From Poland With Love

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From Poland With Love

Author : Anda Rottenberg
ISBN : 3858818429
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Over the period of twelve months, between May 2017 and 2018, Polish-born curator and critic Anda Rottenberg has written a series of fictitious letters to legendary curator and writer Harald Szeemann (1933?2005). In these pieces, Rottenberg analyzes the art and nature of curating and reveals references and relations in the history of art. She questions female artistic positions both in the Eastern and Western Europe and so encourages new individual readings of them. Her letters express a unique rhetoric that take-up questions and polemic judgements to amalgamate individual opinion and objective knowledge into a personal history.00This is the first publication of the much acclaimed new museum foundation Muzeum Susch, an initiative of the Polish entrepreneur and art collector Gra?yna Kulczyk.

With Love From Poland

Author : Linda Lee Keenan
ISBN : 0692586873
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 57.21 MB
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Could they escape the Nazis? They had to be clever if they were to get out of Cracow after Germany attacked and occupied their beloved Wawel Castle in 1939. If they could make it to American, they'd be giving up everything they, friends, pets, personal possessions, businesses and even their culture to some extent. They knew if there was any chance of survival at all, they'd have to try. It would not be easy to outsmart the Nazis. In September of 1939, there were swarms of military in their little town. The Jasinski family gathered friends and hatched a plan of escape. It was complicated and very risky. They had to try. "With Love From Poland" is an exciting Young Adult Novel.
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Anda Rottenberg

Author : Anda Rottenberg
ISBN : 377574536X
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Anda Rottenberg (*1944) is a Polish art historian, art critic, and writer. In 2000, as the director of the Zacheta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw, she worked with curator Harald Szeeman (1933?2005) on an exhibition featuring Maurizio Cattelans La Nona Ora (The ninth Hour) which led to a public scandal and ultimately to her resigning from the director post. In a series of fictional letters to the late Harald Szeeman, Anda Rottenberg is taking the reader on a very personal journey, sharing opinionated analysis of both artistic production and art histories. By adding anecdotes and political backgrounds, she questions the position of female artists in the Eastern and the Western canon and encourages individual readings.ok, the letters are accompanied by a visual essay, drawing amongst others on the installations at Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw and works from Grazyna Kulczyk Collection.

Poland My Love

Author : Anonymous
ISBN : 9781434966605
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68.75 MB
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This story is about the Vonuvask family, who lives in Congress Poland, which is then under the rule of the Russian Empire after the Congress of Vienna in 1815. Alotovisk Vonuvask has a new born son, Zoga, with his mistress, Rozalina, about the same time his wife, Peresha, has given birth to their son, Rode. However, Rozalina dies at the childbirth, and so Alotovisk takes Zoga to his family Peresha does not forgive Rozalina and refuses to bring up Zoga, who is later put under the care of a maid. When Zoga grows up, he joins the Underground Society to rebel against the Czar. He invites Rode to join the Society as well. However, both of them fall in love with the same girl they've met there. Then in a mission, Rode is killed. The story describes the changes in the life of the Vonuvask family as it goes through the years of prosperity and the years of dwindling vigor. It depicts the historical period when there is anti-Semitism as well as social inequalities in Congress Poland under the aristocracy of the country and the Czarist rule. This story is also about love and eternal hope.
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To Miss With Love

