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God Of Clocks

Author : Alan Campbell
ISBN : 9780553906479
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42.6 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In the cataclysm of the battle of the gods, a portal to Hell has been opened, releasing legions of unnatural creatures that have pushed humanity to the edge of extinction. While warring deities clash with fallen angels, the only hope for mankind’s survival lies with the most unlikely heroes: Former assassin Rachel Hael has rejoined blood-magician Mina Greene and her little dog, Basilis, on one last desperate mission to save the world from the ravages of Hell. As Rachel travels to the final confrontation she has both sought and feared, she begins to realize that time itself is unraveling. And so she must prepare herself for a sacrifice that may claim her heart, her life, her soul—and even then it may not be enough.
Category: Fiction

Spirits And Clocks

Author : Dennis Des Chene
ISBN : 0801437644
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 73.74 MB
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Although the basis of modern biology is Cartesian, Descartes's theories of biology have been more often ridiculed than studied. Yet, Dennis Des Chene demonstrates, the themes, arguments, and vocabulary of his mechanistic biology pervade the writings of many seventeenth-century authors. In his illuminating account of Cartesian physiology in its historical context, Des Chene focuses on the philosopher's innovative reworking of that field, including the nature of life, the problem of generation, and the concepts of health and illness. Des Chene begins by surveying works that Descartes would likely have encountered, from late Aristotelian theories of the soul to medical literature and treatises on machines. The Cartesian theory of vital operations is examined with particular attention to the generation of animals. Des Chene also considers the role of the machine-model in furnishing a method in physiology, the ambiguities of the notion of machine, and of Descartes's problem of simulation. Finally, he looks at the various kinds of unity of the body, both in itself and in its union with the soul. Spirits and Clocks continues Des Chene's highly regarded exploration--begun in his previous book, Life's Form--of the scholastic and Cartesian sciences as well as the dialogue between these two worldviews.
Category: Philosophy

God In An Open Universe

Author : William Hasker
ISBN : 9781630877835
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34.53 MB
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Since its inception, the discussion surrounding Open Theism has been dominated by polemics. On crucial philosophical issues, Openness proponents have largely been devoted to explicating the underlying framework and logical arguments supporting their perspective against competing theological and philosophical perspectives. As a result, very little constructive work has been done on the interconnections between Open Theism and the natural sciences. Given the central place of sciences in today's world, any perspective that hopes to have a broad impact must necessarily address such disciplines in a sustained and constructive manner. To date such engagements from the Openness perspective have been rare. God in an Open Universe addresses this deficiency. This book demonstrates that Open Theism makes a distinctive and highly fruitful contribution to the conversation and constructive work occurring between philosophy, theology, and the sciences. The various essays explore subjects ranging from physics to prayer, from special relativity to divine providence, from metaphysics to evolution, and from space-time to God. All who work at the intersection of theology and the sciences will benefit greatly from these essays that break new ground in this important conversation.
Category: Religion

Hidden In The Clocks

Author : Frank T. Chisholm
ISBN : 9781619960602
Genre : Religion
File Size : 52.4 MB
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Before landing on the highway that is "gracious" (in his introduction) -or encountering the flash of light that greets us as we turn the page, we may think it impossible for any self-respecting believer to presume upon God for a clue into His times and seasons of history and . . . the apocalypse.But what if the Lord has left a secret set of timers in the center of the Apocalypse (John's Revelation)-sets of "clocks," as the author calls them, for the terminal generation? And . . . what if these clocks are elastic (flexible)? Could this really be one reason why Jesus said that no one but the Father knows the exact day of His returning?If this is so, what season now defines the future of the world's remaining super power? It is here that F.T. Chisholm has sharpened his pencil to again unpack a description of these clocks that telescope deep into the biblical Apocalypse; this time focusing on the courtship between Heaven and earth-while zeroing in more carefully on the relationship between the people of this very special nation, and the God of love.Against this backdrop he ventures down a path less traveled, taking us on a whirlwind tour through John's Revelation; first confirming the uneasiness felt in the night, as our world seems to race into the future just a little faster than any of us finds comfortable (future shock)- while concluding his startling discoveries with the Blessed Hope.A must read for anyone seriously considering the destiny of these United States.
Category: Religion

God And His Coexistent Relations To The Universe

Author : George D. Shollenberger
ISBN : 9781491855300
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62.63 MB
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In the book, God and His Coexistent Relations to the Universe, the author is rejecting the universe that Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein have accepted for a long period. To replace this old universe, an improved universe appeared from the thoughts of Confucius, Anaxagoras, Plato, and Jesus, who taught the death of our sun in Ch. 24 of Matthew. Unfortunately, this teaching by Jesus was quieted for fifteen centuries by Irenaeus, until Copernicus stood up and said that earth is not the center of the universe. So, an improved universe was becoming very interesting to many scientists.. This improved universe of Copernicus would expand when Kepler found that our sun has a system of eight precise planets. Slowly, the improved universe would become very clear when Leibniz found the immortal human souls and when Galileo found the bodies are made by these immortal souls. In 1766, Ben Franklin went to Germany in order to learn the immortal souls of Leibniz. In the next ten years, Americans would separate America from England, which still accepts the old universe. After this separation, more discoveries would come to the USA from German and Chinese thoughts. For example, Riemann would tell the world that the relationships of bodies in the universe can be determined only by our senses and measurements. With Riemann’s statement, the author concluded that God is always active. The author also found that God and the bodies in the universe come together with co-existent concepts. With these advances, the author rejects the old universe and says that the people of many nations will form a new religion under an active God.
Category: Religion