Galapagos George

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Galapagos George

Author : Jean Craighead George
ISBN : 0060287934
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 37.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is the story of the famous Lonesome George, a giant tortoise who was the last of his species, lived to be one hundred years old, and became known as the rarest creature in the world. His story gives us a glimpse of the amazing creatures inhabiting the ever-fascinating Galápagos Islands. Renowned naturalist and bestselling author of the Newbery Medal-winning Julie of the Wolves and the critically acclaimed Everglades Jean Craighead George once again introduces children to the wonders of the natural world in this incredible evolution story set in the Galápagos Islands. The back matter features key terms, a timeline, and further resources for research. Supports the Common Core State Standards.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Lonesome George

Author : Henry Nicholls
ISBN : 9780230552258
Genre : Science
File Size : 67.18 MB
Format : PDF
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Lonesome George is a 5ft long, 200lb tortoise aged between 60 and 200. In 1971 he was discovered on the remote Galapagos island of Pinta, from which tortoises had supposedly been exterminated by greedy whalers and seal hunters. He has been at the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz island ever since, on the off-chance that scientific ingenuity will conjure up a way of reproducing him and resurrecting his species. Meanwhile a million tourists and dozens of baffled scientists have looked on as the celebrity reptile shows not a jot of interest in the female company provided. Today, Lonesome George has come to embody the mystery, complexity and fragility of the unique Galapagos archipelago. His story echoes the challenges of conservation worldwide; it is a story of Darwin, sexual dysfunction, adventure on the high seas, cloning, DNA fingerprinting and eco-tourism.
Category: Science

Lonesome George

Author : Rachel a. Blodgett
ISBN : 9781477264843
Genre : Education
File Size : 41.61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Inspired by the beautiful islands of the Galapagos and honoring the life of a now extinct tortoise, Lonesome George, comes a fun story the whole family will enjoy! George and his feathered sidekick, Fred welcome you to their home and invite you to enjoy their everyday life. You'll meet one-of-a-kind characters like a masked booby bird named Albert. Together they make a great story, and with every great story told there's a lesson to be learned.
Category: Education

Lonesome George Finds His Friends

Author : Victoria Kosara
ISBN : 9780545261296
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 84.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Lonesome George, a famous Galapagos tortoise who is thought to be the only Galapagos tortoise left in the world, meets other unique animals that live in the Galapagos, in a work that offers details about the creatures.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Lonesome George

Author : Jorge Sotirios
ISBN : 9781921941498
Genre : Travel
File Size : 27.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Lonesome George is a comic odyssey that combines travel adventure and comedy in a journey of epic proportions. Author Jorge Sotirios illuminates the beauty of the South American landscape, interweaving its history, culture and people, in his mock heroic quest. Beginning with the writer lured to South American by an Argentine beauty, his journey commences across the equator, through the Amazon jungle and climaxes in the austere Galapagos Islands. Incorporating angels in Argentina to sham Peruvian shaman. From Amazombies appearing on midnight boats, to visiting the lost city of Fordlandia. Accompanying ecowarriors to far -flung villages where jaguars roam, the writer ultimately finds the site of the legendary Amazon warrior women, gliding over the Mirror of the Moon Lake where everything is doubled. The alluring pink dolphin in the Amazon River, said to charm whoever encounters it, is a constant presence. Missionaries and Tarzans coexist with the cult of Che Guevara, with serious topics such as oil exploitation, deforestation and drought. Lonesome George is South America as seen from street and river level and a life- affirming portrayal of people and human emotion as Sotirios' confronts his doppelganger, "Lonesome George", the last surviving tortoise of his species.
Category: Travel

Lonesome George

Author : NA NA
ISBN : 9781137097453
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 35.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Lonesome George is a 5 foot long, 200 pound tortoise, between 60 and 200 years old. In 1971 he was discovered on the remote Galapagos island of Pinta, from which tortoises had supposedly been extinct for years. He has been at the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz island ever since, on the off-chance that scientific ingenuity will conjure up a way of reproducing him and resurrecting his species. Meanwhile, countless tourists and dozens of baffled scientists have looked on as the celebrity reptile shows not a jot of interest in the female company provided. Today, Lonesome George has come to embody the mystery, complexity and fragility of the unique Galapagos archipelago. His story echoes the challenges of conservation worldwide; it is a story of Darwin, sexual dysfunction, adventure on the high seas, cloning, DNA fingerprinting and eco-tourism.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Moon Gal Pagos Islands

