Guarionex Taino Cacique

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Guarionex Taino Cacique

Author : Juanantonio
ISBN : 1539141667
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The epic Guarionex, Taino Cacique: A Hero Falls begins ten thousand years ago with the beginning of the world and the story of how the noble lord Guarionex earns his name. Building on the mythology of the Taino people, poet juanantonio chronicles the trials of Guarionex and his lover, Maria, the Star of the Sea. Guarionex is brave and noble. The shining Maria is his equal, not a prize to be won or a damsel to be saved. The two share an epic romance that lasts for millennia. These sagas follow the Taino people as they build a great civilization along the Amazon River, discover the Orinoco River Valley, and sail on to the Greater Antilles. Along the way, Guarionex faces down an evil rival intent on his destruction. Years later, Guarionex, reincarnated in today's New York City, valiantly searches for his beloved Maria. His journey takes him from Central Park to the depths of the underworld. Through these poems, juanantonio preserves the folk tales of the Taino people and shares their many trials and triumphs. What's more, juanantonio shows readers how the Taino people still live on through him and their other descendants.

The Peoples Of The Caribbean

Author : Nicholas J. Saunders
ISBN : 9781576077016
Genre : Social Science
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Offers a comprehensive guide to the archaeology and traditional culture of the Caribbean.
Category: Social Science


Author : Jose Barreiro
ISBN : 9781555917678
Genre : Fiction
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"Written" by Guaikán, the elderly Taino man who, in his youth, was adopted by Christopher Columbus and saw history unfold, Taino is the Indian chronicle of the American encounter, the Native view on Columbus and what happened in the Caribbean. This novel, based on a true story, penetrates the historical veil that still enshrines the "discovery."
Category: Fiction

Columbus S Outpost Among The Ta Nos

Author : Kathleen A. Deagan
ISBN : 0300133898
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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In 1493 Christopher Columbus led a fleet of 17 ships and more than 1200 men to found a royal trading colony in America. Columbus had high hopes for his settlement, which he named La Isabela after the queen of Spain, but just five years later it was in ruins. It remains important, however, as the first site of European settlement in America and the first place of sustained interaction between Europeans and the indigenous Tainos. Kathleen Deagan and Jose Maria Cruxent tell the story of this historic enterprise. Drawing on their ten-year archaeological investigation of the site of La Isabela, along with research into Columbus-era documents, they contrast Spanish expectations of America with the actual events and living conditions at America's first European town. Deagan and Cruxent argue that La Isabela failed not because Columbus was a poor planner but because his vision of America was grounded in European experience and could not be sustained in the face of the realities of American life. Explaining that the original Spanish economic and social frameworks for colonization had to be altered in America in response to the American landscape and the non-elite Spanish and Taino people who occupied it, they shed light on larger questions of American colonialism and the development of Euro-American cultural identity.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Archaeology At La Isabela

Author : Kathleen A. Deagan
ISBN : 9780300133912
Genre : History
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In this volume, Kathleen Deagan and Jose Maria Cruxent present detailed technical documentation of their ten-year archaeological excavation of La Isabela, America's first colony. The artefacts and material remains of the town offer rich material for comparative research into Euro-American cultural and material development during the crucial transition from the medieval era to the Renaissance. The period when La Isabela was in existence witnessed great innovation and change in many areas of technology. The archaeological evidence of La Isabela's architecture, weaponry, numismatics, pottery and metallurgy can be precisely dated, helping to chart the sequence of this change and revealing much that is new about late medieval technology. The authors' archaeological research also provides a foundation for their insights into the reasons for the demise of La Isabela.
Category: History

The Discovery Of Mankind

Author : David Abulafia
ISBN : UOM:39015076159097
Genre : History
File Size : 82.90 MB
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The first landings in the Atlantic World generated striking and terrifying impressions of unknown peoples who were entirely foreign to anything in European explorers experience. From the first recorded encounters with the native inhabitants of the Canary Islands in 1341 to Columbus's explorations in 1492 and Cabral's discovery of Brazil in 1500, western Europeans struggled to make sense of the existence of the peoples they met. Were they Adam's children, of a common lineage with the peoples of the Old World, or were they a separate creation, the monstrous races of medieval legend? Should they govern themselves? Did they have the right to be free? Did they know God? Could they know God? Emphasizing contact between peoples rather than the discovery of lands, and using archaeological findings as well as eyewitness accounts, David Abulafia explores the social lives of the New World inhabitants, the motivations and tensions of the first transactions with Europeans, and the swift transmutation of wonder to vicious exploitation. Lucid, readable, and scrupulously researched, this is a work of humane engagement with a period in which a tragically violent standard was set for European conquest across the world.
Category: History

