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Functional Equations In Applied Sciences

Author : Enrique Castillo
ISBN : 0080477917
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 85.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The book provides the reader with the different types of functional equations that s/he can find in practice, showing, step by step, how they can be solved. A general methodology for solving functional equations is provided in Chapter 2. The different types of functional equations are described and solved in Chapters 3 to 8. Many examples, coming from different fields, as geometry, science, engineering, economics, probability, statistics, etc, help the reader to change his/her mind in order to state problems as functional equations as an alternative to differential equations, and to state new problems in terms of functional equations or systems. An interesting feature of the book is that it deals with functional networks, a powerful generalization of neural networks that allows solving many practical problems. The second part of the book, Chapters 9 to 13, is devoted to the applications of this important paradigm. The book contains many examples and end of chapter exercises, that facilitates the understanding of the concepts and applications. · A general methodology for solving functional equations is provided in Chapter 2. · It deals with functional networks, a powerful generalization of neural networks. · Many examples, coming from different fields, as geometry, science, engineering, economics, probability, statistics, etc, illustrate the concept of functional equation. · Functional equations are presented as a powerful alternative to differential equations. · The book contains end of chapter exercises.
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Recent Trends In Toeplitz And Pseudodifferential Operators

Author : Roland V. Duduchava
ISBN : 9783034605489
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 60.1 MB
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The aim of the book is to present new results in operator theory and its applications. In particular, the book is devoted to operators with automorphic symbols, applications of the methods of modern operator theory and differential geometry to some problems of theory of elasticity, quantum mechanics, hyperbolic systems of partial differential equations with multiple characteristics, Laplace-Beltrami operators on manifolds with singular points. Moreover, the book comprises new results in the theory of Wiener-Hopf operators with oscillating symbols, large hermitian Toeplitz band matrices, commutative algebras of Toeplitz operators, and discusses a number of other topics.
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Functional Equations And Modelling In Science And Engineering

Author : Enrique Castillo
ISBN : 082478717X
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 51.91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Provides engineers and applied scientists with some selected results of functional equations and their applications, with the intention of changing the way they think about mathematical modelling. Many of the proofs are simplified or omitted, so as not to bore or confuse engineers. Functional equati
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Numerical Time Dependent Partial Differential Equations For Scientists And Engineers

Author : Moysey Brio
ISBN : 0080917046
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 64.20 MB
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It is the first text that in addition to standard convergence theory treats other necessary ingredients for successful numerical simulations of physical systems encountered by every practitioner. The book is aimed at users with interests ranging from application modeling to numerical analysis and scientific software development. It is strongly influenced by the authors research in in space physics, electrical and optical engineering, applied mathematics, numerical analysis and professional software development. The material is based on a year-long graduate course taught at the University of Arizona since 1989. The book covers the first two-semesters of a three semester series. The second semester is based on a semester-long project, while the third semester requirement consists of a particular methods course in specific disciplines like computational fluid dynamics, finite element method in mechanical engineering, computational physics, biology, chemistry, photonics, etc. The first three chapters focus on basic properties of partial differential equations, including analysis of the dispersion relation, symmetries, particular solutions and instabilities of the PDEs; methods of discretization and convergence theory for initial value problems. The goal is to progress from observations of simple numerical artifacts like diffusion, damping, dispersion, and anisotropies to their analysis and management technique, as it is not always possible to completely eliminate them. In the second part of the book we cover topics for which there are only sporadic theoretical results, while they are an integral part and often the most important part for successful numerical simulation. We adopt a more heuristic and practical approach using numerical methods of investigation and validation. The aim is teach students subtle key issues in order to separate physics from numerics. The following topics are addressed: Implementation of transparent and absorbing boundary conditions; Practical stability analysis in the presence of the boundaries and interfaces; Treatment of problems with different temporal/spatial scales either explicit or implicit; preservation of symmetries and additional constraints; physical regularization of singularities; resolution enhancement using adaptive mesh refinement and moving meshes. Self contained presentation of key issues in successful numerical simulation Accessible to scientists and engineers with diverse background Provides analysis of the dispersion relation, symmetries, particular solutions and instabilities of the partial differential equations
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Progress In Heterocyclic Chemistry