Author : Lisa Cho
ISBN : 9781640492899
Genre : Travel
File Size : 34.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Galápagos archipelago is one of the most beautiful, wild, and untouched places on earth. Travel back in time with Moon Galápagos Islands. Inside you'll find: Strategic tour information with advice on how to visit sustainably, which boats to take, how long to stay, and where to stop along the way Detailed maps and directions for exploring on your own The top activities and unique experiences: Snorkel past playful sea lions and gentle sea turtles, or dive with hammerheads and whale sharks. Spot blue-footed boobies, albatross, and pelicans just as Darwin did when formulating the Theory of Evolution. Walk along sandy beaches where marine iguanas sun themselves on the rocks, or hike through forests of cacti and along otherworldly lava trails with breathtaking ocean views Honest advice from local expert and bioengineer Lisa Cho In-depth coverage of Santa Cruz, San Cristóbal, Isabela, Floreana, and the remote uninhabited islands of Santiago, Fernandina, Española, and Genovesa, as well as the gateway cities of Quito and Guayaquil Background information on the history, landscape, and diverse wildlife of the archipelago, including how and where to see each animal while protecting their habitats Full-color photos and detailed maps throughout Essential insight for travelers on eco-tourism, health and safety, transportation, and accommodations With Moon Galápagos Islands' practical tips and an expert's view on the best things to do and see, you can have the trip of a lifetime. Expanding your trip? Check out Moon Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands or Moon Colombia.
Category: Travel

The Anthropology Of Extinction

Author : Genese Marie Sodikoff
ISBN : 9780253223647
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 55.51 MB
Format : PDF
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We live in an era marked by an accelerating rate of species death, but since the early days of the discipline, anthropology has contemplated the death of languages, cultural groups, and ways of life. The essays in this collection examine processes of--and our understanding of--extinction across various domains. The contributors argue that extinction events can be catalysts for new cultural, social, environmental, and technological developments--that extinction processes can, paradoxically, be productive as well as destructive. The essays consider a number of widely publicized cases: island species in the Galápagos and Madagascar; the death of Native American languages; ethnic minorities under pressure to assimilate in China; cloning as a form of species regeneration; and the tiny hominid Homo floresiensis fossils ("hobbits") recently identified in Indonesia. The Anthropology of Extinction offers compelling explorations of issues of widespread concern.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Galapagos At The Crossroads

Author : Carol Ann Bassett
ISBN : 9781426204357
Genre : Nature
File Size : 21.7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As eloquent as it is alarming, Carol Ann Bassett’s portrait of today’s Galápagos depicts a deadly collision of economics, politics, and the environment that may destroy one of the world’s last Edens. For millions, the Galápagos Islands represent nature at its most unspoiled, an inviolate place famed for its rare flora and fauna. But soon today’s 30,000 human residents could surpass 50,000. Add invasive species, floods of tourists, and unresolved conflicts between Ecuadorian laws and local concerns, and it’s easy to see why the Galápagos were recently added to UNESCO’s World Heritage in Danger list. Each chapter in this provocative, perceptive book focuses on a specific person or group with a stake in the Galápagos’ natural resources—from tour companies whose activities are often illegal and not always green, to creationist guides who lead tours with no mention of evolution, from fishermen up in arms over lobster quotas, to modern-day pirates who poach endangered marine species. Bassett presents a perspective as readable as it is sensible. Told with wit, passion, and grace, the Galápagos story serves as a miniature model of Earth itself, a perfect example of how an environment can be destroyed-- and what is being done to preserve these islands before it's too late.
Category: Nature

The Biologist S Imagination

Author : William Hoffman
ISBN : 9780199361328
Genre : Science
File Size : 46.72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Scholars and policymakers alike agree that innovation in the biosciences is key to future growth. The field continues to shift and expand, and it is certainly changing the way people live their lives in a variety of ways. With a large share of federal research dollars devoted to the biosciences, the field is just beginning to live up to its billing as a source of innovation, economic productivity and growth. Vast untapped potential to imagine and innovate exists in the biosciences given new tools now widely available. In The Biologist's Imagination, William Hoffman and Leo Furcht examine the history of innovation in the biosciences, tracing technological innovation from the late eighteenth century to the present and placing special emphasis on how and where technology evolves. Place is often key to innovation, from the early industrial age to the rise of the biotechnology industry in the second half of the twentieth century. The book uses the distinct history of bioinnovation to discuss current trends as they relate to medicine, agriculture, energy, industry, ecosystems, and climate. Fast-moving research fields like genomics, synthetic biology, stem cell research, neuroscience, bioautomation and bioprinting are accelerating these trends. Hoffman and Furcht argue that our system of bioscience innovation is itself in need of innovation. It needs to adapt to the massive changes brought about by converging technologies and the globalization of higher education, workforce skills, and entrepreneurship. The Biologist's Imagination is both a review of past models for bioscience innovation and a forward-looking, original argument for what future models should take into account.
Category: Science

My Trip To The Galapagos Islands

Author : Jeannette Sanderson
ISBN : 9781936258277
Genre :
File Size : 29.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Jeannette gets her chance to live out a lifelong dream and travel to the Galápagos Islands. What will she find there? Will the trip meet up to her expectations? Read this book to find out.

