God As Trinity

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God The Trinity

Author : Malcolm B. Yarnell
ISBN : 9781433680762
Genre : Religion
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Is the Trinity biblical? Is it necessary to affirm God as three persons in one being? Despite a renewed interest in the Trinity in recent years, many Christians, including most evangelicals, either relegate the Son of God to creaturely status or repudiate the personhood of the Holy Spirit. In addition, numerous scholars affirm that the doctrine of the Trinity is not clearly revealed in Scripture. Is the Trinity merely a philosophical construction, or is it essential to orthodox Christianity? Drawing on hermeneutics and biblical and historical theology, Malcolm Yarnell crafts a careful and clear response to these issues through exegesis of pivotal texts from both testaments. He meticulously examines the foundational Hebrew confession known as the Shema, Matthew's great commission, the divine relations in the Gospel of John, Paul's Corinthian benediction, the opening hymn of Ephesians, and the throne room vision of the Apocalypse. Also considered are the relationships of language to revelation and history to metaphysics, along with recent appeals to recover patristic exegesis and the Christian imagination. He also challenges the reader to discern the implications of the Trinity for personal salvation as well as corporate worship.
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God As Trinity

Author : Ted Peters
ISBN : 0664254020
Genre : Religion
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Peters examines the works of Karl Barth, Karl Rahner, Eberhard Jungel, Jurgen Moltmann, Catherine Mowry LaCugna, and other theologians, as he highlights talk about the becoming of God by process theologians, sexism in trinitarian language by feminists, and divine and human community by liberation theologians.
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God The Holy Trinity

Author : Timothy George
ISBN : 9780801027659
Genre : Religion
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God the Holy Trinity brings together leading scholars from diverse theological perspectives to reflect on various theological and practical aspects of the core Christian doctrine of the Trinity. Throughout, the essays highlight the trinitarian shape of spiritual formation. Contributors include: Alister McGrath Ellen T. Charry Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. Frederica Mathewes-Green J. I. Packer James Earl Massey Gerald L. Bray Cornelius Plantinga Jr. Timothy George "Though the doctrine of the Trinity is basic for all Christian life and reflection, it often remains shrouded in the theologians' obfuscating mystery. This book, by contrast, with its stellar line-up of contributors, shows why the Trinity is so important for all communities of whatever denomination, documents powerfully the practicality of the doctrine, and does so with crystal clarity. It is an ideal volume for students, church classes, laypeople, and ministers--indeed for anyone who desires deeper understanding of the heart of the Christian faith." --Mark A. Noll, McAnaney Professor of History, University of Notre Dame "The Christian name of God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This admirable book helps explain why the renewal of trinitarian theology is critically important for all of us." --Richard John Neuhaus, author of American Babylon: Notes of a Christian Exile "This book brings into the twenty-first century some of the fruits of the remarkable ecumenical rediscovery of the Trinity in the second half of the twentieth. Grounded in Scripture and illustrated from the early, the medieval, and the post-Reformation church, trinitarian doctrine here both illuminates several confessional traditions in Christianity and also offers resources for facing various contemporary issues. Yet warnings are rightly raised against too facile an application of the recently fashionable 'social' construction of the triunity of God. All in all, a stimulating collection of essays for both positive and critical purposes." --Geoffrey Wainwright, Cushman Professor of Christian Theology, Duke University
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Our Triune God

Author : Peter Toon
ISBN : 157383226X
Genre : Religion
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Who is the God of the Bible? From both within the church and outside her walls the orthodox doctrine of the Holy Trinity, declared in Scripture and passed down in ecumenical creeds and local confessions of faith, is under attack. The emerging absence of a Trinitarian mind-set so prevalent in the church today has enormous implications for the future of the Christian faith. Concerned to counter contemporary attacks on the doctrine of God, Peter Toon here demonstrates the existence and priority of a Trinitarian pattern in Scripture and defends the essential role of the Trinity in Christian belief, faith, and practice.
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Author : Jason Byassee
ISBN : 1630887862
Genre : Religion
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Who is this God we worship?
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The Trinity