Author : Gordon W. Gribble
ISBN : 0080444822
Genre : Science
File Size : 64.13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is the sixteenth annual volume of Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry, and covers the literature published during 2003 on most of the important heterocyclic ring systems. This volume opens with two specialized reviews. The first covers 'Lamellarins: Isolation, activity and synthesis' a significant group of biologically active marine alkaloids and the second discusses 'Radical Additions to Pyridines, Quinolines and Isoquinolines'. The remaining chapters examine the recent literature on the common heterocycles in order of increasing ring size and the heteroatoms present.
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Stochastic Modelling In Process Technology

Author : Herold G. Dehling
ISBN : 0080548970
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 49.43 MB
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There is an ever increasing need for modelling complex processes reliably. Computational modelling techniques, such as CFD and MD may be used as tools to study specific systems, but their emergence has not decreased the need for generic, analytical process models. Multiphase and multicomponent systems, and high-intensity processes displaying a highly complex behaviour are becoming omnipresent in the processing industry. This book discusses an elegant, but little-known technique for formulating process models in process technology: stochastic process modelling. The technique is based on computing the probability distribution for a single particle's position in the process vessel, and/or the particle's properties, as a function of time, rather than - as is traditionally done - basing the model on the formulation and solution of differential conservation equations. Using this technique can greatly simplify the formulation of a model, and even make modelling possible for processes so complex that the traditional method is impracticable. Stochastic modelling has sporadically been used in various branches of process technology under various names and guises. This book gives, as the first, an overview of this work, and shows how these techniques are similar in nature, and make use of the same basic mathematical tools and techniques. The book also demonstrates how stochastic modelling may be implemented by describing example cases, and shows how a stochastic model may be formulated for a case, which cannot be described by formulating and solving differential balance equations. Introduction to stochastic process modelling as an alternative modelling technique Shows how stochastic modelling may be succesful where the traditional technique fails Overview of stochastic modelling in process technology in the research literature Illustration of the principle by a wide range of practical examples In-depth and self-contained discussions Points the way to both mathematical and technological research in a new, rewarding field
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Mathematical Reviews

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015076649873
Genre : Mathematics
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Functional Equations And Inequalities With Applications

Author : Palaniappan Kannappan
ISBN : 9780387894928
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 68.88 MB
Format : PDF
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Functional Equations and Inequalities with Applications presents a comprehensive, nearly encyclopedic, study of the classical topic of functional equations. This self-contained monograph explores all aspects of functional equations and their applications to related topics, such as differential equations, integral equations, the Laplace transformation, the calculus of finite differences, and many other basic tools in analysis. Each chapter examines a particular family of equations and gives an in-depth study of its applications as well as examples and exercises to support the material.
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Delay Differential Equations

Author : Yang Kuang
ISBN : 0080960022
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 42.82 MB
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Delay Differential Equations emphasizes the global analysis of full nonlinear equations or systems. The book treats both autonomous and nonautonomous systems with various delays. Key topics addressed are the possible delay influence on the dynamics of the system, such as stability switching as time delay increases, the long time coexistence of populations, and the oscillatory aspects of the dynamics. The book also includes coverage of the interplay of spatial diffusion and time delays in some diffusive delay population models. The treatment presented in this monograph will be of great value in the study of various classes of DDEs and their multidisciplinary applications.
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Linear Partial Differential Equations For Scientists And Engineers

Author : Tyn Myint-U
ISBN : 0817645608
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 78.80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This significantly expanded fourth edition is designed as an introduction to the theory and applications of linear PDEs. The authors provide fundamental concepts, underlying principles, a wide range of applications, and various methods of solutions to PDEs. In addition to essential standard material on the subject, the book contains new material that is not usually covered in similar texts and reference books. It also contains a large number of worked examples and exercises dealing with problems in fluid mechanics, gas dynamics, optics, plasma physics, elasticity, biology, and chemistry; solutions are provided.
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