provided mainly in the form of self-contained surveys, which trace the main developments in a well-defined topic, together with specific references to journal articles and working papers. Some contributions, however, disseminate new empirical findings especially where competing paradigms are evaluated. The Handbook is divided into four areas of interest. The first deals with the globalization of banking and continues on to banking structures and functions. The authors then focus on banking risks, crises and regulation and finally the evolving international financial architecture. Designed to serve as a source of supplementary reading and inspiration, the Handbook is suited to a range of courses in banking and finance including post-experience and in-house programmes for bankers and other financial services practitioners. This outstanding volume will become essential reference for policymakers, financial practitioners as well as academics and researchers in the field.
Category: Business & Economics

Research Handbook On International Banking And Governance

Author : James R. Barth
ISBN : 9781849806107
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 24.91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The recent financial crisis has stimulated much debate on the governance of financial institutions, as well as research on the effects of governance arrangements on risk-taking, performance and financial institutions more generally. Furthermore, researchers are asking how regulation, legislation, politics and other factors influence the governance of financial institutions and their behavior in different dimensions. The specially commissioned contributions featured in this timely Handbook confront these complex issues. The contributors – top international scholars from finance, law and business – explore the role of governance, both internal and external, in explaining risk-taking and other aspects of the behavior of financial institutions. Additionally, they discuss market and policy features affecting objectives and quality of governance. The chapters provide in-depth analysis of factors such as: ownership, efficiency and stability; market discipline; compensation and performance; social responsibility; and governance in non-bank financial institutions. Only through this kind of rigorous examination can one hope to implement the financial reforms necessary and sufficient to reduce the likelihood and severity of future crises. Bringing the reader to the frontier of research on governance of financial institutions, this volume is sure to inspire future research in scholars and students of financial institutions, governance and banking as well as all those involved with private financial institutions and public regulatory and supervisory authorities.
Category: Business & Economics

The Handbook Of International Financial Terms

Author : Peter Moles
ISBN : 9780191591181
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22.55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This Handbook aims to be the most comprehensive and up to date reference book available to those who are involved or could be involved in the world of finance. The financial world has a capacity for ingenious innovation and this extends to the often bewildering array and use of terms. Here you can find out what a Circus, a Firewall, an Amazon Bond, a Clean Float, a Cocktail Swap, a Butterfly, a Streaker, a Straddle and a Strangle are. As well as defining terms, the book also shows how they are used differently in different markets and countries. It also has numerous examples showing clearly the use of particular calculations and instruments; and provides details of major markets, acronyms and currencies. Reflecting the development of global financial markets this Handbook will have broad appeal around the world. It will be a reliable guide for practitioners, and those in the related professions of accounting, law and management. At the same time it will be an invaluable companion for advanced students of finance, accounting and business.
Category: Business & Economics

Research Handbook On International Financial Regulation

Author : Kern Alexander
ISBN : 9780857930453
Genre : Law
File Size : 84.60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The globalisation of financial markets has attracted much academic and policymaking commentary in recent years, especially with the growing number of banking and financial crises and the current credit crisis that has threatened the stability of the global financial system. This major new Research Handbook sets out to address some of the fundamental issues in financial regulation from a comparative and international perspective and to identify some of the main research themes and approaches that combine economic, legal and institutional analysis of financial markets. Specially commissioned contributions represent diverse viewpoints on the financial regulation debate and cover a number of new and controversial topics not yet adequately addressed in the literature. Specifically, these include; financial innovation particularly in the context of the credit risk transfer market, securitization and the systemic importance of the over-the-counter trading markets; the institutional structure of international financial regulation; and risk management and corporate governance of financial institutions. This Handbook will provide a unique and fully up-to-date resource for all those with an interest in this critical issue including academic researchers in finance and regulation, practitioners working in the industry and those involved with regulation and policy.
Category: Law

The Handbook Of International Trade And Finance

Author : Anders Grath
ISBN : 9780749453206
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 85.70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Intended for use by anyone involved in international sales, finance, shipping and administration, The Handbook of International Trade & Finance provides a full explanation of the key finance areas of international trade - including risk management, international payments, currency management, bonds and guarantees, and trade finance. It provides an essential reference source that will help you to reduce risks and improve cashflow, identify the most competitive finance alternatives, structure the best payment terms, and minimise finance and transaction costs. Designed for all businesses, regardless of size and business sector, the book also describes the negotiating process from the perspectives of both the buyer and the seller - giving you valuable insight into the complete financing process.
Category: Business & Economics

The Oxford Handbook Of International Business

Author : Alan M. Rugman
ISBN : 9780191615665
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 55.86 MB
Format : PDF
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As globalization explodes, so has international business scholarship. This second edition of the Oxford Handbook of International Business synthesises all the relevant literature of the last 40 years in 28 original chapters by the world's most distinguished scholars. Reflecting the changes and development in the field since the first edition this new edition has a changed structure, all the chapters have been updated to take account of the latest scholarship, and five new chapters freshly written. The Handbook is divided into six major sections, providing comprehensive coverage of the following areas: · History and Theory of the Multinational Enterprise · The Political and Regulatory Environment · Strategy and International Management · Managing the MNE · Area Studies · Methodological Issues These state of the art literature reviews will be invaluable references for students in business schools, social sciences, law, and area studies.
Category: Business & Economics