Author : Woodrow Wilson Whidden
ISBN : 0828016844
Genre : Religion
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Among Seventh-day Adventists the doctrine of the Trinity is often taken for granted. But increasingly it is opposed by a small minority who have retreated to the anti-Trinitarian position of the pioneers. In response the authors, each a specialist in his field, trace the doctrine of the Trinity through Scripture, church history, and the writings of Ellen G. White.; ; The first section surveys the biblical foundations of the doctrine and addresses objections that have been raised. Other sections trace the development of the doctrine in Christian history, in Adventist history, and in the writings of Ellen White. The authors explain why the doctrine was resisted by many of the leading pioneers.; ; The final section asks "So what?" It discusses the theological and practical implications of Trinitarian belief, worship, and practice, showing how it affects what we believe about salvation, atonement, the great controversy, and other significant doctrines. With glossaries, bibliography, and index, this comprehensive primer on the Trinity will shed new light on the central beliefs of Christianity, and show how God still leads His church into all truth. - Introduction; SECTION ONE--The Biblical Evidence for the Full Deity of Christ, the Personality of the Spirit, and the Unity and Oneness of the Godhead; Chapter 1: The Strongest Bible Evidence for the Trinity; Chapter 2: The Full and Eternal Deity of Christ: Part I--The New Testament Epistles, the Old; Testament, and the Gospels; Chapter 3: The Full and Eternal Deity of Christ: Part II--The Gospel of John; Chapter 4: The Personality and Deity of the Spirit and the Triune Oneness of the Godhead; Chapter 5: Trinitarian Evidences in the Book of Revelation; Chapter 6: Biblical Objections to the Trinity; Chapter 7: Logical Objections to the Trinity; SECTION TWO--The History of the Trinity Doctrine From A.D. 100 to A.D. 1500; SECTION THREE--Trinity and Anti-Trinitarianism From the Reformation to the Advent; Movement; SECTION FOUR--The Doctrine of the Trinity and Its Implications for Christian Thought and Practice; Index
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Is God A Trinity

Author : David Kemball-Cook
ISBN : 9780954221119
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Is God A Trinity

Author : John Miller
ISBN : 1104246740
Genre : Literary Collections
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This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work.
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Is God A Trinity

Author : United Church of God
ISBN : 9781257958849
Genre : Religion
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You might be surprised to find that God is not a trinity. The Trinity is one of mainstream Christianity’s most widely accepted and revered doctrines held by millions of Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox believers. The belief that God is three persons—the Father, Son and Holy Spirit—coexisting in one being is how the trinity doctrine is often defined. But the word trinity appears nowhere within the pages of the Bible. You can not cling to long-held religious traditions if they contradict the Scriptures. Your beliefs must rest solidly on the teachings of the Holy Bible. This Bible Study aid, "Is God a Trinity?", goes into great detail explaning the non-biblical origins of the trinity and how this false gospel replaced the true teachings of Jesus Christ. Discover how the Bible communicates a true picture of God and learn about the awesome plan He has promised for you and all mankind. Chapters in this ebook: -- Is the Trinity Biblical? -- The Surprising Origins of the Trinity Doctrine -- Greek Philosophy's Influence on the Trinity Doctrine -- How Ancient Trinitarian Gods Influenced Adoption of the Trinity -- A Spurious Reference to the Trinity Added in 1 John 5:7-8 -- How Is God Revealed in the Bible? -- Jesus Was Sent by the Father -- Jesus Christ: "The Rock" of the Old Testament -- The Apostles Understood Jesus to Be the Creator -- Did Jesus Christ Claim to Be God? -- "In the Beginning Was the Word" -- The Claim of Jesus' Disciples -- "There Is One God, the Father...and One Lord, Jesus Christ" -- God's Plan to "Bring Many Sons to Glory" -- Jesus Christ's Submission to the Father -- How Is God One? -- "The Lord Our God, the Lord Is One" -- Seven Scriptures That Debunk the Trinity as a Single Being -- Elohim: The Plurality of God -- Is the Holy Spirit a Person? -- Does Matthew 28:19 Prove the Trinity? -- Why the Holy Spirit Is Sometimes Incorrectly Referred to as "He" and "Him" -- What About Passages That "Prove" the Trinity? -- The Holy Spirit: God's Transforming Power -- How to Stir Up God's Spirit -- God's Nature and Character -- God's Purpose for You -- The Likeness of God -- Do Some Verses Deny a Divine Family? -- The God Family Inside this Bible Study Aid ebook: "Most people assume that everything that bears the label “Christian” must have originated with Jesus Christ and His early followers. But this is definitely not the case." "Many historians and religious scholars, some quoted in this publication, attest to the influence of Greek or Platonic philosophy in the development and acceptance of the Trinity doctrine in the fourth century." God the Father is the One who calls us to baptism and a new way of life (John 6:44, 65), and it is His goodness that leads us to repentance and baptism (Romans 2:4). "As even the New Catholic Encyclopedia, quoted from earlier, acknowledges: “The majority of New Testament texts reveal God’s spirit as something, not someone; this is especially seen in the parallelism between the spirit and the power of God..."
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The Three Personed God