Reptile Rescue

Author : Peggy Thomas
ISBN : 0761332324
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 55.92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This addition to The Science of Saving Animals series offers a look at the worldwide conservation efforts in place designed to save snakes, turtles, and lizards from harm and possible extinction.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Social Studies Units For Grades 9 12

Author : Walter McKenzie
ISBN : 1564842126
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 83.67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Susan Brooks-Young, author of ISTE's bestselling Making Technology Standards Work for You, offers time-crunched administrators a suite of tools to enhance their productivity. The Electronic Briefcase serves school administrators on two levels, providing resources equally useful to those proficient with technology and to those just getting started. Included on the accompanying CD-ROM are more than 35 templates organized around the NETS for Administrators that will help education leaders complete everyday administrative tasks and make their workload more manageable. FEATURESBasic instruction for file management and productivity software CD-ROM templates for classroom observations, staff meetings, budget planning, evaluation rubrics, and more Tools for creating a letterhead, memos, flyers, discipline referrals, and certificates
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

A Naturalist S Guide To The Gal Pagos Islands 2nd Edition

Author : Steve Rosenberg
ISBN : 9780990455714
Genre : Travel
File Size : 56.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"A Naturalist's Guide to the Galápagos Islands, the 2nd Edition” is an informative book by Steve Rosenberg with detailed descriptions of all of the most popular visitation sites in Galápagos as well as lots of practical advice for planning a trip to the Galápagos. This is a must have for anyone who is planning to travel to the Galápagos and for those who already have. The First Edition was published in June 2014. This Second Edition is AVAILABLE September 6, 2014.
Category: Travel

Olinguito Speaks Up

Author : Cecilia Velastegui
ISBN : 9780985176976
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 61.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 487
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Olinguito is a shy and furry animal that sucks his thumb all day long and hides in the treetops of the Ecuadorian cloud forest. No one in the whole world knows that he exists. Olinguito is too shy to let the other creatures know that he has been listening and watching them, and enjoying the tales told by Tomas, an ancient Galapagos tortoise. Tomas loves to tell fantastic stories about the strange creatures of the Galapagos Islands, from the poisonous longnose stubfoot toad to a Pinta Island tortoise named Lonesome George, who no one in the cloud forest has ever seen. When Olinguito hears the other cloud forest animals ridicule Tomas for making things up, he realizes that these are not tall tales—they are memories of creatures driven to extinction. Shy Olinguito is finally moved to speak up in defense of Tomas. This poignant story addresses respect, both for the environment and for our elderly, and explores universal themes of friendship, memories, and finding the courage to speak up.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Dodging Extinction

Author : Anthony D. Barnosky
ISBN : 9780520959095
Genre : Nature
File Size : 38.92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Paleobiologist Anthony D. Barnosky weaves together evidence from the deep past and the present to alert us to the looming Sixth Mass Extinction and to offer a practical, hopeful plan for avoiding it. Writing from the front lines of extinction research, Barnosky tells the overarching story of geologic and evolutionary history and how it informs the way humans inhabit, exploit, and impact Earth today. He presents compelling evidence that unless we rethink how we generate the power we use to run our global ecosystem, where we get our food, and how we make our money, we will trigger what would be the sixth great extinction on Earth, with dire consequences. Optimistic that we can change this ominous forecast if we act now, Barnosky provides clear-cut strategies to guide the planet away from global catastrophe. In many instances the necessary technology and know-how already exist and are being applied to crucial issues around human-caused climate change, feeding the world’s growing population, and exploiting natural resources. Deeply informed yet accessibly written, Dodging Extinction is nothing short of a guidebook for saving the planet.
Category: Nature

Noticias De Gal Pagos

Author :
ISBN : OSU:32435061670717
Genre : Wildlife conservation
File Size : 78.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Category: Wildlife conservation

Gal Pagos Marine Iguanas

Author : George Hillman
ISBN : 9783749484072
Genre : Science
File Size : 71.16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The present photos were taken over a period of six years and are a tribute to the marine iguanas of the Galápagos. Due to the isolated location of the Islands, a unique flora and fauna could develop over a period of several million years. Although the largest part of the Galápagos Islands is a nature reserve, the pressure increases in the animal world as a result of a growing population, ecological indiscriminate human action, due to the influence of ever-growing tourism, environmental disasters and climate change. The danger is great that the fragile ecosystems are seriously damaged or even partially destroyed and the often re-occurring climate phenomenon, El Niño, which weighs heavily on the wildlife of the Galápagos Islands and in particular the marine iguanas. The book is a short photographic journey through the world of these fascinating sea lizards that are found and can survive only on the Galápagos Islands.
Category: Science

Fishes Of The George Vanderbilt Expedition 1937

Author : Henry Fowler
ISBN : 1422317943
Genre :
File Size : 81.71 MB
Format : PDF
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This expedition was organized by Mr. & Mrs. George Vanderbilt under the auspices of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia for natural history exploration in the tropical eastern & southern Pacific seas. The total number of genera represented in the ichthyological collections of the George Vanderbilt South Pacific Expedition of 1937 is 210, of species 434. Illustrations.

The Galapagos Islands

Author : James Barter
ISBN : 1560069201
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 81.41 MB
Format : PDF
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Describes the Galapagos Islands with their rich and unique flora and fauna, regional divisions, invading species, overfishing, ecological dangers, and conservation measures.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction