Global Ethics

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Global Ethics

Author : Kimberly Hutchings
ISBN : 9781509513987
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 60.15 MB
Format : PDF
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This revised edition of Kimberly Hutchings’s best-selling textbook provides an accessible introduction to the field of Global Ethics for students of politics, international relations and globalization. It offers an overview and assessment of key perspectives in Global Ethics and their implications for substantive moral issues in global politics. These include the morality of state and non-state violence, the obligations of rich to poor in a globalizing world, and the scope and nature of international human rights. The second edition contains expanded coverage of pressing contemporary issues relating to migration, changes in the technologies of war, and the global environment. Hutchings’s excellent book helps non-specialist students to understand the assumptions underpinning different moral traditions, and enables them to formulate their own views on how to approach moral judgement and prescription – essential in a world which, though it is shared by all, possesses massive cultural differences and inequalities of power.
Category: Philosophy

Global Ethics

Author : Ernst-Peter Brezovszky
ISBN : 3707600416
Genre : Ethics
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Category: Ethics

Global Ethics

Author : Vojko Strahovnik
ISBN : 9783643911247
Genre :
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The book discusses selected issues related to global ethics and global justice. Among its central topics are: defining the notions of global ethics and global justice, dimensions of justice and the questions of universal standards of justice, moral disagreement and moral dialogue, agents of global justice, status justice and membership, restitutive and restorative justice in historical context and context of communities, the role of reactive moral attitudes (shame, guilt) in reconciliation, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, the role of intellectual humility and epistemic justice, and culture of fear and religious (in)tolerance. The core unifying theme of the entire book is the focus on justice (in its various forms) as one of the most significant ethical challenges of the contemporary world.

The Routledge Handbook Of Global Ethics

Author : Darrel Moellendorf
ISBN : 9781317592372
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 55.34 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Global ethics focuses on the most pressing contemporary ethical issues - poverty, global trade, terrorism, torture, pollution, climate change and the management of scarce recourses. It draws on moral and political philosophy, political and social science, empirical research, and real-world policy and activism. The Routledge Handbook of Global Ethics is an outstanding reference source to the key topics, problems and debates in this exciting subject, presenting an authoritative overview of the most significant issues and ideas in global ethics. The 31 chapters by a team of international contributors are structured into six key parts: normative theory conflict and violence poverty and development economic justice bioethics and health justice environment and climate ethics. Covering the theoretical and practical aspects of global ethics as well as policy, The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Global Ethics provides a benchmark for the study of global ethics to date, as well as outlining future developments. It will prove an invaluable reference for policy-makers, and is essential reading for students and researchers in philosophy, international relations, political science, environmental and development studies and human rights law.
Category: Philosophy

Global Ethics And Environment

Author : Nicholas Low
ISBN : 9781134642496
Genre : Science
File Size : 87.84 MB
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As global capitalism expands and reaches ever-further corners of the world, practical problems continue to escalate and repercussions become increasingly serious and irreversible. These practical problems carry with them equally important and ethical issues. Global Ethics and Environment explores these ethical issues from a range of perspectives and using a wide range of case studies. Chapters focus on: the impact of development in new industrial regions; the ethical relationship between human and non-human nature; the application of ethics in different cultural and institutional contexts; environmental injustice in the location of hazardous materials and processes; the ethics of the impact of a single event (Chernobyl) on the global community; the ethics of transitional institutions. This collection will both stimulate debate and provide an excellent resource for wide-ranging case study material and solid academic context.
Category: Science

Global Ethics

Author : Heather Widdows
ISBN : 9781317491750
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 67.66 MB
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Global ethics addresses some of the most pressing ethical concerns today, including rogue states, torture, scarce resources, poverty, migration, consumption, global trade, medical tourism, and humanitarian intervention. It is both topical and important. How we resolve (or fail to resolve) the dilemmas of global ethics shapes how we understand ourselves, our relationships with each other and the social and political frameworks of governance now and into the future. This is seen most clearly in the case of climate change, where our actions now determine the environment our grandchildren will inherit, but it is also the case in other areas as our decisions about what it is permissible for humans beings to do to each other determines the type of beings we are. This book, suitable for course use, introduces students to the theory and practice of global ethics, ranging over issues in global governance and citizenship, poverty and development, war and terrorism, bioethics, environmental and climate ethics and gender justice.
Category: Philosophy