Author : William J. Hill
ISBN : 9780813206769
Genre : Religion
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"[A] distinguished contribution. . . Hill brings a remarkable breadth of scholarship to his historical overview of classical Trinitarian theology. He reviews the biblical sources for the doctrine, traces its gradual development among the Latin and Greek fathers, and analyzes carefully the Trinitarian theology of Augustine and Aquinas."--The Journal of Religion Among the doctrines and symbols of Christianity perhaps none has been as subject to theological neglect as that of the Trinity. Recently, however, there have been stirrings in the theological world seeking to remedy this neglect. The present volume, a historical and systematic investigation of the doctrine of the Trinity, is intended as one contribution to this renewed theological discussion of the trinity of God. In the first part, the author examines the New Testament matrix of an emerging trinitarianism, the shaping of the tradition by the Greek fathers, and the systematization of the doctrinein Augustine and medieval Scholasticism. The second part explores the post-Enlightenment understanding of the Trinity in Schleiermacher and Hegel and the twentieth-century interpretation of Barth, Tillich, Rahner, Pannenberg, Moltmann, Muhlen, Whitehead, and others. The historical and critical parts lay the foundation for the third part of this study, a contemporary reinterpretation of the Trinity which complements Aquinas's metaphysical concept of "person" with psychological and subjective dimensions brought out by contemporary thinkers. The result of the rethinking of the Trinity is an understanding of God not as self-enclosed Absolute but as self-communicating personal deity. William J. Hill, O.P., is Professor Emeritus of Theology at The Catholic University of America. He received his S.T.D. degree from the University of St. Thomas (Angelicum), Rome, and has taught at the Dominican House of Studies of Washington, D.C. He has written numerous articles on theology and religion, and is author of Knowing the Unknown God.
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The Favor Of Our God Of Trinity

Author : Hsien-Lu
ISBN : 9781499077766
Genre : Religion
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We two have been personally experiencing the love, grace, and power of our Lord Christ Jesus, which is detailed in the following: ? Part I?Recent e-mail correspondences regarding our Unique Maiden Universal Lift/Propulsion Devices. ? Part II?Personal Testimonies ? Part III?25 special experiences leading to today?s Unique Maiden Universal Lift /Propulsion Devices I pray that all readers be inspired by him and non-Christians will repent and confess his/her sin to accept him to be their personal Savior and Lord to receive eternal life. Christians have more intimate personal relationship with him by listening to him through reading the Bible and talking to him through prayers more often daily.
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The Doctrine Of God In African Christian Thought

Author : James Henry Owino Kombo
ISBN : 9789004158047
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21.20 MB
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Noting the relationship between philosophy and the doctrine of the Trinity, this book offers the African pre-Christian understanding of God and the "Ntu"-metaphysics as theoretical gateways for African reflections on the doctrine of the Trinity.
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Understanding The Trinity Of The Triune God

Author : Clinton H. Williams
ISBN : 9781449068394
Genre : Education
File Size : 81.78 MB
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Dear reader This book is very concise, and has the answers to many questions which you may have about the Triune God. It gives you Step by Step teaching about who God is in the Old Testament, as well as in the New Testament. It gives you answers to such questions as: What Is the Soul of Man? What Is the Spirit of Man? What Is the Body of Man? It also helps you to know and understand more about yourself, and your relationship to God: It speaks to many experiences we as human beings have, and are faced with daily! Concerning life in the hereafter: If you have questions about your existence? This book is what you need. Everyone should have this book in their home; Regardless of Religion or Race. It speaks a language plain and simple to understand; There are no complicated words; all is explained so even a Child may understand. You may choose to read the whole book through; Or just pick a topic you wish to review; But my wish is that you would read the whole book through at lest once or more times to start with. My thanks to God my heavenly Father, for revealing such truth to me; and to God be all the Glory. And thanks to all who has purchase this book, or will in the future: May you be enriched, edified, and bless. As always, my sincere gratitude to everyone! Clinton H. Williams Goldpine Books, PO Box,GT-2055 Nassau Bahamas. email: [email protected]
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Systematic Theology

Author : Norman R. Gulley
ISBN : 188392569X
Genre : Religion
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God S Life In Trinity

