Good Job You Cunt

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Good Job You Cunt

Author : Black Wood Press
ISBN : 179398185X
Genre : Humor
File Size : 45.32 MB
Format : PDF
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Good Job You Cunt is a 110-page blank, lined soft cover journal you can use to write down all the things that you are proud of. Makes a great gag gift idea.
Category: Humor

Good Job You Cunt

Author : Zan Thought Press
ISBN : 1793981833
Genre : Humor
File Size : 83.74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Good Job You Cunt is a 110-page blank, lined soft cover journal you can use to write down all the things that you are proud of. Makes a great gag gift idea.
Category: Humor

The King Of Good Intentions

Author : John Andrew Fredrick
ISBN : 9781891241932
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Set in Los Angeles in the early 90s, the novel chronicles the early days of an indie band as they meet, practice, make their first record, and get their first break/big gig. It’s also the story of the the flowering love affair between John and Jenny, the two charming if troubled guitarists/singers in the band. John is by day a misanthropic substitute teacher in the zany, sometimes horrific LA Unified School District; Jenny is an mysterious recovering child prodigy. Along the way, the couple and their bandmates make momentous discoveries about themselves and the Hollywood milieu in which they struggle to succeed, a world peopled by narcissistic actors, wannabe screenwriters, pretentious musicians, weirdo fans, crazy neighbors -- and an emu. The King of Good Intentions was originally to have been published by Henry Rollins’s 2.13.61 press in 1999. When Rollins decided henceforth to publish only his own work, Fredrick set the novel aside to focus on his musical and teaching career. Now it will finally make its long overdue debut.
Category: Fiction

Fine Fuck Off Then You Selfish Cunt

Author : Amy A
ISBN : 1693724944
Genre :
File Size : 76.86 MB
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100 pages of high quality paper (50 sheets)It can be used as a journal, notebook or just a composition book6" x 9" Paperback notebook, soft matte cover

Unmarked Graves

Author : Shaun Hutson
ISBN : 9781405514514
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56.52 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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When investigative telejournalist Nick Pearson is sent to Darworth in Hertfordshire, he finds a community divided. A steady influx of foreign immigrants has led to racial tension and open hostility and violence. The African newcomers are particularly targeted, regular victims of vandalism and even fire-bombing. The Africans seem unwilling to fight back, until the arrival of a mysterious, powerful man who many of them know - and fear. Nick begins to wonder if there might be some kind of connection between this newcomer and the desecration of a local cemetery - an event followed by the disappearance of a number of corpses and a series of bizarre, ritualistic murders. In each case, the victims bear the same marks on their bodies. Scars that Nick has seen before, five years earlier in Africa. Ancient religion and modern prejudice are about to collide, and when they do, there may be no survivors. At least not human ones . . .
Category: Fiction


Author : Irvine Welsh
ISBN : 9780393350982
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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With the Christmas season upon him, Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson of Edinburgh's finest is gearing up socially—kicking things off with a week of sex and drugs in Amsterdam. There are some sizable flies in the ointment, though: a missing wife and child, a nagging cocaine habit, some painful below-the-belt eczema, and a string of demanding extramarital affairs. The last thing Robertson needs is a messy, racially fraught murder, even if it means overtime—and the opportunity to clinch the promotion he craves. Then there's that nutritionally demanding (and psychologically acute) intestinal parasite in his gut. Yes, things are going badly for this utterly corrupt tribune of the law, but in an Irvine Welsh novel nothing is ever so bad that it can't get a whole lot worse. . . .In Bruce Robertson Welsh has created one of the most compellingly misanthropic characters in contemporary fiction, in a dark and disturbing and often scabrously funny novel about the abuse of everything and everybody. "Welsh writes with a skill, wit and compassion that amounts to genius. He is the best thing that has happened to British writing in decades."—Sunday Times [London] "[O]ne of the most significant writers in Britain. He writes with style, imagination, wit, and force, and in a voice which those alienated by much current fiction clearly want to hear."—Times Literary Supplement "Welsh writes with such vile, relentless intensity that he makes Louis-Ferdinand Céline, the French master of defilement, look like Little Miss Muffet. "—Courtney Weaver, The New York Times Book Review "The corrupt Edinburgh cop-antihero of Irvine Welsh's best novel since Trainspotting is an addictive personality in another sense: so appallingly powerful is his character that it's hard to put the book down....[T]he rapid-fire rhythm and pungent dialect of the dialogue carry the reader relentlessly toward the literally filthy denouement. "—Village Voice Literary Supplement, "Our 25 Favorite Books of 1998" "Welsh excels at making his trash-spewing bluecoat peculiarly funny and vulnerable—and you will never think of the words 'Dame Judi Dench' in the same way ever again. [Grade:] A-. "—Charles Winecoff, Entertainment Weekly
Category: Fiction

