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Good Behaviour

Author : Samuel A. Francis
ISBN : 9780865343375
Genre : Law
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The controversy surrounding the presidential election in 2000 raised many issues regarding the behavior of some of the United States Supreme Court Justices. The Court's decision in the case of Bush v. Gore effectively stopped a recount of votes in Florida. Many critics felt this decision was politically motivated. If so, what did this say about the ability of the members of the Court to remain non-partisan? And, can justices be removed from office even though it is assumed that they are appointed for life? Samuel A. Francis, an Albuquerque, New Mexico attorney examines all these issues and takes a hard look at what "good Behaviour" (original spelling) in Article III of the United States Constitution might mean for the justices in light of events of December 2000. In this concise book, the author also gives a brief history of the Supreme Court, a detailed appraisal of the case of Bush v. Gore, and includes the full text to the United States Constitution. * * * SAMUEL A. FRANCIS received his Bachelor's degree in political science from the University of New Mexico in 1963. He then earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of New Mexico Law School in 1966. This is his first published work.
Category: Law

Good Behaviour

Author : Molly Keane
ISBN : 9780748132850
Genre : Fiction
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I do know how to behave - believe me, because I know. I have always known...' Behind the gates of Temple Alice the aristocratic Anglo-Irish St Charles family sinks into a state of decaying grace. To Aroon St Charles, large and unlovely daughter of the house, the fierce forces of sex, money, jealousy and love seem locked out by the ritual patterns of good behaviour. But crumbling codes of conduct cannot hope to save the members of the St Charles family from their own unruly and inadmissible desires. This elegant and allusive novel established Molly Keane as the natural successor to Jean Rhys.
Category: Fiction

Teaching For Good Behaviour

Author : The Open University
Genre :
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This 10-hour free course explored factors that contribute to misbehaviour in the classroom and how teachers can re-engage students with learning.

Promises Of Love And Good Behaviour

Author : Roderick Craig Low
ISBN : 9781782344131
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68.69 MB
Format : PDF
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In a dreamlike setting, this surreal book explores the interaction and emotions of a man, his wife and a young woman caught in a love triangle. In this deeply moving love story, the characters travel back and forth in time, each expressing their experience and singular perception of particular events. Through their encounter, from which they cannot escape, they learn about each other as they convey their most intimate thoughts and feelings, shedding all artifice in the process. The story concerns a modern, self-assured and successful young couple who take personal risks, making promises of love and good behaviour to each other. The game of their life is full of exciting challenges and opportunities but, as in all games, there are rules which, when broken, ensure there are no clear-cut winners or losers.
Category: Fiction

The Little Book Of Good Behaviour

Author : Christine Coirault
ISBN : 9780954854812
Genre : Courtesy
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A humorous picture book to encourage good behaviour
Category: Courtesy

Good Manners And Bad Behaviour

Author : Candida Slater
ISBN : 9781906510305
Genre : Reference
File Size : 84.98 MB
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Most people have only a vague understanding of what diplomats actually do, except that they seem to belong to a privileged caste, and lead lives governed by arcane rules of etiquette and convention. However, beneath the veneer of exquisite diplomatic manners and immaculate dress, all human life is there, and much of it is entirely reprehensible. Since Diplomatic Services dislike disorderly lives, it was decided, between 1949 and 1974, that guidance was necessary, and the Foreign Office published a series of helpful little booklets on How to Behave Abroad. Unfortunately, much of the advice put forward so confidently may only have served to reinforce outsiders' worst fears about the Foreign Service. Over recent years, an enormous cultural shift has taken place in what diplomats do and what they are for, and the idea of a foreign service as a specialist caste is fast vanishing into the mists of time. The Foreign Office always thought that it was stronger than the Ministers who ruled it. This book just goes to show how wrong they were.
Category: Reference

A Kit Bag For Promoting Positive Behaviour In The Classroom

Author : Nicola Morgan
ISBN : 0857004662
Genre : Education
File Size : 49.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Disruptive classroom behaviours can prevent effective teaching and create a negative learning environment. This handy directory of behaviours has been written by teachers for teachers, and is bursting with tried and tested techniques to make the classroom a happier and more productive place for everyone. The 'Kit Bag' is a bank of up-to-date ideas that can be dipped into whenever needed, each one intended to get children focused and more engaged and excited by the learning process. The book suggests ways to create a positive learning environment in the classroom and encourages teachers to be proactive at the most vulnerable times of the school day such as at the start and end of lessons. Strategies are included for addressing behaviour hotspots, such as calling out, frequent crying or aggressive behaviour, as well as how to uncover the source of these problems and practical ways to prevent them from reoccurring. The useful Self-Assessment Checklist will also aid in making sure teachers are constructively reinforcing positive behaviour at all times. This widely acclaimed approach will be a must for any teacher who has ever been confronted with challenging behaviour and wants to get the best out of their pupils. It will also be a valuable tool for headteachers and senior leaders who want to revolutionise current school practices.
Category: Education

A Teaching Assistant S Guide To Child Development And Psychology In The Classroom

Author : Susan Bentham
ISBN : 041531108X
Genre : Education
File Size : 32.37 MB
Format : PDF
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Written in an informative yet down-to-earth and accessible style, this text provides commentary on the basic principles underlying children's development, how to support learning, the basic learning styles and teaching children with special educational needs.
Category: Education

A Handbook On Good Manners For Children

Author : Erasmus
ISBN : 9781409052104
Genre :
File Size : 41.99 MB
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When did you last tell your children to put their hand over their mouth when they yawn? When did you last suggest that when they are introduced to someone they should shake hands firmly and look them in the eye? Do you suggest that they should wait until everyone is served before they eat rather than hoover up the best bit for themselves? Do you demand that your young daughter dress decorously lest she elicit outraged looks? Do you think that the children of today have disgraceful manners? Unlike, of course, when you were young ... Well, that's certainly what Erasmus of Rotterdam thought in 1530 when he published De Civilitate Morum Puerilium: A Handbook on Good Manners for Children. He felt that learning good manners was crucial to a child's upbringing, and that the uncouth and ill-disciplined behaviour around him demanded a new kind of book. After all, as William of Wykeham memorably said in the 1350s, 'Manners maketh man'. A Handbook on Good Manners for Children is considered to be the first treatise in Western Europe on the moral and practical education of children. It was a massive bestseller - indeed the biggest-selling book of the sixteenth century - going into 130 editions over 300 years and being translated into 22 languages within ten years of its publication. In it, Erasmus concerns himself with matters such as how to dress, how to behave at table, how to converse with one's elders and contemporaries, how to address the opposite sex and much else. For example: Table Manners 'It's just as rude to lick greasy fingers as it is to wipe them on your clothing, Use a cloth or napkin instead.' 'Some people, no sooner than they've sat down, immediately stick their hands into the dishes of food. This is the manner of wolves.' 'Making a raucous noise or shrieking intentionally when you sneeze, or showing off by carrying on sneezing on purpose, is very ill-mannered.' 'To fidget around in your seat, and to settle first on one buttock and then the next, gives the impression that you are repeatedly farting, or trying to fart.' The advice is as relevant today as it was 500 years ago.