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German Stormtrooper 1914 18

Author : Ian Drury
ISBN : 1855323729
Genre : History
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The first official German stormtroop unit was authorized on 2 March 1915 when the Supreme Command of the field army ordered the VIII Corps to form a detachment for the testing of experimental weapons and the development of approximate tactics that could break the deadlock on the Western Front. By the summer of 1915, stormtroop units were springing up throughout the German armies in the west, and by the end of 1916 official stormtroop battalions were established throughout the western armies, providing a deadly new threat for the Allies. This book examines the uniform, equipment and tactics of Germany's feared elites of World War I (1914-1918).
Category: History

Fort Verena May 24 1915 04 00 Trilogy Of The Great War

Author : Francesco Nicolini
ISBN : 9788875496760
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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These memories, handwritten by Elmo Cermaria (Nonno Peppe) for his grandson Checco (Francesco Nicolini), tell of when, as a young man of 20, he found himself hurled into the inferno of the First World War. In those days, you could cry your heart out for a bread roll denied, then miraculously regained thanks to the compassion of a German soldier, “the hated enemy”. These recollections are terse, without a trace of rhetoric and devoid of recriminations. Nonno Peppe tells the facts just as he experienced them first hand, without expressing any condemnation of those responsible for them, even though an awareness of the large-scale massacre he witnessed transpires from his account. When Nonno Peppe delivered the manuscript to his grandson on his wedding day, he asked him to make a promise: “Let the President of the Republic know what we did for Italy.” A hundred years ago, whole generations of young Italian men were stripped of human honor and dignity. Only a few of these young men would live on and become our grandfathers; and only a few of us would be fortunate enough to become “grandchildren of the Great War” and bear witness to their ordeal.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Early Trench Tactics In The French Army

Author : Jonathan Krause
ISBN : 9781317146674
Genre : History
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In the English-speaking world the First World War is all too often portrayed primarily as a conflict between Britain and Germany. The vast majority of books focus on the Anglo-German struggle, and ignore the dominant part played by the French, who for most of the war provided the bulk of the soldiers fighting against the central powers. As such, this important and timely book joins the small but growing collection of works offering an overdue assessment of the French contribution to the Great War. Drawing heavily on French primary sources the book has two main foci: it is both an in-depth battle narrative and analysis, as well as a work on the tactical evolution of the French army in Spring 1915 as it endeavored aggressively to come to grips with trench warfare. This period is of crucial importance as it was in these months that the French army learned the foundations of trench warfare on which their conduct for the remainder of the war would rest. The work argues that many advanced practices often considered German innovations - such as the rolling barrage, infiltration tactics, and the effective planning and integration of artillery bombardments - can all be traced back to French writing and action in early 1915. The work argues that - contrary to received opinion - French army bureaucracy proved effective at very quickly taking in, digesting and then disseminating lessons learned at the front and French commanders proved to be both effective and professional. Such radical conclusions demand a fundamental rethink of the way we view operations on the Western Front.
Category: History

The Joseph M Bruccoli Great War Collection At The University Of South Carolina

Author : Elizabeth A. Sudduth
ISBN : 1570035903
Genre : History
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The Joseph M. Bruccoli Great War Collection at the University of South Carolina was founded in 1997 by Matthew J. and Arlyn Bruccoli and named for Professor Bruccoli's father, who was wounded in France during the conflict. An expansive research archive for the literary, historical, and cultural aspects of World War I from both British and American vantages, the collection is housed in the Thomas Cooper Library at the University of South Carolina campus in Columbia. At present, the Bruccoli Great War Collection contains over four thousand items, including such print materials as military training manuals, illustrated wartime magazines, trench newspapers, British novels and poetry of the war, letters and diaries of participants, scrapbooks and photo albums, posters, slides, and sheet music. Comprehensive in range rather than exhaustive in depth, the collection was expanded in 2002 through the incorporation of some five hundred books and documents formerly part of the Joseph Cohen Collection of World War I Literature, additions that include extremely rare work by Isaac Rosenberg, arguably chief among the Great War poets. Bruccoli Great War Collection at the University of South Carolina: An Illustrated Catalogue documents one of the great watersheds moments of history on both sides of the Atlantic and serves as a reference and resource for historians, researchers, and collectors alike.
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Historical Abstracts

Author : Eric H. Boehm
ISBN : UOM:39015073568670
Genre : History, Modern
File Size : 23.63 MB
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Category: History, Modern

Shell Shock

Author : P. Leese
ISBN : 9780230287921
Genre : History
File Size : 23.49 MB
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To the British soldiers of the Great War who heard about it, 'shell shock' was uncanny, amusing and sad. To those who experienced it, the condition was shameful, unjustly stigmatized and life-changing. The first full-length study of the British 'shell shocked' soldiers of the Great War combines social and medical history to investigate the experience of psychological casualties on the Western Front, in hospitals, and through their postwar lives. It also investigates the condition's origin and consequences within British culture.
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1914 1918

Author : David Stevenson
ISBN : 9780141904344
Genre : History
File Size : 45.54 MB
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1914-1918, David Stevenson's history of the First World War, has been acclaimed as the definitive one-volume account of the conflict In the summer of 1914 Europe exploded into a frenzy of mass violence. The war that followed had global repercussions, destroying four empires and costing millions of lives. Even the victorious countries were scarred for a generation, and we still today remain within the conflict's shadow. In this major analysis David Stevenson re-examines the causes, course and impact of this 'war to end war', placing it in the context of its era and exposing its underlying dynamics. His book provides a wide-ranging international history, drawing on insights from the latest research. It offers compelling answers to the key questions about how this terrible struggle unfolded: questions that remain disturbingly relevant for our own time. 'It's harder to imagine a better single-volume comprehensive history of the conflict than this superb study' Ian Kershaw 'Perhaps the best comprehensive one-volume history of the war yet written' New Yorker 'David Stevenson is the real deal ... His defining characteristic is his outstanding rigour as an historian ... tremendously clever' Niall Ferguson 'This history of the 1914-1918 conflict surpasses all others. It is tough, erudite and comprehensive' Independent
Category: History

Total War

Author : Charles Winchester
ISBN : 1849160686
Genre : History, Modern
File Size : 45.65 MB
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Opening with the Battle of Tsushima in 1905 and closing with Operation Desert Storm, Total War narrates the conflicts that changed the course of modern history and shaped the 21st century. Each chapter reveals the historic context of the battle, its outcome and legacy.
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Verdun 1916

Author : William Martin
ISBN : 0275982947
Genre : History
File Size : 83.50 MB
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"On 21 February 1916, German General Erich von Falkenhayn unleashed his hammer-blow offensive against the French fortress city of Verdun. His aim was nothing short of the destruction of the French army. He was sure that the symbolic value of Verdun was such that the French would be 'compelled to throw in every man they have.' He was equally sure that 'if they do so the forces of France will bleed to death.' The massed batteries of German guns would smash the French troops in their trenches and bunkers. However, the French hung on with immense courage and determination and the battle became a bloody battle of attrition"--Page 4 of cover.
Category: History

The Blood Tub

Author : Jonathan Walker
ISBN : 1862270872
Genre : History
File Size : 76.82 MB
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Drawing on a wealth of unpublished sources from Britain and Australia and using eyewitness accounts, this is the first history of this heroic but disastrous engagement on the Western front which left a lasting rift between the British and Australian armies.
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