Global Ethics Compliance Integrity

Author : Bartosz Makowicz
ISBN : 9783800592227
Genre : Law
File Size : 56.49 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Mit dem vorliegenden Werk wird eine Publikationsreihe begründet, mit der der weltweiten Compliance-Community die aktuellen Entwicklungen zu Compliance, Wirtschaftsethik und Integrität in Organisationen auf globaler Ebene sowie in verschiedenen Ländern der Welt fortlaufend vermittelt werden. Die erste Ausgabe enthält über 40 Einzelbeiträge von Fachexperten für Compliance aus diversen Staaten und internationalen Organisationen (darunter der OECD, Weltbank, G20 und anderer), die in mehrere thematische Abschnitte eingeteilt wurden: grenz- und kulturüberschreitendes Compliance Management (nebst Aspekten der Ethik und Integrität), grenzüberschreitende Korruptionsbekämpfung, grenzüberschreitende Standardisierung und Kommunikation, Whistleblowing und interne Ermittlungen sowie die Compliance des internationalen Handels. Abgerundet wird die Ausgabe um die Beiträge zu den Compliance-Herausforderungen der Zukunft. Das Werk bietet damit einen umfassenden, aktuellen und kompetenten Überblick über weltweites Know-how und die Entwicklungstendenzen in der Entwicklung der Compliance, Ethik und Integrität in diversen Organisationsarten auf nationaler und globaler Ebene. Um diesem Anspruch gerecht zu werden, erscheint das Werk vollständig in englischer Sprache. This yearbook is the first in the series of annual publications designed to inform the global expert community of the latest developments and future challenges in the area of Ethics, Compliance and Integrity in different organizations (corporations, associations, the public administration etc.). This first edition contains over 40 individual contributions by professionals representing various disciplines, countries and international organizations. It is divided into several thematic chapters, including cross-border and cross-cultural compliance and ethics management, cross-border anti-bribery systems, global standardization and intercultural communication, whistleblowing and internal investigations as well as international trade compliance. The yearbook is dedicated to compliance and ethics professionals, officers and managers, company directors, consultants, authorities, prosecutors, judges, scholars and any other interested persons.
Category: Law

Ethics In An Era Of Globalization

Author : Ronald Commers
ISBN : 075467195X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 43.27 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Presenting new developments in the field of global ethics, this volume focuses specifically on how to re-conceive ethics in order to come to grips with ethical and political life today. It sets out an agenda for the field of global ethics, addresses the critiques and illustrates the rapprochement of global ethics.
Category: Political Science

Global Ethics

Author : Mervyn Frost
ISBN : 9780415466097
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 40.1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This provocative and original book challenges the commonplace that contemporary international interactions are best understood as struggles for power. Eschewing jargon and theoretical abstraction, Mervyn Frost argues that global politics and global civil society must be understood in ethical terms. International actors are always faced with the ethical question: So, what ought we to do in circumstances like these? Illustrating the centrality of ethics to our understanding of global politics and global civil society with detailed case studies, Frost shows how international actors constitute one another in global social practices that are underpinned by specific ethical commitments. Case Studies examined include: The War on Iraq The 'Global War on Terror' Iran Human Rights Globalization and Migration The use of Private Military Companies. Global Ethics forces readers to confront their own necessary ethical engagement as citizens and rights holders in global society. Failure to understand international relations in ethical terms will lead to misguided action. This book should be read by all scholars and students of international relations as well as the general reader seeking an accessible account of the importance of ethical decisions in world affairs.
Category: Political Science

