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Talent Revolution

Author : Lisa Taylor
ISBN : 9781487500825
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 47.77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Plotting new directions for both organizations and employees, authors Lisa Taylor and Fern Lebo explore the opportunities longer working life expectancy promises.
Category: Business & Economics

The Future Of Work

Author : Charles B. Handy
ISBN : 0855206896
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Examines the place of work in society and discusses the possible future development of employment in Great Britain
Category: Business & Economics

Workforce Readiness And The Future Of Work

Author : Fred Oswald
ISBN : 9781351210478
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 31.59 MB
Format : PDF
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Workforce readiness is an issue that is of great national and societal importance. For the United States and other countries to thrive in a globally interconnected environment of wide-ranging opportunities and threats, the need to develop and maintain a skilled and adaptable workforce is critical. National investments in job training and schools remain essential in stimulating businesses and employment agencies to collaborate productively with educators who provide both training and vocational guidance. Workforce Readiness and the Future of Work argues that the large-scale multifaceted efforts required to ensure a reliable and strong supply of talent and skill in the U.S. workforce should be addressed systematically, simultaneously, and systemically across disciplines of thought and levels of analysis. In a four-part framework, the authors cover the major areas of: education in the K-12, vocational, postsecondary, and STEM arenas; economic and labor market considerations; employment, organizations, and the world of work; laws, policies, and budgets at the federal, state, local, and military levels. With contributions from leading scholars, this volume informs high-priority workforce effectiveness issues of current and future concern and concrete research, practice, and policy directions to generate novel insights of a multilevel and system-wide nature.
Category: Psychology

The Future Of Work

Author : African Development Bank Group
Genre : Business & Economics
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Recent technological innovation in fields such as robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence have reduced the number of workers required in a range of sectors, while lowering costs and increasing reliability. This trend has led policymakers, academics, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to ask what types of jobs will be most affected, what new skillsets will be needed for the jobs of tomorrow, and how governments can ease the transition. “The Future of Work: Regional Perspectives” considers how technology is likely to change labor markets in Africa, Developing Asia, Emerging Europe, Central Asia, Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, and Latin American and the Caribbean in the coming years. The study identifies concrete policy actions countries in these regions could take to face up to the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by emergent technology.
Category: Business & Economics

Nordic Future Of Work Conference I

Author : Tuomo Alasoini
ISBN : 9789289351287
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 21.40 MB
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The conference aimed to identify Nordic and global future of work trends including new forms of work and new technologies and production models resulting from digitalization. It pointed to challenges of ensuring adequate protection, employment opportunities and safeguarding competitiveness in the Nordic region amidst rapid technological and demographic changes. As policy responses speakers identified the need to invest in education and skills, to update policies, legislation and collective agreements to better respond to the future labour market. Furthermore they emphasised that social protection should have a broad coverage and encourage active labour market participation. Global cooperation, labour standard and social dialogue are needed to promote decent work. Last but not least gender equality is an important principle and policy goal also for the future ILO work.
Category: Business & Economics

Re Thinking The Future Of Work

Author : Colin C. Williams
ISBN : 9780230207936
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 40.60 MB
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How will work be organised in the future? With its global perspective and critical approach, Re-Thinking the Future of Work provides not only an overview and examination of the array of competing visions, but also a radical rethink about the direction of change.
Category: Business & Economics

The Nordic Future Of Work

Author : Jon Erik Dølvik
ISBN : 9789289359085
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 81.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Nordic future of workHow will work and working life in the Nordic countries change in the future? This is the question to be addressed in the project The Future of Work: Opportunities and Challenges for the Nordic Models. This initial report describes the main drivers and trends expected to shape the future of work. It also reviews the main distinctions of the Nordic model and recent developments in Nordic working lives, pointing towards the kind of challenges the future of work may pose to the Nordic models. Too often, debates about the future narrowly focus on changes in technology. This report draws attention to the broader drivers and political-institutional frameworks influencing working life developments, aiming to spur debate about how the interaction of changes in demography, climate, globalization and digital technologies may influence Nordic working lives in the coming decades.
Category: Political Science

Education Training And The Future Of Work I

Author : John Ahier
ISBN : 9781136289439
Genre : Education
File Size : 20.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A central claim of this volume is that public policy in education and training can only be properly understood if it is seen in relation to prevailing economic and employment conditions. It has become increaslingly apparent that the neo-liberal economic policies pursued by Western governments during the 1980s and 1990s have led to a growing world-wide 'work crisis'. Unemployment levels, particularly in Europe, remain persistently high, and for those in employment, job insecurity and long working hours have become the norm. The response of UK governments has been to promote 'flexibility' in employment practices while proclaiming the importance of improving skill levels through education and training. This volume challenges the adequacy of such an approach, and asks whether reliance on education and training reforms without additional political intervention in economic processes is capable of reversing current trends. Issues covered in this reader include: * the impact of globalization on employment trends * neo-liberal and neo-Keynesian approaches to employment policy * political reforms in education and training institutions * the impact of flexibilization on private life and the family. The two volumes in this series are readers for the Open University course Education, Training and the Future of Work, E837, a module of the MA in Education. The companion volume is Education, Training and the Future of Work II: Developments in Vocational Education and Training. John Ahier is Lecturer in Education at the Open University. Geoff Esland is Director of the Centre for Sociology and Social Research at the Open University and Course team Chair of E837.
Category: Education

Research Handbook On The Future Of Work And Employment Relations

Author : Keith Townsend
ISBN : 9780857936363
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 65.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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ÔThis is an enlightening text on the subject of employment and work relations that will be useful for students in economics, specifically those studying labor relations.Õ Ð Lucy Heckman, American Reference Books Annual 2012 The broad field of employment relations is diverse and complex and is under constant development and reinvention. This Research Handbook discusses fundamental theories and approaches to work and employment relations, and their connection to broader political and societal changes occurring throughout the world. It provides comprehensive coverage of work and employment relations theory and practice. This up-to-date research compendium has drawn together a range of international authors from diverse disciplinary backgrounds. There are chapters from labour historians, theoreticians, more mainstream industrial relations scholars, sociologists, organizational psychologists, geographers, policy advisors, economists and lawyers. At the heart of each chapter is the notion that the world of work and employment relations has changed substantially since the halcyon days of IR, throughout the Dunlop Era of the 1950s. However, many areas of enquiry remain, and more questions have developed with society and technology. This Handbook reflects this view. As the field of study and practice continues to evolve throughout the twenty-first century, what lessons have we learnt from the past and what can we expect in the future? Academics and postgraduate students researching industrial relations, human resource management, employment relations, industrial sociology and sociology of work will find this important resource invaluable.
Category: Political Science

The Future Of Work In Information Society

Author : Andrzej Piotr Wierzbicki
ISBN : 9783319339092
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book investigates the question as to whether technological developments will ultimately mean the end of work and, if so, what the consequences will be. The author addresses this question from the perspective of a technologist well versed in econometrics and game theory, and argues that it is not technology alone that could lead to the end of work, but its utilization by the capitalist system. Technology allows us to minimize the costs of work and increase profits, while the system is worsening unemployment, socio-economic inequality and stratification – which could lead to the end of capitalism in a massive global revolution. As such, the book proposes an evolutionary reform based on a seemingly minor but in fact essential correction of the corporate income tax, which he proposes should decrease in accordance with the percentage of the enterprise’s revenues expended to pay employee salaries. In this way, entrepreneurs will be motivated to implement new professions and occupations, as well as new workplaces. Only in this way, the book argues, can reforms be used to prevent the end of work, which would have catastrophic consequences.
Category: Business & Economics