The Oxford Handbook Of Banking

Author : Allen N. Berger
ISBN : 9780198824633
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 25.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Oxford Handbook of Banking provides an overview and analysis of state-of-the-art research in banking written by leading researchers in the field. This Handbook will appeal to graduate students of economics, banking and finance, academics, practitioners and policy makers. Consequently, the book strikes a balance between abstract theory, empirical analysis, and practitioner and policy-related material. The handbook is split into five parts. Part I, The Theory of Banking, examines the role of banks in the wider financial system, why banks exist, how they function, and their legal and governance structures. Part II entitled Regulatory and Policy Perspectives discusses monetary policy, prudential regulation and supervision, and antitrust policy. Part III of the book deals with bank performance. A number of issues are assessed including efficiency, financial innovation and technological change, globalization and ability to deliver small business, consumer, and mortgage lending services. Part IV of the book provides an overview of macroeconomic perspectives in banking. This part of the book includes a discussion of the determinants of bank failures and crises, and the impact on financial stability, institutional development, and economic growth. Part V examines International Differences In Banking Structures And Environments. This part of the handbook examines banking systems in the United States, Western Europe, Transition countries, Latin America, Japan and the Developing nations of Asia.
Category: Business & Economics

The Oxford Handbook Of International Commercial Policy

Author : Mordechai E. Kreinin
ISBN : 9780195378047
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36.4 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This volume of contributions from some of the world's best-known international trade economists explores and analyzes the various aspects of commercial policy in a way that standard texts in international economics do not. It does this in two parts: the first part covers general approaches to commercial policy, including theoretical, institutional, historical, and empirical contributions, while the second part is comprised of country-specific and regional applications, including a series of case studies of key players in the international trading system and emerging markets.
Category: Business & Economics

International Bank And Other Guarantees Handbook

Author : Yann Aubin
ISBN : 9789041141293
Genre : Law
File Size : 88.9 MB
Format : PDF
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Familiarity with guarantees and how they function under various national jurisdictions are essential for principals, guarantors, and beneficiaries of international contracts. This enormously useful handbook provides a practical overview of the guarantee regimes in twenty-eight European countries, with country-by-country contributions from regional expert practitioners and academics. For easy comparison, each country report follows the same structure, from preliminary discussion on the provisions of a guarantee to its negotiation, drafting, and enforcement. Focusing on specific issues to consider at every stage, each chapter provides detailed information and guidance on such aspects as the following: . who can issue guarantees; . limitations as to the type of obligations which may be subject to a guarantee; . issues relating to the protection of the contracting parties; . formal requirements which need to be complied with; . stamp duties or other tax payable; . presence of implied terms; . legal framework applicable to joint and several obligations; . modification of the situation; . conditions for release and actions to be taken to ensure a valid release; . opening of bankruptcy proceedings against the principal; . court enforcement; and . incorporation of uniform rules. Each chapter includes references and model guarantee forms that readers can use to draft their own documents. Invaluable to corporate counsel and law firms with an international practice, this peerless handbook will prove the first order of business in trade negotiations across Europe, among European nations themselves as well as with their global partners.
Category: Law

The Handbook Of International Business

Author : Charles Simon Professor of Applied Financial Economics and Director of Salamon Center Ingo Walter
ISBN : UCSC:32106008332972
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 58.90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This updated edition of the widely-consulted Handbook provides a wide-ranging overview of the global environment of the business firm. Assesses the factors driving international trade and competition, public policies affecting international markets, and other aspects of international business one needs to know to succeed in the increasingly competitive world market. Provides a broad perspective on international financial flows, balance of payments, and foreign exchange; and offers practical discussion of international codes of conduct and the roles of international economic institutions and foreign governments.
Category: Business & Economics

Handbook Of International Insurance

Author : J. David Cummins
ISBN : 0387341633
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63.26 MB
Format : PDF
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Handbook of International Insurance: Between Global Dynamics and Local Contingencies analyzes key trends in the insurance industry in more than 15 important national insurance markets that represent over 90 percent of world insurance premiums. Well-known academics from Europe, the Americas and Asia examine their own national insurance markets, including the competitive structure, product and service innovations, and regulatory developments. The book provides academics and executives with an unprecedented range of information about today’s insurance markets. This book also provides important 'new' information on the evolution of the financial sector worldwide and comprehensive chapters on reinsurance, Lloyd’s of London, alternative risk transfer, South and East Asian insurance markets, and European insurance markets. Setting the stage is an overview chapter by the editors focusing on overall conclusions on globalization.
Category: Business & Economics