Global Ethics And Moral Responsibility

Author : John-Stewart Gordon
ISBN : 9781317127864
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 38.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The philosophy of Hans Jonas was widely influential in the late twentieth century, warning of the potential dangers of technological progress and its negative effect on humanity and nature. Jonas advocated greater moral responsibility and taking this as a starting point, this volume explores current ethical issues within the context of his philosophy. It considers the vital intersection between law and global ethics, covering issues related to technology and ethics, medical ethics, religion and environmental ethics. Examining different aspects of Hans Jonas’ philosophy and applying it to contemporary issues, leading international scholars and experts on his work suggest original and promising solutions to topical problems. This collection of articles revives interest in Hans Jonas’ ethical reasoning and his notion of responsibility. The book covers a wide range of areas and is useful to those interested in philosophy and theory of law, human rights, ethics, bioethics, environmental law, philosophy and theology as well as political theory and philosophy.
Category: Political Science

International Ethics

Author : Mark R. Amstutz
ISBN : 0742556042
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 69.95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A fourth edition of this book is now available. Now in a comprehensively revised and updated edition, this text cogently demonstrates that moral values and ethical reasoning are indispensable in global politics. Mark R. Amstutz explores two distinct dimensions of international political morality: the role of moral norms in foreign affairs and the ethical foundation of the rules and structures of global society. The author considers important conceptual and philosophical challenges posed by the plurality of values in the international community, but his primary goal is to describe and assess the nature, role, and impact of international political morality on international relations. Through the use of balanced arguments and a wide-ranging selection of case studies, Amstutz illustrates the place of moral norms in international relations. He presents the concepts, theories, methods, and traditions of ethical analysis and then applies them to case studies in the areas of political reconciliation, human rights, war, unconventional military operations, foreign intervention, economic sanctions, justice among states, and global justice. His clearly written study will be of special interest to students and practitioners of international affairs who are concerned with the role of political morality and ethical judgment in global affairs.
Category: Philosophy

Global Ethics And Climate Change

Author : Paul G. Harris
ISBN : 9781474404846
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 71.31 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Finds solutions to the world's greatest challenge climate change in global ethicsNew for this editionIncludes recent climate diplomacy and international agreementsPresents current data and information on climate scienceUpdated statistics; e.g. in chapters and sections that look at poverty and wealthExpanded learning guide for students and lecturersGlobal Ethics and Climate Change combines the science of climate change with ethical critique to expose its impact, the increasing intensity of dangerous trends particularly growing global affluence, material consumption and pollution and the intensifying moral dimensions of changes to the environment. It shows you that global justice is vital to mitigating climate change. All of the author's royalties are being paid directly to the charity Oxfam
Category: Philosophy

Explorations In Global Ethics

Author : Sumner B Twiss
ISBN : 9780429980251
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 57.48 MB
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Inspired by the 1993 Parliament of the Worlds Religions, this volume for the first time brings the scholarly discipline of comparative religious ethics into constructive collaboration with the community of interreligious dialogue. The contributors draw from both communities of discourse in addressing questions of method and theory and global moral issuessuch as human rights, distributive justice, politics of war, international business, the environment, and genocidein a cross-cultural context. }Inspired by the 1993 Parliament of the Worlds Religions, this volume for the first time brings the scholarly discipline of comparative religious ethics into constructive collaboration with the community of interreligious dialogue. Its design is premised on two important insights. First, interreligious dialogue offers to comparative religious ethics a new, more persuasive rationale, agenda of issues, and practical orientation. Second, comparative religious ethics offers to interreligious dialogue an arsenal of critical tools and methods which will enhance the sophistication of its practical work. In this way, both theory (a dominant concern and strength of comparative religious ethics) and praxis (a dominant concern and strength of interreligious moral dialogue) are joined together in mutual effort, each contributing to the benefit of the other.The volumes contributors share this vision of collaboration, drawing explicitly from both communities of discourse in a manner that crosses disciplinary and professional boundaries to deal creatively and constructively with important methodological and global moral issue. Although theory and practice cannot easily be separated in such a collaborative project, for the purpose of clarity, the volume is divided into two main parts. The first specifically engages questions of method, theory, and the social role of the public intellectual; the second, on substantive moral themes and issues, many of which were raised at the 1993 Parliament. Taken together, the volumes essays articulate and illustrate new ways of approaching contemporary moral concerns cross-culturally yet with a rigor appropriate to our complex and pluralistic world.
Category: Philosophy