Author : Miroslav Volf
ISBN : 0800638239
Genre : Religion
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J rgen Moltmann's distinctive insights in trinitarian theology - especially about the relations within God and God's presence in creation - are revolutionary for theology and set the stage for these further explorations. The esteemed group of contributors in this volume probes new ways of understanding the triune character of God.Among the contributors are: Nicholas Constas Sarah A. Coakley Harvey G. Cox Jr. Lyle Dabney David Fergusson David H. Kelsey Daniel Migliore Gerald O'Collins John Polkinghorne William Schweiker Dirk Smit Bryan D. Spinks Kathryn Tanner Ronald F. Thiemann Miroslav Volf John Webster Nicholas Wolterstorff
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Being With God

Author : Aristotle Papanikolaou
ISBN : 9780268161446
Genre : Religion
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The central task of Being With God is an analysis of the relation between apophaticism, trinitarian theology, and divine-human communion through a critical comparison of the trinitarian theologies of the Eastern Orthodox theologians Vladimir Lossky (1903–58) and John Zizioulas (1931–), arguably two of the most influential Orthodox theologians of the past century. Aristotle Papanikolaou shows how an ontology of divine-human communion is at the center of both Lossky's and Zizioulas's theological projects. He also shows how, for both theologians, this core belief is used as a self-identifying marker against "Western" theologies. Papanikolaou maintains, however, that Lossky and Zizioulas hold profoundly different views on how to conceptualize God as the Trinity. Their key difference is over the use of apophaticism in theology in general and especially the relation of apophaticism to the doctrine of the Trinity. For Lossky, apophaticism is the central precondition for a trinitarian theology; for Zizioulas, apophaticism has a much more restricted role in theological discourse, and the God experienced in the eucharist is not the God beyond being but the immanent life of the trinitarian God.
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Trinity In Process

Author : Joseph A. Bracken
ISBN : UOM:39015040664222
Genre : Religion
File Size : 58.71 MB
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In the last three decades, the focus of attention in systematic theology has moved from the church to Christ, and more recently to God and the God-world relationship. Central to the new focus is the search for an appropriate metaphysics is to explain how God can be genuinely reponsive to events in this world and at the same time utterly transcendent. Here process-oriented thinkers provide a new view of an ancient doctrine.
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God Trinity Jesus

Author : George Joseph K PhD
Genre : Art
File Size : 38.93 MB
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Herein is enunciated the most revolutionary theory in the history of theology, rescuing the Christian theology from the onslaught Judaism, Islam, atheism and modern liberal theology. The traditional objections to the Trinity are removed and disproved by a new Bible based definition of the Trinity. New explanations which throw light into the nature of Trinity and the deity of Jesus are provided throughout the discourse. The deity of Jesus is proved indisputably by proving that Yahushua or Jesus is the YEHOVAH of the Old Testament. One will realize that without deeper study of the basic concepts in theology debates between various religions and ideologies will continue to remain mere sound and fury without any progress. This book contains many innovative insights which can take the reader to new realms in understanding God and His plan. In this book one can easily discover the most precious and hitherto hidden truth, experiencing the simplicity of its analysis in the briefest possible manner.
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The Triune God

Author : Edmund J. Fortman
ISBN : 9781579102234
Genre : Religion
File Size : 26.16 MB
Format : PDF
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ÒA primary condition for fresh thinking on the Trinity is an accurate, objective account of past and present thoughtÓ wrote one reviewer when The Triune God first appeared in 1972. ÒThis [is what] Fortman has presented sensitively, accurately, and compactly.Ó The author sets out Òto trace the historical development of Trinitarian doctrine from its written beginnings to its contemporary status.Ó Thus he treats the biblical witness, the Council of Nicea, Augustine, the Middle Ages, and the development of this doctrine from the fifteenth century to the present in the Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic traditions.
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God And Difference

Author : Linn Marie Tonstad
ISBN : 9781317383635
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35.30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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God and Difference interlaces Christian theology with queer and feminist theory for both critical and constructive ends. Linn Marie Tonstad uses queer theory to show certain failures of Christian thinking about God, gender, and sexuality. She employs queer theory to dissect trinitarian discourse and the resonances found in contemporary Christian thought between sexual difference and difference within the trinity. Tonstad critiques a broad swath of prominent Christian theologians who either use queer theory in their work or affirm the validity of same-sex relationships, arguing that their work inadvertently promotes gendered hierarchy. This volume contributes to central debates in Christianity over divine and human personhood, gendered relationality, and the trinity, and provides original accounts of God, sexual difference, and Christian community that are both theologically rich and thoroughly queer.
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