The Oxford Handbook Of Economic And Institutional Transparency

Author : Jens Forssbaeck
ISBN : 9780199394838
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 90.86 MB
Format : PDF
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In recent years, the term 'transparency' has emerged as one of the most popular and keenly-touted concepts around. In the economic-political debate, the principle of transparency is often advocated as a prerequisite for accountability, legitimacy, policy efficiency, and good governance, as well as a universal remedy against corruption, corporate and political scandals, financial crises, and a host of other problems. But transparency is more than a mere catch-phrase. Increased transparency is a bearing ideal behind regulatory reform in many areas, including financial reporting and banking regulation. Individual governments as well as multilateral bodies have launched broad-based initiatives to enhance transparency in both economic and other policy domains. Parallel to these developments, the concept of transparency has seeped its way into academic research in a wide range of social science disciplines, including the economic sciences. This increased importance of transparency in economics and business studies has called for a reference work that surveys existing research on transparency and explores its meaning and significance in different areas. The Oxford Handbook of Economic and Institutional Transparency is such a reference. Comprised of authoritative yet accessible contributions by leading scholars, this Handbook addresses questions such as: What is transparency? What is the rationale for transparency? What are the determinants and the effects of transparency? And is transparency always beneficial, or can it also be detrimental (if so, when)? The chapters are presented in three sections that correspond to three broad themes. The first section addresses transparency in different areas of economic policy. The second section covers institutional transparency and explores the role of transparency in market integration and regulation. Finally, the third section focuses on corporate transparency. Taken together, this volume offers an up-to-date account of existing work on and approaches to transparency in economic research, discusses open questions, and provides guidance for future research, all from a blend of disciplinary perspectives.
Category: Political Science

The Handbook Of International Financial Management

Author : Robert Z. Aliber
ISBN : UVA:X001804306
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 66.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Covers the international debt market, foreign exchange, financial services, regulation, tax structures, foreign-exchange risk, capital flow, and national stock markets
Category: Business & Economics

Handbook Of International Financial Management

Author : Michael Z. Brooke
ISBN : UCSD:31822006743975
Genre : Accounting
File Size : 80.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A handbook which brings together a wide range of topical expertise on issues of immediate relevance to finance directors, bankers, advisers and consultants with the support of an editorial board representing international financial institutions.
Category: Accounting

Banking And Finance Collections

Author : Ash Lee
ISBN : 9781136800252
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 31.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A wide range of special librarians from banking, finance, and government provide descriptive accounts of their respective collections in this comprehensive volume. They provide an introduction to some of the major library and archival resources available to bankers, financiers, and investors, as well as offer access to the historian and scholar doing research in some aspect of business. The collections represented include the Federal Reserve System, the Joint Bank-Fund Library of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, Standard & Poor’s, the Wells Fargo Corporation, the Lippincott Library of the Wharton School, and more.
Category: Business & Economics

Handbook Of International Economics

Author : R.W. Jones
ISBN : 0080550371
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63.45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This Handbook adopts a traditional definition of the subject, and focuses primarily on the explanation of international transactions in goods, services, and assets, and on the main domestic effects of those transactions. The first volume deals with the "real side" of international economics. It is concerned with the explanation of trade and factor flows, with their main effects on goods and factor prices, on the allocation of resources and income distribution and on economic welfare, and also with the effects on national policies designed explicitly to influence trade and factor flows. In other words, it deals chiefly with microeconomic issues and methods. The second volume deals with the "monetary side" of the subject. It is concerned with the balance of payments adjustment process under fixed exchange rates, with exchange rate determination under flexible exchange rates, and with the domestic ramifications of these phenomena. Accordingly, it deals mainly with economic issues, although microeconomic methods are frequently utilized, especially in work on expectations, asset markets, and exchange rate behavior. For more information on the Handbooks in Economics series, please see our home page on http://www.elsevier.nl/locate/hes
Category: Business & Economics

Handbook Of Islamic Banking

Author : Kabir Hassan
ISBN : 1847205410
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 60.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Handbook of Islamic Banking comprises 25 studies by leading international experts on Islamic banking and finance specially commissioned to analyse the various debates and the current state of play in the field. From its origins thirty years ago, Islamic banking has expanded rapidly to become a distinctive and fast growing segment of the international banking and capital markets. Despite this expansion, Islamic banking still remains poorly understood in many parts of the Muslim world and continues to be a mystery in much of the West. This comprehensive Handbook provides a succinct analysis of the workings of Islamic banking and finance, accessible to a wide range of readers. At the same time, it seeks to bring the current research agenda and the main issues on Islamic banking before a wider audience. Islamic banking offers, as an alternative to conventional interest-based financing methods, a wide variety of financial instruments and investment vehicles based on profit-and-loss sharing arrangements. These are all explored in detail along with other subjects such as governance and risk management, securities and investment, structured financing, accounting and regulation, economic development and globalization. M. Kabir Hassan, Mervyn Lewis and the other contributors have created an authoritative and original reference work, which will contribute to a wider understanding of Islamic banking as well as provoking further discussion and research. It will be invaluable to all scholars, researchers and policymakers with an interest in this subject.
Category: Business & Economics