Spirituality And Global Ethics

Author : Mahmoud Masaeli
ISBN : 9781443893626
Genre : Religion
File Size : 33.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume addresses three fundamental questions about the interplay between the ethics of globality and spirituality: What are the practical implications of spirituality for the condition of life in a turbulent era of violent religious/non-religious extremism? In what way can spirituality, the view of love, compassion, tolerance, and mutual recognition encounter mistrust, enmity, separateness, and violence? How, and in what way, can spirituality contribute to the newly emerging global ethics? Religious scholars distinguish between the esoteric and exoteric sides of belief systems. Esotericism centres on the inner awareness, and conceals a certain spirituality that is only transmittable to those who could successfully pass through a process of initiatic preparation and transpersonal practices to understand the mystical dimensions of existence. In contrast, exotericism takes the outer dimension of every day consciousness into account and favours the possibility of the popular understanding of the essence of existence. In this perspective, truth could be grasped by the public without the need of any transpersonal initiative and transformation of consciousness. Esotericism extends beyond religion and has become the spiritual philosophy of life without the need of being essentially religious. It has become common, notably in the West, to identify oneself as spiritualist without having religious affiliations. The condition of globality has provided an unprecedented opportunity for spiritual perspectives to grow. Ideas, perspectives, beliefs, and philosophies of life are growing outside local/national containers to express themselves in different global settings, while the forces of globalisation are influencing local identities and cultures. While evolving global transformations strengthen people’s capability to leave institutionally ordered belief systems, it simultaneously enables them to rearrange themselves around alternative perspectives. These fundamental transformations cultivate a fabulous landscape for the growth of spirituality.
Category: Religion

Bioregionalism And Global Ethics

Author : Richard Evanoff
ISBN : 9781136910357
Genre : Nature
File Size : 85.35 MB
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While a number of schools of environmental thought — including social ecology, ecofeminism, ecological Marxism, ecoanarchism, and bioregionalism — have attempted to link social issues to a concern for the environment, environmental ethics as an academic discipline has tended to focus more narrowly on ethics related either to changes in personal values or behavior, or to the various ways in which nature might be valued. What is lacking is a framework in which individual, social, and environmental concerns can be looked at not in isolation from each other, but rather in terms of their interrelationships. In this book, Evanoff aims to develop just such a philosophical framework — one in which ethical questions related to interactions between self, society, and nature can be discussed across disciplines and from a variety of different perspectives. The central problem his study investigates is the extent to which a dichotomized view of the relationship between nature and culture, perpetuated in ongoing debates over anthropocentric vs. ecocentric approaches to environmental ethics, might be overcome through the adoption of a transactional perspective, which offers a more dynamic and coevolutionary understanding of how humans interact with their natural environments. Unlike anthropocentric approaches to environmental ethics, which often privilege human concerns over ecological preservation, and some ecocentric approaches, which place more emphasis on preserving natural environments than on meeting human needs, a transactional approach attempts to create more symbiotic and less conflictual modes of interaction between human cultures and natural environments, which allow for the flourishing of both.
Category: Nature

