Handbook For Rhythmical Einreibungen

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Handbook For Rhythmical Einreibungen

Author : Monica Layer
ISBN : 9781902636764
Genre : Reference
File Size : 81.53 MB
Format : PDF
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Rhythmic Einreibungen are gentle forms of therapeutic massage that can be used by nurses, care givers, and therapists familiar with the methods and principles of Anthroposophy. The German word Einreibung refers to the application of oil or ointment to the body. The methods, first developed eighty years ago by doctors Ita Wegman and Margarethe Hauschka, were initially used only in medicine and nursing, but they have since been applied more broadly in other areas of health care, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, special education, and social therapy. This clear, comprehensive manual is intended for all those who wish to use rhythmical Einreibungen professionally or to renew and deepen their knowledge; those who have had some training in the field and want to deepen their knowledge; those who teach rhythmical Einreibungen; and those who would like an in-depth introduction to this effective healing method. The book describes aspects of the anthroposophic image of the human being that are relevant within the context. It discusses important concepts for the application and effectiveness of rhythmical Einreibungen. The book also distinguishes between rhythmical massage and rhythmical Einreibungen and offers details on how the rhythmic quality is created for this particular therapy. The authors also describe the techniques most important in nursing and offer specific exercises that help develop the particular skills needed for this procedure. Dr. Margarethe Hauschka Stavenhagen, (1896-1980) encountered Anthroposophy before becoming a medical doctor. She learned techniques of massage during her initial employment in her uncle's clinic. As a preparation for her work in Dr. Husemann's clinic, and on his suggestion, she studied therapeutic eurythmy and, later, helped Dr. Ita Wegman develop the method of the rhythmic massage. In 1942, she marriage Dr. Rudolf Hauschka in Vienna. Until her death in 1980, she taught and lectured on rhythmic massage and art therapy.
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Rhythmic Einreibung

Author : Monika Fingado
ISBN : 0863158331
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Explains and provides exercises for the techniques of rhythmic body oiling as developed by Ita Wegman and Margarethe Hauschka.
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Rhythmical Massage

Author : Margarethe Hauschka
ISBN : 0854403426
Genre :
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Medicine Religion Spirituality

Author : Dorothea Lüddeckens
ISBN : 9783839445822
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45.31 MB
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In modern societies the functional differentiation of medicine and religion is the predominant paradigm. Contemporary therapeutic practices and concepts in healing systems, such as Transpersonal Psychology, Ayurveda, as well as Buddhist and Anthroposophic medicine, however, are shaped by medical as well as religious or spiritual elements. This book investigates configurations of the entanglement between medicine, religion, and spirituality in Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa. How do political and legal conditions affect these healing systems? How do they relate to religious and scientific discourses? How do therapeutic practitioners position themselves between medicine and religion, and what is their appeal for patients?
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A Waldorf Guide To Children S Health

Author : Michaela Glöckler
ISBN : 9781782505341
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 64.33 MB
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When a child is sick, parents need clear, reliable information to help them take action quickly. This fully comprehensive guide to child health and wellness, draws on anthroposophic medicine, combining conventional treatments with complementary therapi
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Healing For Body Soul And Spirit

Author : Michael Evans
ISBN : 9781782505792
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 41.88 MB
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Conventional medicine focuses on the body's physical symptoms. But more and more patients are questioning the limitations of this approach and are exploring holistic approaches, such as anthroposophic medicine, which also addresses the human soul -- our individual thinking, will and feelings -- and the human spirit, our self-awareness and essence. Anthroposophic medicine is an extension of, not a replacement to, conventional medicine. This comprehensive book introduces and explores the philosophy and practice of anthroposophic medicine, which is based on principles developed by Rudolf Steiner. It discusses many alternative therapies and areas of health including artistic therapies, massage, childhood illnesses, cancer and psychiatry. Healing for Body, Soul and Spirit will inform and engage a general reader, with no medical background, who is interested in alternative and holistic approaches to human health.
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Introducing Anthroposophical Medicine