Author : Katharine Birbalsingh
ISBN : 9780141960869
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 53.79 MB
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From the whistle-blowing teacher behind the headlines: one inspirational teacher, one extraordinary year, hope and heartbreak on the front lines of an inner-city school, To Miss With Love by Katharine Birbalsingh is the remarkable and eye opening exposé of our education system. A third of teachers leave within their first term on the job. This one wouldn't quit for all the world. Meet Furious - sixteen, handsome and completely out of control. Nothing frightens him and no one can get through to him. Now meet Munchkin - a sweet kid with glasses who's an easy target and needs protecting. Then there's Seething and Deranged, two girls who are brimming with bad attitude; Fifty and Cent, who act like gangsters but are afraid of getting beaten up; and Stoic, a brilliant young mind struggling to survive. In the midst of them all, there is a bodyguard and bouncer, a counsellor and confidante, a young woman whose job it is to motivate and inspire them and somehow keep them out of trouble: their teacher. None will make it through the year unscathed. Some may not even make it at all... Spanning a year of shocking truths and hard-won victories, of fights and phone-thefts, teenage pregnancies and the dreaded OFSTED report, this is the remarkable diary of an inner-city school teacher. Revealing the extraordinary chaos, mismanagement and wrong-thinking that plague our education system, it is a funny, surprising and sometimes heartbreaking journey from the frontlines of the classroom to the heart of modern Britain. 'The constant frustration, the struggle to hold on to your ideals in the face of a broken system - this book is the story of contemporary state education. It's both heart-breaking and inspiring' Toby Young 'Everyone should read this book and do a bit of re-thinking. Straight from the chalk-face - a book which explains why our kids have been failed by State Education' Rod Liddle 'The teacher who laid bare the chaos in the education systems. . . by delivering some brutal home truths. . . articulate and inspirational' Daily Mail 'Charismatic. . . .electrifying. . . This remarkable woman has neatly identified the problem with education' The Times Katharine Birbalsingh is Britain's most outspoken and controversial teacher. Educated at a comprehensive school, she earned a degree in philosophy and modern languages at Oxford university and has taught for over a decade in inner-city schools. To Miss with Love was for several years an anonymous blog that exposed the reality of inner-city schools and the problems with the education system. She now writes regularly for the Telegraph and has given evidence at the Commons select committee for education. Her views have sparked a national debate.
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To Albania With Love

Author : Fatos Tarifa
ISBN : 0761835903
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 49.54 MB
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It is not uncommon for diplomats to publish their memoirs after they retire from the Foreign Service. What is unusual for an ambassador, however, is to publicize, after resigning from the service, the chronicle of his day-to-day diplomatic activity both political and public. To Albania, with Love is a collection of these activities during Tarifa's career as the Albanian ambassador to the United States and the Netherlands. Many of the letters included in this volume reveal the methodology of ambassadors in Washington, D.C., and detail the high levels of access Tarifa had developed during his career. This work brings together a selection of Tarifa's letters to high-ranking U.S. and Dutch government officials, lectures, testimonies, public addresses, and remarks. They all illustrate the direction an ambassador's career and activities should take in promoting his country. To be a perceptive visionary who can herald progressive change in the interest of his own country and the broader international community is the goal of a truly accomplished ambassador.
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Fresh From Poland

Author : Michal Korkosz
ISBN : 9781615196562
Genre : Cooking
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Authentically Polish. All vegetarian. There’s so much more to Polish food than kielbasa and schnitzel: Poland is home to beautiful fruits, vegetables, and grains—and a rich cooking tradition that makes the most of them. In Fresh from Poland, Saveur award winner Michał Korkosz celebrates recipes from his mother and grandmother—with modern, personal touches and gorgeous photos that capture his passion for cooking. Vegetables are his stars, but Michał doesn’t shy away from butter, flour, and sugar; the ingredients that make food—and life—more rozkoszny (delightful)! The result? Over eighty comforting dishes for every occasion. Indulgent breakfasts: Brown Butter Scrambled Eggs; Apple Fritters; Buckwheat Blini with Sour Cream and Pickled Red Onion Hearty vegetarian mains: Barley Risotto with Asparagus, Cider, and Goat Cheese; Potato Fritters with Rosemary and Horseradish Sauce; Stuffed Tomatoes with Millet, Cinnamon, and Almonds Breathtaking baked goods: Sourdough Rye Bread; Sweet Blueberry Buns with Streusel; Honey Cake with Prunes and Sour Cream Pierogi of all kinds: From savory Spinach, Goat Cheese, and Salted Almonds to sweet Plums and Cinnamon-Honey Butter These satisfying recipes will make you feel right at home—wherever you’re from!
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From Poland To Brooklyn

Author : Steven Keslowitz
ISBN : 0595909981
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 70.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Written by the grandson of two Holocaust survivors, From Poland to Brooklyn provides a new and insightful analysis of the Holocaust. The book includes thought-provoking quotations from law professors, historians, civil libertarians, and Holocaust survivors. My grandparents, Leon and Cecilie Matzner, are two of the individuals who survived the Holocaust against incredible odds. This book recounts their lives and experiences in Poland before, during, and after the Holocaust. The book also recounts their courageous journey to America and their lives in Brooklyn, New York. Their hearts and minds are replete with hope and bravery, and, above all, a spirit that could not be broken-even by the most horrific tragedy the world has ever seen.
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Romantic Love

Author : Yolanda van Ede
ISBN : 3825800431
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34.85 MB
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Author : Poland Love
ISBN : 9798614332297
Genre :
File Size : 88.58 MB
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This classic notebook with a beautiful picture from the Cathedral Basilica in Sandomierz is ideal for everyone, who wants to save their thoughts, everyday goals or just reminders; for personal use or for the whole office. It can also be a nice gift for special occasions. From Poland with Love.