Talking Taino

Author : William F. Keegan
ISBN : UCSC:32106019716239
Genre : History
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Keegan and Carlson, combined, have spent over 45 years conducting archaeological research in the Caribbean, directing projects in Trinidad, Grenada, St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, the Turks & Caicos Islands, and throughout the Bahamas. Walking hundreds of miles of beaches, working without shade in the Caribbean sun, diving in refreshing and pristine waters, and studying the people and natural environment around them has given them insights into the lifeways of the people who lived in the Caribbean before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. Sadly, harsh treatment extinguished the culture that we today call Taíno or Arawak. In an effort to repay their debt to the past and the present, the authors have focused on the relationship between the Taínos of the past (revealed through archaeological investigations) and the present natural history of the islands. Bringing the past to life and highlighting commonalities between past and present, they emphasize Taíno words and beliefs about their worldview and culture.
Category: History

The Tainos

Author : Francine Jacobs
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173000176613
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Describes the history, culture, and mysterious fate of the first native Americans to welcome Columbus in 1492.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Caciques And Cemi Idols

Author : José R. Oliver
ISBN : 9780817355159
Genre : History
File Size : 39.74 MB
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Caciques and Cemi Idolstakes a close look at the relationship between humans and other (non-human) beings that are imbued with cemí power, specifically within the Taíno inter-island cultural sphere encompassing Puerto Rico and Hispaniola.
Category: History

Confronting Columbus

Author : W. Emerson Reck
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173000138443
Genre : History
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The United States celebrates only two holidays that honor an individual: Martin Luthur King, Jr., a man who gave his life fighting the legacy of slavery, and Christopher Columbus, the man who initiated it. While the true story of Columbus' discovery of America is one of greed and subjugation, the mythology that has been perpetuated throughout American history is a tragic irony that continues as we celebrate the quincentennial anniversary of his voyage. The 25 essays and appendices in this book confront the popular view of Columbus as an heroic explorer and discoverer. The historical ramifications of Columbus' actions and the actions of those who followed are revealed in issues such as slavery and racism, the ecological and biological impacts of colonization, and the resulting holocaust of the indigenous peoples. Also challenged is the perpetuation of the Columbus myth. Essays examine the teaching of Columbus myths in schools, the perception in current textbooks, the way libraries influence the portrayal and teaching of Columbus, and the work of the Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission. In addition to the three editors, contributors include Jose Barreiro, William Bigelow, Steve Charleston, Ward Churchill, Jan Elliott, Eduardo Galeano, Hans Koning, James Loewen, Luis Guillermo Lumbreras, John Mohawk, Jean Sindab, Verena Stolcke, Robert Allen Warrior, and Howard Zinn.
Category: History

Why The Cocks Fight

Author : Michele Wucker
ISBN : 9781466867888
Genre : History
File Size : 85.70 MB
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Like two roosters in a fighting arena, Haiti and the Dominican Republic are encircled by barriers of geography and poverty. They co-inhabit the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, but their histories are as deeply divided as their cultures: one French-speaking and black, one Spanish-speaking and mulatto. Yet, despite their antagonism, the two countries share a national symbol in the rooster--and a fundamental activity and favorite sport in the cockfight. In this book, Michele Wucker asks: "If the symbols that dominate a culture accurately express a nation's character, what kind of a country draws so heavily on images of cockfighting and roosters, birds bred to be aggressive? What does it mean when not one but two countries that are neighbors choose these symbols? Why do the cocks fight, and why do humans watch and glorify them?" Wucker studies the cockfight ritual in considerable detail, focusing as much on the customs and histories of these two nations as on their contemporary lifestyles and politics. Her well-cited and comprehensive volume also explores the relations of each nation toward the United States, which twice invaded both Haiti (in 1915 and 1994) and the Dominican Republic (in 1916 and 1965) during the twentieth century. Just as the owners of gamecocks contrive battles between their birds as a way of playing out human conflicts, Wucker argues, Haitian and Dominican leaders often stir up nationalist disputes and exaggerate their cultural and racial differences as a way of deflecting other kinds of turmoil. Thus Why the Cocks Fight highlights the factors in Caribbean history that still affect Hispaniola today, including the often contradictory policies of the U.S.
Category: History

An Account Of The Antiquities Of The Indians

Author : Fray Ramon Pané
ISBN : 0822323478
Genre : History
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DIVThe first book written in the Americas in a European language, giving Pane’s fifteenth-century account of the native inhabitants he encountered during the Spanish conquest of the Antilles./div
Category: History

View From The Shore

Author : Jose Barreiro
ISBN : MINN:31951P00294798S
Genre : America
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"We agree here with the majority of our respondents that the American Indian voice, among other culture-based viewpoints, should emerge within the Quincentenary. To the Degree that Quincentenary spectacles exalt Columbus as metaphor for the expansion of Western materialist culture a debate is joined that focuses issues of cultural values survival, environmental ethics and practice and sutainability in economic activity."-- Foreword.
Category: America

Northeast Indian Quarterly

Author :
ISBN : WISC:89058380577
Genre : Indians of North America
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Author : United States National Museum
ISBN : PSU:000068511906
Genre : Science
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Category: Science