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German Fighter Aircraft In World War I

Author : Mark C. Wilkins
ISBN : 9781612006208
Genre : History
File Size : 40.86 MB
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Fighter aircraft were developed during World War I at an unprecedented rate, as nascent air forces sought to achieve and maintain air supremacy. German manufacturers innovated at top speed, while constantly scrutinizing the development of new enemy aircraft. The Germans also utilized the concept of systematic production or modular engineering during the war—Fokker capitalized on this aspect with all his aircraft built in a similar fashion—wooden wings with welded steel fuselages. This meant that they could be disassembled or reassembled quickly in the field—unlike many Allied aircraft. Pfalz and Albatros were the first to realize the importance of a streamlined fuselage—the precursor to all that would follow. Both of these companies built semi-monocoque fuselages using plywood to develop semi-stressed skin—the Allies had nothing like this. The Germans also perfected powerful inline engines, as exemplified by the Albatros fighters. These engines did not have the gyroscopic effect of the rotary engines and as such were easier and more stable to fly. Fokker was slow to give up his rotary engines but once he did, the result was the iconic Fokker D VII—years ahead of its time and the only aircraft specifically mentioned in the Treaty of Versailles that Germany could not build after the war. German Fighter Aircraft in World War I explores how German fighter aircraft were developed during the war, the innovations and trials that made the Fokker D VII possible, and the different makes and types of aircraft. Using unpublished images including photographs of surviving aircraft, archive images, and models and replicas, it shows details of aircraft that were kept top secret during the war. Extensively illustrated with 140 photos and ten color profiles, this is will be essential reading for all WWI aviation enthusiasts and modelers.
Category: History

Alarmstart The German Fighter Pilot S Experience In The Second World War

Author : Patrick G. Eriksson
ISBN : 9781445671239
Genre : History
File Size : 67.66 MB
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The experiences of the German fighter pilots in the Second World War, based on extensive recollections of veterans as well as primary documents, and diary and flying log book extracts, with photographs from the veterans themselves, many never previously published.
Category: History

Three Hundred Years On Kilimanjaro Mountain Area Vol 2

Author : Abisai Temba
ISBN : 9781946390660
Genre : Travel
File Size : 90.80 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Through intensive and extensive research the frontiers of knowledge in social, economic, political and religious life of people of Kilimanjaro Mountain area has been extensively revealed. The book enables readers to see Kilimanjaro and its people from a much better view and perspectives. For the first time the book has assisted in removing the many gaps that existed in the history of Kilimanjaro and its people thus making progress in the effort to get a better and more comprehensive understanding of the Wa-Shaka people of Kilimanjaro. In that endeavor recognition is made of the esteemed contributions of people such as Charles Dundas (1924), Miss Mary Cathleen Stahl (1962) and a few other recent day persons such as Dr. Anzamen Lema. The book puts readers on a new level of understanding of Wa-Shaka people in a simple but understandable language, which makes it not only easily manageable but also friendly in the effort to comprehend its contents. It is a unique master piece of work.
Category: Travel

The Nachtjagd War Diaries April 1944 May 1945

Author : Theo Boiten
ISBN : 1906592004
Genre : Night fighter planes
File Size : 80.18 MB
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The result of over twenty years of meticulous research, this two volume work will transform our knowledge of the Luftwaffe's battle to defend the cities of the Reich from night attack. It has previously been assumed that no detailed history of the night battles could ever be compiled because so much information had been lost at the end of the war, but Dr Boiten has succeeded where others failed. During his research Dr Boiten has analysed and cross referenced many sources, mostly unpublished, and some from private collections never seen by researchers before. For the first time the picture of each major raid has been compiled as seen from both the Luftwaffe and RAF view, each night's activity is detailed and each of the more than 6,000 night fighter claims listed. Importantly it has been possible to conclusively identify the victors and victims of the majority of combats, a thing previously considered impossible in all but a few cases. This has been made possible by accurately locating the crash sites of most of the fallen bombers through newly discovered Luftwaffe documents, again significantly improving on previously available material.
Category: Night fighter planes

Day Fighters In Defence Of Reich

Author : Donald Caldwell
ISBN : 9781783834150
Genre : History
File Size : 23.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Day Fighters in Defence of the Reich is a detailed, comprehensive daily reference to the air operations flown by the Luftwaffe. These operations were designed to combat the daylight strategic missions by the United States Army Air Force targeting the German Reich and the western zone occupied by Germany. This volume is a unique look at the German air defences as they struggled to cope with the threat posed by the American 8th and 15th Air Forces, which were charged with destroying Germany’s critical war industries and wresting control of the air over the Reich from the Luftwaffe. The previous volume in this series, The Luftwaffe over Germany: Defence of the Reich is an award-winning narrative history published by Greenhill Books. This book extends the story in an unprecedented fashion and includes: • A brief narrative and a table of statistics detailing every mission of every Luftwaffe unit defending the Greater German Reich or the western occupied zone against strategic raids by the USAAF. • A summary of every 8th and 15th US Army Air Force strategic mission over this area in which the Luftwaffe was encountered. •Tables of monthly sorties, losses and victory claims by the USAAF and the Luftwaffe over the Reich and the western occupied zone. The growth of the American juggernaut can be followed in detail, as can the ever more futile struggle by the Reich Defence Force. The data allow validity of USAAF and Luftwaffe victory claims to be estimated. • Quarterly orders of battle and casualties for the Reich Defence Force, broken down by aircraft type. The unsuccessful struggle of the Luftwaffe to keep its fighter units up to strength while introducing superior types and the relative vulnerability of its various fighters can be seen at a glance. • Maps for 32 major missions showing the tracks of the bombers and every defending Luftwaffe unit, including their points of attack on the bombers. • 189 photographs of Luftwaffe personalities and aircraft, many previously unpublished. • 72 combat accounts by Luftwaffe pilots, most previously unpublished and all readily available in English for the first time. This unique and authoritative book is based on documents in the German, American and British government archives and German pilot logbooks and interviews from the author’s extensive collection. Caldwell is well known for his balanced presentations and the clarity of his writing. This book is a must-have for anyone with a serous interest in World War II aviation history. This book completes the story begun by Caldwell and Dr. Richard Muller in The Luftwaffe over Germany: Defence of the Reich, which won the US Air Force Historical Foundation award for Best Air Power History Book of 2008. Critical praise for this book has been widespread.
Category: History

The Breaking Point

Author : Robert A. Doughty
ISBN : 9780811760706
Genre : History
File Size : 20.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An engaging narrative of the small-unit actions near Sedan during the 1940 campaign for France.
Category: History

The Seeds Of Disaster

Author : Robert A. Doughty
ISBN : 9780811760768
Genre : History
File Size : 53.93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An examination of the military doctrine that animated the French defense against the German invasion in 1940.
Category: History

Battle Of The Bulge

Author : Hans Wijers
ISBN : 9780811759274
Genre : History
File Size : 63.76 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is the story of their bitter combat--in the words of German and American soldiers who were there.
Category: History