To Cambodia With Love

Author : Andy Brouwer
ISBN : 9781934159088
Genre : Travel
File Size : 67.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From a tarantula brunch in the remote Cambodian countryside to a spiritual encounter with the god Vishnu in the National Museum in Phnom Penh, "To Cambodia with Love" contains more than 50 personal, passionate essays from travelers. Full-color photographs throughout.
Category: Travel

To Prussia With Love

Author : Roger Boyes
ISBN : 9781848399563
Genre : Travel
File Size : 67.27 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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‘We-have-a-house-in-the-country?’ Lena nodded solemnly. ‘Where?’ I almost shouted, briefly rattling the table. No wait, don’t tell me - it’s Todi in Umbria right? The old manor house, the one with the lemon groves!’ ‘Alt-Globnitz.’ ‘Alt-Globnitz?’ Suddenly I felt cold. ‘Alt-Globnitz. It’s a really nice place. You will love it.’ In a desperate attempt to save his relationship with girlfriend Lena and take a break from the world of journalism, Roger Boyes agrees to make a great escape from the easy urban lifestyle of Berlin and decamp to the countryside. He has hopes for Italy, but Lena has inherited a rundown old schloss in deepest, darkest Brandenburg. Needing a form of income, they decide to set up a B & B with a British theme. Enter unhelpful Harry and his Trinidadian chef cousin, an unhinged Scot to advise them on re-branding Brandenburg, some suicidal frogs and a posse of mad tourists. It all culminates, naturally, in a cricket match between the Brits and the Germans on an old Russian minefield. Farce meets romance in this hilarious romp through East Germany's very own version of Fawlty Towers.
Category: Travel

Dear Fang With Love

Author : Rufi Thorpe
ISBN : 9781472152169
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 47.14 MB
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Lucas and Katya were boarding school seniors when, blindingly in love, they decided to have a baby. Seventeen years later, after a decade of absence, Lucas is a weekend dad, newly involved in his daughter Vera's life. But after Vera suffers a terrifying psychotic break at a high school party, Lucas takes her to Lithuania, his grandmother's homeland, for the summer. Here, in the city of Vilnius, Lucas hopes to save Vera from the sorrow of her diagnosis. As he uncovers a secret about his grandmother, a Home Army rebel who escaped Stutthof, Vera searches for answers of her own. Why did Lucas abandon her as a baby? What really happened the night of her breakdown? And who can she trust with the truth? Skillfully weaving family mythology and Lithuanian history with a story of mental illness, inheritance, young love, and adventure, Rufi Thorpe has written a breathtakingly intelligent, emotionally enthralling book.
Category: Fiction


Author : James A. Michener
ISBN : 9780804151450
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 44.80 MB
Format : PDF
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“A Michener epic is far more than a bedtime reader, it’s an experience. Poland is a monumental effort, a magnificent guide to a better understanding of the country’s tribulations.”—Chicago Tribune In this sweeping novel, James A. Michener chronicles eight tumultuous centuries as three Polish families live out their destinies. The Counts Lubonski, the petty nobles Bukowksi, and the peasants Buk are at some times fiercely united, at others tragically divided. With an inspiring tradition of resistance to brutal invaders, from the barbarians to the Nazis, and a heritage of pride that burns through eras of romantic passion and courageous solidarity, their common story reaches a breathtaking culmination in the historic showdown between the ruthless Communists and rebellious farmers of the modern age. Like the heroic land that is its subject, Poland teems with vivid events, unforgettable characters, and the unfolding drama of an entire nation. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from James A. Michener's Centennial. Praise for Poland “Engrossing . . . a page-turner in the grand Michener tradition.”—The Washington Post “Stunning . . . an unmatched overview of Polish history . . . The families themselves come very much alive, and through them, Poland itself.”—USA Today “A titanic documentary novel.”—The Wall Street Journal
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Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105013588657
Genre : Poland
File Size : 59.7 MB
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See Under Love

