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Compassion And Moral Guidance

Author : Steve Bein
ISBN : 9780824837211
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 56.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Compassion is a word we use frequently but rarely precisely. One reason we lack a philosophically precise understanding of compassion is that moral philosophers today give it virtually no attention. Indeed, in the predominant ethical traditions of the West (deontology, consequentialism, virtue ethics), compassion tends to be either passed over without remark or explicitly dismissed as irrelevant. And yet in the predominant ethical traditions of Asia, compassion is centrally important: All else revolves around it. This is clearly the case in Buddhist ethics, and compassion plays a similarly indispensable role in Confucian and Daoist ethics. In Compassion and Moral Guidance, Steve Bein seeks to explain why compassion plays such a substantial role in the moral philosophies of East Asia and an insignificant one in those of Europe and the West. The book opens with detailed surveys of compassion’s position in the philosophical works of both traditions. The surveys culminate in an analysis of the conceptions of self and why the differences between these conceptions serve either to celebrate or marginalize the importance of compassion. Bein moves on to develop a model for the ethics of compassion, including a chapter on applied ethics seen from the perspective of the ethics of compassion. The result is a new approach to ethics, one that addresses the Rawlsian and Kantian concern for fairness, the utilitarian concern for satisfactory consequences, and the concern in care ethics for the proper treatment of marginalized groups. Bein argues that compassion’s capacity to address all of these makes it a primary tool for ethical decision-making.
Category: Philosophy

Petrogenesis Of Metamorphic Rocks

Author : H.G.F. Winkler
ISBN : 9781475742152
Genre : Science
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The first edition of this book was published in 1965 and its French translation in 1966. The revised second edition followed in 1967 and its Russian translation became available in 1969. Since then, many new petrographie observations and experimental data elucidating reactions in metamorphie rocks have made a new approach in the study of metamor phic transformation desirable and possible. It is feIt that this new approach, attempted in this book, leads to a better understanding of rock metamorphism. The concept of metamorphie facies and subfacies considers asso cations of mineral assemblages from diverse bulk compositions as char acteristie of a certain pressure-temperature range. As new petrographie observations accumulated, it became increasingly difficult to accommo date this information within a manageable framework of metamorphic facies and subfacies. Instead, it turned out that mineral assemblages due to reactions in common rocks of a particular composition provide suita ble indieators of metamorphie conditions. Metamorphic zones, defined on the basis of mineral reactions, very effectively display the evolution of metamorphic rocks. Thus, the importance of reactions in metamor phic rocks is emphasized. Experimental calibration of mineral reactions makes it possible to distinguish reactions which are of petrogenetic sig nificance from those which are not. This distinction provides guidance in petrographie investigations undertaken with the object of deducing the physieal conditions of metamorphism. Within a metamorphie terrain, points indicating the same reaction constitute a line or a band, here designated by the term isoreaction-grad.
Category: Science

Rock For Erosion Control

Author : Charles H. McElroy
ISBN : 0803114893
Genre : Rockfills.
File Size : 55.4 MB
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Resulting from the June 1992 symposium on Durability and Specification Conformance Testing of Rock Used for Erosion Control held in Louisville, Kentucky, this volume serves as a reference on both durability and conformance testing of rock for those engaged in production, testing, design, and Quality
Category: Rockfills.

Pressuremeter Testing

Author : R. J. Mair
ISBN : 9781483102252
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 34.73 MB
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Pressuremeter Testing: Methods and Interpretation the history, applications, and development of pressumeter devices and related test procedures. The book covers topics such as the general principles of pressuremeter testing; types of pressuremeters and their installation and calibration; and the estimation of soil from pressuremeter tests in clays, sands, and weak rocks. Also included are topics such as the application of pressuremeter testing to design and research in the improvement of the use of pressuremeters. An appendix is also included; Appendix A covers the analysis of pressuremeter tests, and Appendix B contains guidance notes for the specifications of pressuremeter tests. The text is recommended for engineers and geologists who would like to know more about the applications of the pressuremeter and the interpretation of its results.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Image Guidance

Author : Elizabeth-Anne Stewart
ISBN : 9780557272099
Genre :
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Rock Engineering Design

Author : Harsha Vardhan
ISBN : 9781466582965
Genre : Science
File Size : 37.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Being knowledgeable about rock properties is vital to being effective in the design of blasts in mines, quarries and other construction projects. Without proper knowledge, the energy released during blasting can be underutilized, harm the environment, and may escalate costs. Rock Engineering Design: Properties and Applications of Sound Level aids s
Category: Science

Scour At Bridge Foundations On Rock

Author : Jeffrey Ray Keaton
ISBN : 9780309214117
Genre : Bridges
File Size : 35.66 MB
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"This report provides a methodology for estimating the time rate of scour and the design scour depth for a bridge founded on rock, as well as design and construction guidelines for application of the methodology. It will be of interest to hydraulic, bridge, and geotechnical engineers responsible for designing bridge foundations on rock or maintenance engineers concerned about existing bridges founded on erodible rock."--Foreword.
Category: Bridges

Positive Child Guidance

Author : Darla Ferris Miller
ISBN : UOM:39015048765625
Genre : Child development
File Size : 88.24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Positive Child Guidance embraces a philosophy of deep respect for the unique qualities of individual children, while also providing users with detailed, real-world strategies for dealing with the myriad of behaviors that children exhibit. It teaches adults how to combine positive assertiveness and high expectations with genuine understanding, acceptance, and compassion. Anyone who works with children will find this book immediately useful."--BOOK JACKET.
Category: Child development

Constructive Guidance And Discipline

Author : Marjorie Vannoy Fields
ISBN : UVA:X004863662
Genre : Education
File Size : 74.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With a strong emphasis on developmental theory and constructivism, "Constructive Guidance and Discipline: Preschool and Primary Education "explains underlying causes for child behavior, weaves numerous preschool and primary classroom examples throughout, and includes two chapters on guiding children with special needs. This new edition features more primary grade examples and a greater emphasis on parent and community involvement. Instructor resources include an "Instructor's Manual and Test Bank."
Category: Education