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 0880104635
Genre : Medical
File Size : 48.70 MB
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These lectures -- the first on medicine by Rudolf Steiner -- outline the foundation for an anthroposophical approach to health and illness. Steiner begins with a discussion of various contemporary views of illness and pathology. He goes on to explore illnesses in relation to the whole human being, looking at the various processes and organs in relation to the human threefold organization. Homeopathy, naturopathy, and allopathy are discussed in the light of the spiritual nature of the human being and in terms of the ways various planets and the cosmos influence healing substances. On the whole, Steiner's approach rests on the long tradition of Western medicine without negating its roots. Perhaps more than anywhere else, Steiner's enthusiasm and familiarity with the subject is in evidence here. Steiner describes many specific illnesses and their treatments and how doctors must develop their ability to diagnose illnesses and prescribe treatments based on their own inner capacities.
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The Anthroposophical Approach To Medicine

Author : Friedrich Husemann
ISBN : 0880100311
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 39.92 MB
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Today's medicine is strongly influenced by natural science, which focuses entirely on the material nature of reality. Molecular biology has become the foundation of modern medicine with the result that today's medical industry chases after technology to solve all its problems. In the process it is losing its own essence as it moves into fields increasingly alien to human nature as a whole. Nevertheless, many doctors are beginning to reexamine this exclusive worldview in favor of a more wholistic approach to healing. To this end, anthroposophical medicine encompasses a wide range of healing modalities, including orthodox, allopathic medicine. The Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine explores the body's relationship to soul and spirit on the basis of Rudolf Steiner's insights into the activities of the spiritual world. Edited by doctors Friedrich Husemann and Otto Wolff, this book invites us to an in-depth view of a true alternative to materialistically oriented medicine. Chapters include essays on childhood development and diseases; the disorders of old age; neuroses and psychological imbalances; pharmacology; healing plants; biochemistry and pathology; blood-work; and special diagnostic techniques. This first of a multi-volume series is an invaluable tool for all who want to extend the practice of medicine to include the whole human being.
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Individual Paediatrics

Author : Georg Soldner
ISBN : 9781498715645
Genre : Medical
File Size : 62.38 MB
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In the medical treatment of children and teenagers and the accompaniment of their parents, alternative therapies, homoeopathy, anthroposophic medicine, psychology and psychosomatics play an ever greater role alongside conventional, science-based medicine. Before a therapy can be successful, an individual diagnosis must be made, taking somatic symptoms, mental and emotional aspects and the developmental stage of the child into account. The background and context of the illness must be determined as well: Why has this child developed this particular disease at this particular moment? In this way your therapy can activate the child’s own disease-fighting resources and support it in developing its potential. Ten years after the first edition, Individual Pediatrics has been completely revised for its fourth edition. Current developments in the field of epigenetics, questions about vaccination, sun protection, and vitamin D are covered, as are newly developed and refined treatment concepts for disorders such as inadequate ventilation of the middle ear, bronchial asthma, neurodermatitis, and ADHS. New case reports have been added, and all drug data have been updated.
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Educating Traumatized Children

Author : Bernd Ruf
ISBN : 9781584201564
Genre : Education
File Size : 45.27 MB
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Since 2006, specialists, doctors, psychologists, and therapists of Parzival-Zentrum Karlsruhe have taken part in emergency education crisis interventions, carried out by the organization Friends of Friends of Waldorf Education. They work with psychologically traumatized children and young people in war zones and disaster areas, including Lebanon, China, the Gaza Strip, Indonesia, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, and most recently in Japan following the tsunami there and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Bernd Ruf, who heads these operations, describes in his book in various ways the basics of anthroposophically extended “emergency education,” including the anthroposophic understanding of trauma itself. In addition, he describes processes and experiences, focusing on recent experiences in Japan at the center of his descriptions. Educating Traumatized Children offers much-needed insight into this little-known area of education and healing for traumatized children and young people. This book will be valuable not only for those working in areas of disaster and armed conflict, but also for any teacher or parent who is teaching or caring for a traumatized child.
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