I Am You

Author : Daniel Kolak
ISBN : 9781402030147
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 66.13 MB
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Borders enclose and separate us. We assign to them tremendous significance. Along them we draw supposedly uncrossable boundaries within which we believe our individual identities begin and end, erecting the metaphysical dividing walls that enclose each one of us into numerically identical, numerically distinct, entities: persons. Do the borders between us - physical, psychological, neurological, causal, spatial, temporal, etc. - merit the metaphysical significance ordinarily accorded them? The central thesis of I Am You is that our borders do not signify boundaries between persons. We are all the same person. Variations on this heretical theme have been voiced periodically throughout the ages (the Upanishads, Averroës, Giordano Bruno, Josiah Royce, Schrödinger, Fred Hoyle, Freeman Dyson). In presenting his arguments, the author relies on detailed analyses of recent formal work on personal identity, especially that of Derek Parfit, Sydney Shoemaker, Robert Nozick, David Wiggins, Daniel C. Dennett and Thomas Nagel, while incorporating the views of Descartes, Leibniz, Wittgenstein, Schopenhauer, Kant, Husserl and Brouwer. His development of the implied moral theory is inspired by, and draws on, Rawls, Sidgwick, Kant and again Parfit. The traditional, commonsense view that we are each a separate person numerically identical to ourselves over time, i.e., that personal identity is closed under known individuating and identifying borders - what the author calls Closed Individualism - is shown to be incoherent. The demonstration that personal identity is not closed but open points collectively in one of two new directions: either there are no continuously existing, self-identical persons over time in the sense ordinarily understood - the sort of view developed by philosophers as diverse as Buddha, Hume and most recently Derek Parfit, what the author calls Empty Individualism - or else you are everyone, i.e., personal identity is not closed under known individuating and identifying borders, what the author calls Open Individualism. In making his case, the author: - offers a new explanation both of consciousness and of self-consciousness - constructs a new theory of Self - explains psychopathologies (e.g. multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia) - shows Open Individualism to be the best competing explanation of who we are - provides the metaphysical foundations for global ethics. The book is intended for philosophers and the philosophically inclined - physicists, mathematicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, linguists, computer scientists, economists, and communication theorists. It is accessible to graduate students and advanced undergraduates.
Category: Philosophy

Global Ethics

Author : Keith Horton
ISBN : 1557788707
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 64.70 MB
Format : PDF
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Global Ethics, along with its companion volume Global Justice, will aid in the study of global justice and global ethical issues with significant global dimensions. Some of those issues directly concern what individuals, countries, and other associations ought to do in response to various global problems, such as poverty, population growth, and climate change. Others concern the concepts that are commonly used to discuss such issues, such as "development" and "human rights." And still others concern the legitimacy of various phenomena that structure the global scene, such as national borders, the institutions of national sovereignty and self-determination, and attitudes such as nationalism and patriotism. In recent decades, literature on such issues has started to build up in the Western philosophical tradition. Until now, though, no up-to-date sample of this literature has been available to students and other interested parties. These two books, companion volumes sold separately, fill this gap by providing a sample of the best recent work on these themes.
Category: Philosophy

Staging Strangers

Author : Barry Freeman
ISBN : 9780773549548
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 72.55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Twenty-first-century media and political discourse sometimes makes "strangers" - refugees, immigrants, minorities - the scapegoats for social and economic disorder. In this heated climate, theatre has the potential to promote greater compassion and empathy for outsiders. A study of cultural difference in contemporary Canadian theatre, Staging Strangers considers how theatre facilitates an understanding of distant places and issues. Theatre in Canada, and especially in Toronto, has long been a place for communities to celebrate their traditions, but it is now emerging as a forum for staging stories that stretch beyond the local and the national. Combining archival research and performance analysis, Barry Freeman analyzes the possibilities and hazards of representing strangers, and the many ways the stranger on stage may be fetishized or domesticated, marked for assimilation, or turned into an object of fear. A fresh look at ways to cultivate ethical responsibility for global issues, Staging Strangers imagines a role for theatre in creating a more tolerant, caring, and cooperative world.
Category: Performing Arts

Global Water Ethics

Author : Rafael Ziegler
ISBN : 9781315469683
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 84.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Scholarly interest in water ethics is increasing, motivated by the urgency of climate change, water scarcity, privatization and conflicts over water resources. Water ethics can provide both conceptual perspectives and practical methodologies for identifying outcomes which are environmentally sustainable and socially just. This book assesses the implications of ongoing research in framing a new discipline of water ethics in practice. Contributions consider the difficult ethical and epistemological questions of water ethics in a global context, as well as offering local, empirical perspectives. Case study chapters focus on a range of countries including Canada, China, Germany, India, South Africa and the USA. The respective insights are brought together in the final section concerning the practical project of a universal water ethics charter, alongside theoretical questions about the legitimacy of a global water ethics. Overall the book provides a stimulating examination of water ethics in theory and practice, relevant to academics and professionals in the fields of water resource management and governance, environmental ethics, geography, law and political science.
Category: Philosophy