Wilcox Plays 1

Author : Michael Wilcox
ISBN : 9781408190487
Genre : Drama
File Size : 27.46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Four plays by a writer at the forefront of 80s theatre Rents: "A superb and touching comedy about the lives of two "rent" boys in Edinburgh." (Time Out) "What you would never guess about Rents in advance is that it is so funny. Here we are faced with a story about youthful prostitution (male), poverty and urban paranoia...And yet, there it is at the Lyric Studio, Hammersmith, rolling them in the aisles. Rents is a play which touches on all kinds of problems, but it is not by any means a problem play...A wholly enjoyable experience." (Plays and Players); Accounts: "Portrays the kind of world we rarely see on the British stage...Wilcox very skilfully counterpoints the struggle of a young widow and her two sons to make a go of their farm with the two boys' attempt to cope with their emotional problems." (Guardian); Lent: "A finely tuned, intricately woven and beautifully acted period piece about adolescence and old age that operates like a time capsule, divulging its treasures by slow degrees." (Time Out) Massage revolves around a massage boy, a bicycle builder and a journalist and "startles with its compassion for two bruised egos" (City Limits) and is "shot through with wry, extremely uncomfortable perceptions." (Financial Times)
Category: Drama

Number 9 Rodeo Drive

Author : Jo Montgomery
ISBN : 9780595196173
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62.64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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NUMBER 9 RODEO DRIVE is a steamy book that takes a look at Hollywood without makeup, the behind-the-scenes making of deals and stars, an array of fascinating characters from the entertainment industry. It is a saga of emotion, ambition, greed glamour, drugs, sex and murder!It is an intimate inside look at the fast paced world of PR, the public relations industry in Hollywood, from the 60s through the 80s. The story revolves around two unique young women from a small town in southwestern Oklahoma, and J.D. Wilkinson, the aging millionaire, who spots their talents early on.Stephanie Karras is the beautiful, strong-willed woman who, starting from scratch, builds NUMBER 9 RODEO DRIVE into Hollywood's hottest PR firm. Sultry, charismatic Misty a singer born out of another era in time, is catapulted into a career that leads her to stardom, and later disaster.
Category: Fiction

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Author : Twenty Major
ISBN : 9781444743791
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 49.43 MB
Format : PDF
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It's just days after the Folkapalooza concert and having saved the world, Twenty Major is looking forward to some R&R but little does he know that his murky past is about to catch up with him ... Notorious Dublin gangster Tony Furriskey is calling in his marker. Years ago he helped Twenty and Jimmy the Bollix out of a hole and the time has come for them to repay the favour ... or end up swimming with the Dublin Bay prawns. Tony's youngest daughter, is about to marry a man he thoroughly disproves of and it's down to Twenty and Jimmy to make sure the wedding doesn't happen. They must follow the young man and his pals to Barcelona where the stag weekend is taking place, infiltrate the stag party and make sure, one way or another, that the wedding doesn't happen. But will Twenty's Barcelona past catch up with him? Which one of the group finds true love at last? And can they put down the cheap mojitos long enough stop the wedding? In the city of Gaudi and Picasso, Twenty, Jimmy, Stinking Pete and Dirty Dave are more gaudy and pickarse-o as they try and enjoy the Mediterranean sun while getting the job done.
Category: Fiction

The Mountain Giants

Author : Luigi Pirandello
ISBN : UOM:39015032744321
Genre : Drama
File Size : 41.38 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A long-awaited theatrical and literary event; this posthumously published and unfinished play has been provided with the missing final scene by Charles Wood. The action takes place in the fantastic Villa Scalogna, inhabited by a grotesque group of people led by Cotrone, a wizard and illusionist. Into this scene comes a band of actors, about to perform one of Pirandello's own plays. The Mountain Giants was first produced at the National Theatre in the summer of 1993. Pirandello's prolific writing career was unusual in that he had already earned a considerable reputation as a poet and prose author before turning to the theatre relatively late in life. The premiere of Six Characters in Search of an Author in 1921 established him internationally as Italy's leading playwright.
Category: Drama

