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German Machine Guns Of World War I

Author : Stephen Bull
ISBN : 9781472815187
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World War I's defining weapon for many, Germany's MG 08 machine gun won a formidable reputation on battlefields from Tannenberg to the Somme. Although it was a lethally effective weapon when used from static positions, the MG 08 was far too heavy to perform a mobile role on the battlefield. As the British and French began to deploy lighter machine guns alongside their heavier weapons, the Germans fielded the Danish Madsen and British Lewis as stopgaps, but chose to adapt the MG 08 into a compromise weapon – the MG 08/15 – which would play a central role in the revolutionary developments in infantry tactics that characterized the last months of the conflict. In the 1940s, the two weapons were still in service with German forces fighting in a new world war. Drawing upon eyewitness battlefield reports, this absorbing study assesses the technical performance and combat record of these redoubtable and influential German machine guns, and their strengths and limitations in a variety of battlefield roles.
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Weapons Of World War I

Author : John Hamilton
ISBN : 9781617861772
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 65.7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An introduction to the artillery, poison gas, guns, tanks, and U-boats and torpedoes used in World War I.
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Mg34 Mg42

Author : Folke Myrvang
ISBN : 088935278X
Genre : Germany
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German Machine Guns In The Second World War

Author : Hans Seidler
ISBN : 9781473828537
Genre : History
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German Machine Guns of the Second World War is a highly illustrated record of the German war machine between 1939 1945. Many of the photographs, all from the authors collection, come originally from the albums of individuals who took part in the war.Arranged by theatre chronologically, the book analyses the development of the machine gun and describes how the Germans carefully utilised weapons such as the MG34 and the much vaunted MG42 into both offensive and defensive roles. Supported by a host of other machine guns like the MP28, MP38/40 and the lethal Sturmgerher 44, it depicts how these formidable machine guns fought against an ever increasing enemy threat.Using over 250 rare and unpublished photographs together with detailed captions and accompanying text, this book provides a unique insight into German weaponry from early Blitzkrieg campaigns to the final demise of the Nazi empire.
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World War I

Author : Spencer Tucker
ISBN : 9781851098798
Genre : History
File Size : 39.4 MB
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Alphabetically arranged entries, supplemented with maps and primary documents, provide a complete history of the First World War.
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The Vickers Maxim Machine Gun

Author : Martin Pegler
ISBN : 9781780963846
Genre : History
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The world's first self-powered machine gun, the Maxim gun became a potent symbol of Victorian colonialism in the closing years of the 19th century. It was the brainchild of Sir Hiram Maxim, the American-born firearms inventor who founded the company bearing his name with financing from Albert Vickers, who became the company's chairman; Maxim's company was absorbed by Vickers, Sons and Company in 1897. Subsequent variants in British, German and Russian service – the .303in Vickers (1912), 7.92mm MG 08 (1908) and 7.62mm PM M1910, respectively – dominated both the Eastern and Western Fronts during World War I and soldiered on into World War II, while the Vickers remained in front-line British service essentially unchanged until 1968. Featuring specially commissioned full-colour artwork and written by a noted authority, this is the engaging story of the Maxim and its descendants, the innovative rapid-fire weapons that saw combat with British, German, Russian and other forces in the late Victorian era and throughout the world wars.
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World War I German Infantry Weapons

Author : Source Wikipedia
ISBN : 1230490515
Genre :
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 25. Chapters: Luger P08 pistol, Gewehr 98, Mauser C96, MP 18, MG 08, Gewehr 1888, Madsen machine gun, Dreyse M1907, Model 24 grenade, Bergmann MG15 nA Gun, Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr, M1879 Reichsrevolver, MG 18 TuF, Parabellum MG17, Beholla pistol, Kleinflammenwerfer, Wechselapparat, Grossflammenwerfer. Excerpt: The Gewehr 98 (abbreviated G98, Gew 98 or M98) is a German bolt action Mauser rifle firing the 8x57mm cartridge from a 5 round internal clip-loaded magazine that was the German service rifle from 1898 to 1935, when it was replaced by the Karabiner 98k. It was hence the main rifle of the German infantry during World War I. The Gewehr 98 replaced the earlier Gewehr 1888 rifle as the German service rifle. German Empire, 1871-1918.The Gewehr 98, named for 1898, the first year of its manufacture, superseded the earlier Gewehr 1888 in German service. The bolt-action design used for the Gewehr 98 was patented by Paul Mauser on 9 September 1895. The Gewehr 98 itself was the latest in a line of Mauser rifles that were introduced in the 1890s. The German Gewehr-Prufungskommission (G.P.K.) (Rifle Testing Commission) adopted the Gewehr 98 on 5 April 1898. The action was derived from the experimental Gewehr 96 Rifle. In 1901, the first troop issues of the Gewehr 98 Rifles were made to the East Asian Expeditionary Force, the Navy and three premier Prussian army corps. The Gewehr 98 received its first combat use in the Boxer Rebellion (1898-1901). In 1904, contracts were placed with Waffenfabrik Mauser for 290,000 rifles and Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) for 210,000 rifles. In 1905, the 8 mm M/88 8x57mm I cartridge which was introduced in 1888 and loaded with a 8.08 mm (.318 in) 14.6 g (226 gr) round nose bullet was replaced by the 8x57mm IS which was loaded with a new 8.20 mm (.323 in) 9.9 g (154 gr) spitzer bullet. The...

German Naval Guns

Author : Miroslaw Skwiot
ISBN : 159114311X
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From the huge 15-inch guns carried by the Bismarck to the smallest machine gun used by coastal forces, this comprehensive encyclopedia covers every German artillery piece mounted afloat during World War II. All marks and variations of these weapons are described individually, including their mountings and the ammunition fired, along with extensive tabular data. The feature that makes this book unique, however, is the range and detail of the illustrations, including close-up photos, three-view drawings, and computer-generated full-color representations of the guns from every angle, making this the most complete reference available.
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Weapons Of World War I

Author : Mike Taylor
ISBN : 9781617872075
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 83.27 MB
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Describes some of the weapons used by both the Allied and Axis forces during World War II, including automatic weapons, radar, early computers, tanks, aircraft carriers, bombers and fighter planes, and the atomic bomb.
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German Infantry Weapons Of The Second World War

Author : John Christopher
ISBN : 9781445642420
Genre : History
File Size : 80.75 MB
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This fascinating in-depth dossier on the German infantry weapons, ranging from the legendary Lugar pistol to the anti-tank guns and howitzers, is based on classified military intelligence reports published during the Second World War.
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