Gravitation Our World

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Gravitation Our World

Author : Franz Sundfeld
ISBN : 1075630266
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This book reveals the secret of gravitation. With the clear understanding of gravitation as a universal force and element, a new world around us emerges with time and space - and there is a third important factor and that is temperature, which already at the first signs of live makes itself indispensable. Our universe is alive and as all organisms renews itself constantly. It is far, far older and much, much greater and nicer as we ever thought. Now we can be very happy admiring our wonderful world. My book may enjoy everybody who wants to understand the Universe and the importance of its gravitation.

The World Of Waters

Author : Rosina Maria Zornlin
ISBN : BL:A0022303044
Genre : Water
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Causation And Laws Of Nature

Author : H. Sankey
ISBN : 9789401592291
Genre : Science
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Causation and Laws of Nature is a collection of articles which represents current research on the metaphysics of causation and laws of nature, mostly by authors working in or active in the Australasian region. The book provides an overview of current work on the theory of causation, including counterfactual, singularist, nomological and causal process approaches. It also covers work on the nature of laws of nature, with special emphasis on the scientific essentialist theory that laws of nature are, at base, the fundamental dispositions or capacities of natural kinds of things. Because the book represents a good cross-section of authors currently working on these themes in the Australasian region, it conveys something of the interest and excitement of an active philosophical debate between advocates of several different research programmes in the area.
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The Visual Problem Of High Energy Physics Gravitation And Cosmology

Author : Leo G. Sapogin
Genre : Mathematics
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This article describes a model of Unitary Quantum Field theory where the particle is represented as a wave packet. The frequency dispersion equation is chosen so that the packet periodically appears and disappears without form changings. The envelope of the process is identified with a conventional wave function. Equation of such a field is nonlinear and relativistically invariant. With proper adjustments, they are reduced to Dirac, Schrödinger and Hamilton-Jacobi equations. A number of new experimental effects have been predicted both for high and low energies. Fine structure constant (1/137) was determined in 1988, masses of numerous elementary particles starting from electron were evaluated in 2007 with accuracy less than 1 %.2 pentaquarks, 𝜃𝜃+barion, Higgs boson and particle 28 GeV were discovered 11 years later, all of them were evaluated with high accuracy before.
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Gravitation The Spacetime Structure Proceedings Of The Viii Latin American Symposium On Relativity And Gravitation

Author : Letelier Patricio S
ISBN : 9789814552172
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Experimental Techniques in High-Energy Nuclear and Particle Physics is a compilation of outstanding technical papers and reviews of the ingenious methods developed for experimentation in modern nuclear and particle physics. This book, a second edition, provides a balanced view of the major tools and technical concepts currently in use, and elucidates the basic principles that underly the detection devices. Several of the articles in this volume have never been published, or have appeared in relatively inaccessible journals. Although the emphasis is on charged-particle tracking and calorimetry, general reviews of ionization detectors and Monte Carlo techniques are also included.This book serves as a compact source of reference for graduate students and experimenters in the fields of nuclear and particle physics, seeking information on some of the major ideas and techniques developed for modern experiments in these fields.

The Lighter Side Of Gravity

Author : Jayant Vishnu Narlikar
ISBN : 0521565650
Genre : Science
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A beautifully clear and completely non-technical guide to the intriguing phenomena of gravity - for the student and general reader.
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The Prism Of Science

Author : Edna Ullmann-Margalit
ISBN : 9789400945661
Genre : Science
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This is the second volume of Proceedings of the Israel Colloquium for the History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science. At the time that this preface is being written, the fourth annual series of lectures within the framework of the Israel Colloquium is already behind us and the fifth is underway. The Israel Colloquium thus has now not only a future to look forward to but also a past which is a source ,of pride and pleasure for those who take part in this venture. The Israel Colloquium has, I believe, struck roots in the Israeli scientific and intellectual life, while drawing on the ever-increasing readiness of the international scientific and intellectual community for continuous support. As in the first volume, here too the papers presented, taken together, attempt a threefold representation of science and of the scientific activity: the historical, the social, and the systematic. A novel focal point in this volume is the treatment of some case studies illuminating historical, social, and philosophical aspects of medicine. Another center of gravity here is the Eddington Centennial Symposium which was a main event in the Collo quium activity of the 1982-83 series. This is a fitting place for me to report with sorrow the untimely death in the summer of 1984 of Solly G. Cohen, one of Israel's leading scientists, who is among the contributors to this volume.
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An Investigation Of The Universal Gravitation Constant Based On The Celestial Clock

Author : K. Udupa
ISBN : 9781581125115
Genre : Science
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This innovative study challenges existing theory of gravitation, suggesting an important modification that better explains the mechanism of the solar system. Through hundreds of mathematical proofs using calculations based on our solar system and an important discovery regarding the interior mechanism of the sun, the author reveals an important aspect of gravitation overlooked by modern science that extends our understanding of the our own solar system, as well as other galaxies and celestial motion in general.
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The World In Eleven Dimensions

Author : M. J. Duff
ISBN : 0750306718
Genre : Science
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A unified theory embracing all physical phenomena is a major goal of theoretical physics. In the early 1980s, many physicists looked to eleven-dimensional supergravity in the hope that it might provide that elusive superunified theory. In 1984 supergravity was knocked off its pedestal by ten-dimensional superstrings, one-dimensional objects whose vibrational modes represent the elementary particles. Superstrings provided a perturbative finite theory of gravity which, after compactification to four spacetime dimensions, seemed in principle capable of explaining the Standard Model. Despite these major successes, however, nagging doubts persisted about superstrings. Then in 1987 and 1992 respectively the elementary supermembrane and its dual partner, the solitonic superfivebrane were discovered. These are supersymmetric extended objects with respectively two and five dimensions moving in an eleven-dimensional spacetime. Over the period since 1996, perturbative superstrings have been superseded by a new non-perturbative called M-theory which describes, amongst other things, supermembranes and superfivebranes, which subsumes string theories, and which has as its low-energy limit, eleven-dimensional supergravity! M-theory represents the most exciting development in the subject since 1984 when the superstring revolution first burst on the scene. This book brings together seminal papers that have shaped our current understanding of this eleven-dimensional world: from supergravity through supermembranes to M-theory. Included at the beginnings of the six chapters are commentaries intended to explain the importance of these papers and to place them in a wider perspective. Each chapter alsohas an extensive bibliography. This is the first book devoted to M-theory, and will be of great interest to researchers and postgraduate students in particle physics, mathematical physics, gravitation and cosmology.
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The World Book Encyclopedia G

Author :
ISBN : PSU:000060829108
Genre : Encyclopedias and dictionaries
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An encyclopedia designed especially to meet the needs of elementary, junior high, and senior high school students.
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