Author : David Grossman
ISBN : 9781466803756
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 43.92 MB
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In this powerful novel by one of Israel's most prominent writers, Momik, the only child of Holocaust survivors, grows up in the shadow of his parents' history. Determined to exorcise the Nazi "beast" from their shattered lives and prepare for a second holocaust he knows is coming, Momik increasingly shields himself from all feeling and attachment. But through the stories his great-uncle tells him—the same stories he told the commandant of a Nazi concentration camp—Momik, too, becomes "infected with humanity." Grossman's masterly fusing of vision, thought, and emotion make See Under: Love a luminously imaginative and profoundly affecting work.
Category: Fiction

Whose Love Of Which Country

Author : Balázs Trencsényi
ISBN : 9789004182622
Genre : History
File Size : 54.62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The volume, stemming from the long-term cooperation of scholars working on East Central European intellectual history, discusses the patterns of patriotic and national identification in the light of the multiplicity of levels of ethnic, cultural and political allegiances characterizing this region in the early modern period.
Category: History

The Lullaby Of Polish Girls

Author : Dagmara Dominczyk
ISBN : 9780679645993
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68.42 MB
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Includes an interview featuring Dagmara Dominczyk and Adriana Trigiani A vibrant, engaging debut novel that follows the friendship of three women from their youthful days in Poland to their complicated, not-quite-successful adult lives Because of her father’s role in the Solidarity movement, Anna and her parents immigrate to the United States in the 1980s as political refugees from Poland. They settle in Brooklyn among immigrants of every stripe, yet Anna never quite feels that she belongs. But then, the summer she turns twelve, she is sent back to Poland to visit her grandmother, and suddenly she experiences the shock of recognition. In her family’s hometown of Kielce, Anna develops intense friendships with two local girls—brash and beautiful Justyna and desperately awkward Kamila—and their bond is renewed every summer when Anna returns. The Lullaby of Polish Girls follows these three best friends from their early teenage years on the lookout for boys in Kielce—a town so rough its citizens are called “the switchblades”—to the loss of innocence that wrecks them, and the stunning murder that reaches across oceans to bring them back together after they’ve grown and long since left home. Dagmara Dominczyk’s assured narrative flashes from the wild summers of the girls’ youth to their years of self-discovery in New York and Europe. Her writing is full of grit and guts, and her descriptions of the emotional experiences of her characters resonate with honesty. The Lullaby of Polish Girls captures the passion and drama of friendship, the immigrant’s yearning to be known, and the exquisite and wistful transformation of young women coming of age. Praise for The Lullaby of Polish Girls “A coming-of-age tale of three young Polish women [that is] brimming with teary epiphanies, betrayal and love, as well as the grit of both New York and Kielce. [It’s] Girls with a Polish accent.”—The New York Times “The Lullaby of Polish Girls will make you swoon. Dagmara Dominczyk has written a glorious debut novel inspired by her own emigration from Poland to Brooklyn with depth, intensity, humor, and grace.”—Adriana Trigiani “An ennui-stricken actress returns to the old country—and to the friends of her youth—in Dagmara Dominczyk’s The Lullaby of Polish Girls, in which solidarity is all about summer evenings under the stars with a vodka bottle and a radio playing ‘Forever Young.’ ”—Vogue “Compelling . . . an original portrait of friendship and identity . . . Dominczyk uses a fresh, confident style.”—People “In this arresting debut novel, Polish American film and TV actress Dominczyk pays homage to her native city of Kielce while capturing the joys, insecurities, and struggles of three girlfriends coming of age. Spanning thirteen years, Dominczyk’s absorbing story is a triptych of tsknota (Polish for a kind of yearning) and a profound desire for acceptance, freedom, and home.”—Booklist (starred review) “The Lullaby of Polish Girls is sexy and sensitive, with a raw, openhearted center. Dominczyk’s love for her complicated characters is apparent from the first page to the last, and by the novel’s end the reader cares for them just as deeply.”—Emma Straub Look for special features inside. Join the Random House Reader's Circle for author chats and more.
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The Anonymous Poet Of Poland

Author : Monica M. Gardner
ISBN : 9781107461048
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 24.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Originally published in 1919, this book contains a biography of the life and times of Zygmunt Krasinski, known in his day as 'the Anonymous Poet'. Gardner provides an introduction to Krasinski's importance to Poland for an English-speaking audience, drawing on Krasinski's own letters and works to illuminate his patriotism, mysticism and character. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in Polish literature and European history.
Category: Literary Criticism