The Great White Lion

Author : The Great White Lion
ISBN : 9781479727643
Genre : Reference
File Size : 82.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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“The Great White Lion-Men’s Guide To Pick Up Women” Where it teaches men tips & tricks on how to attract their dream girls. This book will transform you into a brand new man. It will take you step by step on what to do and not to do around women. You will also learn what turns a woman on and off and how to act towards her if she breaks up with you in order to make up with her. What are you waiting for? Read this book & Get your sex life together!”
Category: Reference

A Candle In A Hurricane

Author : Wendell
ISBN : 9781465311054
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 37.61 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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What could have led to that first clandestine sexual tryst between his wife and the least imagined partner, was a mystery that emasculated Craig Lowe, leaving him as sexless as a gutted snowbird. Only able to contend through the numbing of hard liquor leading to an almost continuous thirst during his waking hours. With opportunities for sexual encounters, while the need was present, the physical response was not. Change came through a series of first time circumstances when he met an attractive woman he had know in their childhood. With their fathers employed in a mobile occupation, they changed areas and schools several times, causing a clinging and closeness of a sibling relationship. Shirley was no longer thought of as a gangling, knobby kneed sibling, but an appetizingly attractive woman. Through a relaxed familiarity of having lived and slept together, and skinny dipped in horse troughs as children, although knowing little about each other, they soon regained the closeness of their earlier years, but with the additional wants and need of the adult world. They soon found that each was the missing link in the others life, but when each others past caught up with them, all did not end well.
Category: Fiction

The Third Twin

Author : Ken Follett
ISBN : 9780330465755
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36.55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A thrilling, chilling story of hidden evil, The Third Twin is a heart-stopping, spine-tingling story from master of suspense, Ken Follett. An Impossible Result Jeannie Ferrami, a scientific researcher investigating the behaviour of identical twins who have been raised separately, uncovers a perplexing mystery; identical twins who were born on different days, to different mothers, in different places. A Blossoming Love One, Steve, is a law student and the other, Dennis, a convicted murderer. As Jeannie works with Steve on her project she finds herself falling in love with him, but their world is shattered when he is accused of a monstrous crime. A Terrible Secret Jeannie cannot believe that Steve committed the crime, but proving it means she will be forced to question everything she believes. And as she digs deeper, her investigation uncovers a terrifying conspiracy – and it becomes clear the plotters will kill to keep it hidden.
Category: Fiction

Bad City

Author : Peter Morris
ISBN : 9781920655440
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 69.85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 646
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A young man arrives in Johannesburg from a village in northern Mozambique and is conscripted into one of the city’s oldest organized crime syndicates. Joao Mucavinho soon learns who really runs this bad city: who controls the money, the “kwash,” and the turn of the dice. But the city is on the brink of monumental changes; it is about to explode—and with it all the dreams, the lies, and the power of the old order. It is a time of violent death, of survival, and an opportunity that only comes once. Bad City is an African noir novel and an exhaustive anatomy of crime in one of the world’s youngest and most dangerous cities.
Category: Fiction

Three Political Plays

Author : Alrene Sykes
ISBN : UCAL:B3475604
Genre : Australia
File Size : 35.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Australia

Stand Up

Author : Oliver Double
ISBN : 9781408148860
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 48.58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Stand-Up! is the first book to both analyse the background of stand-up comedy and take us inside the world of being a solo comedian Oliver Double writes a lively history of the traditions of British stand-up comedy - from its roots in music hall and variety to today's club and alternative comedy scene - and also engages in a serious exploration of what it is like to be a comedian onstage in front of a sometimes adoring and sometimes hostile audience. He looks critically at the work of such stand-up stars as Frankie Howerd, Les Dawson, Billy Connolly, Victoria Wood, Ben Elton and Eddie Izzard. And he looks at himself as a performer.
Category: Performing Arts

Free Fall

Author : Vinay Patel
ISBN : 9781474234214
Genre : Drama
File Size : 77.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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We're not playing Grandmother's fucking Footsteps, mate! Stay away, or I'll jump! Midnight at the Dartford Crossing; Roland's settled in for another thrilling night supervising the toll machines; Andrea's pretty sure she's come to kill herself. Neither of them wants to be there. Both think the other's crazy. Still, it's nice to have company. Two strangers on a bridge in the dead of night, a game of dominoes, and a value ready meal – HighTide Escalator playwright Vinay Patel's new play explores humanity, desperation and hope. Following on from the success of his debut play, True Brits, which premiered at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Free Fall was Vinay Patel's first full-length play to be staged in London.
Category: Drama